Monday, 8 July 2013

Notes on a weekend

The UK is bathed in sunshine, an unusual experience in recent summers, and there is a British Wimbledon champion, an even rarer phenomenon.

I always rather like watching Wimbledon, but found both the women's and men's finals almost unbearable viewing, for different reasons.

Poor Sabine Lisicki - to find yourself in the final of your dreams, playing the match of your worst nightmares. I did feel for her.

And I felt like slapping that smug John Inverdale's face, for commenting on Marion Bartoli's looks rather than her sporting achievement.

Really? Is that how we judge sportswomen, on their appearance? Apparently, if you are male and work for the BBC commentary team.

And I am very pleased for Andy Murray, and highly amused that the British tennis establishment finally has its Wimbledon champion, only to find that he is an arsey Scot who apparently supports Scottish independence, and has a healthy disregard for the media.

 Good for him. There's a delicious irony in all that.

The patriotic colours are purely coincidental; I found this 1970s dress at a car boot on Saturday.

I know, I know.

I'm kidding myself to think it fits. My boobs are squashed to buggery, so I fear it must find its forever home elsewhere, via Ebay.

 But I so wanted it to be mine!

It's my contribution to Jane's Dressing Square theme for her Shiny T link up tomorrow.

1970s dress (might be a nightie actually...) - car boot
Bangles - gifts from tennis-loving Tania and charity shopped
 Sunglasses - charity shopped

I didn't find anything else at the car boot - Littlest wasted her money on some crap chose to buy some ceramic teddy bears, Eldest went halves with me on a set of Revlon nail varnishes. 

Last of the big spenders, aren't we?

 I spotted these OK-but-unremarkable cropped white jeans for Eldest in a charity shop - I am practically having to restock her entire wardrobe, she has grown so much - and chuckled to myself when I clocked the label;

Alexander McQueen for £2.99? Ok, thanks.

The 1970s Japanese-made ice bucket, complete with little tongs, was £1.50.

There was also a strange charity shop incident.

I picked up a brooch and a belt, neither of which had a price tag. I checked the prices of the other brooches and belts, and imagined I was being helpful by telling the young woman at the till what the price range was for similar items.

She didn't go and look herself, but said she needed to check with someone, presumably the manager, and trotted off to the back room.

She returned to the counter, and quoted prices which were double those of everything else.

What would you have done?

 I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Thea Gilmore last night.

Live music is a wonderful thing.

I hope everyone had a great weekend; I'll be round to see what you've been up to, just as soon as I can.

Joining lovely Patti and all the gorgeous contributors to Visible Monday.




Mrs. D said...


Mrs. D said...

Yay! First! Lovely finds.
It's disgraceful like you say that in sports and other areas the woman's appearance seems to be more important than anything else. Let's start commenting and diminishing Albert Einstein's discoveries just because he was a bit on the scraggly in appearance. Although I've read somewhere that some of his discoveries were actually made by his wife, who never got the credit. It's a man's world...
thos McQueen jeans are da bomb. jeebus, you always find lots of good stuff!
As for the charity shop incident, I would have asked if the said items were covered in gold, unlike the rest of the others and if that was the reason for the different price?

Melanie said...

It's such a shame about your dress, perhaps you could customise it by slitting the bodice down the middle, hem it and then add some eyelets so you can do it up that way (wearing something underneath of course).
Your charity shop story is terrible! Show a smidgen of interest and the price sky rockets! Perhaps they're used to people just paying with no questions and thought they had something special once you had asked.
I'm not a fan of tennis and am forever bewildered that people assume I am, all. the. time. The times I have been asked if I'm "going home to watch the tennis" to which I reply that I don't like it. The asker always looks as though though I have slapped them when I contradict them.

thorne garnet said...

I would have laughed in her face, and then walked out. Great score on the jeans! And there's our peacock bracelet! I got mine at Miss Kitty's.

Vix said...

What a gorgeous nightie/dress! What a crying shame it doesn't quite accommodate the girls. Fab find though, makes me very excited for what could be awaiting me later this week.
Eldest will be the envy of her classmates with those jeans and the ice bucket is a beaut.
I'm so out of it I didn't even know Andy Murray was in the final, I seem to have lost a huge chunk of the last fortnight. Must get back with it!
I'd have slammed the stuff back on the shop counter and stormed out and been too embarrassed to go back for weeks afterwards.

Anonymous said...

I hate when stuff has no price and they evidently just pull a number outta their arse!!

The dress isd fab but it is doing your splendiferous rackage no justice!!

Unknown said...

Love the dress /nightie , some remake to fit the boobs maybee?
What a bargain thoose pants are!

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

I cannot bear Wimbledon. The mens finals ruined every childhood birthday I remember. My parents were very sporty. I didn't inherit that gene. When I lived in Wimbledon it was unbearable. The worlds media and spectators descending on a village, ugh! Chaos.
As for the charity shop, I think I'd have raised an eyebrow and pointed out the difference in price. If they still wanted to play silly buggers I'd leave it there.
Great jeans though. You win some, you lose some! xxxx

Patti said...

The AM jeans are quite a find, great work! I would have given the salesperson the raised eyebrow/smirk that I find so devastating (hee!), and walked away. Unless of course I *had* to have whatever the piece was.

You look lovely, if slightly constrained above the waist (jealous me). Come link up your look at Vis Monday if you've got a moment!

Krista said...

Curtise you and I share the say boob problem, I tend to just squish em in, I need to not do that, the girls need room:) I have watched the mercury climb for you gals and I am so happy for the sunshine! McQueen jeans for the Eldest is the score of the year, wow, that rules!!!!!

When something doesn't have a price in a thrift store I tell them the other stuff like it was $10 and that is what I will pay. They usually just give it to me for what I said. I would have walked off and I hope you did.

Seeing you and Vix barefoot makes me wanna ditch work and play outside. I also love live music when it all works there is nothing like that kind of collective love!

Helga said...

I would have left that belt and brooch behind! I've had a similar thing happen!!! The cheek!
I am thrilled to bits that Andy Murray won Wimbledon!! It's so well deserved! And I am quietly sniggering over his being an "arsey" Scot! Hurrah! Fecking appalling though, those remarks about the Bartoli lass. I thought we were well and truly past that shite, but apparently not. Dickheads!
Love that frock, and have the squahed booboid problem frequently....I'm reasonably clever at working out ways to get the girls in, but sometimes it just can't be done.Shame!
The ice bucket is awesome, and I can't believe you found Alexander McQueen jeans at a chazza!! Well, I can, I suppose! That's as good as when I found those L*A*M*B shoes! Some peeps have more money that sense! Not us!
MMMMMMM, sunshine! We've had a surprising amount of it, but it is just about to turn to custard and rain for days, according to the weather predictions.we'll see. Enjoy the feel of your toes in the grass, darling!

Fiona said...

Hey Curtise,
Great finds, bet Eldest was stoked with her McQueen crops. I love your frock, shame about the squished jugs tho, not a problem I've ever had sadly. Would it fit my 34B's if you really are going to sell?? I was outraged at John Inverdale's remarks, what a knobhead!
As for the lady in the chazza, she would have received an incredulous look followed by 'I don't think so'

freckleface said...

That happened to me with some shelves. So I did a dramatic suck in of breath and said 'no way?' then did some bartering until it came down to the right price. It really annoys me though when they do that. I can't wait to hear what you did. I am hoping you used a pithy turn of phrase to shame her into submission.

LOVE your dress, it's fan-blimmin-tastic. Great colours and shape, perfect for this weather. But you need to take care of those girls.

That made me chuckle about tennis loving Tania. I do love it and that men's final was amazing. Can't quite get over that he won it in the end. Poor old Djokovic had by far the harder qualifier. I do like him, but it was Murray's turn. I don't have the problem with the Scottish bit being half-Scottish myself, but I do wish he could summon up a bit more humour sometimes... not a problem you have!! :) xxxxx

Unknown said...

Happy for Andy and i love the story about him being a Scot and support independance and not loving the Media, love a rebel!
About your thrift shop stories, i tell you i would ask some explanation and good ones please and probably tell them to keep their crap and i think i did that before actually!
Love the dress i tought it looked like a nightie but looks good still -
I can't never find you on Ebay and God knows i'm there all the time these days watching and bidding-
Do you auction your merchandise?

Alexander McQueen jeans, wow that is a find!

Take care and hugs


Anonymous said...

Oh the dress is lovely a shame the ladies aren't accommodated comfortably. But it's definitely a sweet number which I was have most definitely of nabbed myself had I been rummaging with you.

I like ice bucket it's a nice little score, but re: the brooch etc and the price quoted after the lady went and checked with the boss. Unless they were to die for pieces I would, have said politely and simply no thanks, not when that's double other pieces similar. I've said exactly that before and finished saying if it was the price of everything else in that "range" I would. I've had them turn around several times and sell things to me for the reasonable price rather then their inflated one. I think sometimes when these situations occur with pricing and your at the counter they'll see what they can get you for since you're already at the counter and interested in it.

Diane said...

Not a tennis fan- but the crowd are hilarious! John Inverdale should be struck off - he does think he's Gods gift. I can't believe that "proffesionals" come out with garbage like that. Shame about your boobs cos you look fab in that frock. xxx

joyatri said...

Such a sweet dress. A minimizer bra perhaps? I find that sometimes that's all I need to avoid any bodice ripping.
Short-sighted salesperson who doesn't know how to treat a loyal customer!

Unknown said...

Nightie or not I LOVE that dress (I think it is a frock) and say damn the boobs and wear it anyway because it looks great! I have had the same thing happen in a charity shop where staff got all uppity and tried to tell me something was really more expensive than everything else. I tried reasoning, persuading and then acting all incredulous to no avail, so stomped off in a strop. Only to realise after that I had left my key card (cash card) on the counter and had to skulk in later that day!XXX

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

You look very cool in your patriotic colours.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

You look very cool in your patriotic colours.

two squirrels said...

Grrr I hate when the price seems to jump just because you are interested in them......I have it happen a lot.......or I get ' They are very old and collectible you know'. What ever!!!!!
Love the's a pain went the girls don't fit.......I have the problem all the time.
Eeekkk what a find the white jeans are.......amazing. Imagine the original price?????!
Love V

Miss Simmonds Says said...

oops! you know that some charity shop workers can be a bit dense, unless I really liked the belt and brooch I would've said no thanks. That dress is lovely, I think it looks fine, but if you're uncomfortable then sell it on! But for the moment you look very pretty and serene. Those Alexander McQueen jeans were an awesome bargain, well done!
I actually watched a bit of tennis this year, but I have almost no idea of the scoring so the last 5 minutes of the final was enough for me. I am always completely unsurprised by sexism in sport.

Have a wonderful week xxxxxxxxxxxx

silvergirl said...

oh sunshine, I have forgotten what that looks like!
so what size are those white jeans, LOL
what a find!!

Fashionista said...

I do love seeing your maxi frocks and your charity shop bargains. Is this latest addition home made? I ask because in about 1973 I believe my mother made in the red check a tablecloth and matching napkins, cushion covers, tea cosy, any other kitchen accessory you can think of, PLUS a sun frock for my toddler sister. There was about 473 yards of the stuff....

Frocktasia said...

What better time to bag an ice-bucket and such a fabulous one too.
Your charity shop incident sounds rather odd indeed, I would have probably asked why my chosen items cost twice as much as the other stuff and awaited her answer which no doubt would be some half-baked crap cake too.
Yesterday at the car boot sale I overheard two people bemoan the fact that punters buy their stuff just to "make a mint" reselling it on eBay. I felt like saying "Do you know how hard it is to make even a half decent profit on eBay after you've paid an arm and a leg for P&P and all the pesky fees? I don't think reselling your crap is going to put me on the highway to early retirement somehow"...I just don't get those people if they are so worried about someone else making an extra quid or two cause they can be arsed with all the listing and post office palaver why don't they just do it themselves? I hope your frock finds a good new home and that you make a few quid so that you can buy yourself another more boobage-friendly frock...xXx

Connie said...

I actually think you look fantastic in the square dress. I've been squishing my boobs into clothes ever since they first arrived. It's a look!

The Style Crone said...

I think you look fabulous in this maxi! And if it is a nightie, wearing it as outer wear, especially with bare feet, is the perfect thing to do.

Love the jeans for your Eldest! Great way to fill her closet and have a great time in the process.

Max said...

depending on my mood i would have either said "that's outrageous, let me speak to your manager" or meekly paid for them not wanting to be thought a cheapskate/rip off artist in a charity shop, never the sensible middle ground with me!
I love your bangles very much but the dress, nah, it's too little beau peep for you!
that is a fine looking ice bucket, bet it's getting a work-out in the heat!

Sheila said...

Woo, boobtastic! Hee hee! That would have royally annoyed me, those people doubling the price of the unpriced items. So annoying.

Trees said...

I am so jealous of your sunny weather and your lovely maxi! No shoes *sigh* I'm wearing ugg boots right now. Bleh!

Señora Allnut said...

lovely frock, that gingham-plaid is so summery and pretty!, so sad it doesn't fit you! (I hate when a practically perfect dress squeezes my girls, but we need to breathe!)
love your fabulous bracelets, and that cropped pants!
besos & sunny days

Indigo Violet said...

I'm with Trees - I only heat one room in my house at a time, and the others are in single figures Celsius so your antipodean photos cheer me up no end.
One of my favourite op shops always gives me a discount because I buy so much there, and it makes my day.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Stupid comments by stupid men make my blood boil. Arrrrgggghhhh! And as for charity shop misdemenors (oops can't spell it) that's another thing that makes me cross. I would have asked for an explanation as to why those items were double the price of everything else and if I was satisfied with that explanation (yes, I'm strict)I would've bought them only if a) I really wanted them and b)if they represented good value for money. Unfortunately, some charity shops seem to forget that there are so many shops selling cheap clothes and accessories and, hey, they're brand new. I once read a blog discussion where some people thought it was better to pay over the odds for an item (a Primark top in this case) in a charity shop then pay for the same (brand new) item which was actually cheaper in Primark. Being someone who seeks value for money, I find this a little bonkers.

Shame about the boob squishing dress, although I think it looks fab on you anyway. xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Wimbledon update, my father is a tennis player and I watched it for all my childhood, now my daughters won't let me watch it so it's ok to read your post! Wow that comments on that poor Marion are so rude, especially for a professional tv commenter, he shouldn't have said it! Anyway the dress is lovely, too bad for the breasts, probabily you should add a little of extra fabric in the upper part! My 7 years old girl collect ceramic puppets too, they are so kitch and I'm afraid that people think they are mine because she puts them in the kitchen!!The jeans are very beautiful too!
Love xxxxxx

Unknown said...

Love your dress and those adorable heart sunglasses.

Cristi said...

I have to say, you look lovely in the dress! Maybe a gusset in the side arm area would make it work if you really wanted to keep it. But, when something isn't totally perfect, makes it easier to edit out of the wardrobe.

Your charity shop story is interesting. I wonder if the gal liked the items and didn't want you to buy them, so she could.;) If the cost wasn't that much more, it would have been fun to also do a "WEll, la de's only money and for a good cause" and pluck down the cash, hold your head high and throw some shade as you leave the store, with your best Duchess face.;)

Your Eldest really scored with the jeans, and not McQ, the real deal!! I don't even have any McQueen and he's my fav.

Don't watch tennis, but that Scottish winner sounds like my kind of sports star, what a contrast to most. I know the sexism is still rampant in sports. Remember during the Olympics all the talk of the "best looking" winners? Wonder if the girls got the memo that in addition to their sport, they would be competing in a beauty contest too?

Unknown said...

Such a cute, barefoot-in-the-garden kind of dress! Boobs really don't look too buggered, but you're clearly the best judge of that.
I don't follow tennis, but even I heard of the nasty comments about Marion Bartoli's looks. Ass-hat Inverdale, whomever he is when he's at home. Not, unfortunately just a BBC thing.
Good for the Eldest! Alexander McQueen anything!
You are quite right about live music. We have an harp player who comes in on Sundays for our brunch ... everyone adores him (as do I until he opens his mouth to sing) and I assure you, it's much better live. Pretty sure he won't read this ... fingers crossed.
Have a lovely week. I'm dealing with leaky pipes, but this too will pass.

Unknown said...

ooo you look scrummy in your square dress....slit the bodice and add strap inserts. i love the way everybody harped on about no british champion for 77 years...well what the frig about Virginia wade...she won in 1977...seems it don't count if your female...perhaps she wasnt pretty enough! My father in law also sat commenting about the women players on looks alone! drives me nutty! i woiuld have asked why they were more pricey do tell what did you do? xxx

Becky said...

You look so cute in that dress!! I don't know shit about tennis but I believe you if you say some sexist shit was going down. Assholes!
I call bullshit on the high prices in the shop!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I would not have paid the jacked-up prices on the unpriced items. I know in many American charity shops if things aren't priced...they are returned to the back room for pricing.

Great find on the McQueen jeans!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Fabulous dress ... love it ... and the glasses.
I would have told them to keep their things ... and then probably regretted not buying them as soon as I left the shop.
What did you do??

Anonymous said...

Yes, it does look lovely there. The grounds of your home are beautiful!

Your dress is a cutie even it doesn't fit as well as you'd like. You still look super adorable anyway. Missed commenting on the beauty in your last post; really gorgeous. You're right; if it ain't broke....

Awesome find on those designer jeans for your girl. And wow! Those bracelets are stunning!

Anonymous said...

I am so far behind in reading everyone's blogs - I guess that's why I'm comment no. 43! But I love your checked dress, and it's perfect for Shiny T Tuesday. Although it looks like you'll burst through at any minute!

Camelia Crinoline said...

Ugh, people commenting on sportswomen's looks or what they wear rather than their sporting prowess makes me ragey. That dress is fabulous. Pity it's a boob-squasher. If that happened to me in an op shop, I would've just left the stuff there.

bonsaimum said...

You look splendid as always. I thought that ice bucket and tongs was a great find.Love the bangles.

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Brilliant!! Gingham for square dressing. Love it.

The thing about chazzy shops is that the volunteers are (obviously) quite often unprofessional. Literally. We just have to take the bad with the good!!!

Vintage Coconut said...

That dress is such a delight. Too bad about the tata squishing! :(
Ohhhh the dreaded items with no price. I absolutely hate that!! because they usually ALWAYS end up being more than the others. Hmmmpf!

Melanie said...

Gaaa. I read the post and went away to think about it and now all the suspense is gone because you answered what you did in the shop already! I would have liked to pinch her but I wouldn't have, or slap her with the belt, but wouldn't have. But I wouldn't have bought anything.
I suspect your boobs are only squished half-way to buggery. I like the dress but I just got back from a visit to your Sally Bowles post from last summer via Lynne, and I think you should only dress like her from now on. All the time.

Forest City Fashionista said...

Too bad about the boob-squashing dress, but I'm sure it will find a good home, and there will be another magnificent maxi waiting for you somewhere. I would have just stared at the woman in the shop incredulously, perhaps thrown in a, "Really??" and walked out.

I adore the design of the little ice bucket. The jeans are very ordinary looking considering the label, aren't they? I guess I associate Alexander McQueen with the eye-popping splendour of his runway shows.

I totally agree with Mel, you should dress like Sally Bowles all the time. The look suits you perfectly!

Kitty Greene said...

who takes your photographs ?