Sunday 8 January 2012

A confession, an afternoon and a night out

There's something I have to tell you.

It isn't easy to say, so just listen and don't say anything until I've finished.

You know how I kept firmly to my resolve last year, and only bought secondhand. And you heard me say here that I didn't think I would be shopping on the high street anymore. And here that I had to live frugally this month.

I have sinned, Sisters of the Thrifty Vintage Order.

I only popped into Dorothy Perkins to look at tights (I want some leopard print ones and cannot find them anywhere.)  I spotted this jumpsuit. Heavily reduced in the sale. I bought it.

                                                                        I can't look you in the eye.

After all I promised... I am so ashamed. It meant nothing to me, and I felt so dirty and guilty afterwards. Please try and forgive me. We can get through this.

That said - it's bloody great, isn't it? Completely inappropriate for the weather now, of course, and an LB has to do the buttons up for me at the neck whenever I go to the loo, but hey, whoever said style had to be practical?

On Saturday, we ventured out to the Nichols building, an old grocery wholesalers which has been converted into an antiques, crafts and vintage centre.

I had been meaning to go for ages and finally got round to it, there were lots of lovely things to peruse, not to mention a fine little cafe.

                                                            Eldest LB enjoying the hat section.

I played too. Yes, I realise now I have the hat elastic over my forehead, a fact the LB omitted to tell me.

                                                         Loved this frock but it was a bit pricey.

               Really loved this 1970s Susan Small frock. So much so that I bought it. I know, I am bad.

                                                   Look, it's a Helga porn star chair - woo hoo!

I look mighty shite in these photos  - hair needs washing, pasty face, multichinned. I need more slap on, I think. I should have taken lessons from Karen - pop over to her blog to see her hilarious more-is-more make-up tutorial!

                                              She was very patient but she eventually got a bit fed up....

On to my night out - went to the theatre, darlings, an unusual occurrence these days, accompanied by these 2 lovely ladies.

That's Claire on the left, who bought us the tickets to see "Company" at the Crucible theatre as Christmas gifts. She lives 4 doors away, we went to her house for New Years Eve. And there's Sally on the right, looking as good as she has ever done in all the 30 years I have known her! The three of us shared a house for a year in 1988-9 so we go back a bit.


                                                                       And this is what I wore.

1970s chevron lurex maxi skirt (99p, Ebay - the seller threw in the matching purple top for free), black ruffle top (charity shop), belt and bracelet (Oasis sale), gold shrug (free, clothes swap with friends), silver and gold pendant on leather thong (Greece, another life)

Musical theatre isn't really my thing, but I enjoyed the production, the 1970s costumes and hair were fabulous, and we necked some Prosecco afterwards, while chatting too much to remember to take any more photos. Oh well.

A good day.
Hope you have had fine weekends all. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Miss Simmonds Says said...

That antiques centre looks rather too tempting. Don't worry about the jumpsuit, I nearly bought one in DP too, it was £7 (plus my NHS discount) but resisted at the last minute as I thought it would make me look like a voluminous armchair

Scarlett said...

I forgive you because you look blooming amazing in the jumpsuit! It would have been more of a sin not to have taken it home with you :o) Scarlett x

lucy joy said...

I too forgive you, only because you look so blinkin' HOT in that jumpsuit (though I wouldn't fancy trying to jump you in it!).
You have to buy the odd new piece, so your daughters have the odd piece of Bona Fide 'retro' from their mum.
Lovely times you've been having, and looking very elegant for the theatre, jealous, moi?

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Scarlett's right, you would have been crazy not to buy the jump suit, it looks magnificent on you. I've no doubt said this before but is there nothing that you can't wear to perfection! The Nichols building looks like heaven on earth (and very familiar too, I may well had walked past it back in the day).

Love the pic of you in the blue maxi - gorgeous- oh and lb in the second pic of her.

Helga said...

Let ME say the "hail Curtise's" for you!!!Of course we ALL forgive you,who wouldn't snap up such a fabulous bargain,and you look so frigging awesome in it!!! especially on my porn star chair-hey,give that back!!! More slap?! PAH!You are beautiful,you don't need it,darl.
Feck I'd love a rummage around that Nichols building!Lovely building to start with,and then to fill it with such delights! Shame about the overly pricey frock,it's TASTY,but I do love the one you DID buy! And why ever not?!If you don't treat yourself,who will?!
O,and MMMMMMMMMMM I love your thatre outfit!!!That skirt!!! EEK! I swear,I could scream over your rockin' bod,you look so good!
Love and envy!XXXXXXXXXXXX

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

You are forgiven my child. After all, it was in the sale, so someone would have bought it, and then changed their mind and given it to the charity shop, and THEN you'd have bought it, so it all works out the same in the end! Also I LOVE that lurex maxi on you - fabulous.

I've wanted a peacock chair for ages, the more ridiculous the better.

Max said...

Ahh, your from Sheffield, no wonder you have great style and taste etc (me too!). The best thing about resolutions is breaking them, and so close to making them, class!

Vix said...

I LOVE that jumpsuit on you and totally forgive you, I'd only have been disappointed if you hadn't have bought it.
Glad you bought that frock, too. Porno chairs and cats are a recipe for disaster, I'm surprised Helga's is still in one piece. They're little buggers for wicker.
Both LBs are such pretty things.
Your girl's night out outfit is out of this world, your friends are both gorgeous, I'd love to see an old picture from your flat sharing days. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

O MY GOD where do i start with a huge smile thats where ;-)) Love your jumpsuit is looks amazing on you soooo glad you bought it ;-) Your outfit for the theartre looked hot love it all. And be still my beating heart i love your glass cabinet and your vintage lamp there both lush ;-)) dee xxx

Rose&Bird said...

Ooh, Curtise, you naughty, naughty girl! But you look amazing in it, so all's forgiven! I have a little confession to make - I looked at the website and a blue number fell into my shopping basket, although I haven't actually bought it yet!
The craft/antiques centre looks really interesting, great to see eldest LB taking an interest in vintage.
Looks like a fun night out and lovely that you've been friends for so long!

Kylie said...

For a jumpsuit like that your forgiven. Totally. And I love what you wore to the theatre.

Your eldest daughter has the most beautiful full lips btw. Lucky girl.

Anonymous said...

Your skirt for the theatre is marvelous! And as you are appropriately contrite, you may be forgiven for the purchases.

Unknown said...

You look so spectacular in that jumpsuit we have to forgive you!
I like the pic of you in the porn chair, what are you talking about ? You are lovely!
I am looking for a hat exactly like your daughter is wearing!
I have this 50s dress i wnt to wear at Izzy's wedding and this hat would be perfect

Leo came up this morning, he showed up in the kitchen, but did not stay long.


Ariane xxxxxx

Krista said...

Sisters of the Thrifty Vintage Order, LOL, that is some funny shit right there! But hot dam it was so worth it, the print, the colors, but the fit, it tailored just for you! Bless the eldest for being so cute and patient while Mommy has a quick look round.

Your evening attire my dear VA VA ZOOM This is spectacular, you look so sexy, I love the shine of the blue and the sheer sparkle of the jacket. Your waist is tiny and your SASS is huge, you give the best bitch face ever! MOAH! Glad to see you out with girls having fun, you guys have some history for sure.

Unknown said...

Hail Curtise, full of grace
The jumpsuit is with thee
Blessed art thou among maxis
And blessed in the child who models vintage hats
Holy Curtise, mother of LBs
Pray for us jumpsuit wearers now
And at the hour of our checkout with the credit card in hand
Amen and Out

I LOOOOOOOOOOVE that YOU LOOOOOOVE jumpsuits too! Please adopt me. I want to come live with you. LOVE! Sarah xxx

Trees said...

Some rules are made to be broken - that jump suit is AMAZING!!

Vintage Coconut said...

That jumpsuit is FREAKING AMAZING, DARN I would have bought it too!
Love the hat pictures (Even the one with you having a case of elastic head.) *lol*

DRATS! The green dress was too pricey.
The Susan small frock is gonna look Grand on you.

two squirrels said...

Oh I laughed so much, you gorgeous thing you!!!!
The jumpsuit is just amazing, look at you in it!!!!! Love love it!!!!!!
So want to go to that market in that fabulous building, any cool old buildings like that here are broken!!! Stupid earthquakes!!!!!!
Love V

Anonymous said...

who cares whether that jumpsuit is high street and was seriously reduced.... you look ab fab in it!!

And I do love that maxi dress/skirt! :)

Efrogwraig said...
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Efrogwraig said...

Jumpsuit looks fab. Leopard skin tights - don't Cole Bros do them? Usually have some fab stuff at this time of year on sale as the usual John Lewis matrons don't buy them. And thanks for tip of the Nichols Building. Can feel a visit coming on!

karensomethingorother said...

Curtise, you always look great. If that's your "shite day", then I'll have to hide my shit day pics.

Thank you for the mention! I had so much fun being insane :)