Saturday, 11 February 2012

Odds, sods, bits and pieces

                                     I've found all sorts of odds and sods in charity shops this week.

Some of my blogging friends have been struggling to find much in their charity shops of late, and pricing remains an issue.

Here in Sheffield, there is a definite hierarchy, with Oxfam usually the most expensive. But it also depends where the shops are. Oxfam in a posh area charges more than Oxfam in a less well-to-do neighbourhood. I don't mind particularly, it didn't take long to work out that they clearly have a policy of targeting their prices at the local clientele, and I'm happy to hit the cheaper areas!

Sheffield's hospice shops, St. Luke's, are my favourites. I have visited 3 out of the 4 this week and found treasures in each one, at reasonable prices.

                                                              1970s (I think) gold tone brooch, 49p.

                                                                      Large fringed shawl/throw, £2

                                       Gorgeous 1950s souvenir South of France/Monaco silk scarf, £2.50

     Fabulous 1960s crimplene frock still with its original tags, £5. It's sadly too big for me so it's destined for Ebay.


                                                Super-kitsch 1960s Dalmatian salt and pepper set, £1.50 

                                                               3 unused 1970s linen tea towels, £1

1972 children's hardback book, "366 Goodnight Stories" (perfect for this leap year then) with wonderful illustrations throughout, 30p                                      


My biggest spend (about my limit) at £10 - but how could I leave them behind? A pair of 1970s claret-coloured leather stack-heeled slingbacks. They are a Ladies Shoe of Quality, you know.

Fabric remnants, £1 each. The tapestry fabric (top left) is going to be a tote bag with the gold fabric (top left) as a lining. The green floral cotton is already a skirt with a zip from which someone has removed the waistband; I might reinstate it or make it into something else, who knows? And the 50s print (bottom left) just caught my eye, no plans for it yet. Don't hold your breath for these projects though, I am painfully slow....

                                                                   So - I'm happy with that.

I'll put a photo of what I wore yesterday, though I wasn't going to bother as it was dark and the quality is even worse than usual. Oh well... Yes, I was twirling. Sometimes you've just got to, and wearing a fringed shawl is one of those times!

                                 Bit of Stevie Nicks going on, I like to think - wouldn't you love to love her?!

                                             Hope the charity shopping gods smile on you all soon.



Melanie said...

Oh that sixties dress is gorgeous!

joyatri said...

Great finds and at such amazing prices. I must have displeased the charity gods or perhaps they are a fickle lot -- I haven't found anything truly vintage in my local charity shops in ages. Problem is that they are so picked over. I see the same pickers there everyday and it's all a matter of timing if I score something worthwhile.

Louise Mc said...

Ooh, you've had some charity shop luck. I've not been finding much lately, but I find it goes in waves and I reckon it'll pick up soon. Love your Stevie Nicks look. X

Fiona said...

You lucky shopper! I never see anything vintage down here in chazza shops. What fab purchases, especially loving the brooch, headscarf and tea towels. The dress is gorgeous, I love the neckline, what bad luck it's too big.

Trees said...

I LOVE that Stevie Nicks styled photo! When I was a "tween" (not that tweens even existed when I was a tween) I adored her so much, it wasn't anything to do with the music, just her sense of style.

I love that frock and I am bigger than if you don't mind sending me some deets and if it's going to fit me could we sort something out? I hope it's not too cheeky to ask? You can contact me at :)

Trees said...

I LOVE that Stevie Nicks styled photo! When I was a "tween" (not that tweens even existed when I was a tween) I adored her so much, it wasn't anything to do with the music, just her sense of style.

I love that frock and I am bigger than if you don't mind sending me some deets and if it's going to fit me could we sort something out? I hope it's not too cheeky to ask? You can contact me at :)

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Love that dress.. too big for you, I think it looks too small for me sadly. Love the monte carlo scarf, you can wear it and dream of hot weather xxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Shame that frock is too big - can you not do some whizzing on the new machine and get it looking gorgeous on you? It is lovely.

Fabulous twirling action shot too!

Trashsparkle said...

Not a bad haul there missus! Have avoided the charity shops the past couple of weeks - too much guilt over lack of house-room and not getting stuff onto ebay. So, I'll no doubt ruin that by sailing in there next week and getting tons of stuff!

Love the fabric in the bottom r/h corner - I used to have a purple and green skirt in something similar.

And excellent hat - looks great! x

Forest City Fashionista said...

What an awesome pile of treasures! That silk scarf is a gem - what a cool print. I would have definitely scooped those shoes, even at that price. I'm a size 10 and you don't see many shoes my size in secondhand stores.

Kylie said...

I love your twirling photo and yes, I can see a bit of Stevie going on (who I love and so does my 14 year old at the mo)
We seem to like a lot of the same music btw, must be an age thing...
I hope those shoes fit because they're gorgeous as is t.towel, scarf and that fabulous 50's fabric.

his_girl_friday said...

So many treasures!

karensomethingorother said...

damn IT! I was JUST in the Goodwill store last night, trolling through the racks and I found NOTHING! NOTHING, I TELL YOU!!! My sister said; 'waait a minute...are you obsessed about finding something vintage because of those vintage blogs you read??? YOU ARE, AREN'T YOU!"

And yes, she is correct.

Helga said...

Yay,it's always a good time for a Stevie moment!!! Gorgeousness!
EEEK! I feel like we haven't chatted for ages!Bloody Skype seems determined to keep us apart,too!You are SO gorgeous,and I love that sexy gap,by the way!
ooo,great scores,especially the tea towels and the shoes...and the fabric and the scarf....and the frock!YAY! Yep,a gal gets the measure of where the best opshopping is after a while! Jee,I've just done bloody well with Sarah!
Love you more than Stevie!!

Anonymous said...

You have Stevie down pat! Of all your finds, my eye wanders to the shawl...and the camel!

Vintage Coconut said...

You really did score some great bargains!
* Brooch is so sweet
* Shawl and scarf (are both pretty awesome
(Now to the dress OMG DON'T put it on E-bay!!) "Sorry for shouting at you" JUST TAKE IT IN.... I just know you would look freaking saucy in it! And the powder blue is quite pretty.
* Black sling backs... THOSE are cute. (And obviously.. I found myself a pair of black leather sligbacks this afternoon. (Yours are cuter though)
* Rather great fabrics you found too.
Hope your weekend is going well.

Unknown said...

Wonderful finds Curtise!
Oh! Do i love charity shops!
I love the crimplene dress and the Monte Carlo scarf , oh yes the brooch is so pretty!

Have a good Sunday!


Ariane xxxxxx

Vix said...

Your Stevie Nicks outfit is freaking A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!! What a fabulous, twirly shot.
I adore those shoes, my heart was pounding when I scrolled down and saw them, however much they were they were worth every penny.
No problems with charity shop pricing or finds round here, either - long may it last!
LOVE&ROCK CHICKS xxxxxxxxxxxx

Krista said...

Ah sweetie you really are scoring aren't you?!! So much lovely the shoes are really sweet and too bad the lil blue dress doesn't fit, it's gorgeous! I love this picture of you all twirly girly looking so HOT!!!!!!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Ahhhh I love the crimplene number!! love the Stevie Nicks get up too, when I saw her live she wore a very similar floaty piece. xx

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

That sheath dress is so cute -and the banding/bow thing at the neckline finsihes it off perfectly.

The shoes...omg, what a find. I have not ever ran into something so nice and with a modest platform.

I adore Stevie Nicks - funny you mention her, I was listening to one of her songs last week and was remembering her 'witchy aura'. I was thinking that a pop star today using her an inspriation would be wildly successful.

Unknown said...

You look fabulous im so glad you showed us your outfit that hat looks lush on you ;-)) Great finds that dress is lovely and im loving those tea towels. Have a great week, dee xx

Unknown said...

Ooh the shoes, the SHOES!!! And the Stevie shawl moment is ALWAYS in order (we bonded over Stevie after all) and the tea towels are fab, the brooch is GORGEOUS and the shoes, the SHOES!!!

Sarah xxx