Saturday 13 July 2013

If dresses could talk...

This dress is 15 years old.

I remember buying it very clearly; it was 1998, my mate Patsy and I had booked a holiday on the Greek island of Thassos, and I purchased this dress during a pre-holiday shopping trip, despite the fact it was pink and completely unlike anything I wore at the time.

I daresay I have worn it on most holidays since then, or whenever the weather was sufficiently warm.

We had a fabulous holiday in Thassos.

Beautiful beaches, great food, stunning scenery, friendly locals, and a holiday romance.

(I use the word romance euphemistically.)

I think we spent the entire fortnight laughing.
Apart from when we were horribly hungover following an ill-advised night drinking ouzo...

Dress - retail
Sunglasses - Ebay
1960s vinyl/tapestry bag, hair flower, bangles and shoes -  charity shopped
Peacock pendant - vintage market
Silver bird pendant - retail (sale)

Well, life is different now.

Partner, three kids, holidays aren't quite the same these days, but I can still fit in the dress, and the heat in the UK has been positively Grecian this week!

I was pottering around in some secondhand shops on Friday, looking for a gift for a friend, when I stumbled across these two beauties.
The 1960-70s Horrockses maxi is another boob-squisher, which is very disappointing, so she must away to Ebay.

The 1950s cocktail dress fits well and is staying with me, hurray!

So is this 1960s amber pressed glass genie bottle, £2.
 An update on Willow;

Hmm, not so good.
On a second visit to the vet, her eye was still very swollen and infected, her cornea has suffered extensive damage, and the vet thought she may lose the eye.

We have another antibiotic to try, and are hoping for the best, while rather fearing the worst.

She's obviously feeling better in  herself though, judging by the way she takes umbrage when we try to administer her various medications...

I overheard Littlest talking to Willow, saying Don't worry, Pillsy, we'll still love you even if you only have one eye.

Had a hair cut and colour today; next time you see me, I'll be looking a bit brighter.
Despite feeling a little subdued, I reckon I'm still visible enough to join Patti's party as usual!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend! 



Rose&Bird said...

Lovely dress, certainly different to what we're used to you wearing, but still looks great! Obviously reminds you of happy times. What a shame about the Horrockses dress (as you know I have the opposite problem - I have to tell myself there ARE advantages to having next to no boobs!), but I'm sure you'll get a good price for it. The cocktail dress is lovely, I'm glad that fits and I love the genie bottle.
Sorry to hear about Willow, I hope the antibiotic does the trick, but I'm sure she'll cope if she does lose the eye - animals seem to adapt pretty well to these things x

Allison said...

it still fits!!!. I met a certain chef 15 years ago so there is no chance of anything coming even close to still fitting....oh except shoes....but they are tartan doc martens and I really don't find the ops to wear sad. love your hol snaps....ah the days of girly holidays! Al x

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I love this post - happy holiday memories and you don't look a day older.
Fab that your frock still fits too.

Unknown said...

Wow! After all that time the dress still fits you - bloody well done!I think you look lovely in pink . Fingers crossed for Willows eye.XXX

Mrs. D said...

I love posts like this, with a lot of stories :)
so sad about the kitty, I hope it gets better.

two squirrels said...

Oh my gosh you look fabulous........I would never get into a dress that I had 15 years ago....sad face. Oh well.
Poor pussy cat.....sending much love to Willow and to you all its such a horrible time when the fur-babies are sick.
Love v

Anonymous said...

A great story and a great dress!

I know you'll be absolutely rockin' that gorgeous cocktail dress! Nice find! ;)

Max said...

You look just as fab as you did back then in it you jammy thing. I should think the clothes i wore 15 years ago would only fit claud thesedays!
Oh for a childfree holiday, just imagine! Oh for a bit of sun!
Sorry to hear your poor mog is in the wars, they turn pure evil when you try to medicate them! Fingers crossed xxx

joyatri said...

Poor Willow, sending good vibes her way. I hope the new antibiotic helps.
Your Grecian holiday sounds exactly like the fortnight I spent in Turkey with my friend Lauren 15 years ago. You look so beautiful and carefree in those holiday pics. I'm glad you have a summer frock infused with memories of such a fun time.

Anonymous said...

You've hardly changed since 1998! Looks like a fabulous holiday. Ouzo! Yum, but only in Greece. Things like that just don't taste the same elsewhere.

I can't wait to see you in that cocktail dress. The color should be lovely on you!

thorne garnet said...

Greece is awesome, we didn't get to the islands, just Athens and Delphi. I go back in a heart beat.

You look lovely in that dress. How cool that it still fits!

Poor kitty.

Trees said...

It's nice to know I'm not the only one that has "holiday only" dresses! I have a couple of frock that I only wear when traveling to warm places. You are still rocking this dress - its different to your usual style but you look great! I am sorry about poor Willow - whatever happens, she is a loved kitty.

Connie said...

If that dress could talk she would say, "Don't we still look gorgeous?!!!"

Melanie said...

Oh no, Willow! I hope with all my heart that she recovers. The poor kitty. I REALLY hope she will be okay. One eye will work, but how much better with two.

I'm glad you are still wearing the Holiday Dress. I like memory clothes like that, and especially this piece having been with you since before partner and kids. Thanks for showing us some of your Greek holiday album.

freckleface said...

Holiday ROMANCE eh? Sauce pot! ;)

I've come to the conclusion that you are a bit of a clothes horse. This is a completely different style for you and yet you still look great in it. I love old favourites. I have had some of my dresses for more than twenty years.

Poor Willow. Hope she feels better soon. Littlest triumphs again...whispering sweetness in her ear.

Pah! to boob squishers! Yes to dresses that fit and new bright red hair. xxxxxx

Ulla-Marie said...

Yes, the dress is really still very good. I also have recurring holiday garments, and of course some strange holiday purchases that have been purchased under the influence of wine ... ehum

Vix said...

You haven't changed a bit, still the same cheeky smile and banging bod!
We went to Thassos for Jon's 40th and loved it, despite it being August we had the beach to ourselves.
Love your two scores, that 1950s one is particularly gorgeous, I can see you absolutely rocking it.
Poor Willow, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Miss Piggy Bank said...

The long sleeve dress is lovely. Your holiday dress, I had something very similar for my honeymoon in 1997. It too travelled around with me but then I ripped it and I had to say goodbye. It was one of my holiday faithfuls.

Kylie said...

I loved seeing your happy holiday snaps Curtise. You know you haven't changed a bit. Gorgeous then, gorgeous now. I have nothing I wore 15 years ago - although I still have Anthony's scout belt which I used to wear with baggy jeans (remember those!) over twenty three years ago (OMG!!!) I tried it on yesterday in fact, and was pretty chuffed to discover it still fits. I hope you're pussycat gets better soon. Littlest is such a darling, please give her a big kiss from me.

Patti said...

Ah sorry about Willow - hope she can keep the eye, but I've known many cats who thrive like tigers with one eye, too. Best to her. You're as fabulous now as you were 15 short years ago! Your pics brought to mind my own brief Greek, um, romance of my 20-something holiday : > Love your pink frock and your new royal blue one. oxoxoxoxo

Krista said...

Oh Curtise you know I can relate to kitty problems, I'm so sorry about Willow's poor eye, your adorable kid is right again, you'd love him all the same.

I love seeing and hearing about this dress! You look as beautiful back then wearing as you do today, maybe the backdrop Greece was a bit more gorgeous than your yard;).
The happiness is very apparent in those vacation shots, what a trip it must have been!

Enjoy the rest on your Sunday, sending Willow head rubs!

Señora Allnut said...

it's a lovely dress, and so great that you've owned it many years and that it makes you remember pretty holidays, that's a summer mood dress!
And so cute Littlest talking to your poor Willow!
besos & summer

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

I'm praying for Willow. What a horrid thing for all of you to go through. Our pets are our babies.
Look at you still fitting into your pre family clothing! I think that cocktail dress is stunning. We need to see it on! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Poor kitty, I hope Willow's eye isn't damaged and that she's up to snuff soon.

So nice to have such great memories attached to a dress, especially when it fits you after 15 years! The colour combo is fun and very vacay-like.

Melanie said...

You look so different! I'm so used to seeing you in maxis :)
I love the blue dress it's beautiful and the amber bottle is divine! I always hankered after those Boots pharmacy bottles as a child.
I really hope the antibiotics work for Willow. Some kids put their dog over our garden wall years ago to attack our cat and his eye was damaged so badly it had to be removed but he was absolutely fine without it, he looked a right character though xxx

Louise Mc said...

You haven't changed at all in 15 years, you look fabulous. That Greek holiday sounds like it was great and has given you some wonderful memories. Xx

Helga said...

Ew, the mere thought of ouzo makes me feel nauseous!!! I don't like aniseed at all! But I do like Greece! It's over 20 years since I was last there, dammit.
Now, that is a perfect Summer frock, then, isn't it?! You haven't aged a bit, incidentally! I'm frigging drooling over that bag, it's gloriARSE!
Nice scores, I'm gagging to see that cocktail frock on! We've got quite a collection of genie bottles, but you never get them that cheap here these days!!!
Hurrah for finally getting some awesome weather!

Helga said...

O, and I do hope Willow's eye survives!! XXXXXXXXXXXX

Miss Magpie said...

I have to say I kind of hate you for still fitting in a 15 year old frock. I could probably squeeze one thigh into a frock I would have worn 15 years ago. My own fault of course for being greedy and lazy!

Fingers crossed for Willow. If it helps my cat Benjie went blind and lived a very full and active life for another 6 years. She still used to charge around the house, though at a slightly slower pace than previously. Cats adapt very well because they use their whiskers to guide them round.

Sheila said...

How awesome to have all those memories with that lovely dress.

Sending good vibes to Willow - Vizzini is also purring and wishing her well.

Rachel said...

Oh poor Willow. I hope the medication works for her. sending her a virtual headstroke.

Hasn't it been hot this week?! Yes, just like Greece. I love your holiday pics, it looked like there were Many Larks Had. hee hee. Lovely dress, even nicer with the memories.

We are side by side on VM this week - hiya xxx

Becky said...

Love the 50s cocktail dress!!! Your Greek vacay looked fantastic--- vacays are def not the same now! Yay for still fitting the dress!
Hope the kitty is ok,
Becky :)

Unknown said...

I love the color of that beautiful dress.

popcosmo said...

Wow, it's amazing what memories clothes bring out in us! It's such a cute dress and the fit on you is amazing -as is the color! I can see why it's still in your closet. I'm new to your blog (glad to discover you!!) and am sorry about your cat. It's so hard with pets and we feel their suffering so much. Best of luck to both of you :)
xo ~kim & chloe

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

So cute and summery with the flower in your hair. Have a fun week!

Anonymous said...

That dress is just amazing on you!! so summery!!
shame the one dress didn't fit cuz you would've rocked it!!
poor willow--i'll be sending up some good thoughts for her!!

bluehuewonderland said...

What a great dress and this color is so lovely on you!

blue hue wonderland

WendyB said...

That dress counts as home-grown vintage! I love keeping things forever.

BellaBean Vintage said...

That dress is lovely on you, now and 15 years ago. Poor pussy cat, hope all turns out well xx

Indigo Violet said...

I do hope little Willow is OK. The other day I met a very old terrier (in his 90s) who was blind, and he walked onto a frozen puddle. It was inevitable that the ice cracked under his weight, thankfully it was only a couple of inches deep and he seemed to be enjoying the experience! Anyway pets seem to cope well with being sight impaired.
By the way, that genie bottle is gorgeous, I haven't seen one under $40 here.

MILEX said...


Dawn Elliott said...

Don't you just love it when you love certain pieces for years and years? The fact that you can still fit in the pink dress is amazing! I'm totally enamored with the vintage blue cocktail va va voom!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Littlest's comment to Willow made me well up a little - I do hope the new anti-biotics work! Poor kitty...

That dress probably has some very racy stories to tell! Bravo to you - there's no way I could still fit into anything I purchased 15 years ago. I've never been to Greece, but I am fond of Ouzo, feta, olives, spanakopita and all the other yummy greek delicacies.

Nice score on the dresses - can't wait to see you in the 50's one.

ZalinaW said...

Great patterned dress. Comfy and chic.

Unknown said...

Lovely dress! good that you still fit in it after 3 kids!
Cute what the youngest said,kids they say the cutest things - I think I wrote some of my kids cutest quotes, I should look for them ...
You look so happy in the Greek islands with your friend there...happy memories

Hope the cat is ok poor thing


Ariane xxx

The Style Crone said...

The color and fit of your dress of 15 years is perfection and hopefully will bring you pleasure for at least 15 more. Your hair flower reflects the lovely blooms in your garden! And hoping that Willow makes a quick recovery. Littlest is so very empathetic!

Camelia Crinoline said...

Poor Willow. That dress is lovely. It's always nice to have clothes that remind you of great times. I love the 50s cocktail dress. I can't wait to see you wear it.

bonsaimum said...

It is a really lovely dress. Give willow a cuddle from me. I hope the treatment works.

Unknown said...

Would have thought the photos were contemporary if it wasn't for the lack of bangs ... sorry, "fringe" in your world, right? I can't find anything I wore in '98, much less get into it!
Beautiful on you, still. Love the colors on a red-head!
We are all pulling for Willow here ... all my crew sends all your crew the very best thoughts!
We wish you all a much better week!

doradadama said...

Awww poor Willow, glad she is doing so much better.
You look the same hot biatch in that holiday dress.Score on the, love 1950's dress. So shiny.


Miss Simmonds Says said...

that is a very 90s dress! It's so pretty and fits so well, I really love you in pinky lilac, wear it more! Your holiday sounds like a right laugh, your dodgy romance brings back memories of my own! Beautiful beach photos, oh to be in Greece!
Poor willow, she's such a sweetie, I hope everything turns out ok - obviously you'll still love her. They're buggers to give medication to though aren't they? xxxx

Urban Rustic said...

Sorry to hear about your poorly cat.We have had nothing but pet medical problems all year.My sister had a cat that lost an eye through a car accident and he made a full recovery and had an exceptionally long and happy life.I think he was nearly 20 when he passed away.So although it will be very traumatic for both yourself and the poor little thing if it should happen there is hope... so don't despair!