Monday 9 January 2012

Clash of the tartans

I'm not too sure about tartan.

I had a little kilt as a kid, like most children of the Sixties/Seventies probably, and I vaguely remember a short tartan pencil skirt in the late 1980s (long gone) but I haven't owned any other tartan clothing. Ever.

Maybe if I think of it as check fabric, I'll be OK with it. I just don't want to look like Andy Stewart singing "Donald, where's yer troosers?"

Ali and Jules - is that tutting I can hear? Ladies, I am only unsure about the fabric, I have no issues with Scotland and the Scots!

                                 But if you're going to wear tartan - wear lots of it! No point holding back now.

                                                                   So an outfit that started as this....

                                                               ... became this. De trop? No no no!

Balmoral wool tartan dress, Urban Outfitters tartan cape, tan boots (Ebay), tights, brown top and Tam o'Shanter (charity shop), fur scarf (Christmas present from lovely sister)

This dress is much shorter than I usually wear, but the high denier opaqueness of the tights makes me feel a bit less exposed!

Now while we're talking frocks, here's the Susan Small dress I bought at the weekend.

Trademark 1970s fuck-off pointy collar and a wonderful print meets 1950s shape and length - that's a great combination for me.

But I have a dilemma. I bought it at this length, and I like it at this length. However, there is a huge hem where a previous owner has shortened it without hacking off the bottom so I could let it back down to its original full length. And just look at the print that is being hidden away underneath - it's fabulous!

                                                                     What is a girl to do?

                         You don't usually hold back with your opinions, so go on, tell me what you think!


Rose&Bird said...

Love a bit of tartan myself - despite having no claim whatsoever (as far as I know) to a clan. Love the Susan Small - have a blue number but ironically it's too small! Initially I thought of letting your dress down and adding some sort of fastening to the inside you you could vary the length, but I'm not sure it would hang properly. Never mind, somebody will come up with a good solution!

Kestrel said...

I love the dress - truly gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

As you know, I'm obsessed with anything Scottish, so am obviously loving the tartan outfit. And I ALWAYS clash it. I don't care if my coat's a browny tartan and I've a traditional tartan scarf to wear with it. Even my other tartan stuff don't go with it!!! But I don't care. I might not be scottish in blood, but I love anything to do with it.

Oh and I've got a bit of the Proclaimers playing as we speak!!! :)


Helga said...

O,I'm freakin' crazy for your fabulous tartan overload!!But then,I reckon tartan rocks!Great word,too.TARTan.Love it!That cape is sooo cute,and I love the frockie!
Oooo,great to see your new frock on,it's stunning!How very splendid that the hem wasn't butchered!!! I reckon you let it down, and if you want it short again,take it up as it was!! The print underneath IS rtaher sublime.....squee!
Love and buttercups!

Krista said...

I'm in love with this Susan small number, so killer on you. The belt and boots really make it sexier! Mi amor!
I kinda like the mixed tartans, screw it, you look warm and the bright blue tights are nice pop of color. I just said pop of color:) You look fab baby!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I know I sAy this about everything you wear but the Susan Small dress is my favourite yet. The 50s style really suits you, missus. Love the belt too. I like the length as it is.

As for tartan - big fan me. I've still got my mini tartan kilt ( which I never wear cos it's too small - boo hoo). Jim has still got his childhood kilt with matching beret (I kid you not). Sadly the moths have got to it too. Xx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Both dresses look great, but I do prefer the new one, it's gorgeous. I used to have a tartan mini-kilt which was a complete bum skimmer and just thinking about the fact I used to be able to wear it makes me depressed!

Kylie said...

I love the tartan dress, not so much the cape and tam-o-shanter. Slightly o.t.t. for me. I think the shape of the dress really suits you and you've got great legs too btw, I think you should show them off more often.

The Susan Small dress is perfect on you. No wonder you bought it. Gorgeous fabric. Love.

karensomethingorother said...

I enjoyed the FULL TARTAN look--that was very fun. I like the length of the skirt myself--I think it gives it a fun 50's feel, even with the more mod print. Makes it very interesting. Either way it would look good, methinks.

Anonymous said...

Appears to me that the hem on the new dress is telling some sort of story. I vote to let it you can always hem it back up if necessary.

And that first look--the tights tie the two tartans together. Great look.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I love both dresses. I would definitely let the dress down because theat design is too cute to be hidden away. xx

Vix said...

LEGS!!!! Curtise, you look amazing in that tartan mini, your legs are FANTASTIC and I just can't stop looking at them. I love the triple tartan, too. It shows each print off beautifully.
That hidden hem is stunning. Sacrilege it may be to some but I'd chop that bit off and use it as a belt of a cravat.
Miss you already xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Vintage Coconut said...

WELL You look rather BECOMING in tartan and I think it is (so you)
Of course I love it... so that could be why I am so pushy on the subject. BUT REALLY you look fabulous in it.
That cape is wonderous and I am crazy about the dress!

The Susan small dress looks perfect on you. I like it how it is now... BUT DARN that fabulous material thats hidden underneath is just so damned beautiful. So I will just agree with you (It's a bloody dilema)

Vintage Bird Girl said...

May I say how fantastic your legs look in that shorter dress!!! I didn't realize you were hiding such a splendid figure under all those maxis! The Susan Small frock looks amazing on you. Suits you to a T! Xx

Unknown said...

O My both dresses are fab love the tarten dress with those boots and those boots are lush ;-)) You look gorgeous look at your tiny waist that belt looks fab. If it was me i think the shorter length suits you better and highlights your gorgeous figure. I wouldn't take it down i would chop it of and make a headband or something but def leave the length as it is. dee xxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

big fan of the double tartan, looks great on you! That cape was an amazing ebay find! Shame about the bottom of that dress, it's such a lovely psychedelic in your face pattern x

mispapelicos said...

Loving the clash of patterns, and wanteing your dress, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Fiona said...

Not sure about your hem dilemma as I quite like your SS dress the way it is, it looks fab with that belt. I have no problem with tartan (I wore it for 11yrs when I was a 'Caledonian girl') and think you look divine in your gorge tartan dress. x

two squirrels said...

Tartan perfect!!!! Love it for winter, it always makes you look snuggly and warm.
Great legs, love the tights.
Oh I would leave hem up on the dress for winter, great with boots, tights and cardigans.
Then summer down with sandals and a floppy hat, cute.
But either way you look just fabulous in it, great find, thank you Nichols market.
Happiness to you sweet.
Love V

Trees said...

I love that tartan outfit - especially the dress so cute.

As for the other frock I really like it as it's current length, its a great length on you. But the hemmed fabric looks amazing too!!

Leave it shorter for winter and let it down in the summer for a fab maxi?

Unknown said...

Hubba frickin HUBBA! Your legs are so HOT! I love the tartan look - the pinny is super cute on you.

And the second frock is SPLENDIFEROUS!!! I love it! and I love its current length... so I reckon you should CUT OFF the massive hem and use the gorgeous fabric to make a skirt! Look at me, SO full of ideas.

You look beautiful in both outfits and I wish I could come shopping with you to find treasures like these.

Love! Sarah xxx

Unknown said...

Love tartan on you and showing legs! That's excellent!
The other dress is gorgeous and the print is amazing
I would keep it that lenght, looks great that way
I love how you styled it with boots

A cruel -17 today! And i have to go out

Lots of love Ariane xxxxx