Friday, 17 February 2012

I can feel the heat like a Spanish Dancer

I think the heat I am generating today is all about feverishness, and nothing to do with being a hot goddess! That will just have to wait...

So this was my frock of choice for dragging my weary limbs out to Boots and Lidl today - I know, the high life indeed.

It's a 1960s dress which I haggled for in a vintage shop - it needed repairing and had a big stain on it, so that seemed reasonable. I have taken it in at the sides and shortened it, and the stain came out really easily. But... 

... I don't know, the shape still feels kind of blocky. I tried it with a belt and didn't like that either. I know - I'm just being a grouch, aren't I?

           Now here are three things which should lift my grumpy spirits out of the Slough of Despond.

Lovely Melanie at The Folly Bird gave me a Versatile Blogger award. It comes with all the usual instructions about passing it on and giving random facts, which my brain is too mushy to manage, I'm afraid. But it's always nice to be appreciated, so thank you, Melanie, and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging.

                                             The postman rang just the once today, but with 2 parcels.

A delightful assortment of goodies from the equally delightful Loo! A push-out octopus (Youngest LB is very keen on sea creatures, so she has her eye on this), fabulous bright pink Habitat birdie pegs, a cute little canvas tote bag (Eldest LB wants this) and a button ring in a box, both made by Loo herself. All wrapped up in a chiffon scarf which used to be Loo's mum's. How gorgeous is that?

                                         As instructed, I gave the Fizz Wizzes to the kids... reluctantly.

And the other parcel contained my latest Ebay purchase. I seem to be liking red at the moment, and found a 1970s flamenco-style maxi dress for £6. Curiously, when it arrived, I was just commenting on Heavenly Helga's post featuring her new red frock; then, I popped over to check out the awesome Kitty and found yet more 1970s gypsy action going on!  If you haven't seen how spectacular they both look, go and take a look.

                   So I'm joining in. A bright red frock might be just what I need to perk me up even further.

                                                              Getting my sexy Senora on....

        ... which made the kids ask what I was doing. Very good question. Mama is having a moment.

                                                     Twirling, swishing, swooshing - I can do it all.

                                                       Yep, the legs are still there, that's a relief.

And to add to the kindness of friends, "real" and virtual, my old friend Claire who lives 4 doors down from me has just sent her son round in the rain with some homemade chicken noodle soup.

                                                                   I'm feeling much better now!

And while we are in a Spanish mood, look what I found in the same charity shop as Lucille. Do you think they may be friends?

                          Perhaps she and Lucille were pen-pals, and she came to stay and never went home.

I'm in a bit of a video/clip-posting mood, so I thought the mariachi-influenced Alone Again Or by Arthur Lee and Love might be appropriate. It's so lovely, it makes me think of warmer weather and dancing like no one's watching. We all should.

                                                       Have a great weekend. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

I actually like that 60s dress!!! :)
The pattern on it is lush!

No more valentines songs pls!
Have a great weekend! :)

Forest City Fashionista said...

That dress rocks! I used to study Flamenco dancing, and I loved the full ruffled skirts we wore. I have a couple of flamenco dolls, but they are nowhere near as sassy as the one you found. She is definitely a chum of Lucille's and they can only get into michief together!

Unknown said...

I think you look fab in both of those dresses i love the first one , i think it looks great its just a loser style to the fitted ones you wear but it looks great. You made me feel all warm with the second and made me remember my holiday a couple of years ago. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your lovely goodies, dee xx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

She's got a very similar face style to Lucille. Perhaps they had her out the back and forgot to put her out. She's really fab. Both your dresses are fab. The first one is blocky - but on your lovely willowy figure it looks really good

Fiona said...

Great vid, I have the Moody Blues version. Dolly is deffo from the same mould as Lucille. I think she's got a touch of the Nancy Dell Olio's about her, or maybe Sylvester Stallone's Mum! Is that wicked?
Love the 60's dress and certainly not blocky with you inside it. Love the nails btw, meant to comment on them yesterday.

Krista said...

How can you look this good when you feel so bad, DAM maybe I'm missing something maybe to feel better you really gotta get dressed. I do like the first mini dress on you for sure but the red one is killer! You look muy bonita señorita!
Loo sent you some lovely stuff and what a sweet neighbor you have to send over soup. Take care LOVE~~~

Melanie said...

That dress is fab! Maybe you could add darts or whatnot to taper it in? I did that with my white dress with the pink polka dots as it was far too big.

I love your goodies! Aren't the scarves fab! I have three of my nan's, a charity shop one and now the new Loo one!

And Love are love.

And you are very welcome xx

Trashsparkle said...

You're secretly a hand model aren't you! Lovely nails... And yay to frocking up when feeling blaaaaahhh and ill. And to flamenco dresses! x

Melanie said...

Fabulous hand! And maybe you can try this for your dress - I have had the same problem in the past: try wearing a belt under the bustline, a wide one or a narrow one. I think it will maintain the groove factor.

Anonymous said...

Wow that dress! Hot Stuff! How kind of Loo to send you such pretty presents, the ring is really pretty and I love the bird pegs

his_girl_friday said...

That dress is ridiculous! I love it!

Miss Claire said...

Oh my goodness, that red dress....lost for words!!!!! It's gorgeous and fits you so well! Ohh, gifts galore luck girl Xoxoxox

Vintage Coconut said...

Okay I really like the blue , red & white dress. I don't think it looks blocky. (But who am I to know... sometimes I like blocky things.)
oOOoO what lovely things from Loo.
YOUNGEST LB is keen on sea creatures?? (YAY A GIRL AFTER MY OWN HEART)
Loving your nails and that ring is like POP "look at me"
Red spanish dress is SUPER SEXY!! and you look awesome in it. NEVER sell that one on E-bay. *lol*
Now before when you found the first doll you asked if anyone knew anything about it. And now that you found this one... you reminded me that I came along some info online when researching a doll I found in a thrift. And I seen dolls that look like yours. Their maker name is KLUMPE DOLLS. (I think that may be what you have.)
I love your new one she reminds me of Dora!!!

two squirrels said...

Oh Curtise the Spanish dress is amazing on you!!!!
Lady in red perfect.
Hope you are feeling better.
Happiness to you sweet. Love v

Kitty said...

Aaww, thanks for the link Curtise!!

with the 'blocky' dress I'd consider putting a stripe of ribbon down one side, maybe with a crossover horizontal piece so that the two intersect at around bust level?? Thinking of a more mod 60s look...hope I'm making sense here!

I'm totally loving your red senorita dress too! We must all be thinking along similar lines this week or something.xx.

Scarlett said...

I think you look blooming beautiful in both the dresses, i adore the print on the 1960s one plus it shows off your great legs. Got to love Loo - what a fabulous parcel :o) Scarlett x

Vix said...

You certainly suit red, you look fabulous in both outfits despite the lurgy.
Channelling my inner Gok I'd say that that first dress needs a red or navy patterned scarf tied around the neck in a pussy bow or a red beaded choker.
I adore that beret!
That shopping doll of yours? I bought the same one from a jumble sale when I was a child. The Spanish lady looks familiar too, I'll have to rummage through what's left of my foreign doll collection at Dad's and see if I can find her twin, too.
Get well love and hugs! xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the award! I love the flamenco on you though you need to strike a pose with your arm in the air, face up and derriere jutting. Oh, and a flower in your hair.

Admiring the print of the first dress. Hope you're feelings better soon.

Unknown said...

I love this sixties dress, yes it is boxy, but it was made like that, it was the style and i think it looks splendid on you dearest!

Take care

Ariane xxxxx

Nelly said...

You are scoring on the Lucy dolls love this one too Looks like a new collection has started now,
I love love love the spanish dress xx

Helga said...

Mama is having a moment!!!
Bahahhaa,you probably have more of those than they could ever imagine!!!
Babes,you can sing Lady in Red ad nauseum for hours,as long ass you do it wearing one of these HOT frocks and using that sexy voice of yours!!!
I'm CRAY for the senorita frock,and I love the 60's one,can't see any reason not to!!! You're just ahving a moment,clearly!
Here's to moments!
Love 'em almost as much as I love you!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I love the doll! Where are your castanets? You look amazing in that spanish frock. xx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Lucille and new doll must be sisters, never mind pen-pals, perhaps they were cruelly separated at the factory. You look muy sexy in your Flamenco frock!

Loo is a doll too - I got the crocodile cousin of your octopus (but he's mine, all mine!)

Back to school tomorrow - a few hours peace vs early rising...hmm.

Unknown said...

OOoh I ADOOORE that fab red ruffled maxi - just love love love it! I'm so sorry you are feeling so lousy, amor - I would put you to bed with a hot water bottle, bring you something deliciously dozy to drink and sing you to sleep, while stroking your feverish brow... then steal away with your new frock!

Love! Sarah xxx

citizen rosebud said...

I love the print and cut of the first dress so much. If kept longer it would have looked frumpy but shortened it looks so fresh!

Monsterchen said...

oh wow i love both frocks, your flamenco dress and this superfabulous 60´s dress, you really look gorgous! Olé!
love and kiss,mary

doradadama said...

Hola Amor!
Nice to meet your fabulosa self.
I love your 60's frock but especially adorar your Flamenco Spanish dancing dress.
that Spanish doll is creepy but I do love my scary dolls.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Areeba, areeba, undelay undelay as the mighty Speedy Gonzalez used to say (my Spanish is very limited, you may be able to tell). Curtise, the red flamenco dress is muy gorgeous on you.

Yup, Lakota is right, the Spanish doll looks freakily like Lucille.

Do you know that "Alone Again or" is one of my favourite songs ever? I saw Love some years ago performing the whole of that album. Epic.

Here's to "moments" - I have lots of those - mad moments ususally....

Unknown said...

beautiful pics!!!amazing blog!!!i'm following you!!
Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday FB FanPage

Stacey said...

I am head over heels in love with that 60's dress! I don't think it looks blocky on you at all, and the colour scheme is great. Mind you, that bright red frock is divine as well! I really need to get my hands on one.

mispapelicos said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I have been missing you as a flamenco dance, yeahhhhhhhhh. I think your blog doesn´update, arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.