Friday 13 January 2012

Arc of a diver

It was either very mild earlier this week, or I was having a peri-menopausal hot flush. Good thing I decided to ignore the fact it's January and dress as though I'm on a Riviera holiday in the 1950s.

My inspiration? The beautiful print on a skirt I recently purchased on Ebay.

                                           Yeah, I look just like that when I'm incognito down the lido.

Print clashing again! I found this nautical stripey top this week in a charity shop. Just right for when I visit my yacht.

                                                            Bathing beauties, just like Desiree!


                                                            Skirt and boots (Ebay), bag, belt, scarf, tights, bangles and top (charity shops)

                                                  And speaking of bathing beauties, look at these little darlings.

My mum visited before Christmas, and gave me her old cake decorations. I remember them all from our birthday cakes when my sisters and I were young, they must be over 50 years old.

                                       And in addition to the swimmers poised to dive, we have Billie Jean King...

                           ... a selection of ballerinas and a bridesmaid. Choose your role model wisely, girls!

                Well, I can't go en pointe, or hit a volley to save my life, but I can swim! Look, I'll prove it!

                                                                  Come on in - the water's lovely.

I have a house that looks like a filthy squat, a pile of ironing which could crush a small child if it fell over, and a 101 other tasks to do. And I chose to spend the afternoon messing about. No one has a problem with that, right?

                                              Pop over for drinkies when the sun's over the yardarm, ladies!


Anonymous said...

Apparently, print clashing's "in" this season (according to Red Mag).... I may give it a bash, seeing as you look stunning in your ensemble!
have a fab weekend!

mispapelicos said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I just adore the pattern in you skirt soooooooo much, and the way you have paired it with stripes and red is so up my alley, my deares friend.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

That pattern is the coolest! I still haven't got the print clashing look to work but you do a brilliant job. Those cake decorations are darling, I like the bridesmaid the best. xx

Kylie said...

Love the cake decs,especially the swimmers, and you look great as usual.

Kestrel said...

Lovely skirt and a great outfit. Makes me feel summery just looking at you!

Unknown said...

Do you know what you are clashing but it all works sooooo well i love it. You have pulled it off big time with this one, great colours it all looks fab on you ;-)) Love those cake decorations especaily the pink lady in the dress she is a smasher ;-)) dee xxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

That skirt is amazing! You're a genius for finding such outstanding patterns. I love the cake decorations... can you display them somehow so they're out of the way of the rest of the family (I tend to have to do that and it's only me and my parents!)

Nelly said...

Sitting here with a big grin after that post loved it you funny woman xx

Unknown said...

MY FAVE OUTFIT EVER! Fabulous skirt and top and... just EVERYTHING! Love those cake decorations and YOUR FABULOUS OUTFIT! Love! Sarah xxx

Fiona said...

You have pulled this nautical look off with aplomb Curtise, I LOVE it!
Fabby cake decorations too, they take me back to my childhood.
(I had that LP by Steve Winwood, did you?)

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Oh that's such a cool skirt! Amazing pattern, how DO you find these things? LOVE the cake decs too - especially the swimming ladies, that would be a nice easy cake to do, I'm picturing it now - blue icing, with liquorice allsort tiles surrounding the pool to dive from!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Fabulous yet again, missus. Adore the red, white and blue theme going on and the skirt pattern. Do you know I didn't even notice that they were clashing in any way?

Oh God, cleaning. I knew there was something tedious I had to do on my day off. Far too busy reading blogs (and wrapping up Xmas pressies - oh yes). Never mind.

Have a wonderful weekend. Xx

karensomethingorother said...

You KNOW I have no problem with it! HOUSEWORK BE DAMNED!!! Those are cake decorations? How fun! Loved the outfit. It's snowing like an asshole out here, and your summer fun outfit warmed me up.

Max said...

What a fab get up. I love the scarf especially and the swimmers cake decos are ace. Lido. I love that word x

Unknown said...

Oh !i l ove your outfit! One of the best one!
Excellent pattern mix Curtise, Bravo!

Have a gooo weekend

Ariane xxxxx

Anonymous said...

The skirt is a fantastic find and seeing how there's a hot flash, I'll have a gin & tonic, please.

Vintage Coconut said...

I think you have tons of luck when it comes to finding stuff on E-bay. I happen to think your E-bay is better than mine! *hahha*
I always find stuff I like but the bids go crazy on the item and it ends up being WAY more than I want to pay.
Every so often I luck out though so I suppose I will not complain. *hahah*
That skirt it so cute. I really love your whole outfit. You totally look yacht ready... and by your pics I can tell you are a helluva swimmer.

Trees said...

It's official - this is my favourite outfit ever!! You look so AMAZING!!

Also those cake toppers are very cute, I am sure I remember having a cake with a ballerina like the silver one on it once, which is odd, because my mum made me go to ballet lessons in primary school and I hated it. After months of pleading with both parents I finally got out of ballet lessons!

two squirrels said...

Eeeeeek that is the best outfit ever! Just love it. The fabric is perfect, you amazing lady you.
Hmmmm I have an ironing mountain!!! If I ever climb to the top, I may just become another famous New Zealander.
Sir Ed Squirrel.
Love V.

Debberoo said...

Sigh, I read and have so much to say that I never leave an actual comment but in my head, oh wow, in my head I have written novels in response to some of your posts!

"anyways" I LOVE that you Mum kept the awesome cake decorations, I'm pretty sure we had one of the ballerinas way back when although it will long since have taken up residence at the land fill, life is so cruel to discarded plastic prima ballerinas :(

I love the mix of stripes and patterns - gorgie! I'm not sure that's a real term but is derived from gorgeous and you know me and the spelling and grammar, its my world and that's how its spelt.

Debberoo said...

err I mean spelled - I think.

Krista said...

You are cracking me up sista! The bright colors and crazy print are fab on this skirt and I love it with the striped top and your sweet hankie! The booties are perfect too. All the old cake toppers are a great reminder of times before everything was Disney.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh jay-sus kerrrrrrrrrist on a lollypop stick!!! You are knocking Sheffield for dead woman and I am there for you!!!!! **strips swimsuit off and runs around house naked in joy**. I LOVE the skirt and the RED TIGHTS ARE SCREAMING at me - WANT!!!! You've convinced me I NEED a striped top now!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo