Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Making friends, sharing the love

Another chilly day here, the walk to school was a bit treacherous underfoot but we all made it without falling on our bottoms.

                                                It's good to snuggle in some faux fur on a cold day.

Is it really bad that I can't remember where I picked up this Betty Barclay 1980s-does-60s frock? I think it was from a car boot last summer.

Leopard faux fur (flea market), 1980s Betty Barclay frock (who knows?), 1960s Jane Shilton handbag (vintage fair), Ravel loafers and 1970s Sarah Coventry owl pendant (Ebay), tights (M&S sale)

        I need a bit of warmth today. And who better to provide that than my lovely friend Melanie Coconut.

                                           Do you all know Melanie aka Vintage Coconut?

She's gorgeous, quirky, hilarious, and she always makes me smile. And despite the fact that I am old enough to be her mother ahem... a wee bit older than her, we have quite a lot in common.

                                                        We buy our faux furs at the same time.

                                                       We're rather partial to a wise old owl pendant.

                                                           We love our Elna sewing machines.

                                                                       So I'm wondering....

                             I think I know what Melanie might do to perk herself up on a dreary day.

                             We both love a wig, and Melanie looks fab in her black and white shots.

                                                                   And she loves a crazy frock!

There we go - I feel cheerier already. I haven't taken in the side seams on this Hawaiian dress yet, but the Elna is raring to go!

                                                                Let's hula, Mrs Coconut!

And while we are speaking about blog buddies, I was lucky enough to win darling Vanessa and Warren's giveaway. The parcel of pinkness arrived very quickly. and I am delighted with my gorgeous treats, thank you so much Vanessa!

               I have plans for those pretty little vintage flower decorations, Vanessa - wait and see!

             Don't you just make the sweetest friends through blogging? I'm so pleased to meet you all!



Anonymous said...

i am loving the top outfit, so gorgeous! I am loving that coat!! :o


Vix said...

Where do I start? You look so hot in your monochrome mini and fake fur combo. Those tights are amazing.
You really suit that red wig and the Hawaiian maxi rocks.
VC is hilarious, but there again so are you!
Bloody Skype!! We'll have to have our our session. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Krista said...

EeeeeeK this post just made me happy! This Betty Barclay dress is absolutely the sweetest thing I have seen you wear and I love the tights!!!!!! Love the Katy Perry wig paired with your new frock, I will have to check out Melanies blog too. The dress bare feet and hula dance are where I wish I was right now.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Pleased to meet you too! I've discovered some lovely people through blogging.

That dress 80s does 60s is amazing!

I'll be adding Miss Coconut to my list!

Melanie said...

That coat and dress are gorgeous!

Fiona said...

Love both your BB and Hibiscus dress.(although I'd have slippers on with the latter at the mo,not such a good look!)

Rose&Bird said...

Looking so warm and cosy in your faux fur, Curtise!
Both dresses are lovely, my fave is the hawaiian print - I love a bit of colour on a drab winter day x

Vintage Coconut said...

You bought another coat??
It is so bloody gorgeous I am as jelous as a jelly fish!
Your purse is magnificent I flippin love it and it goes so well with your sexy mini dress.
Do you know what year your Elna was made? I think its cool that all throughout the years they have kept them the same shape and style.

"EAaaaghhh! You look so damn cute in the Hawaiian frock, and that blue hair just adds to the fun factor.
~I would Hula with you any time!~
*Hula Hula Hula*
"I wanna know what the kids thought when Mom was wondering around the house in a blue wig and floral dress. *hahaha*"

You are a great Chic Curtise and I am happy I have met you through blog-land!

The package you got from teo squirrels is pinkalicious. It looks like a sweet delivery of many gorgeous things.

Trashsparkle said...

Your fab legs are MADE for those utterly brilliant patterned tights - wear more minis! And what a luvverly fake fur for doing the school run - glam, glam, glam! x

karensomethingorother said...

that's nice that you both have a love of faux fur in common. Thanks to you, Curtise, I also like faux fur now. Ah, but when will I get to go bargain hunting again??? Hopefully tomorrow...

Vintage Sweetheart said...

That black dress is an amazing fit on you. I'm glad you have found a bloggy twin in Miss Coconut she always puts on a grin on my face. xx

Forest City Fashionista said...

I love that Hawaiian print dress on you (especially with the blue hair). I think you should get a stripe or a chunk of bold colour in your hair to brighten up these blah winter days.

joyatri said...

Hi, I've popped into your blog now and then, but haven't commented yet. Just wanted to say that I love the black dress with white neckline detail and cuffs with the patterned tights. It looks so great, I am going to rummage through my closet to see if I can replicate it. Thanks for the inspiration.

Kitty said...

And I daresay we're all glad to have 'met' you too Curtise :) Can't believe you're just wearing a short skirt in the snow, jeez!!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Your outfit is fabulous - and your post really did cheer me up.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Heehee, love it. Although there weren't quite enough lobsters in this post for a true homage. I expect crustaceans dammit!


Unknown said...

oohhh im loving your betty dress and fur it looks fabulous and with that little black bag to its a hot outfit ;-)) Enjoy your lovely goodies pretty in pink i reckon a head piece may be on the cards with those flowers ;-)) But i may be wrong. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee xx

Unknown said...

oohhh im loving your betty dress and fur it looks fabulous and with that little black bag to its a hot outfit ;-)) Enjoy your lovely goodies pretty in pink i reckon a head piece may be on the cards with those flowers ;-)) But i may be wrong. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee xx

Trees said...

I love this post! You look great in your 80's does 60's dress - there's been a lot on the news about the winter in Europe here, all I can say is brrrr.....

Anonymous said...

I love the blue wig it's great! Your faux coat is so beautiful

two squirrels said...

Happy happy that you love the treasures, it was so quick to get to you. Yay yay. The squirrels send a big furry hug and thanks.
The Betty dress is just perfect on you, I just love it.
Also the blue wig and fab maxi, amazing.
Miss coconut is so pretty and I she always makes me smile.
Happiness is a whole lot of blog buddies.......
Love V

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Looking gorgeous, Curtise. Love your tights and the Hawaiian style dress is fabuloso! xx

Dawn said...

Your tights are awesome and they look great on you. I love your style and I am really enjoying your blog...very fun and creative. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

THE HF BLOG said...

hi there sweetie! i like your blog, i'm a new follower, would be glad if you could follow mine<3
have a great day


Unknown said...

Oh lord, I have missed SO MUCH FABULOUSNESS!!! The beret pics... oh lord, testify! and the hula pics! ALOHA! And the sewing machine pics... (you'll be pleased to hear that G-Force moved the stuck-in-reverse sewing machine out to the shed for me. Probably never to be seen again!)

And the black frock (with white cuffs?) and leopard coat are making me simply FAINT! Where are my smelling salts???

LOVE! Sarah xxx