Friday, 5 July 2013

Don't fix it

Who knew we were actually going to get some warm weather this summer?

As usual, I am caught on the hop with unshaved legs, but that's when maxis come into their own!

I am frequently described as glamorous by other mums and the staff at school; this really couldn't be further than the truth.

Here I am, sporting unshaved, untanned legs; scruffy hair needing a wash, not to mention a root touch-up; ancient clothes, and cheap jewellery.

It's amazing how people are fooled by the sight of a long floaty dress and hair flowers.

This dress is another firm favourite. 

I'm horribly predictable; square neckline, print, angel sleeves, full length.

Who cares? If it ain't broke...

1960-70s cotton maxi dress - community fair
Bangles, sunglasses and hair flowers - charity shopped
1960s Lord Python steel pendant - gift from beautiful Vanessa
Silver/marcasite ring - vintage street market
Mosaic ring - Pia (sale), years ago

I seem to have been busy this week, without necessarily achieving very much.

I spent a whole day sticking labels on work books at school - such a simple task, but soooo time-consuming.
One of the teachers said if I hadn't done it, she would have had to take them home to do in the evenings. Year 1 will have 80 kids starting in September. Three work books each. That's a lot of books.

Anyone who criticizes teachers should spend a few days in their local primary school. The staff I spend time with are incredibly dedicated, hard-working, skilled professionals.

This dress was a 99p find on Ebay.

Made from a lightweight cotton voile fabric, it's a bit see-through but a vintage slip sorts that out.

The seller bought in in the late 1960s in London, and wrote in her listing that it has been a happy dress and she wanted it to go to a good home.

It is; it has.

It has a big turn-up on the hem, which I'm going to let down when I get round to it, to make it a better length on me.

Otherwise; neckline, sleeves, print; yes yes yes.

Told you - predictable.

Eldest had a transition day at secondary school this week, and loved it.
Littlest ran her heart out at sports day.
Seldom Seen has been loaned a suit for the Black Tie do in August, and wants to wear a bow tie, to be like James Bond.

But enough about those pesky kids - let me show you the real star of this family's show.

Contender for The Most Beautiful Cat in the World?
I think so.

Minnie and Charlie, rocking the monochrome.

Three guesses what happened a few seconds after I took the photo bottom left. One look at Charlie's evil face is all you need.

And here is sweetheart Wills, the shy one.

Car boot tomorrow morning, barbeque with friends in the evening, seeing Thea Gilmore on Sunday.

What's happening where you are this weekend?



freckleface said...

Gosh that dress is phenomenal. Not surprised you love it, I do too. And you are right, if it aint broke, blah de blah.

You DO always look glamorous, but it rather heartens me to hear about your hairy white pins. I am in that club too. But I have a rule. I always turn up to weddings smelling of fake tan with some razor nicks on my legs.

Teachers sure do work hard. I ignore the dissenters. They don't know what it's like and no amount of preaching will ever convert them.

Your kiddiewinkles and beasts are a treat. Enjoy the booty and BBQ. See you on the other side! xxxxx

Pennyblossoms said...

3rd photo = va va VOOM! Beauteous curves in all the right places!!!
Cotton voile sounds perfect for this weather.
I think Wills must be the secret father of our Rene; so alike and of course, beautiful.
Have a great weekend.
Z xx

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Lovely dress and I love maxis for the very same reason.

Penny-Rose said...

Maxis are great aren't they?? Both of these are beautiful on you, your figures is amazing. Loved the photos of your cats, you captured them beautifully. Hope you have a good weekend car booting! xx

Frocktasia said...

"If it ain't broke" I totally agree, you look fab in all your maxi frocks and I'm not surprised in the slightest that the other mums and staff at school often describe you as glamorous...they are right, you are!
Who's got time to forever preen, pick and pluck away at themselves just to look immaculately turned out all the time, not me that's for sure and I don't even have a houseful of kids to tend to. I think I can safely say that I have never seen a picture of you where I'd describe you as scruffy, whatever it is you're doing, keep doing it, it works!
Mark and I are doing The Dandy tomorrow and on Sunday, weather willing we are going to spend the whole day in the park. I'm so chuffed we are actually getting some proper summer at last, huzzah!
Have a lovely weekend...xXx

Vintage Coconut said...

Lookin great Curtise even if you have furry legs. ;) *hahah*
Awesome dress score from E-bay.
I plan to go garage saling in the morning.... *HOPEFULLY* I don't turn lazy and decide to sleep in instead.
(Happened last week)
Cute pics of the furry legged kittys.... They didn't shave either did they?

Miss Magpie said...

but you DO look glamorous! and no one ever needs to know about the furry legs......

Unknown said...

You do always look like a glam goddess! Loving that first dress and the cats are just soooo cute!

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

You are indeed total glam in all your happy frocks, the grooming details don't take that away in the least. Love your recap of all the babes (like JAMES BOND!!!) Ha! Big love, xoxoxo

silvergirl said...

great maxi's!
Ha, funny how non-shaved legs will always dictate a maxi

Sissy said...

What a score on that blue dress, simply divine! And I really like the length, one of my faves because you can wear boots in winter and they can be seen, I'm partial to lace-ups, just my unasked for opinion, but will look great regardless what you do. Your garden always looks so relaxing as I sit here in cubeville at work, ah so nice and thanks for sharing...

Patti said...

Indeed -- don't change a thing. You *are* glamorous, for goodness sake, wearing flowers in your hair and all that. You touched my nerve and funny-bone about unshaved legs. It's getting to where I only shave if I'm going to the doctor! : o Gorgeous kitties.

Kylie said...

You've got me fooled. You always look glamorous from where I sit Curtise. From top to toe x

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Well you are glamorous! And I'm happy to hear that people tell you so. I love that second very pretty.

Bravo to your little for giving her all at sports day!

Yep, my heart is officially stolen. Your cats are treasures, each of them.

Sue xo

thorne garnet said...

If you wear a pretty dress and flowers in your hair, you probably do look glamorous to somebody wearing cropped pants and a plain t-shirt.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

You do manage to look glamorous in whatever you wear. Maxis really do suit you so well. I feel like the angel sleeves are too much on me, but they work so well on you. How many maxi dresses do you have? I'd love to know! I'd be horrified to know how many frocks I have. Hopefully less then 100! Your pussy's are just beautiful too. Happy weekend & enjoy the warm weather. Xx

Krista said...

Frock of ages;) I think you have one of the biggest and best collections of maxis! You can't help but be glamorous! I second that teachers at least the ones I know are dedicated hard working folks, extremely under appreciated too. You are sweet to help out:)

I do think you have a rather pretty bunch of cats, you know for cats and all:). Enjoy the rest of your weekend love! I have been crafting up a sparkly storm and lounging in the sun.

mispapelicos said...

I will look for angel sleeves from now on, they are soooooooo perfect.

Melanie said...

But darling, you ARE glamorous. Think of the forests of hair smushed under tight denim and sweatpants, hideous salty-stalked matted matter. Shudder. At least our groves blow freely in the wind, tres glamorously. Scruffy hair holds its shape, and ancient clothes have style. You are gorgeous in both maxis, Curtise.
Boot labeller - sounds like a profession to me. Hurrah for dedicated educators. And hurrah for those who help them stay sane.

bonsaimum said...

Yes you are indeed always glamorous. Great photo's of the cats but Ladybug may have to disagree about who is the most beautiful cat in the world. :)

Unknown said...

I do agre - a maxi dress lets you get away with a lot . You look great in your maxi!
Your shy Cat looks like our sweet departed Margit .. rip ..

Angie said...

This second dress of yours is sooo beautiful in every aspect.Every autumn I also do this task with the books and it takes ages to complete for my 3 kids.As for teachers I am one and I usually hear complains about us and how many holidays we have,from the parents that don't stand their kids in the house a minute more.
Very few of them have spend 5 min in a class to see how multi tasking and intense our job is.Not to mention all the prep work outside the class.Phew,enough said.
I always love your style and spirit.

Veshoevius said...

Ahh what lovely maxi dresses! I love that polka dot with the lace trim. You are glamorous! And inspiring in that you show that being glamorous can be done on a budget and doesn't require hours of prep to achieve.
Admiring your garden - will probably make use of the sunshine to get out in mine this weekend!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

you always look glamorous to me, but I do agree that the 60s/70s maxi dresses give a great impression and hide hairy legs. Did you let the seller know the dress is going to a really happy home? It's gorgeous, such a pretty pattern. The raspberry print is rather unusual, I love it!
Jess is an absolute beauty! They all are, but she's the supermodel. Gorgeous. Have a fantastic weekend! xxxxx

The Style Crone said...

Glamorous you are! A fact known by all. Maxis and hair flowers are important, but it's you that works the magic.

I agree. Teachers are a country's treasure and should be treated as such.

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Beautiful cats, all of them! And lovely dresses. If you work out what suits you, stick with it!
This weekend I am washing laundry non stop and making good use of the sunshine to get it all dry. We've a party tonight which is exciting! xxx

Jean at said...

You're absolutely right, and it ain't broke, for sure!!! Only you think you're not looking glam. Both dresses are beautiful. What a joy to have great maxis.

Sounds like life is busy!! Love hearing about the children, too. Your kitties are sooo wonderful. I adore cats.

Take care and enjoy your week!! XXOO

Connie said...

Oh Mlle Fleur Maxiness! But you ARE glamourous! Hairy legs are all the rage. Beautiful photos. James Bond...adorable!

Becky said...

You are totes glam! Shaving legs is such a chore-- maxis are the perfect lazy cover-up!!

Anonymous said...

You make it all look glamorous, dahling! That second dress is beautiful - I can see why it already made one owner happy.

You take beautiful pictures, and yes, Jess is the prettiest cat in the world (I can say that because I don't have a cat myself). The top right picture of her is just so gorgeous. You should do a cat calendar!

Rachel said...

Ah, you can tell us all the things you think need sorting (roots, hairy legs etc) but you can't fool us, you are beautiful. Looking lovely in long dresses. They suit you, so you wear them.

Isn't the weather smashing? I had a lazy day with added chores today then am going on a foresty walk (to include a picnic) with a friend tomorrow. Open-air Shakespeare next week too! Yippee! Xxx

Flora Cruft said...

That's why I love maxi dresses too! Perfect for lazy lasses like ourselves who can't be arsed to shave or attempt a fake tan! And you're spot on that somehow we fool people into thinking we've glam, simply by wearing a long dress! If every woman wore a long maxi dress the world would be a saner place.
The thing is though, Curtise, you may protest but you do look effortlessly glamorous and lovely in your maxi dresses! I particularly love the cut and print of the angel sleeves one, so pretty.

Flora Cruft said...

p.s. forgot to say how adorable the kitties are looking, so beautiful each and every one of them!

Trees said...

Ah summertime and maxis are SO lovely!! I think that some people think that any lady wearing a skirt/dress is fancy:) After I spent a year teaching kiddies English in Korea I had SO much respect for teachers. In my role I had to teach and that was all - the Korean teachers I worked with had to teach, deal with parents, deal with the school hierarchy, the education boards, deal with piles and piles of paper work and the list goes on and on and on!

Helga said...

I think, that when people say you are glamourous, is that you've made an effort and it's paid off....maybe?! I get tols that often enough myself, even when I don't feel I've done much at all. It seems to be just the fact that you pull on a frock, rather than track pants.......(ugh!)
And indeed, I see you as glamourous, and gorgeous! because you have great taste!!! It's a natural thing, I suppose.
Love both of these frocks, but especially the first, and who the feck cares if your "predictable"?! What that means to me is that you have a style identity, a tried and true system of frocking up that works for YOU.
Divoonly gorgeous pookies, but I think my two are definetly in the competition!!! I so love pookies!
Ah, I can almost smell the Summery scents and hear the Summery YOU!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

But you ARE glamorous darling Curtise!!! You look stunning, even when you feel you're not making an "effort", because you continue to explore and embrace your very own style. That's what people see when they brush shoulders with you ... adventure. You can't keep an adventurous spirit down, even when wee darling sprogs insist on GROWING UP!! Gosh I cannot believe the leaps and bounds your brood have made since you started blogging. And YOU!!!!!!! You are beautiful inside and out and I feel truly blessed to have you in my life. (I'm guessing Charlie caught a bird?) xoxoxoxo

Louise Mc said...

You are so right about maxis, they hide a multitude of sins. I love them, but definitely don't have enough of them. I need to hunt down some 99p ebay bargains. Those people who say you are glam though, they are right because you don't follow the crowd and you are comfortable in who you are. That, to me, is glamour. Xx

Señora Allnut said...

love your gloriously predictable dresses, love that little floral prints and pretty sleeves, and love that you look gorgeous and genuine through a Real Life!

Mrs. D said...

that's the magic of vintage clothes - the story behind them. Too bad that with most of them, it has to be imagined. Lucky you, who got to know a bit about that dress.
I studied to be a teacher and did my internship back in Portugal. Hell yeah, it's a very hard job!
Hope you are well. I think we should start making plans for a day out in Notts, get some more girls in on it. what do you reckon?

Anonymous said...

I whole heartedly agree 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' and even though you have unshaven un-tanned legs you still look glamorous!

Yikes I cant imagine a transition day for secondary school, we've just done our first transition day to lower school and that had me all emotional.

Odd question, do your cats compensate for their monetary cost? We are thinking about a cat, as I would love one but they seem to cost a lot in an age of being frugal x

Forest City Fashionista said...

Both of those dresses are "Happy Dresses"! They both have an excellent shape (I have developed a new appreciation of the Empire waist), and had you not mentioned the unshaved legs, we would have never known. Maxis and hair flowers make everything better.

I love your kitties! There was one in Montreal that needed a home and she was the sweetest kinda broke my heart to leave her there.

joyatri said...

Each post brings a maxi dress more beautiful than the one in the last post. And this post has two! I believe you have what is called "effortless" glamour.

Unknown said...

Maxis are ALWAYS perfect... perfect for going commando in summer and wearing hideous old thermals in winter too! Sins and opportunities in a maxi, every time.

From a place of love and honesty, you are, as always, just beautiful. Whimsical and hilarious, wry, wonderfully poetic and perfect in your every day maxis. I love the bee pic. And the Curtise pics. And the maxis. And the lush, green garden. But not the cats. Oh ALRIGHT, I love the cats too. But don't tell anybody.



Sarah xxx

Vix said...

But you are glamorous, darling!
I've seen hundreds of women in maxis this weekend (of the strapless, polyester high street version complete with dingy bra straps and lobster sunburn) and none of them hold a candle to you. You can throw one one and look classy and beautiful but I do think there's a definite art to wearing one and you've got it.
The cats and the unseen kids are wonderful. Hope you scored big time at the booty and had a marvellous weekend.
Love you! xxxxxx
The kitties are gorgeous

Anonymous said...

The fact that you call yourself 'predictable' means that you have a strong, personal sense of fashion, I love your style and these two outfits are wonderful!! It's important that you are helping at school and that you know the teachers and how they work, they really deserve our support! Education, especially at an early age is essential through all our lives!
The photos are all very beautiful, especially the flowers ones and all the lovely cats!
Love xxxxxxxx

Melanie said...

Your kitty cat pictures are giving me flashbacks from the other week when the people across the roads cat stalked me on its belly then attacked me! That cat is a prolific hunter, he even stalked Bob the previous week :(
I love your dresses, the first one in particular is lovely, the print really makes it. And yes, you are very glam, even with squirrel legs (as Andy likes to call unshaven legs) xxx

Anonymous said...

you are glamorous and elegant in all of your hidden hairy legged glory!! i adore both of the maxi's.
sounds like you've been quite busy!!