Tuesday 26 June 2012

Call me Contessa

Birthdays are good. Another year older? Yeah, so?

(48, if you're asking.)

Another year ahead to make more friends, laugh loads, and play dress up. Nothing wrong with that!

I gave you a sneak preview of my gift from my buddy Sue, but I thought you might appreciate seeing it in all its glory.

It's a 1960s Contesa nightie and peignoir set. It's gorgeous!

It was crying out to be worn with my Sassy Vamps headress. 

I usually feel a bit washed out in soft pastel shades, but for some reason this lovely lilac is fine. Desiree, clever woman that she is, said she made chose the headband because she thought the colour would work with my hair. And I think she may be spot on!

Now I've been calling this set Contessa (as in Italian Countess). But when I thought about it, the spelling is different. So being nerdy (but not having any Italian) I looked up contesa, and found that it means a quarrel, argument or dispute.

Did the lingerie/nightwear brand anticipate bedroom dramas in their frothy bri-nylon creations?

Surely not! It was probably just a 1960s spelling mistake...

According to the Urban Dictionary, a contessa is a supreme goddess, and wonderful woman. I'll take that.

I mean you wouldn't argue with anyone wearing this, would you?

Especially if she's offering you a drink!

I'm not sure what it says about me that I was given 4 bottles of Champagne/Cava/Prosecco by various friends. Actually, it's perfectly clear what it says...

And though I wasn't going to do a look what I got for my birthday kind of post, I had to show you these. Top Honey Joanne gave me a mint still-got-the-stickers-on set of groovy 1970s German glasses, still in their original box . Well, I'm assuming they are German by the text on the box, but I guess they could be Swiss or Austrian. Anyone know?

Wherever they originated, I love them muchly.

So come on over for an contesa with the Barefoot Contessa. As long as we only argue over whose drinking out of which glass, it'll be fine.

(The Urban Dictionary again - there are alternative meanings for Barefoot Contessa here. 

There was me, merely thinking of the Ava Gardner film, and now I realise there is so much I don't know, and only the next 48 years to fill in the gaps!

Now that's what I call good wrapping!



The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Happy Birthday Contes/sa.
Hope it's the best yet.

Krista said...

Happy Birthday to the gal with the most beautiful PJ posts ever! I love you in a nightie as much as a maxi ;p The lilac flowers are an absolute must!!! Are you kidding me with those glasses? I love them muchly too! After three drinks in em' I'd trade them in for something else for fear of drunken breakage, or are we too old for that :) I do hope you had a wonderful weekend it seems like you did. I celebrate you!

I'll have that contesa with you for sure. If you can get some blood oranges they make the best mimosas!!!

Much Birthday love to a woman I adore!

Max said...

happy birthday! what groovy prezzies i'm glad you showed us x

Rose&Bird said...

The nightie set is fab, far too nice to be restricted to the bedroom. You must wear it for lounging and being waited on contessa style! Love those glasses and would happily accept a glass of bubbly from you, no arguments needed!

Sissy said...

Well of course we want to see your birthday booty, and it's just gorgeous you lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!
I love those glasses - so groovy!
And yes a birthday 'haul', please!

Caroline said...

Happy birthday! That should not be a nightdress, its far too glamorous. I'd wear it wandering the house on a lazy Sunday (not that i can remember the last time that happened!)

Also love the glasses. I'm eyeing up a few sets on eBay at the moment but they keep exceeding my budget.

You're a lucky lady!

Anonymous said...

Oh My God, I LOVE those glasses! Okay, I'll ship you my legs for those, okay? Pleeeeeze!!
All seriousness though, what a find those are. Gorgeous.
And you look so sweet/sexy in that nighty. I always feel so good in those but right now I don't even have one. They're so much more special than flannel or anything else pajama for that matter.
Is that really a drink? Or bubble bath? LOL

one denim bird said...

Hip Hip hooray! Happy Belated birthday to you too.
Ah yes the Bri-nylon nightie, my mum obviously wore one on her honeymoon! It was still in the suitcase at the back of the wardrobe years later and us girls would sneak in there and dress up! I bet she giggled at us and the memories *wink*.

Melanie said...

The quarrel, argument or dispute the label is referring to is a pillow fight a la Doris Day and Rock Hudson in Pillow Talk land. Or maybe between Sophia Loren and Cary Grant in Houseboat - much better. Gorgeous wonderful nightgown and peignoir. Do lounge about in it! The perfect crown as well.

Angie said...

Happy birthday and lots of health ,creativity and inspiration in your life.It's the perfect gift from your friend ,it totally suits your style!I like it when I spot mistakes on labels ,it's so funny.The glasses remind me of my childhood and the esthetics of that time.Keep your positive attituda!!!

Unknown said...

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!

You look DIVINE in that splendid frothy lilac number - I honestly could not love you MORE in that fab creation! And those GLASSES - OMG THOSE GLASSES!!! They are so gorgeous, I absolutely ADORE them.

I do hope you are having a WONDERFUL birthday week - and consider yourself birthday bitch slapped by my love!

Sarah xxx

two squirrels said...

Oh more big squirrels hugs for the birthday girl!!!!!!
Yay you gorgeous thing, look at that dreamy lilac nightie on you!!!!! The sassy headband is perfect.
Lots of love to you Curtise.
Love v

frockandrollonline.com said...

I ADORE your attitude to birthdays, and you look gorgeous. Happiest of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY'S to you, lovely lady!

Trees said...

Oh Curtise! What a fabulous nightie! Happy Birthday!! Also love that set of glasses - wow!

Robert Barnsley said...

Happy birthday Curtise, Thanks for sharing it with us. X

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Happy birthday, Curtise. Have a wonderful time floating about in your gorgeous nightie and quaffing cava from one of those fabulous glasses. Sounds heavenly. xx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Happy Happy Happy birthday to the most glamorous prosecco drinking nightwear attired blogger I know! That set is fabulous, and the sassy vamps floral extravaganza does indeed look wonderful against your hair. A new career beckons for Desiree doing ladies' 'colours'!

I can spend hours accidentally on Urban Dictionary, and always come away from it feeling strangely soiled!


Miss Claire said...

A goddess you are, lovely lady! That nightgown looks so flowy and beautiful. I feel you should be running through a field! HAPPY BIRTHDDDAYYY!

Vicky Hayes said...

Oh you make me laugh Curtise! What a brilliant night time outfit and no, you're right you'd be too speechless to argue with anyone wearing it - a two piece frothy bri-nylon creation no less! What were the designers thinking?! And called a peignoir too - I have to use that word TODAY! I love it. Love the glasses too what a fab prez. Hope you had a lovely birthday. Vicky x

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!!
Your night gown is sumptuous and the liliac looks perfect on you!! Very good italian lesson, I'm impressed, maybe as you wrote they mistake the two words!Very funny the Barefoot contessa meanings!!I love the glasses too!!
Kisses xxxxx

Vix said...

Happy Birthday you sexy minx! That nightie takes me right back, I remember the Contesa shop in Walsall, it's where I was measured for my first bra back in 1976, the shop assistants were all Mrs Slocombe lookalikes in brown crimplene pinafore dresses and pastel coloured hairdos and very scary indeed.
Those glasses are bloody fantastic!
Cheers to the next 48 years! xxxxxxx

Jaki Morris said...

Happy Birthday to you!

I love the floaty nighty look. I remember our local Contesa so well. When I was in the changing room trying on maternity bras my 6 week old son decided he wanted feeding! So there I sat on a stool breast feeding in a lingerie shop. Where better?!
Take care


mispapelicos said...

Happy birthday, my dear friend. You are just a baby, ahhhhhh. Well a baby and a a goddess.
I am so glad to have met you.

Melanie said...

Happy birthday lovely lady! I love what you're wearing xxx

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday again Contesa- you are indeed, the best, the supreme Contesa - a diva surely in this spectacular nighty!

This was a an extraordinary gift!

Take care my dearest!

Ariane xxx

Fiona said...

Ooh yes, I remember Contesa with their Playtex bra's (which lift and separate!) and 18hr girdles. You do look very seductive in your peignoir set, all that's missing is a cigarette holder and fag. I see you're a girl after my own heart - drinking Bolly from a tumbler.

Sarah Jane said...

Ooh those glasses are making me swoon big time! Love the flouncy pastel purple look too. Nothing like a bit of kitsch nightware glamour xx

Monsterchen said...

che bella contessa! happy birthday darling and this nighty is really beyond beauty!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

It sounds like it should be so romantic but Barefoot Contessa seems to have been hijacked by some people with terrible experiences or a grudge or a toe fetish. You look gorgeous, I really want a peignoir, not sure I'll look ass floaty and romantic as you though! That lilacy purple does really suit you!

Una said...

Happy Birthday! Holy crap you look amazing I would of never guessed 48. I guess it's all that could weather over there protecting you from the sun or your fondness for champagne.

Kitty said...

maxi-mum Contesa for the Contessa, that's what I say. Sounds like you had a fab birthday, and rightly deserved.xx.

citizen rosebud said...

Happy Belated Birthday! 48 is the new 23.

Forest City Fashionista said...

I hope you had the most wonderful birthday, swanning about in your lilac pegnoir, sipping champagne! Those are the BEST glasses ever!!!
I don't know if 48 is the new 23, as Bella said. When I turned 50, people told me it was the new 30. Let's be the best possible people we can, at whatever age we're at, and laugh, love, and thrift shop til the end.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I'm so glad to hear that you're looking forward to the next 48 years perfecting your argumentative supreme goddess skills:)). You will never be beaten in 60s bri-nylon and a floral headband with instant magical powers to ward off other people's bad moods - works everytime for me too:)))). I adore your boxed glasses so much, but you are the best gift of all: the beautiful Curtise who never fails to make me smile!!!!! xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

You are a vision of loveliness in your birthday garb, but someone should be serving YOU the bubbly.

Vintage Coconut said...

I am HORRIBLY late..
BUT HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY anyways!!! You look rather fantastic in your peignoir set.
I love it with Des's flower band.

doradadama said...

Oh my Contessa barefoot birtyday girl!
You look glorious in Goddess gown.
Oh I couldnt resist your charms, those glasses are fit for a fine Contessa such as yourself.