Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Black and blue

It's a colour combination I like. The skies over Sheffield have been much the same, blue skies slowly yielding to black cloud this afternoon.

This longline waistcoat is proving very useful, I wear it a lot, it slims down a flared skirt and toughens up a girlie frock.

                                          Minnie goes with the colour scheme, so she's allowed.

                                    1980s pleated dress (99p, Ebay), tights and waistcoat (charity shops), suede ankle boots (Ebay)

The cold/flu/plague continues to be a pain in the arse but I have things to do, I don't have time to be ill. There's a jumble sale to organise - and jumble waits for no (wo)man!

Great poster, designed by one of our talented parents, Joanne, who has a degree in Graphic Design. I was tempted to take credit for it, but I am far too honest...

Before school broke up for half term, there was a fairly modest pile of donations, which prompted me to have a real nightmare, in which I dreamed that the jumble sale was a disaster, lots of punters but only a few rubbish items to sell. Me, anxious? Whatever gives you that idea?

I do feel a sense of responsibility about the event, I must admit, especially as one parent insists on referring to it as "Curtise's jumble."  "No, no,"  I mildly suggested, "it's not my personal event, it's a school jumble." She stared at me, then asked me what time "my" jumble started.

                      I do hope we get a good class of rummager, I think hats should be worn as standard.

The jumble pile has now grown to dangerous proportions and is threatening to swamp the Deputy Head's desk. Good for us, terrifying for him. So we are setting up on Friday afternoon, sorting and piling and putting up signs and so on, ready for business on Saturday morning. Wish us luck!

                                                      Hope I'll be twirling with joy after it's all over.

                                                        Changing the world - one jumble at a time!


Anonymous said...

loving the boots and the poster design!! :-)

Fiona said...

The bestest of luck with YOUR jumble Curtise, I'm sure it will be a roaring success. Loved the video clip - hilarious! Great outfit btw, very pretty dress and loving the sleeves.

Fiona said...
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karensomethingorother said...

love your outfit Curtise, as always, including the fun boots I can just see at the bottom.

I wish I was at a great big jumble sale right now, with fabulous hats. Sigh.

Helga said...

Hahaha,YOUR jumble! People are such dicks! Changing the world one jumble at a time? YEAH! Hats DEF should be worn as standard! I'll wear one on the day for sure.
I like black and blue too!A winning combination!Yay for twirlies! That frock is rather pretty,the rpint is FAB!As are you,Jumble Queen!!!
Love you more than jumbles!Really!

Vix said...

LOVE that frock and waistcoat ensemble, Curtise (but I bet you knew I would)! A waistcoat adds fabulousity to everything. Those tights are gloriously vibrant.
Love that poster. You'll raise hundreds, I'm sure.
I'll endeavour to wear a hat to tomorrow's jumble although it might be a woolly one if it's anything like today's hateful weather.
Love and jumbles! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Melanie said...

HILARIOUS CLIP!!! Most funny thing I've seen in a long time!!! And now I'm late...

So, Curtise, head held high, march bravely into that jumble, ready to handle saucers and pink biscuits! Extra extension cords for the tea maker. HA!!

By the way, the vest was an inspired choice for your pretty dress. Love the blue tights. Raise money, raise brows... Have fun on Saturday.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Who has gotten used to the smell of men's trousers?

If only I was free and mad enough on Saturday to rock up to the jumble and see what you've got on offer. Although I suspect you might be sneaking a few gems behind the tables for yourseld

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Good luck for the (or should I say YOUR) jumble. Sooo excited for you. Can't wait to hear about every single little bit of it (I know, I know, I'm a sad individual!).

Love the dress and waistcoat combo. Why oh why didn't I buy the vintage suede waistcoat that I saw in the charity shop recently? Oh poo.

Unknown said...

You look fab as always. Have a great time with the jumble sale relax and it will be fun ;-) dee xx

Krista said...

You look lovely and I do dig a good ole twirl my dear. I need one of these waist coats. Good luck with the jumble sale, you are the fearless leader in that bunch I'm sure. I love the B&W photo, funny the sign says Beachwear I don't see any teeny weeny bikini's :)

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Great waistcoat -Good Luck with the jumble sale.

doradadama said...

I love blue and black combo amor.
that vest makes your waist look tinnier.
Oooo a twirl is always necessary.
Jumble Queen!
I love jumble sales not many around these parts.
Your poster rocks!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I want to come to YOUR jumble coz you are the Duchess of Jumble honey!! Feck of flu - you are not welcome to the jumble event of the year!!!! Adoring your little twirl in your beautiful blue frock and tights and yes the waistcoat is an inspiration - you look rockin' you gorgeous woman!!! xoxoxoxoxoo

Unknown said...

I hope everything goes well at the jumble sale
What was that Lady's problem when she said , it is Curtise jumble sale! People i tell you!

I love your blue tights, such a nice color!

Ariane xxxxx

Clara Turbay said...

I like your style.

two squirrels said...

Oh I want to jumble with you too!!!
The poster is great.
It is going to be a huge success and fun too.
Love the pretty floral dress and waistcoat.
Love v

joyatri said...

Waistcoats are the best! I've started wearing them again for the exact same reasons -- slimming and adds a bit of toughness. And I love the puffy sleeves on your dress.

I wish I could be at your jumble. Best of luck for a successful event! That gorgeous poster is sure to attract hordes of jumblers (or whatever they're called).

Vintage Coconut said...

I so wish I could fly over and partake in YOUR jumble sale! I think it will be one of the hottest in all of Feb 2012!
It will be talked about for weeks afterwards.

*Cute dress*

Trees said...

I always thought it would be such fund to organise a jumble sale, mostly because I'd have a chance to get all the good stuff before anyone else got there;)

Vintage Sweetheart said...

You always have such great tights!! I'm guessing they are calling it "your" jumble sale in case it doesn't go well and if does go very well it won't be "your" jumble sale anymore ha ha!! xx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

When the school gets an outstanding OFSTED report maybe that can all be down to you too! People can be very irritating, we used to get the odd parent complaining about our playgroup Christmas do, despite the fact that it was £2 for the kids, we bought a load of food of the adults as well as the children's stuff, subsidised the whole thing heavily, there was a disco, Father Christmas, and still people didn't get that we were running it as volunteers. Grr. I'm sure your jumble will be a roaring rummaging success though - good luck for Saturday!

You have a most impressive tights collection, by the way xx

***Faith Hope and Charity Shopping first blogiversary giveaway open now***

Young at Heart said...

loving the colour of those tights.....have a grand rummage!!

Forest City Fashionista said...

A waistcoat does add an edge to a girly dress, and still allows for twirl-a-bility! Best of luck with the Jumble sale; that is a fab poster.

Stacey said...

Good luck with your jumble sale! I do love the design of that poster, and I hope it all turns out fab.

I love black and blue together! It irks me when people say that if you wear black and blue together you look like a bruise. I love your bright blue tights, and that waistcoat is divine!

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping that the sale is a smashing success and that all rummagers, including your detractor, show up in hats.

It's truly a fantastic outfit!

Kitty said...

I hope it goes well for you, you're certainly putting in the effort, both mental and physical!! These things are stressful by the sound of it.xx.

his_girl_friday said...

I love the twirl photo!

Unknown said...

Well, since it was such a MARVELLOUS SUCCESS, I say TAKE FULL CREDIT and call it YOUR jumble! Yay for you!!!

That frock is super twirly delightful and I love the sleeves, tights and boots too... just love it ALL, actually!

Love! Sarah xxx