Thursday, 16 February 2012

I've got very beautiful lips

It's been a bit of a rubbish half term, with me and the Eldest LB ill with colds again. This has meant cancelling various social engagments which I am not happy about. Not happy at all.

                                                  What an old grump I am! At least I got dressed.

Cat's bum alert - Charley is showing his arse again in these shots, he obviously hates my clothes, the cheeky little sod.

                                                                                  Told you!

1960s crimplene maxi skirt, £4.99, and 1970s stack-heeled shoes, £10 (St. Luke's charity shop), 1970s blouse, 99p (Ebay) and tan belt, £1 (MIND charity shop), Charley and his ever-present bum (free).

I'll let you into a secret; the skirt is too small on the waist, but the fact that I can't do the zip up all the way is oh-so-cleverly hidden by the belt. I am in love with the print on the skirt and refuse  to admit defeat, so a little bit of trickery/disguise is in order.

Sometimes I think my "look" is all about trickery and disguise, smoke and mirrors. Big old suck-it-in knickers and a maxi, it works every time.

                       And speaking of finding easy ways to solve (very minor) problems - this one is genius!

Our super-naughty always-on-the-scrounge cats have a bad habit of pinching food, especially off the kids, who are too slow to stop them (they'll learn). Ham, salami, chicken, cheese, even the bread from the sandwiches, all have been stolen off plates when we have food in the living room instead of at the table, though the cats have been known to try and swipe food from plates there too, the beasts.

    But this 1960s Dialene Better-Maid platter with attached lids has put paid to their antisocial ways, ha ha!

Other Half rolled his eyes when I came home flushed with success at my purchase, and has been heard to grumble, "It's gets more and more like the set of Abigail's Party in this bloody house!"

                                                         And he says that like it's a bad thing...

The picture on the clip clears after a bit, bear with it. Relax, and say to yourself, "I've got very beautiful lips." xxxxxxx


Melanie said...

There's nothing wrong with having a home like that in 'Abigail's Party'! You need 'Wings of Love' to complete the look, hehe.

That skirt fabric is lovely, it reminds me of Tiffany glass.

We had a cat when I was growing up who appeared arthritic and elderly, but one day while my nan was eating fish and chips, she paused, fork laden with fish, midway to her mouth as she was speaking. Sooty who had been sat watching, suddenly bolted over and swiped the entire fork from her hand. It flew across the room and he dashed after to claim his prize. It was so out of character that he got away scot free.

Vix said...

Superb print mixing here, my dear! I love that top and the fab skirt, too.
Maxis are the best, I had leopard leggings and rainbow over-the-knee socks under mine today as I couldn't be arsed to change out of my work-out gear before I went chazza shopping.

That platter is a marvel, I love practical nonsense like that. Our beasts roam the table at meal times like lions in a zoo enclosure, ready to swipe the very food off our forks. Disgraceful.
Hope those little 'uns get better soon!

Debberoo said...

Thank you, a little bit of Abigail's party was exactly what I needed.
p.s I had no idea cats could be so naughty about nicking food!
p.p.s Sorry about the half term bust, as in it being busted, not as in your half term bust is not beautiful.
p.p.p.s I do love that belt
p.p.p.p.s should I go for one more p?

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Do you want a little sandwich?

Big fan of Abigail's party... have you seen Nuts In May?

I still panic about leaving certain food out even though my last cat died three years ago, he was a horror. Charley is lovely, but he would've liked you to have opened that door IMMEDIATELY, it's what they expect.

Brillaint skirt, I refuse to admit defeat with ill fitting skirts too!

Fiona said...

Fab outfit Curtise, espesh loving the gypsy blouse and belt. My cat always licks her bum when I have visitors, such a lady!

mispapelicos said...

I see your cat is back in the picture, lol.
Lovely clash of flowers.

Rose&Bird said...

I do the same with skirts - being short means they're still maxis even when hoisted up! Your outfit is lovely, sorry you're not feeling well again!
Naughty cats - I thought they were more sneaky about stealing food! Baby Bird will swipe food off a plate if given the chance, though I doubt he's as quick as your cats!

Love the dish - I'll be looking out for similar items now!

Trees said...

I love the pattern clash!

Your cats sound quite cheeky - at least now you can keep the food away from them:)

Unknown said...

So sorry to hear you have been a bit poorly i hate colds there no fun at all. That belt looks fab as do you ;-) Bless your cat i did smile at him those plate guards are well smart. Enjoy your weekend, dee xx

Louise Mc said...

I love Abigail's party. It's a great one to see on stage if you get the chance. Makes me howl with laughter. Xx

Krista said...

You are looking sexy even if you are not feeling it, cats arse and all. You totally rock the maxi's love! I am happy to hear that I am not the only one with a cat up on the table licking butter out of the dish and drinking from my glass of water, I love the platter with a lid. Genius! Cheeky little sod, I love the way you English gals talk I really can hear you saying this and I love it! When I come out for a visit I'm gonna try and come home with an accent, what? if Madonna can do it so can I :)
XOXOX feel better sweetie~

Miss Claire said...

Hehehee, disapproving kitty! I'm absolutely smitten with that skirt and you look fab in it, sneaky cheats and all! I have a favorite frock that I've worn to pieces...the fabric under the arms is disintegrating. But that doesn't stop me from wearing it with the right cardi!

Xoxox Get well soon!

karensomethingorother said...

Damn it, I KNEW IT: I only replied IN MY HEAD. This is because I had JUST finished reading your post, Curtise, when some short person was breathing down my neck to have a turn on the computer.

This is one of my favourite outfits on you--fastening secret or no.

Anonymous said...

Pretty pretty skirt and I love the blouse on you.

Anonymous said...

Our cat has been banned to the workshop after he/she took to marking the territory on brand new furniture.

I had to laugh at the smoke & mirrors remark. i sometimes feel the same. The skirt I'd intended to wear today would fully zip when it was off my body, but not when it was on...what could that mean??

Vintage Coconut said...

Cheeky cheeks Charley! *hehe*
First off I am admiring that big belt. And then BOOM POP that skirt.
I LOVE THE COLORS *ooooohh OHHH ooHHHH ooohhhh*
And then you top it off with a peasant-ish top! *beautiful*
(Like a flower garden.)

Also the lidded dish is sneaky,
I rather like it!

You better give your man a good slap for saying what he did. *hahaha*

(P.s. I am glad I have started getting my other half to like vintage stuff. It did take a little while but now he SHOWS ME stuff in stores! I find him vintage clothes... and he WEARS THEM.)

Melanie said...

Ahv gaw werry bootivul wips - I said with my mouth stuffed with cookies. Great clip! I'm loving what you have on. The belt, I swoon. (the other Melanie)

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I am all for trickery with clothes.
Love Abigail's Party - first saw it 20 years ago when our eldest was a baby and there was some BBC2 play special.
Considering you are ill you look magnificent.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I love doing sneaky things to hide clothes that are too big or too small! Dressing up is a great remedy for colds I reckon. I need those plates in my house too, thieving dogs and cats. xx

Unknown said...

Hi Curtise, you are getting so daring with your vintage! I love it! I have to check abibigail's party!
I don't really buy vintage items other than clothes, Mr. D is not a big fan, but i try, he is getting use to it slowly!

Ariane xxxxx

Unknown said...




I could NOT love this more - the patterns are so perfect together! The gypsyness of it all! You look so beautiful and statuesque... whimsical and just PERFECT. I love it. Did I mention that I love this outfit?

No idea what this vid is about but that is the Mum from Gavin and Stacey! And she has very beautiful lips.

And so do you. And I frickin adore your outfit. Let's move in together and share wardrobes?

Love! Sarah xxx

doradadama said...

that skirt is fabulosa amor!
what a great trick.
I always smoke and mirrors it myself.
bad kitty mooning us.
that try is a great idea for mi Buddy picking on dinner.
that is Gavin & Stacey MaMa. never heard of that Abigail show but looks hilarious.

Stacey said...

Sneaky, I love your trick for dealing with this fab, but too small maxi skirt! I would do the same, that print is too gorgeous to let go. That wide belt looks great with it too, so it's win-win!