Thursday 5 January 2012

Not maxed out yet

January is a tough month in the UK.

Cold, wet and currently wildly windy, the festivities are over, the days are short, and despite our best efforts, Christmas was an expensive event and it's a loooong time till pay day. Ebay will be a struggle but I feel I should at least try...

Still, we haven't maxed out completely, we will limp along frugally till February, and I can enjoy what I already have in my wardrobe.

                                        Today's chilly and blustery conditions required faux fur. Of course!

This grey fur was from Ebay, bought for next-to-nothing in the summer. The brooch on my beret is from lovely Lucy, as is the green velvet maxi skirt. I'll never max out on the maxis!

                       The 1970s dagger collar shirt and grey suede belt were charity shop buys last year.

Truly a big pointy collar. I could have taken off if the wind had got underneath those! The turquoise pendant was a gift from an old friend who has just gone to live in Spain. I miss her and think of her when I wear it.

                                                      How many chins? More than one, dammit!

                                            Here's a question for you - what do you reckon to this dress?

It's a 1970s (I think) Berkertex maxi, another of last year's Ebay purchases. I haven't worn it before, because although it fits me really well, and I love the shape and style, I think the brown/white colours are a little bleugh.

You can tell by the slapped-arse face I'm not too sure about it. Any thoughts? If I added a floppy hat, I could be Margo Leadbetter off to Miss Mountshaft's for coffee!

Thank you to everyone who made such thoughtful and supportive comments on my last post. I really appreciate your responses.



Kylie said...

Is there even such a thing? As being maxed out? NOT in my opinion.
Love brown spotty and that green velvet skirt is absolutely beautiful as is the shirt you've paired it with. Probably one of my favourite outfits you've posed in so far. You look gorgeous.


Lovely frocks! It's cold up here in Canada too, and wet yuck!

Krista said...

Holy maxi moly I love this, is that velvet I want to stroke it!!!!! You look fabulous in this and I am in love with that gray faux fur number, let's cuddle!!!! I think you Brits are one tough lot I can only image what a winter there is like, I would die...ok maybe I would just never leave the house!

I do like the brown polka dot number I say spruce it up by adding PINK!!!! I love pink and brown BRIGHT PINK maybe a hat or a killer bright purse.
Stay warm!


Max said...

That velvet maxi is GORGEOUS, sorry for shouting but I REALLY like it. I like the spotty frock too, great collar and details x

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the color of the skirt in the top photos. Can't help you much with the second dress...though it looks grey to my eye. (I have double chin too)

Trees said...

That skirt is so pretty - I quite fancy a long velvet maxi skirt.

I do like that second frock - I do think it would look grand with a big floppy hat.

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

I have to tell you -you've inspired me. I love looking at your vintage pieces and how you can pull off the maxi skirt. The long hem is your signature look!

While charity shopping yesterday, I found a hot pink long sleeve polyester shirt amd matching maxi skirt from the 70's. I normally would have skipped by it - but I remembered how incredible you looked and went ahead and bought it.

I'm out of town right now - but when I get back I'll take some pics for your viewing pleasure.


ps - read your last post and can totally relate. Bloggers can be the best source of support

pss - good tip of faux fur for cheap on ebay in the summer. I'll have to remember that.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I want to have an affair with that skirt seriously and the tips on that blouse are the bomb. Definitely one of my fav outfits on you! xx

Vintage Coconut said...

Hello Curtise!
I wore some faux today too!!!
Now I will sort of be sad when summer rolls around... I mean what am I gonna enjoy wearing as much as my coats? =p

I love your outfits!!
I don't think the sotted frock is blargh at all. But I do think it would look simply fabulous with a huge floppy hat and big vintage shades. Maybe a bright colored pair of shoes??

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Hi Curtise, love love love the first outfit. The shirt is tres magnifique and goes beautifully with the skirt. Tip top Curtise (tip top?). I like the second dress but I'm going to be controversial here and say that I'd like it even more if it was a bit shorter (ie NOT a maxi). Bright coloured tights and your t bars would go a treat. Have a lovely day. Xx

Unknown said...

Loving the blouse those colours are gorgeous on you. I really like the last dress on you to the cut is gorgeous. Why don't you shorten it so its just below your knee and where boots. Any colour will go with it you could inject colour that way. dee xx

Trashsparkle said...

ahhhhh - yes, the cashless days of january are upon us. I foolishly fancied I had enough money to contemplate a (cheap) bathroom refit, then realised I've spent most of the funds on pressies for me on ebay recently. me and *virtual* money. a silly combination...

love the pointy collar and the pattern of your blouse - and your turquoise pendant is fab.

yay to faux fur, and double yay to summer-buying-it-el-cheapo on ebay. we yet again had to go to primark yesterday - the 12 year old is on his 3rd set of jeans in almost as many months - and I brushed past some lovely colourful furry jackets. but the silly things finished mid-rib - noooo to gaps and getting cold...

I think a red patent leather blast of colour with the spotty dress - shoes peeping under the hem, plus handbag. maybe even a vix gilet??? x

Miss Simmonds Says said...

brilliant outfits. Can you perhaps dye the dress? Or add some colour somehow? Love the green in the maxi skirt!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Love the skirt & blouse combination. And I think you can pull off that maxi dress. I would be a bit nervous about shortening it. Maybe a nice headband would work. I think a wonderful big GREEN necklace would brighten the whole thing up....although I am a bit biased on the colour green!

Unknown said...

Hi lovely Curtise!
Mr. D went a bit over the top with christmas gifts but i think we are ok budget wise.
I am very careful with my money since iam on sick leave, waiting for sick leave extension approval from the insurance
It should be ok but you never know.
I love the polka dot dress, a polka dot dress like yours whatever the color makes a statement, yours is spectacular and looks super good on you.
Cat news- Leo is still in the basement but chou chou goes down there and stand each other, it is a start!

Love Ariane xxxxx

Unknown said...

Ooh that velvet maxi and blouse are exquisite together! You are utterly maxilicious, amor. And the polka dots is gorgeous - I adore it! Perhaps we should do a swap - I'll send you the gold shot xmas maxi that I think is a bit blehh on me! Sarah xxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Yes! International swapsies is a great idea. I think you carry it off well, but if it doesn't make you feel fabulous, then off it must go!

karensomethingorother said...

Maybe you just need some big chunky accessories??? Bah, what do I know??

I LOVE that velvet skirt. It is scrumptious. What a wonderful, yummy cuddly fabric for this disgusting time of year.

two squirrels said...

The polka dot maxi is just amazing, I know it's naughty but I would shorten it, or if not the length of the skirt then the sleeves.
I'm with all of the lovelies above, the velvet skirt and blouse are just fabulous on you!!!!!
Love V

Vix said...

Better late than never! You look glorious in that fantstic velvet maxi and huge collared shirt, your legs go on for miles and miles and miles and fake fur is always fabulous.
I love that second dress but I reckon it'd be far more you if you wore your Sweeney leather jacket over it, added a trademark Curtise beret and replaced the mitchy-matchy belt with a battered leather one, then you'd be a 1970s rock chick!
You find the best things, I'm coming to meet you when I get back from my hols and you can take me round your haunts. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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