Sunday, 5 February 2012

Gonna have to face it, I'm addicted...

We all have our weaknesses. Mine is 1960-70s maxis. Frocks or skirts, it doesn't matter, I just can't help myself....

There was another St Mary's market yesterday, so the girls and I went along. It's always such a lovely event, everyone is friendly, I always see people I know, and usually find something lovely to spend my money on.

Naomi (on the left) is usually there, I bought my blue maxi dress which I wore on New Year's Eve from her stall last year, and she has a unit called Decade Vintage at the Nichols building. She's delightful. I bought a 1970s gypsy-style dress from her friend Sue (on the right).

These lovely ladies are also regulars. I finally found the frothy 1950s petticoat I have been looking for on their stall. I was pondering whether to get it when they suggested I should wear it just to dance around the living room while sipping a martini. Hmmm, most perceptive, that does sound like me! "Lady Fiona" (just seen in the polka dots) has a website, delightfully named The Queen's Drawers.

I bought two 1960s maxi frocks from Jilly's stall. She was very good about my dreadful children tampering with her merchandise - she spotted them plaiting the fringing on a divine 1960s LBD and very politely asked them to stop. I was a bit mortified. She had some gorgeous stock, and she invited me to the opening of her unit in a local antiques centre next weekend - hope I can go, I'd like to wear one of the delicious dresses I bought from her!

              Amazing hats, and I can imagine Sarah Misfit rocking the sexy librarian look in those specs.

                                                                     Lovely things. I couldn't resist.

                                                               Time for a break for coffee and cake.

        I love the print on this 1960s homemade skirt. The kids call it my fried egg skirt - you see them too, right?

            By the time we came out of the fair, the snow had started. The kids were delighted, of course.

There are old gravestones laid flat to make a path around the church, and the icing sugar dusting of snow made the inscriptions really clear and easy to read. I like a good grave yard!

                                               Remember flicking the Vs Mary? She has a friend.


        Do you think they are Mary (Jesus' ma) and Mary Magdalene? Or Mary M and her sister Martha?

                                                    Whoever she is - she appears to have the X Factor!

            And finally - if there is anyone still reading - a request! I bought this crimplene fabric from Naomi...

... with a plan to make a maxi skirt with it. I have the fabric. I have my Brand New Elna. What I don't have is a pattern.

If anyone has a vintage pattern in their stash (or comes across one in their charity shop/jumble sale travels) for a simple A-line maxi skirt, size 16 probably in old money (waist 30" - God, that seems huge!), would you consider sending it to me? I'll borrow and return it, or pay you for it, of course. I've been looking on Ebay but can't find what I'm after. It needs to be easy, I haven't made an item of clothing since I was at school... But I am determined!



Melanie said...

Try etsy, they have patterns too. I know this is a 14, but you might find something else ..

And that skirt is scrumptious!

mispapelicos said...

You are tall, and that length is so perfect on you.
I can see you have two young fashionistas with you, hehehhe Aren´t they gorgeous???
Jealous of being able to go to a place like that, ahhhhhhhhhhhh.
I need some seconhand shopping soon, I am so cold turkey.

Fiona said...

That market is my idea of heaven, how I would love to rummage there. My nan had some specs just like those shown. Love your fried egg skirt and well done on all your purchases. Hope you find a pattern soon.
PS Mary is scary!

Louise Mc said...

That looks like a grand fair, a few pretty handbags there taking my eye ;-)

I'll check my stash of patterns, I don't think I have any skirt patterns but I'll let you know if I do. Xx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Oh I'd love to go to a vintage mArket! I actually need to get a pair of specs like in your photo. Love the fried egg skirt.

Good luck on the skirt making front. I'm sure you can do it. xx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

There's no cool vintage fairs near me! Boo! I also love a good graveyard, round here I'm bound to find a relative or two.

Rose&Bird said...

Oooh, I can see the fried eggs! I'll have a look in my apattern collection for a skirt for you - would a larger one do if I don't have a 16ish?

two squirrels said...

yay Curtise you look so very fabulous in a maxi skirt!!! Even a Fried egg one! That is one great pattern.
Aaaaaah bless your wee snow poppets, so cute!!
I will be pattern hunting today in my somewhat large collection, will post if found.
Love V
Pleased parcel arrived.

Vintage Coconut said...

Hello Miss Shuttleworth! *lol*
My God your Fair pictures have me completely envious. DAMN that looks like a divine place to spend a few hours.
I am actually in a little bit of love with your fried egg skirt. It is quite cute.
The girls look so cute in their outfits. It seems little LB sold one of her gloves at the fair. ;)

Of course we are still reading!
I love the fabric you have for your skirt.
I ordered a wrap around skirt patterns from Etsy. (MY GOD! That was last summer and I still have not made it. I will have to get to it so I can wear it this summer.)

Try your luck on there. Because it's easier than having a bidding war with someone on E-bay

lucy joy said...

I'm very taken with your fried egg skirt! I want one.
You do get out and about to some lovely fairs, always dressed to impress too.

I'm sure a pattern will turn up for you, I look forward to seeing your creation.

Hope you thoroughly enjoyed your weekend.

Lucy x

Kitty said...

I'll have a look for you today as I'll be going through my patterns anyway.xx.

Kylie said...

Check out Colette patterns, they might have what you're looking for...
I love your skirt (fried eggs and all!) and I'm intrigued by that beautiful snippet of orange feathered fabric you have shown. Can't wait to see what it is.
I loved that original Mary you showed us, but now I'm not so sure...I think they look like they've been through some sort of mumification process. The way they're hanging on the wall reminds me of a bird of prey, I even think there is something of the vampire about them, hmmmm...

Unknown said...

Hi Curtise!

Your girls are lovely!
I know the feeling about being addicted to vintage!
Lovely market and love your fried eggs skirt , kids say the funniest thing!

Take care


Anonymous said...

It was nice to meet your girls...and to hear that the sellers treat them with respect. I really wish that there were events like this in my part of the world. How would one go about finding out about them?

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous skirt! The market looked like a LOAD of fun !

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Love your fried egg skirt! I'm very intrigued by that multi coloured patchwork look fabric. xxx

Valeria said...

Love your blog!!! xoxo from Rome

Ps. Follow each other???

Vix said...

What fun! I must admit that the few I've been to have been a tad disappointing - racks of Primark, 1980s polyester and the few things I've loved have been way out of my £10 price range. Fairs in your neck of the woods seem loads better.
Your finds look gorgeous, can't wait to see everything modelled and on your banging bod.
Your little fashionistas are just gorgeous and I love the fried egg skirt so much.
My favourite maxi skirt pattern is a 1971 one by STYLE and easy peasy. If I find another it's yours. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Krista said...

Curtise I would have loved to come along with you and the girls to this! I just love your fried egg maxi and your girls look adorable and warm! We don't really have vintage fairs here in Portland at least that I know about anyway. The prints look great and I can't wait to see you rock them. I too love a good graveyard and would have enjoyed the walk and the snow with you guys! Sheffield I wish I could visit one day :) Good luck on the maxi skirt pattern I am sure one of these gals can hook ya up.
Tons of love and a big kiss beautiful!

Unknown said...

Wow that looks like a great fair some gorgeous stock there. Loving your skirt you have the height to carry the maxi off and just look at your tiny waist ;-) That fabric is lush i will keep my eyes open for a pattern. The girls look adorable bless them hope thay enjoyed the snow. dee xxx

Debberoo said...

Well that was a delightful little outing, I feel like I got to go along with you and very enjoyable it was too! Love your girls!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Looks like fun.

Mimi and Tilly said...

I love a good graveyard too. As morbid as it is I like to see who died young and wonder what awful thing happened to them. Cheers me up no end that I'm still here... I know there's something wrong with me. Thank you for your beautiful comment on my post last week. I was so nervous putting my thoughts out there, but your kind words really made a difference. Big hugs, Em x

LINDA said...

great post!!


Linda from

his_girl_friday said...

We all have our addictions. Yours aren't so terrible :)

karensomethingorother said...

Ooo! Fun, fun, FUN! I wish I were walking around poking through all the fun vintage-y things!

Actually Curtise, I LOVE the fried egg skirt. I won't call it that. I will call it the RESPLENDENT EGG SKIRT. No, the word egg is never good with skirt. Love the colours, they looked fab on you.

Scarlett said...

Oh that vintage fair looks amazing! Why of why cant they have ones like that where i live. I would have totally bought those specs - right up my street.
I am loving your egg skirt - the print is a delight and it hangs so beautifully on you. I'll keep my peepers open for a pattern for you.

Scarlett x
P.s you get the cute kids award - they are beautiful!

Unknown said...

Again i love this post!
The dress that needed care is fixed, i have an excellent seamstress!
The zipper needed to be fixed and some mending was needed.
My birthday is feb 27
I was looking for red docs, so was not hard to choose

Have a great day