Monday, 22 July 2013

Make mine a double

My dearest friend Vix posted a while back about two dresses she bought from Ebay, same style but different colours.

Go see her gorgeous pair (of frocks, I mean) here.

And the ever-delicious Tania mentioned a similar experience, though she chose the red and left the turquoise version of her frock for someone else.

Now it's my turn!

Why have one superb 1960s maxi when you can have two?

These are Sherman of London dresses, both bought from Ebay.

I loved the story of the navy/pink version, which the seller described in her listing (bought in 1969, then family came along, and the dress was unworn and relegated to a suitcase).

While browsing Ebay some time afterwards, I spotted the black/yellow version, with no such story attached, and not in such good condition, but obviously too good to miss.

The prints and colours make me happy just looking at them.
(Please ignore the creases...)

I haven't worn this one as much; the elastic of the shirred bodice is loose, and there was a hole in the skirt.

I've patched the hole now, I intend to take in the sides of the bodice for a snugger fit, and let down the hem where it has been taken up.

1960s Sherman maxi dresses - Ebay
Kimono jacket, black cardigan, hair flowers, necklace and bangles - charity shopped
Sandals and sunglasses - retail
Pendant - car boot

I suppose maxis are my signature style (though I sound a right pompous arse using that phrase).
I enjoy wearing dresses and skirts of other lengths, but I often feel my best in a maxi.

My best self.

So I'm linking these beauties to Jane's Shiny T Tuesday, the theme this week being Undeniably Me.

Is anyone else finding it hard to know what time of day to take their photos? 
The bright sun around midday is impossible, but even later in the afternoon/early evening, the conditions are tricky, at least for my modest little point-and-press camera.

Maybe I should forget any attempts at realism and just go mad with PicMonkey's effects...

Sometimes, amid a sea of black, grey, cream and denim, I think I must look like this to other people.

Oh well. 

My pair of Shermans and I can live with it.

Hope you are feeling colourful and beautiful and undeniably your best selves this week.
Thanks so much for all the encouragement to continue having a big mouth!



Gracey the Giant said...

How fun! I love both color-ways; they both look great with your coloring!

Helga said...

Fark, I have never had the brillant luck of finding two of the same frock, but I frequently see frocks or garments in the same fabric as frocks I look scrummy in both, and I can see where that one needs the hem down-how friendly to have that little floral pattern just there!
Ha, that effect sums up exactly how many must see us in our gloriarseness! Only with rays of light beaming out, as we are Other Worldy Goddesses of Glory!!!
Darling, yes,my head cold is most inconvenient, but I won't let it get in the way of my fabularseness for too long! I simply WON'T tolerate it! I've perked up a bit since this morning, actually, and am thinking a walk might be helpful...HMMMM
You are gorgeous and I adore you!

Connie said...

Yes, two is twice as nice. Love your pic monkey pic. I mean I LOVE IT. A LOT. A bright picture of a bright girl.

Max said...

Great dress to get a double up of. You look like a fairy tale character in the pic monkey pic-little red rainbow princess speaks claud!!!

silvergirl said...

I gotta say I am all over the pink and blue one 'cuz I am a pink lover

Vintage Coconut said...

That is a fantastic pair of dresses! Why have one when you can have two. I always think like that ... but then I end up with 3, 4 and 5. *lol*

Sheila said...

I love your comment about other people seeing you as so technicolour. I think people must think that of me at times, too.

Glorious dresses!

Anonymous said...

How lucky to find the other dress! I think I prefer the brighter colors on you. Sort of like that PicMonkey effect :)

I also was commenting about not getting good light for my pictures. I noticed how dull mine look next to everyone else's on Visible Monday. I may have to start using the mister's fancy camera, but I dread having to READ THE MANUAL!

Unknown said...

What great luck to find two of your favorite dresses and they are gorgeous!
I Think that one always should have a big mouth and Tell your whats on your mind - but its sometimes Very hard ....
Love you!

freckleface said...

There's only one thing better than a fantastic frock. And that's two of them! What amazing luck to find two at different times and in different shops. It was meant to be. The print and colours are wonderful and I concur, (get me) maxis are your signature style.

This sunlight bleaches everything. Your picmonkey solution is perfect. I love those heavily saturated colours, everything real looks dull by comparison. I vote for picmonkey effects a-plenty.

On another note, those gardens really are lovely. I keep seeing new bits: they must go on forever. xxxxxx

Melanie said...

The pomposity of your arse is royally deserving of footmen and ladies in waiting... Your signature style is awesome.
I agree, double your pleasure. How cool to have two of these beauties.
I'm having trouble with photo-taking too so I've done the saturation thing as well. But I think you DO look like that. So wonderful!

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Great dresses. I just read on Mrs M's Meanderings about allowing yourself to like what you like as a route to happiness. So true! xxxx

Unknown said...

you are undeniably beautiful! I love every single thing about your style my lovely! Can i also add your pressie is sat here waiting to be posted....slight hiccup in the fact I lost my wallet and credit cards for a fortnight and so trip[s to town and the postie were no go!!! found in an old bag 2 days ago...phew!!!! so will post before i go camping this week xxxxxx

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I would say maxis are definitely your signature style.
I love the story about the dress. Have you read the book "A Vintage Affair?

Trees said...

Oh I am JEALOUS! I want to join the matching vintage frocks club. I love your summery frock twins:)

Camelia Crinoline said...

Awesome! I would love to find twin vintage frocks in different colourways. Maxis are definitely your signature style, and you look fabulous in them.

Anonymous said...

Awesome find, two vintage dresses of the same pattern but different colour. Absolutely to be yours x

p.s Thank you for the advice about the cat.. going to see about one after the school holidays :)

Angels have Red Hair said...

Oooh love that dress.. and I'm totally jealous that you have not one but two of them.

Patti said...

yes! two is better than one - these are wonderful dresses. It's your signature look, I agree, unless you wear something else, in which case you are equally fabulous. xoxo

Ivy Black said...

Indeey! I'm a greedy tart and I'll have two of everything when they will testify at Lady Emma's House of Correction.
They are proper smashers as are you.
Yes, you do look like that to the Griege Brigade. Good. Burn out their retinas and melt their fleeces with your scorching faboulousness.

Frocktasia said...

I love them both, the prints and colours are full of joy and can't fail to make you happy...unless of course you happen to be a particularly grumpy bastard wallowing in a pool of beige.
I have a few dress twins in my vintage wardrobe, it is such a buzz when you happen upon them.
It is hard to get the colours right in pics at the moment, the light is so harsh and stepping into the shade doesn't seem to do the trick either. Saying that I think you and your pair of Shermans look mighty fine in these pics :)

Anonymous said...

I love both the dresses, I'm so nostalgic of the late 60's and 70's when colorful fashion was for everyone and some of the most wonderful print were made to be enjoyed by everyone! What happened to people? The picmonkey photo is stunning, it seems like a painting! I'm not taking many photos so I can't be helpful, usually professional photographers prefer the early morning light, but often I'm still wearing my pjs!
Have a wonderful summer day!!
Love xxxxxx

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

Love both of the dresses and they ARE Undeniably YOU!!

I've got some tshirts that are same style/brand but diff colors.

You are a glorious rainbow plumaged bird in a sea of sparrows!!

My coworkers always tell me how "colorful" I am ("you look like a bag of skittles threw up on you")

The Style Crone said...

Two maxis and both glorious. On you that is! You really know how to make a maxi shine and it's wonderful that you have found the perfect adornment for your best self. Always a treat for me with my morning coffee!

Vix said...

That maxi is an absolute dream and to have it twice? I don't blame you! I wonder how many variations Sam Sherman did in that style? there could be more awaiting you!
I love seeing you in shorter skirts 'cos you've got gorgeous legs but I know, like me, you feel more "you" in a maxi.
I bet that's what the colour phobes see when they look at you. I bet the poor sods are still half blind after being confronted by the four of us in Chesterfield the other day!
Love you! xxxxx

Señora Allnut said...

that's a really serendipitous find, love both dresses, such a pretty print!!
And yes, maxis are your signature style (hurrah for pomposity!)!
(bright sun is awful to take my photos too!)
besos & summer fabulousness

joyatri said...

I think you and your frocks are colorful enough without the PicMonkey effects. I may be a curmudgeon, but I appreciate realism and get a bit annoyed when a blog has too many special effects pics.
I've never had such luck to find two of the same frock, but I can appreciate the need to acquire all versions of a much-loved dress. And with the cheery print on these maxis, you can't not love them!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love them both - and I know exactly what you mean about the prints, they're so joyous and vivid, they can't help making you feel happy. Not sure which colours I prefer, I love that the bluer one has a story attached, I do love those. The vivid yellow is wonderful, I don't see you in yellow much (and that's only a bit of the dress too). I like you doing a few photo effects, they're great fun. Your hair is looking completely fabulous too.

Diane said...

Loving both of the frocks chick. You look gorgeous as ever in them. xxxx

Lucys Lounge said...

oh i love when things come in 2's . i love the storyof your dresses and i love the dresses.

his_girl_friday said...

Between you and Vix I am getting mad maxi jealousy!

LongIslandWeddingOfficiant said...

Fabulous maxi dress!
hugs from New York,
Ask Erena

Forest City Fashionista said...

It's not pompous to have a signature style - you look gorgeous in your maxis! I love the pic monkey photo and I agree that we probably look like that to other people sometimes. Your Shermans are glorious in their shirred floral-patterned splendour.

I'm not feeling my best self this week so no outfit photos so far - hoping that changes!

two squirrels said...

Yay we are all double frocking.......well kind of!!!!
They are such wonderful prints and the perfect Curtise maxi style.
Summer pics are always a tad challenging.....bright light is hard work......we always look for shade.
Love V

Krista said...

Why wouldn't you buy up another, you know I'm loving both of these happy maxis. They are dresses to make you smile:). I think it's good to have a signature style and I think we do it without even thinking. Maxis look killer on you so it makes sense, own it sweetie!

Summertime is brutal for taking photos at my place too, the sun it just too harsh but the time I get round. It's either up before 9am to take pictures or after 8pm...bah!

Fiona said...

I'm such a bad commenter at the moment Curtise, but I am still reading. I don't have two the same of anything apart from knickers but I am embracing colour more and more as I get older. I'm buggered if I'm going to fade into the background!
Choosing a time to take snaps is tricky but generally early morning or evening is good at present. Don't worry because yours are all fabularse anyway and I love the doctored picmonkey one. All the snaps I took last weekend at a family 'do' were crapola but think that was more to do with Pimm's than the sunshine. xxxxx

Kitty Greene said...

You look lovely in both these dresses !

Unknown said...

You are DIVINE in Your Signature Style, darling... your truest, bestest, most beautifullest self is fucking exquisite!

Summer is tricky for pics - avoid harsh shadows, they are never flattering. Though you are so spectacular, I can't imagine you ever taking a bad pic.

No, you shut up.

Love you more than cocaine,

Sarah xxx

Melanie said...

What lovely dresses! They are both so pretty and what are the chances of finding two!

Ulla-Marie said...

mmm. The kimono-jacket!