Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Misty Blue

I don't seem to have got my act together to do an awful lot this week.

No, I'm not blaming the dreary weather (though it doesn't help the spirits).
I just seem to be struggling to get myself going - anyone else feeling like that?  
 So if I've got a touch of the blues, I might as well wear them too. 

This is a dress which lovely Emma Kate sent me a while back, in the same parcel as a wonderfully colourful patchwork maxi skirt, seen here.

Yeah, I know it is probably (oh alright - definitely) a nightdress. 
It's brushed nylon and has 1970s written all over it.  
So it's obviously far too fabulous not to wear out and about.

That little navy-gravy-petrol suede waistcoat is coming in very handy as an extra layer. A cardigan would cover up those delicious sleeves, and that would be a sin.
Yesterday, my mate Jo suggested we visit the Nichols Building, an antiques and crafts centre, so we did.

The area round and about has seen better days, there are plenty of boarded up businesses and pubs, the odd burnt out building, and it's all a bit desolate.

The Nichols Building used to house a grocery wholesale business, and still has the original Victorian tiles in the entrance.

There is an eclectic mix of vintage clothing, homewares and furniture, vinyl, and crafts.
A sale rail? 99p an item? That will do nicely!
Sadly this 1960s halterneck maxi dress wasn't on it...
Great kitchen display... 

...and the living room is rather cool too.
Plenty to look at and admire, but I only bought a couple of dresses; at 99p, it would have been rude not to.

The slinky black 1970s disco dress and the purple/white 1960s Hawaiian dress caught my eye.

All the other bits and bobs are charity shop finds from the last week or so. 
Tiny 1950-60s ceramic elephants - 50p
 Hornsea OBD vase - £2
1950s (bakelite/celluloid/early plastic?) eggcups - 50p
1950s pitcher - £2 

I assumed this was a carafe for water or a milk jug, but apparently it is a syrup pitcher. I've never heard of one of those before, but I can picture one in an American diner in the 1950s. Although I must say that lid look pure Deco  to me.


That's what I love about charity shopping - you never know what you're going to find that you've never seen before.

Now if this rain could see its way to stopping, I'd be very grateful; there's a flea market with my name on it tomorrow, and it's tricky negotiating the stalls with an umbrella.
Thanks, Universe.
PS. I rang HR again. Still no news on the job front. 
It's not as though they're selecting a new Pope, is it? What can possibly be taking so long?



Forest City Fashionista said...

Grrr, I do hate when employers can't make up their mind, or just won't give you a decision. FerChristsakes, it's a friggin' retail job!

We have had gloriously warm and sunny weather here, but I believe that is to come to an end tomorrow. From over here, you would never know that's a nightdress. Those are the cutest wee elephants I've ever seen!

Forest City Fashionista said...


silvergirl said...

Hope your "blues" go away soon!

silvergirl said...

Hope your "blues" go away soon!

Fiona said...

Crikey, a nightdress? It's much too fabularse to be worn to bed and your waistcoat is the perfect addition to it. Love the organic nouveau look of the Nichols tiles, what a brilliant mix of stuff they have there now. Your elephants and eggcups are delightful, could we see more of the frocks please...preferably with you in them.
On the job front, no news is good news and as to why it's taking so long... probably due to inefficiency, it's everywhere. Don't get me started......

Vix said...

What a splendiforous nightie, I might be borrowing that when I ever get me hip done. that'll dazzle the rest of the geriatrics.
99P? What a bargain! That Hawaiian maxi is amazing and I bet that black number looks dead sexy on.
That floral halterneck is bloody gorgeous!
The V Dubbers would go mad for those egg cups. We sold out of Melamine at CamperJam!
The weather is shit, it been a real effort to do anything here in wet Walsall, too. Maybe Debenhams are suffering from the same malaise?
Apparently it's going to be dry tomorrow - don't hold your breath!
Love ya! xxxxxx

Goody said...

Sometimes those night gowns are called, "hostess dresses" which always makes me giggle wondering just what sort of entertaining was going on! Yours is really beautiful, and still vibrant after so many years.

I seem to remember those syrup pitchers being warmed in a pan of warm water. That would probably work best with thinner syrups like maple (can't imagine the mess golden would make of it).

It does seem a shame to keep people waiting on news of a job (and keeping you from pursuing another)though I suspect they are conducting hundreds of interviews and want them all completed before deciding.

Unknown said...

god that place looks fabulous, i collect hornsea and so i would have been all over that vase for £2! That dress...please tell me you brought it, even not on the 99p rail! you look gorgeous as ever and yes I feel like i am wading through mud at the moment, you are not alone! x

50 and counting said...

Syrup jugs are now metal or chrome topped.

Every breakfast that involves pancakes, French toast or waffles in a restaurant brings at least two of the pitchers to the table. Different flavoured syrups in each.

Love the blues.

Unknown said...

A great nightie! Is it maybee the autumn that makes us a bit blue?
The pitcher is a great find!

Vintage Coconut said...

Well you do look wonderful in your Dress/Nightwear/Awesomeness!
The store you were visiting looked full of rather fabulous stuff. That furniture was so funky.
Great purchases too!

Miss Magpie said...

Wow that is some nightie ;-)

oh and ELEPHANTS!!!!!!!!!!

mispapelicos said...

99p rail would be better than Chanel to me, LOL
We are still in summer here; although it is gettin cooler at night.
Looking magic as ever, dear Curtise.

Helga said...

I immediately thought 50's diner and pancakes when I saw that pitcher...
Now, it's bloody sad arse having those blues that you don;t really have a reason for. Sometimes one just gets melancholic, and it can be hard to shake. I guess embracing it with this FRIGGING GORGEOUS bluesy frock is the way to go! Divoon frockage, and indeed, that waistcoat is proving to be quite the treasure!
The Nichols building looks pretty funky. Love the tin, and I would have been all over the 99p rail, as you say, it would be rude not to! Squee! Shame the ultra bright and funky number wasn't 99p-it's always the way, but you did pick up two bargainaciously lovely frocks!! That's got to help clear off those blues!

Helga said...

O, feck those dickheads at HR. Probably too bloody busy filing their nails. XXX

Unknown said...

C'mon HR, get your bloody act together! Soon, soon. Love the gorgeous nightie worn as outer wear. Tis true that it is to fab just to be worn to bed. Great haul at the charity shops too with that syrup jug thingamy really tickling my fancy. XXX

Gracey the Giant said...

Stupid HR! We can do a drive by fruiting or something of that nature on them if you're interested. Just let me know!

Peaches McGinty said...

I didn't know it was a nightie, I was struck by how awesome and gorgeous it looks with the fab waistcoat - and yes covering up those sleeves would be a sin! and yes I can't be arsed doing anything too, you went out in the misery though and found lovely treasure and a flaming 99p rail! oh yeah! Debenhams are sucking big time over this nonsense and dithering, I've still got my fingers crossed though x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

I know exactly what you mean ... I struggle to get myself going every single day ... and I don't even have any cold rainy weather to blame ... just my inbuilt lethargy.
I would never have guessed that was a nightie ... it screams daywear to me ... and it would be criminal to hide it away in the dark.
Debenhams is really starting to cheese me off ... I've a good mind to never shop there again ... well ... if I could ... I wouldn't ... you get me ... right??

Veshoevius said...

I'd have never guessed that was a nightie! It makes such a lovely dress so glad you are wearing it as one! Bloody HR! I hope you hear something soon, still have my fingers crossed for you x

Melanie said...

I don't have a touch of the blues - it's more of a body tackle of aubergine, blues combined with something else, maybe fatigue. I'm getting iron for it. You wear your blues stunningly. The art at the building is not too cheery, it looks like Vancouver art. There are many treasures in the shop I love - living room set, maxi... Yes, I recognize a syrup dispenser when I see one. Pancake House! Yay!! They're still popular but not as fine as this one.
Yes, those HR people are annoying, but don't fret yet. It ain't over till it's over!

Patti said...

Ah, blues, hit the road! And don't you come back no more. Love your bluesy outfit though, and all your finds.
The diner we go to still has similar syrup pitchers. For banana-nut pancakes, oh yeah! Hope you hear v. soon about the job. xox

Connie said...

Aw it's just that time of year. I wander around in circles accomplishing nothing. Sigh... That is some kind of amazing nightdress. You look so pretty with your umbrella. And I love the photo of the old building with a tree growing out of the window.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

It really is an Aladdin's Cave.
Loving the blue on you.

CityScape Skybaby said...

I wouldn't have known that dress was a nightie if you hadn't told us Curtise, I love the other two dresses you got as well, and those little elephants are very cute and full of character. Feel in a bit of a slump myself but I always seem to go up then down then back up ad infinitum, so just hanging on for the up bit again. That big vintage market looks very tempting, would be fun just to go window shopping there, the bright maxi dress looks so your style, shame it wasn't on the 99p rail. It sounds so frustrating about those HR people, I know no news is good news but still, that's a long time to keep you hanging on! Let's hope you hear soon. xx

Vicky Hayes said...

Perhaps you should look at the job description again and see if anything is mentioned on the Pope front... I'm still keeping everything crossed for you (which is proving a little tricky!) Loving the blues on you and yes, I'm feeling the same way. Would feel much better for a flea market in glorious sunshine so here's hoping for you. My daughter and I have been squea-ing over the photos of your visit to the Nichols Building! We went to Division Street which wasn't the same thing at all! Vicky x

Unknown said...

Sorry for the blues, but you look fantastic as always and even more in your blue-blues dress!!That print is breathtaking! Thank you for the eye-catching tour at the shop and to the evocative building, I'm a big fan of your photos!! I love the displays, especially the living room, fab armchairs! I wish you all the best for the market shopping today!
Love xxxxx

bonsaimum said...

A nightie---No way. Would not have picked it. Looks great with the waist coat.

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Ah, what a lovely surprise to see you in the dress/nightie! You look gorgeous.
Hope you get your sparkle back on soon. Oh God. I have just quoted a Barbie song. In print. It's a bit of a catchprase in this house.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Oh that Hornsea deer is gorgeous! Who can resist the OBD! 99p rack sounds right up my alley, being the cheapskate that I am. I would never have guessed that frock is a nighty, it looks fab on you. Xx

Ivy Black said...

I know what you mean pet...I started the week with a face like a smacked reason, just couldn't get it together. I've cheered up a bit since and coming to Blogland helps no end. Lovely buys...very taken with the pitcher. Pity that halterneck wasn't on the 99p rail, but your buys look nifty. I wouldn't say no at a shuftie around there...that poodle and Personal Jesus would go very nicely in Black Towers.
It seems that everyone is kept waiting to hear back from job applications at the moment. Lord knows why they have to make people wait so long.
You look stunning in that nightie. It looks fab.
Loves ya.

Krista said...

You do wear the blues well:). I think it's the first big lull after all the great summer weather, we are still having sunshine so I'm up at the moment:). This dress is the perfect thing to make you look and feel better. I'm sorry still no word from the big D it's not you just remember that, I'm sure there are other places in need of holiday help too.

I love that you and a friend hit the road and did a bit of shopping, that always makes me feel better! That black dress will look hot of your rocking bod! I am all too familiar with the syrup bottle how cool you found one!

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

I wish i had such a fab shop near me!! The pitcher is definitely art deco!!
You look FABULOUS in your nightie as a maxi!! I would've never known it wasn't to be seen outside the boudoir!!

gotcha about the blues--I'm feeling them too....

Rosemary the Shopper said...

Yes, it's a pitcher for pouring syrup alright. I've seen lots of them in my time in Canada, but none as nice as the one you bought. They seem to have them in places like the International House of Pancakes. (Also called "Ihop.") I'm sure I've seen similar in New York too.

Sorry that you are feeling less than perky. I have a herbal remedy you might find helpful if you want to get in touch.

I wouldn't worry too much about Debenhams. I think you are probably too cool for them. It was Debenham you applied at if I remember rightly?

Never fear, my dear, you never know when the Bluebird of Happiness will hit you with one of her special eggs.

Rosemary from

Rachel said...

It is annoying they haven't got back to you yet. Altho, the idea of smoke coming from a chimney to let you know did make me chuckle.

I have deer envy! A Hornsea vase for £2? Great deal.

I don't think your dress looks at all nightie-ish. Fabulous with the suede waistcoat xxx

Jean at said...

I thought of you as I checked the weather in all parts of the globe (yes, I'm weird that way). I'm sorry it's been so dreary. It's been raining here all day and I can't imagine day after day of it. You do look fab in blue however!! I agree, covering up those gorgeous sleeves would be a crime.

The Nichols Building is fascinating. Whenever I see older buildings I start to imagine what some real money could do to reinvent them and save what's lovely about them. I love the mosaic work. I also love the mid-century stuff they have on display. I hope your flea market weather is good. Maybe skip the umbrella if it's not and just wear a waterproof poncho or something. The hell with it, you know?

Sending hugs and sunshine-love you!!!!! XXOO

thorne garnet said...


Love the white living room furniture. And the syrup pitcher

Anonymous said...

What a cool, blue, vintage frock! And that vest really sets it off nicely. A swoon worthy outfit indeed! You look divine, darlin'; not at all bluesy!

Things are still really warm and sunny here on the west coast. (Sorry!) But then we're not in glorious England! I'd seriously leave for there tomorrow if I had a ticket. I LOVE England in October.

Gosh, what a fun, vintage shop! I would have been all over that 99p rack like a fly on flypaper! (That's not the saying but I'm trying to be polite.) I think that halter dress has you name on it and is calling, "Come back, Curtise!" ;)

Hope you get the position you want soon. Any place would be a fool not to hire a classy lady like yourself.


Indigo Violet said...

I've just started a small collection of Hornsea and that OBD would fit very nicely thank you. How I'd love to come over and have a rummage through your china cupboard! I'll take the eggcups too while I'm at it. Re: the job, there were 160 applicants for a job here recently, so maybe that's their excuse for not getting back to you. It's not cricket though. XXX

joyatri said...

Love the little elephants! And I probably would have bought that tin at the Nichols.
Maple syrup jugs are pretty common around these parts (I just used one at the restaurant where I had waffles for brunch last Sunday), but that one is particularly fine.
I also love the sleeves on the nightie dress so I agree, a waistcoat is the perfect extra layer.

Trees said...

Clothes that people used to wear to bed in the 1970s are basically a million times more beautiful and elegant than clothes people chose to wear out in public these days! I LOVE that blue nightdress - too fabulous to hide it from the world. That market looks like a blast - I sometimes like to visit neighbourhoods that have seen better days, as long as they aren't too dodgy that is. Waiting to hear back from jobs is the WORST!! I remeber I applied for a job once and I went back twice for all kinds of testing and stuff and they left me hanging for SIX WEEKS...then rang me on the seventh to tell me funding had been cut and they weren't hiring anyone. Jerks!

Unknown said...

Holy fark, it's a NIGHTIE! You are rocking the crap out of that gorgeous maxi and you're right - the vest is absolutely perfect and a cardigan just would not do. I love all of your treasures, including the syrup thingo, and I would not have left that place empty handed... shame about that divine maxi!


Sarah xxx