Thursday 26 January 2012

Where oh where has this week gone?

For me, it has passed in a haze of sore throat, snot, coughing, aching in my very bones, and worst of all - losing my voice! OK, it was only for about an hour first thing in the morning, but without my voice, I am nothing. Seriously. Couldn't shout at the kids to hurry up and get ready for school, it was a disaster.

I did consider whether I should go on the school art gallery trip as I felt so crap, but Smallest LB's face was a perfect portrait of misery at the thought that I wouldn't be going with her. And I had promised her teacher. And I had made a fuss about the sculpture. So I went. 

And yes, the sculpture was included on the tour, with the little talk about it. I had imagined that the sculptor Marc Quinn was referencing Rodin's The Kiss, but in addition, we were told that he was thinking about ancient statues which are considered so classically beautiful, despite being damaged (Venus de Milo in particular). If those works are beautiful and valued despite not being perfect or complete, why not a representation of contemporary people who are not physically perfect or complete either?

I'm very grateful to N's teacher for realising there is nothing inappropriate for children in any of this. She even bought me a postcard of Quinn's sculpture to say thanks for helping. Or maybe to say keep your sticky beak out and your huge gob shut in future, I'm not entirely sure...

So I haven't been feeling at my most stylish this week, I must confess, despite the wonderful Karen's (mistaken) impression that I am dressed up to the nines every day!

This is me today. I need a bold print to distract from my hacking cough and the monstrous carbuncle on my nose. Damn the peri-menopause, it's giving me teenage skin to go with my wrinkles, that's just not fair. And now I sound like a teenager too!

Charley's not impressed. Or perhaps he thinks I'm after his fur, like Cruella. This is another alleged maxi which isn't on me, but I like it anyway.

1960s Davisella maxi dress and Jones boots (Ebay), faux fur jacket, cardigan, gold leather belt and bangles (charity shopped), enamel pendant (flea market)

You know all about my charity-shopping frenzy this month, which has left me financially embarrassed and a little guilty... But this little find was a mere 10p in the knitting pattern box.

                                                                Recognise this lovely lady?

 If I'm not mistaken, that's iconic 1960s beauty Jean Shrimpton, modelling for Patons knitting patterns and looking exquisite doing so. There are loads of pictures of The Shrimp on Google images so having compared, I'm pretty sure it's her.

                                                                    Beautiful, isn't she?

I am looking forward to watching "We'll take Manhattan" tonight, a drama about Jean Shrimpton's relationship with David Bailey. One to watch on your Ipad, Ariane!

And speaking of Ariane at Style Montreal Sud-Est, she tagged me to answer some questions, but because I'm feeling grumpy and hormonal and teenagery, I'm not going to! Such a rebel without a clue.

 What do you think makes you unique
What is you hidden talent
If you had the choice, where would you live
The things you hate to do
The worst injustice
Fast fashion or vintage?
Red wine or white wine?
What makes it that you will be loosing your patience?
Favorite male actor and why?
High heels or low heels?
Favorite subject in school

Blame the head-full-of-mush but I can't think of interesting answers to the tricky ones, so I'll just do the easy ones - any wine, vintage, I would love to live by the sea in my dotage, and I love high heels but my feet don't.

This reminds me of doing (or not) my Maths homework - trying a couple of the easier bits then refusing to do the rest while sulking and whining "It's not fair! I hate Maths!" Reverting to one's teenage self is so unappealing.... Sorry, Ariane! (And sorry to Mr Buckingham, my Maths teacher 1976-80.)



Anonymous said...

That dress is lush on you. I love jean shrimpton - can't wait to see the adaptation!! Get better soon!! Xx

Debberoo said...

Seriously impressed that they put the sculpture back in the tour and apparently without any drama, over here it would have been on the local news (complete with naughty bits blocked out) and sound bites of parental outrage. I could be misjudging but I think not ;)

Sorry you've been all bunged up with the lurgy, poor thing.

Love the outfit.

I was a thorn in the side of my maths teacher, me and Mopsy were relegated to doing RSA Arithmatic which was just fine with us. Got a lovely certificate and everything!

Debberoo said...

p.s and meant to say yes that model does look like she is Ms Shrimpton and how very lovely she looks.

I've been reading about "We'll take Manhattan" lots of David Bailey interviews popping up. If we're lucky we might get it on PBS over here.

Krista said...

Yeah the teacher listened to you!!!!! All hope is not lost! I do hope the snot subsides, although you wouldn't know you felt crapy by how great you look in your new sort of maxi :) I love the gold belt and your kitty and ANGORA!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Hope you feel better soon Curtise. I'm just about to embark on my second cold in as many weeks boo hoo.

Glad the class got to see the sculpture. Without looking it up I think Marc Quinn did the sculpture of Alison Lapper (I think that was her name) in Trafalger Square some years back. Anyway, that's by the by. Love the not so maxi on you. Xxxxx

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Love your look - very "arty."
The last time I helped out with my son's school visit to The Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool was a day to remember.He was around 7 at the time.
As the coach pulled up outside the gallery a car came speeding past followed by two police cars and an almighty crash.
Despite being made to wait in the coach for two hours while the scene was cleared they all voted it the best day ever.

mispapelicos said...

My always gorgeous friend. I love that dress and hoe the gold belt pops up so beautifully.
I see your cat never wants to miss a post, lol.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Lovely! And The Shrimp too! She's from my town don'tcha know. Can't stand Karen Gillan so might watch as it's an area of interest, but can't promise.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Yay, I'm so glad your arse-kicking meant the sculpture was reinstated on the tour. And well done to the teacher too.

You look great as usual, great pattern on the skirt. JS looks beautiful in the first pic, but rather gormless in the others, don't you think? I do like her fuzzy-wuzzy hat though!

ps. 6 days until wine is reinstated in my life. Get well soon x

Helga said...

Ugh,this bloody peri menopause is fecking with my skin too!Gah.
Bugger about having laryngitus!!! (sp?!) I had it a few years ago,first time ever,and what a drag!When you're loud like me,it's probably pleasant for those around me,though!
Love this "maxi"! You're not that tall,are you?! The length is lovely,and the print/colours delish!The metallic belt is perfect!
Charley's pelt would make quite a nice fur...for one of your kidlets!
that sure is The Shrimp! She was a beauty indeed!Those 60's chickies rock my boat!
As do YOU!
Ha,great answering...hahaha!Maths?What's that!!?? I hardly attended,bloody useless at it!

Fiona said...

That dress looks ab fab on you Curtise, love the psychedelic print.
That gorgeous creature on the Patons pattern deffo is The Shrimp, I googled her a while back after seeing that stunning snap of her on your sidebar. Charlie is beeeautiful. Sorry to hear you've had the lurgy, there's a lot of it about this year, and by the way I was shite at Maths too.

Vintage Coconut said...

*OH NOOOO... you got sick too*
Well even if your sick you don't look it. You also look damn fine in green. And fur?! well thats a plus and day. *hehe*
I really hope you get better right away.
(I replied to you on my blog. I thought about it... and realized.. even though it gives you a option for a reply button. I don't really think it notifies of replies... SO HOW USEFUL is that?)


Kylie said...

I'm so glad your daughter's teacher allowed her class to see Quinn's sculpture, I've been wondering what the outcome did the children react?

I hope you feel better soon, but I have to say you don't look sick at all. You look gorgeous x

Anonymous said...

I still get blemishes--it's a sign of life!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

That is such a fun wild print and perfect for you!! Sorry the lurgy has taken you hostage you still look fabulous, so that's all that matters he he. xx

Kitty said...

Yikes, I hope you feel better soon darl, sounds like a shite week for you :(
A bold print is always a bit of a pick-me-up, even if not, you've gotta try, right??

Louise Mc said...

I watched that programme too, wasn't it fantastic? It really made me want to get my camera out and get back to photography. :-) it also gave me a bit of a crush on young David Bailey lol. Take care xx

Unknown said...

So sorry to hear your feeling yuk, hope you feel better real soon. You look gorgeous in that outfit love the green on you that is def your colour and that gold belt just sets it off so nicely. Have a good weekend. dee xx

karensomethingorother said...

Rebellion is good. I always feel sad when school has broken a kid's spirit, so they fall in line without question. Nuts to that!

Great maxi dress. Beautiful colours! Hope you're feeling better soon--I get every cold my kids bring home.

Unknown said...

You are funny girl!
Sorry about your cold, but i guess it is the season for colds
Mr. D has one and i am catching it as well, but so far not too bad
Thanks i will check the show on my Ipad
I love how you did the tag thing, so funny!
I hated math as well, my math teachers were complete idiots!
Love your maxi! And do not feel bad about thrift shopping
I have been thrift shopping so much since my sick leave, you would not believe the stuff i have, i need more space!

Take care lovely Lady!


Vanessa Mercado said...

the dress is so fabulous!!! its really made for you.. you are so beautiful and elegant!!! love the scuplture, very artistic... kissess!!!

DearHelenHartman said...

You look amazing. Am loving my visit to your blog and can't wait to come back again.

Kitty said...

Hey Curtise, in reply to your questions about my body (HA!), which I don't at all mind you asking btw, no, I had no shapewear on in those pics, the dress is a fine poly jersey but very flattering, and I have lost a bit more weight too, down to about 9 stone now.xx.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Please visit my blog to find out about the 2012 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge. I do hope you can join us.

two squirrels said...

Hey sweet I hope you are feeling better!!!! The pretty parcel is waiting to find it's way to you.
Can you send me your address?? Love V

Unknown said...

YAY for the sensible teacher! I'm SO SUPER GLAD they included that sculpture... and YAY FOR YOU! You rock.

I could not adore that maxi MORE - the colours are utterly spectacular on you and I love how you have layered it for your conditions. They are often not quite maxi on me too - a small price for being suxh magnificent glamazons!

Love! Sarah xxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

Sorry to hear you were fighting a cold--you do look great in that dress though, love the print. Jean Shrimpton was a doll - what an exquisite face she had!

PandoraB said...

the postcard was to say thanks Curtise.
To the coolest mum in my class!