Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Let's break some rules!

You've seen this frock before here.

It had another outing yesterday, and always draws comments about being dressed up. Is it because of the gold sparkle, do you think?

I seem to have a print-on-print thing going on at the moment, what with the tartan overload in my last post, and now polka dots and circle print tights. Too much is never enough!

My new leather-look hair flower/brooch is having another outing too. Have you noticed that when I get something new, I wear it to death?

                                     Close-up photos are a challenge I have set myself. I will not be afraid!

                                                                          A noble profile!

1960s black/gold lurex frock (Chesterfield flea market), tights (M&S sale), tan leather bag (Christmas swap gift from Alex), bangles (charity shop and gift from Helga), belt and hair flower (Oasis sale), leopard print scarf (another bit of gorgeousness from Helga!), suede ankle boots (Ebay), faux fur (charity shop), black top underneath dress (ancient)

This blogging business is very interesting; it has certainly given me a different perspective on myself, or at least how I look. As I said in my last post, I rarely wear anything short (ie. above the knee) as I think my legs are a bit chunky. I will not start talking about "cankles", as I particularly loathe the way the media decides to "name'n'shame" parts of women's bodies, just to give us yet more body image-based misery and anxiety. (I like what Hadley Freeman has to say on the subject here.)

However, I have not been immune to the "I can't wear that because I've got fat ankles/knees" crap peddled by the Trinny and Susannahs of this world. Hence wearing an above-the-knee frock, patterned tights and ankle boots is something of an act of rebellion against such rules.

                                                  I'm breakin' all the rules, people, and I just don't care!
And while I'm not really a big fan of Queen, this video always makes me smile. Roger Taylor-as-Britney and Freddie rocking the thigh-split PVC mini skirt, pointy boobs and a moustache - what's not to love?


Vintage Sweetheart said...

I love Queen and that is definitely one of my favourite videos, the moustache always gets me! I'm sick of the rules, who decided them anyways??? This frock is a beauty and I normally don't like pattern on pattern but I think it works with those tights. zz

Anonymous said...

Queen are amazing.
and I love your outfit, you're such a doll!! I love how you mixed the skirt/tights. I'm too scared to try that one out!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

It's all crap, though it's crap we can't help feeling paranoid about. I'm pretty sure a lot of men take no notice of this sort of thing either, if they do then they are most likely morons or 15, or both. That dress is lovely! I'm very jealous, love the op art tights with it too!

Krista said...

Break the rules break every single one of them. I love this magical polka dot number and you have sexy knees so you gotta show them off dear! I used to think I couldn't were leggings, it turns out I can :) Your leather flower is sweet and I love this faux fur coat. Hope your week is going well, I miss Vix :(

Celia said...

I love this outfit, the coat is beautiful x

Mimi and Tilly said...

I'm so with you on the "cankle" debacle. I have what are considered "wide calves", and each winter suffer the indignity of not being able to try on knee length boots without suffering the shame of not getting them zipped up past my ankles. I am a size 12 and do not possess enormously wide legs, just normal sized legs. I have been embarrassed by my calves for years now, but this year am setting them free to roam wild in short skirts and shoes! You look lovely in this outfit and your legs are gorge. (Sending all good wishes for 2012, my blogging break is doing me the power of good. I'm catching up with myself! )Em xx

Helga said...

Trinny and Susannah could do with being lynched!They do have some great stuff to say,but I'm pretty sure they don't apply it to themselves very often!Breaking the rules is where it's at for sure,and blogging has certainly given me the guts to push the boundaries of taste way more!
I love this print on print thing you've got going!You're doing it like you've been at it for years!Each piece is lovely,and I reckon leopard,polka dots and glitter/lurex going with everything,so of course they go together!
It's a fight we blogging tarts can support each other with,and do!
Love and lurex shiney eyes!

karensomethingorother said...

well I think you look fabulous. Curtise, it is a battle for a whole woman's life to maintain self-esteem. Unless we look like a mannequin...

I think you always look great! Take this from the girl who is still wearing her yoga pants from this morning, and a cardigan.

Fiona said...

Hear Hear to all of the above. I have been told by men (one gay and one ex)that I have 'sturdy' legs and 'no ankles'. Do they not realise that I have eyes in my head? I have avoided skirts for years as like Em have not been able to find any boots that will zip up past my 'cankles'. Until now! I recently found some that fit me and sport them with a skirt above the knee, and I'm in my 50th year! Shock Horror. Bollocks to the lot of 'em, I say.
Thanks for posting the fab Queen vid and for visiting my blog.

Vintage Coconut said...

I have "Dressed up" for at least half of this New Year so far!
(Besides the glances I get from people, probably wondering which church I just walked out of) I am quite happy with how wearing a vintage dress makes me feel.
I still jump into my COMFY sweats at night when it's t.v. watching time with Mr. Coco. I don't think I would ever be able to fully give up my comfy pants... *HAHAH*

I never noticed you wear your new stuff to death. (BUT I DO THE SAME THING) So it's really quite fine. I love your footwear it's so cute!

Patti said...

"I'm breaking all the rules and I don't care!' - that's my new favorite thing to say. I adore your dots and stripes, and I think your legs are great!!

Anonymous said...

The tights are fabulous. I've grown more comfy with mixing prints in the past year...but have not yet screwed up the courage for portraits or profiles. I applaud your noble profite.

Vintage Curly Girly said...

Wow! You should wear shorter frocks more often. You look awesome!

Loving the accessories.

Kitty said...

Aargh, trying to catch up with everyones blogs now!! I think your legs look fine!!
I know what you mean about the close-up photos, I struggle to show my face close-up coz all I see are wrinkles and a horror big-nose profile. I agree that blogging gives one far more confidence, it has for me thus far :)

Young at Heart said...

rules are there to be look fab!!

mispapelicos said...

Love the look in your face in the second photo.
Loving everything you are wearing, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

two squirrels said...

Love the flower in your hair, so very pretty.
Poo poo to the rules!!!! You are just to fabulous to run with the wolves.
Love v

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

T & S can go jam their stupid, stupid rules up their arses for all I care - what a load of SHITE!!!!!!! This outfit is ticking ALL my boxes love and I am having a swoon over all the glorious textures - the tights! The gold spots! The bag and bow with sparkly top - I need a lie down. xoxoxo