Tuesday 16 July 2013

You're looking good, just like a snake in the grass

The UK continues to have hot weather, so I thought I should turn up the temperature too.

Red dress and red hair!

Which makes this my contribution to Jane's Shiny T Tuesday link up - red on red.

My hairdresser Kirsty thought she detected that I was bored, so she suggested a brighter colour.

I love it - even though I know red fades like mad so it won't stay as shiny and vibrant as this for long.

I have had some funny comments on the school run of late.

One mum gave me a raking gaze from head to toe and back again, then said you're not afraid of colour, are you?
Indeed not - why should I be?
Heights, bad things happening to my children, and terminal illness. These things scare me. Not colours.

Another mum suggested I start a style blog. 
Consider it done.

And the lollipop lady was the person who inevitably sang Lady in Red to me today.
I knew someone would.

Although to be fair, I have an annoying habit of singing lines from songs sparked off by things people say.

It drives the kids bonkers.

Some people think I'm bonkers, but I just think I'm free.


Child: Can I have some money...
Me [sings]: I've got the brains, you've got the looks, let's make lots of money...
Child:  ...for a disco ticket?
Me [sings]: D.I.S.C.O. She is D (Desirable)...
Child: Well, can I?
Me [sings]: Well make a stand for your man, honey, try to can the can...
Child: Stop it, mum.
Me [sings]: You'd better stop, before you tear me all apart...
Child: Muuuuum!

I know.
Can't stop it.

1970-80s Shubette dress, striped vest, sunglasses, belt and bangles - charity shopped
Sandals - Ebay
Necklace - retail (sale)

Willow update:

I took her to the vet again today. Her eye is much less swollen (it actually looks like an eye again, which can only be good) but it is still cloudy and the pupil is not dilating properly . So we have yet more antibiotic eyedrops, and also eyedrops to dilate the pupil.

That's five doses of eyedrops to be administered every day, which can't be given at the same time.


One two three four five senses working overtime...

She hates it. She hates us. 

She may lose the sight in that eye but the vet is more optimistic that the eye itself can stay put.

On a cheerier note, I pinched these photos of the Mad Men party from my friend's Facebook page.

Didn't we look glamorous?

And the post title?

My Other Half's usual compliment to me is to say looking good, Big M (not a flattering nickname, but I ignore that bit).

To which the obvious response is you're looking good, just like a snake in the grass.

Don't pretend you didn't recognise a bit of ELO - they're not cool, but then neither am I!

And if you can sing all the other lyrics too, you get a Gold Star and my undying love. And affection.



mispapelicos said...

Red and gold, my favourite indeed, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I hope the weather cools down a bit when ge get to England, ahhhhhhhhhhh

Vix said...

Your hair looks gorgeous and so do you in that fabularse Shubette dress, Big M.
Good god, that "you're not afraid of colour" comment! There really are some saddos out there. I wish I could think of a smart answer but it always comes to me too late.
I do the same with songs, it drives Jon mad which makes me do it even more.
I honestly didn't recognise that ELO lyric, disgraceful seeing as they're a Brummie band.
Good news about Willow and she'll start liking you again in ten years or so.
Love those Mad Men photos and love you, too! xxxxxx

joyatri said...

Hot, hot, hot! You're on fire.
The hair is looking ultra-vampy and that dress is the sexiest shirtdress I've ever seen.
I'm rubbish at music lyrics. Just tell the kids it's how you exercise your brain to ward off dementia.

Allison said...

you look fab!..i love that dress and yes I would have sung "lady in red"...or maybe even "red hot mama" or "I see red"...im a sucker for song lyrics too...and I also love tormenting my children!....good news about the cat, but 5 a day...bloody hell!. Alx

Helga said...

There is, I have found, a song for all occasions! I wouldn't be annoyed, I would actively encourage you!
Schwing! You're on fire, you lucious thing! Where's the fire hydrant! I may have popped the lollypop lady, but that's because I get BORED with the predictable!!! It's like when i wear a furry hat at work, which is most days currently, so idiot ALWAYS comments on me having a critter on my head. Whoopty DO!
The red hair is MAGIC! But does the collar match the cuffs?!

Unknown said...

ooo you look so delicious! Your new hair colour is fabulous!!!! why on earth would you be scared of colour indeed when you look so friggin awesome all the time! ooo those mums on the playground...you should have seen the looks i got the day i walked on after dying my hair completely green! lol xxxxx

Unknown said...

Hot stuff lady! Love the red hair and I can never say no to a gorgeous red frock. You look just stunning - and the Mad Men party looked like a hoot. XXX

Miss Magpie said...

Gawjus! you should wear red more often.
Glad to hear Willow has turned the corner.

Unknown said...

So glad to hear about Willow getting better eventhough i do understand the problem with five times a day ...
Smashing look on you - lady in red .. didnt Sam Brown wear some thing red ore should i Stop?

Patti said...

oh we do the song thing here too, and always, the most annoying one sticks in my head all day! your hair is simply gorgeous - this is a fab color, Big M. Love the red dress too and thanks for the ELO memory trip : >

Frocktasia said...

I had someone ask if my frock came with volume control recently, obviously another member of the chromophobia brigade. What is it with these people, eh? Always trying to suck the life & joy out of everything like they're on some kind of beigeist crusade or something.
I can tell you one thing, I certainly wouldn't frequent a blog if the blogger was afraid of colour, how incredibly dull would that blog be.
You look smashing in your red Shubette frock and I love the new hair colour too.
The Mad Men party pics are fab & the frock you are wearing is divine.
I really really hope Willow doesn't loose the sight in her eye, I'm sending positive healing vibes her way.
I think your nickname is on par with my current one...Snuffalump. I average about two nicknames a year, Mark likes a change now and again ;)
My mum and sister were into ELO, so I grew up listening to their music and I have to say that cool or not I really like them.

Connie said...

Oh but you are glamorous. Fashion blogger extraordinaire. Like you I have endless songs running through my head (and, No, I couldn't sing all of the ELO lyrics. Drat!). When my children were younger and they would be expecting friends to come over they would say, "Mom, Puh-leeeeeze don't sing." Now they just tune me out cuz I'm still singing!

freckleface said...

My head is in a spin! (Kelly Marie, innit?)

There's no more fun game than singing appropriate lyrics is there? Unless it's singing inappropriate lyrics :) I'd definitely join in. When we are in a plane, about to land and he says 'we're going down..' I sing, in a blaze of glory. He never likes it, don't know why.

Red hair, looking HOT with your new 'do and your new look (never seen you in a shirt waister before). But even before you went over to the red side you were looking rather wonderful. I love you in that Mad Men outfit. So classy and beautiful. xxxxx

thorne garnet said...

My eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That red dress is blinding me. How darn you wear such a bright color! For crying in a bucket, that woman needs to get a life or some color!

Fiona said...

One of these days you're gonna break, you're (your?) glass! Just love ELO...even tho' they're not cool! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
You totally rock the red head-to- toe look Curtise. The woman at school sounds like a rude bint, I hope you gave her a withering look.
Glad to hear Willow's eye is improving and fingers crossed for her sight. xxx

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

ELO are VERY cool!
Your hair looks wonderful! What a great colour!
I'll keep praying for poor Willow. And the eye drop giver. I hope you're not suffering too many scratches. xxxx

Krista said...

Color is so frightening isn't it, god I hear that one a lot. I think you are fiery hot in your bright red hair and smoking hot dress, just make sure you use a color friendly shampoo and conditioner I swear it makes the color last way longer. Helga might have tips too.

I love a lady who can sing me a tune or two, mine are usually are so filled with F bombs I better hum to myself ;) or risk embarrassing myself in public. It's ok people who sing and laugh often will have a good life, says me and I'm sure Buddha agrees;)

Willow gets to keep the eye it sounds like thank goodness even if she can't see it's better than no eye, although I was already thinking of all the cool eye patches we could make for her. Every time my evil Ash gives me some rarely given love I think of you and how this must be what keeps us falling for them. I'm glad she is doing better.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Lovely shade of red - perfect for this weather.
The Mad Men party looked like a good night.

doradadama said...

You red hot Mama! I love it! Your red frock is divina and firey just like you.
Mad Men party looked like lots of fun.
I sing song lyrics all the time drove my niece loca.


elodie g said...

I am looking forward to bumping into you at school, to see how bright your hair really is!

Melanie said...

BAM! Yeah. That's the hair!! Awesome, Curtise! I love it. Love it. And your dress is gorgeous. The cut is crazily flattering.
"Raking gaze" is the perfect description. You need to say, "Oh, I see you're not afraid of neutrals, are you?"
And I love how you sing to your kids.
And five stars for your unflagging Willow care - what a challenge. I'm glad the eye is improving by any degree. Whew.

Sheila said...

Grooose! I knew the song as soon as I saw the the title. Awesome. My L and I often sing song clips back and forth to each other.

Love this red dress on you! And we are twin dark red heads right now! I tried a new brand called Olia that I quite like - it's really super-duper strong. My last home dye-job lasted well into the next one (last weekend), although the top layers ended up blonding from the sun.

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

So, did the dear child get the bucks for the disco? lol

Oooooh, redheads obvi have more fun than anybody. Tips to preserve it, wash it as infrequently as possible in as cool temps as you can, use a shampoo and conditioner especially for redheads, and don't be afraid to touch it up yourself between professional jobs.

Cause you are not scared of color, including hair!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Red on red - perfect! And your blue on blue at the Mad Men party is pretty lovely too.

My niece and her husband saved a kitten that was abandoned in their yard - literally saved his life. He had a bad infection in his eye, and lost it. He's healed up nicely and gets along fine with one eye. I hope Willow will be as resilient.

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

I love your hair so much! Being a natural redhead, I tear up a bit when someone actually chooses red for their hair colour. As a child, I always remember my Nana's friends loving my hair, but the boys...meh, not so much. {Sigh} Seeing you look so very fabulous in that dress with your red hair and fantastic cut...well, I'll just say thank you, thank you, for showing the world how utterly gorgeous red can be.

Max said...

"red and yellow and pink and green..." is the best i can do. everything provokes a nursery rhyme around these parts, luckily the kiddles love it!
you look amazeballs in that dress-what a figure; and you and your mates are absolute glamourzons in those pics. me, i'm mess, all ill-fitting post preggy trackies covered in bubba puke, hair long overdue a cut etc. i dread to think what your lollypop lady would sing to me. the lady is a tramp probably! xxx

bonsaimum said...

Don't ever stop annoying the kids. It is in our job description. Red dress is wonderful.

Indigo Violet said...

Your beauty is beyond compare / with flaming locks of auburn hair / with ivory skin and eyes of emerald green....

BellaBean Vintage said...

You are in fine form and looking super sexy in red. Love the red hair. Funny comment re not being afraid of colour...I got asked the other day whether I was going to a fancy dress party!? My answer "Always". Hope puss recovers well xx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Loving the new hair. Just gorgeous. Your red on red is hot to trot! I'm the same....always singing songs that pop into my head. Maybe it's a good way to exercise ones brain & ward off Alzheimers, remembering random songs. Or maybe it's just a useful tool for annoying the kids! Xx

Ulla-Marie said...

Red on Red - absolutely wonderful! The dress fit perfectly and the next time you hit the mum from the school run - snap up one more button ...

Anonymous said...

I liken your talent with lyrics to a superpower, it happens to me sometimes, but most of the songs I know are in English so I could sound snob or like a Bret Easton Ellis's American psyco character.
You look amazing in this red on red fatal combination, I love your new hair!!!
The party seems great and you are gorgeous with the feathers!
Love xxxxxx

his_girl_friday said...

I love the red hair/red dress combo! And I think it's impressive you can come up with song lyrics on the fly like that!

Megan said...

The hair and the dress are fabulous!

It's stinking hot here in Toronto and with the humidity it makes me want to wear as little clothing as humanly possible.

Anonymous said...

You look amazing in that dress-and i love the brighter hair!!

Afraid of color--ROFL--yeah that taupe is terroizing me!!

I always have random snippets of songs playing in my head!

Rose&Bird said...

Arghh! That's on a par with 'you look colourful today', said in 'that' tone of voice! Looking fab in the red dress and you carry on singing - I do the same in my head. Glad Willow seems a bit better, hope she continues to improve. Afraid I've not heard much of ELO, will have to look up their back catalogue.

Unknown said...

WOW, love the red dress and that red hair. You look radiant.

Louise Mc said...

Wahey, you look gorgeous. That red dress is so flattering, and indeed, why should you be afraid of colour, who wants to be dull? I hope poor Willow gets to keep her eye. Xx

Anonymous said...

Yay for colour, yay for you. You look deadset gorgeous in that dress you're smokin'.


Oh yes and you must start a style blog, that cracked me up.

Becky said...

I love red! We have the same big three fears ughhh You look so glam in the Mad Men party pics, love it.
(Those head to toe once-overs from the other school moms are priceless)

Rachel said...

Ooh, your cat will be mad at you for a while...

They just don't understand it's for their own benefit.

You are a reddy-goddess. Tongue stuck firmly out at disparaging comments. It's jealousy, but it doesn't make the moment any more comfortable recognising that.

Isn't it hot? I will stop saying this soon... Xxx

Flora Cruft said...

The red hair and red dress look amazing together on you dear Curtise, wowzers! Hot hot hot!

So glad Willow is hopefully on the mend. I feel for you with eye drops - had to do just the same for Nico last year and it's such a bleeding hassle!

Señora Allnut said...

fabulously gorgeous in red, lovely shaped dress, and lovely hairstyle, and I've never understand why anybody would be afraid of color!
So funny party photos and so glad that your kitty is better!
besos & rojo!

two squirrels said...

Oh your hair is just gorgeous........super shiny.
You look amazing in that red dress Miss Curtise........I just love the style.
I am always using lines from nursery rhymes as a remark.....so I think lyrics from songs are perfect.
I hope Pussy Willow is ok........her poor wee eye....Mr Trousers sends love.
Love V

Unknown said...

Oh I love the hair and true it fades quick like mad!
That dress is splendid indeed on you, red on red perfect
Funny i get the same comments from people, -- you like color don't you? not afraid of color and lately...looking at you and the way you dress i swear you were in the fashion business...

Poor cat, i have give my chouchou medecine 2x a day for his thyroid condition, he 's ok,, he doesn't hate me yet!


Ariane xxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

Hooray for red hair ... I never wear red ... but it looks so fabulous on you I just might have to give it a go :0)

WendyB said...

20 years ago, I was wearing a red shirt at work and someone had to say to me, "That shirt is ... bright."

Um, yeah!

silvergirl said...

still jealous of your Mad Men party!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

must download this song ASAP! I love ELO, must listen to more of their stuff. Love any 70s music that has men with loads of hair, tight jeans and aviators - hence why I'm a fan of Steely Dan. I can imagine you exasperate your poor kids, but it sounds hilarious.
WOw!!I love the red, it looks amazing! Keep it up, seriously it looks gorgeous. Hmm annoying comment from the colourphobe there, was she wearing Next or Per Una? The red dress is stunning - showing off that bod again. Looking really gorgeous at the moment, I love it all. xxxxxxxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

The Stylist just said "is that a park"? Me: "no it's her garden!" **cue gasp**. Can I just say I'm having my own gasping session here? I'm goggling at you in your red dress which shows off your fecking amazing HOT figure baby!!!!!! Ms Snot, which I shall call her, can go sniff her farts ... sodding smarmy bint. Yay for the lollipop lady, she loves you as much as I do!! Bloody hell you look gorgeous in your Mad Men frock, queen of the party for sure darling!!! I'm a bit behind on the blogging front (ha!) and I'm so sorry to hear of Willow's woes ... and of yours as I'm sure it's down to you to administer all those flippin' drops around the clock!!! Big hugs sweetie xoxoxoxoxoxo

Jean at www.drossintogold.com said...

You made my day!! I loved your "fear" comments! You look utterly delectable in red, BTW. I love that silhouette on you. I saw a lot of fuller mid-calf skirts as I glanced at the photos taken of style show attendees. You look better to my eye, and I know you saved a fortune in the process.

Thank you for your comment on Dross. Joey's dad is better now that he has a stent in his artery, and mom has been transferred to hospice. We are all here surrounding her with love. Thank you again. Love you!!!

Vicky Hayes said...

The trouble with your blog posts Curtise is that I comment to myself all the way down and then I get to the bottom and end up with my mouth opening and closing like a guppy. So working back upwards: I'm not ashamed of loving ELO either; I'm desperate to go to a Mad Men party - you all look so fab; Sending good vibes for Willow and know just how hard it is to administer eye drops to an indignant cat; I do the same about lines from songs but annoyingly prefix it with "we know a song about that don't we?" in a childrens tv presenter voice; you look absolutely gorgeous in that dress and I love your red hair. And breathe! Vicky x

Trees said...

Oh I am so far behind on my blogging! You look lovely in Red and your hair colour is fab:)

Unknown said...

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