Thursday 7 June 2012

So I'd like to know where you got the notion

                                   You'll be aware that all the Diamond Jubilee hoopla wasn't really up my street.

                          Who needs a crown when you have a precious original Sassy Vamp flowery headpiece?

Instead of watching the dreary roll call of "National Treasures" wheeled out for the concert in the Mall on Monday night, we thought we'd have our own gig at home. Karaoke - yay!

                                           I guess you'd say, what can make me feel this way - my girls.

                                               Move over, Cheryl and Kylie, you've got competition!

                                                                                Hang the DJ.
       Seldom Seen got bored and decided to read a book instead of playing at being a rock star. Girly swot.

                                                              Guaranteed to blow your mind. Anytime.

                                                               I am a rock star. Can't you tell?

    Someone at Lucky Voice (online karaoke site) has a sense of humour, their Jubilee playlist included Killer Queen, God Save the Queen and Rock the Boat. We sang them all.

    There is no prouder moment than watching your kids belting out There is no future in England's dreaming. It quite brought a tear to my republican eye. 

Tunic top, necklaces and bangles, metallic t-bar shoes (here), leopard print t-bar shoes (above), lurex leggings, waistcoat (all charity shopped), Sassy Vamp headband (gift from the divine Desiree)

            I had a good old chuckle over the various reactions to my last post on the vexing question of trousers.

I'll summarise;
I look OK/good in jeans/bad in jeans/need jeans that fit.
I should wear longer jeans/skinny jeans/bootcut jeans/never wear jeans.
I should wear the Valentino genitalia trousers because they are fabulous/to threaten the children/only if I wish to be certified insane.
I should stick to skirts and dresses/persevere in finding the right pair of trousers/jeans.

                                             What is a girl to do but follow her own wayward heart?

                                              (Next up - the shorts and swimwear questions, haha!)

It occurred to me as I was pondering all this, that back in my previous existence as a professional working in mental health, I did some Cognitive Behavioural Therapy training. One of the key strategies for bringing about behavioural change is the behavioural experiment. While challenging negative thoughts is important, the development of new and healthier beliefs only really happens as a result of experience. So, a socially anxious person is supported in deliberately putting themselves in what they perceive to be an embarrassing situation, and asked to observe what happens. (This is a very rough'n'ready description, but you get the idea.)

Take me. Average, not-a-rock-star little old me. I wore my "embarrassing" Valentino trousers out for tea to our favourite Chinese cafe. What happened? Did people look? Yes they did. Did I expire from anxiety and self-consciousness? I did not. Did the world stop turning because I wore mad trousers? It did not.
Behavioural experiment completed, lesson learned - they're only clothes and who gives a shit anyway?

            So I'm happy to rock the boat and look a bit crazy and make myself, and hopefully you, laugh.

                                                             Rock on with your bad self! xxxx


OP SHOP MAMA said...

Love it! Wear what the hell you want, when you want! It's quite nice to make people stare anyway. Rock the Boat!

Love your rocker buddies at home on the mics!
Happy Days

Anonymous said...

I'm jiving as I type and embarassing my grandson. Sorry the advice on the jeans was so conflicting, but dang, you wore the Valentinos into the world. Amazing!

Debberoo said...

Love, love seeing the LBs! I'm dying to get your LBs together with our Trio of Trouble for a monster singing session or studious book reading in the case of Seldom Seen!

I can see that I'm going to have my work cut out trying to counter your cynical republican influence on the LBs. Perhaps a family subscription to Majesty Magazine?

Krista said...

Yes the pants went to tea:) as they should have! Your girls are cracking me up singing their pretty little hearts out! Just today Chris said he was embarrassed for me (see tomorrows outfit post) who gives a shit is right! I love this sweet dress and shimmery leggings combo and of course your beautiful feck off flowers. You rule the night:)

Anonymous said...

Karaoke with your kids? How fun! I love your tunic top and leggins in the photos. I'm really favoring that myself these days. It's so darn comfy and can be substituted as jammies when we're lazy.

Melanie said...

Okay, you are my idol for wearing your Valentinos, the ultra-cool pants with petunias. Nobody here really cares what you wear as long as you don't ask for money. Your leggings are pretty close to skinny jeans, jeggings, and you look fantastic in them with this short tunic!!! All your spanglies and your Sassy Vamping and T-bars - heck, yeah. I enjoyed your karaoke party. Rock the boat? Yeah.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

So the world did not fall off its axis? A great yawning hole did not devour you? Your CBT technique is very well applied to your thoughts on wearing fabulous pants in public ... your words are so encouraging! I wonder if the same thing will happen if the purple headband goes on an outing;)). I love the colour on you - keep on rockin' the boat baby!!! The girls are looking GORGEOUS!!! Loveyouliketherockstaryouare xoxoxoox

Penny-Rose said...

Looking fabulous as always, and your children are awesome. Glad you made your own entertainment for the jubilee, reminds me I must introduce my 10yo to the Sex Pistols some time!! xx

lucy joy said...

I never quite wear what I want. I'd love to dress completely outrageously, as I did in my teens. Truth is, the side-eye, comments from friends and family, and cringes from Liam spoil the fun. I lose the point. If its making me happy, but driving others to despair - cancels out the benefits.
I would say, wear what you want, of course. But do have one or two people you trust to tell you if something doesn't quite suit you. I adore certain clothes in my wardrobe, but mum and Rob (who are BRUTALLY honest) tell me they're unflattering.

Karaoke with the girls - yes please! I nearly shed a tear in boredom yesterday with my boys wanting to go to; Game Station, the model car shop, dinosaur figure hunting and to burger king. I'm coming to visit you one day soon. I need to borrow the petunia pants.

Lucy x

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Love your rock start chic look today. I guess the CBT could be summed up in "Feal the Fear And Do It Anyway"
That is what I did with the street party. I was dreading it - not my cup of tea - but having thrown myself into the neighbourliness of it all - I loved it.
I got to know some of my neighbours and would like to get to know some better. I guess that is the experieince. Althoguh I did get a little drink I am stilla voiding one neighbour.
C'est la vie.

Annie said...

Hi Curtise, I'm admiring your tunic and metallic shoes. Really pretty.

That CBT stuff is really interesting - changing negative thoughts on their own is tough without 'good' experience to reinforce new positive thinking.

Your kids look lovely, and you know when they put Sex Pistols songs in their repetoire that you're doing a grand job :)

Anonymous said...

Haha, you go girl, I'm a huge fan of new experiences AND cognitive therapy! Funny to hear of all the responses to your pants post, and glad you followed your wayward heart. xo

Caroline said...

My life philosophy is the same as Dr Peppers...what's the worse that can happen? My pessimist husband always tells me!

My six year old's favourite song is currently Fashion by David Bowie. I love hearing children singing inappropriate tunes!


Fiona said...

Good for you Curtise, I'm sure your technicolour trews brightened up a grey wintery June day in Sheffield. (What is going on with this weather?? Just about to get jumpers out again)
Didn't watch Jubilee concert but heard the national treasures were v.disappointing and only Tom was any good. Heard that bloke (WTF!) being interviewed on radio 2,& never heard anyone spout such a load of horse shit.
Love the pics of the LB's karaoke and am sure THEY didn't disappoint. xxx

The Style Crone said...

Beautiful tunic top with headpiece. And the leopard print t-bar shoes are amazing.

It looks like great fun to be your child! I too worked in mental health for most of my adult life. Do you think it has something to do with why we are now bloggers?

mispapelicos said...

Brilliant stuff. I bet your children are creative an interesting like you.
You are already beautiful, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh. I am also a republican...

Vintage Coconut said...

I love your peacock top, it's impressive!
The girls look like they are having a blast! I would be too I would love to do KARAOKE (In the privacy of my own home of course.)
"In one of the garage sale ads for Tomorrow someone advertised they would be selling one.... HMMM maybe it's a sign"
I can't believe seldom seen would rather read a book... than dress up and sing with his Sisters. *hehee*

Forest City Fashionista said...

Kudos to you for taking those Valentino pants out into the daylight, with no tragic consequences. I have some things that I think are AMAZING, and yet a friend will give me the side-eye about, but if I'm feeling ultra confident I'll just wear it anyway! I used to have an lp with "Rock the Boat" on it when I was a teenager and would sing and dance to it in our living room. Some things never change, thank goodness!

Unknown said...

Brilliant i so agree with you. Wear what ever you want and what makes you happy ;-)) Your girls look gorgeous by the way they look so much to be around. Have a lovely weekend, dee xx

Trees said...

I'm glad I'm not the only person who doesn't care about this damn jubilee! I know the Queen of England is also our Queen, but seriously, how relevant is it in modern day nz? Ok rant over! I do love that you guys sang karaoke together - so much fun! You girls look so sweet and seldom seen brother is at least studious when he's not having family fun - that's pretty impressive. I think everyone should wear whatever makes them comfortable, not what society says they should wear. To hell with other people!!

Max said...

Your party looks much more fun than hers (you know, that queen woman)despite seldom seen's lack of partee spirit. Delighted to hear of your CBT experiment, I'm trained in cbt too and love to give myself little scary project when i notice I'm avoiding stuff (btw where did you work in mental health in Sheff? I worked at Whitley Woods clinic before I came to NZ, last in 1999 ish).

karensomethingorother said...

I loves me some karaoke with my own family! My inlaws have a whole setup in their basement, and in a few weeks when all kinds of party relatives from England will be here, I think it will be expected that I cough up a tune...or twelve.

Anyhoo, you look fabulous. Forget jeans--just wear lurex leggings.

two squirrels said...

Oh sweet the pants were so meant to go to tea and knock there socks off!!!!!!
Looking so sparkly in the leggings and fabulous dress.
The kiddies are too cute!!!! I wish I could sing. I never ever do.
Love v

Sarah Jane said...

I love the pics of your little rock stars. Looks like they had so much fun. The jubilee nonsense wasn't my cup of tea either, although I did enjoy Madness playing on the roof of Buck Palace.

Love the headband btw xx

Rose&Bird said...

I reckon Her Majesty should try one of Desiree's headbands for the next state event!
Glad you gave the trousers another go - like you say, you've got to follow your own instincts. Very interesting summary of CBT - I've heard of it, but didn't know much about how it works x

Unknown said...

Yes rock the boat! Who gives a shit Curtise!
Wear wathever wherever! There are other issues in the world than your crazy Valentiino pants!

Have a great weekend


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Yes to putting on your own concert - I couldn't bring myself to watch the parade of embarrassing elderly stars they'd wheeled out for the Queen. Elton John and Cliff give me shudders!

Vix said...

Look at me, spend a weekend in a field and miss two posts by you! Looking at how fabulous you look in those leggings I think you should try a pair of denim leggings (I can't bring myself to call them the hideous J***ing) 'cos you've got a figure to die for and they'd show off your endless legs a treat!
If that travesty was the cream of the British pop scene I think I'm emigrating. Your kids have far better taste and with a mum as cool as you what else could we expect!

Sara said...

You are dynamite with a laser beam. :D

This ensemble gives me so much satisfaction, Jagger would be jealous. Hehe I'm such a dork. The top is fab..LOVE the design. I adore this style top w/ leggings like these..and bangles and a floral headband! DIVINE.

YAY for karaoke! Everyone looks darling! XOXOXO

Miss Simmonds Says said...

What is this karaoke site, I've heard of it but not as a online venture. tell me more. I want to annoy everyone by singing along to stuff. I already do that with Rockbands 1,2,3 and Beatles.

anyway, back to you. I love the tunic, shoes and lurex, gorgeous!

What did you decide with the jeans? I think they're fine but extremely boring every day

doradadama said...

Amor you and your girls know how to rock the house down.
Love how they like to dress up too.
Wear whatever you want its your hot body and you may do what you want.
Boy is cute annoyingly reading a book.
Luv ya