Wednesday 13 June 2012

Wait a minute, Mr Postman

                                                There's been good and bad news on the postal front.

   I'm really upset that a parcel from the lovely Kylie of Lucy Violet Vintage has gone missing.

I was ridiculously excited at the prospect of seeing what treasures she had found, and I'm gutted that she has spent her money, only for either Australia Post or Royal Mail to lose the parcel. Boo! I'm still hoping it may show up, fashionably late.

On a more positive note, Royal Mail managed to get a parcel from Walsall to Sheffield without any misadventure. Hooray! Vix has been at it again with her Care Packages of Wonder.

A beautiful skirt from India, made from recycled sari fabrics, a 1972 June annual, 1950s cut out dress-up dollies, and a Butterick pattern, poodle notelet, and....

... a dress which couldn't fit me any better if it tried!

Actually it's part of a Tricoville dress suit, I'm assuming from the mid-late 1970s, what do you think?

        To quote Vix; I love it but not sure if it works worn together! She suggested trying the top with skinny jeans. Yeah, and you know how I look in jeans, right?  Still if our Style Queen Vix makes a suggestion, you'd be a fool not to listen! 

Could I look any snootier? It must be the fascinator giving me delusions of grandeur.

             Can I make this? Vix reckons I can.

I loved cut-out dolls when I was little. I remember having some particularly fabulous ones in the late 60s-early 70s with amazingly groovy clothes. Wish I still had them.

I don't actually remember June, though I feel I ought to. Turtle neck, tiny skirt and knee socks - yep,  that says early 1970s childhood outfit to me!

      Camping advice, including useful foot care tips.

Interesting that wearing the same dress is considered dowdy... A little bit of bitchiness, 1972-style!

Luckily, my blogging sisters are made of kinder stuff!

I love my gifts. I love this dress. I love blogging!

I don't love the crap weather and the fuzzy wuzzy scuzzy indoor pics. Oh well, you can't have everything.



Caroline said...

Fab package! I love everything in it! Vix is a clever bunny.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you - I love the outfit separately but no together....

But the rest of vix's package is lush!!!!!!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Vix has great style and so do you.
I love the shot with the jeans. Fab.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the dress, what a wonderful giftie to get in the mail! The colours, the fit - so gorg! The top is wonderful too - great with skinnes but you could also do long flowy black pants for a chic 1970s look. Hope your other package shows up soon.

Ivy Black said...

Wonderful. She's always bang on is Vix! What a gorgeous dress. And yes y'can make it. Easy peasey, lemon squeezy.

Vix said...

That top and skirt don't look half bad together but you look so amazing in the dress on it's own it seems a crime to cover it up! The fit is even better than I hoped, love it! The snooty face with the skinnies is a classic, I could be quite intimidated if if didn't know you better!
I was reading the camping tips to Jon before we went away,they don't publish advice like they used to!
Can't wait to see that dress made. I loved the pattern and managed to track a Vix-sized version down which is currently on loan to a mate.
We've had sunshine today!!! xxxxx

Krista said...

Really are you killing me in this dress, it's absolutely made for you. Vix can really nail it when it comes to style in general~ hers, ours all of it. I love the excerpts from the books to think they were teaching those to our girls! :) What did the authors know about fashion anyway! Can't wait to see you rock the skirt form India too! It may to cold out but you are HOT!

Melanie said...

Fits don't get any better than this. You look awesome in this dress and the bolero suits it so well too. Vix, the clothing psychic. I also love the top with your skinny jeans. There's nothing like a package in the mail during crap weather to cheer ourselves up. Thanks for sharing your lovely care package. It's fun to peek inside!

Sarah Jane said...

You look awesome in skinny jeans. I agree the outfit works better seperately. Vix is such a sweetie isn't she. I love old Girlie annuals. Tht Butterick pattern looks like it'd be so easy to make and what a lovely style xx

Unknown said...

aahh you look fabulous in the frock i love it on its own it looks gorgeous on you and i agree its a perfect fit ;-)) What lovely goodies i loved those cut out dolls to. Yes you can make that dress just take your time when cutting out and your be fine ;-)) dee xx

Dawn said...

That dress is gorgeous on you. Perfectly tailored and vintage to boot. Love the camping tips. Dawn suitcase vignettes xo

mispapelicos said...

I agree with Vix. The dress works wonderfully on it own, and the top has its own character. Brilliant all round, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

Louise Mc said...

I love it, but I have to agree with Vix, the dress works better alone and then the top with jeans. Can't wait for you to show us the results of your sewing too. Damn post! X

Anonymous said...

I love that dress too! And I love the top with your skinny jeans. Definitely keep those jeans, okay?

There seems to be crappy weather everywhere. Seattle hasn't even seen spring weather yet. I'm so sick of it! Good thing getting dressed up and blogging helps. And there's always warm people on the other side of their screens to help us feel connected.
My favorite childhood activity was paper dolls. I made all my own clothes for them using the kitchen window as a "light box." Sometimes the clothes were so ugly, but I just told myself that not all our clothes can be cute! Well, I was wrong!!! ;) But that's probably because my mother had horrible taste in what she'd bring home in bags from the Goodwill. ;(

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

OMG, Curtise, that dress is perfecto on you. And what are you on about, the jeans look great on you too you sexy little beast you. xx

Trashsparkle said...

That is a fabulous fit Missus Swishy... and I'm dead impressed you magicked up tights to match!

We'll all send blogger vibes to the post office to make Kylie's parcel appear soon xx

Max said...

That dress is amazing, the colours, the style, and it fits! And the top looks great with skinnies! What a find, what a great gift!

lucy joy said...

How annoying to have a parcel go missing, I do hope it turns up for you.
Vix has excelled herself with this package, as per usual. I am loving you in the dress, the fit, the colours, the pattern - sensational. The problem with wearing it as a suit is that you're hiding the beautifully fitted top part of the dress. The top looks lovely with jeans, I reckon a purple pair of skinny jeans would look great too.
Annuals usued to have such sturdy names - 'Diana' 'June' nobody calls babies those names anymore.

I think the sari fabric skirt is stunning, I've seen them before and they move in such a gentle, feminine way (unlike myself).

Well, I think Kylie's parcel will show up soon, and I look forward to seeing the contents.

Great shot of you with the fascinator - you surely have some aristocracy in your family tree somewhere?

Annie said...

I'm going to go with every-one else and say wear the dress and top seperately. The dress looks fab, and it really is a shame to cover it up.

I used to love those cut-out dolls too. Hours of fun!

I do hope the parcel from Oz arrives - fingers crossed it is just late.

Annie xx

Jean at said...

You look amazing in that dress. The colors and the fit are perfect. I love the hosiery and shoes too. I also love that top with jeans!!!! Ummm, I think I love it all.

joyatri said...

I can't decide if I like the dress on its own or the top with the skinny jeans better. You look wonderful in both. And the purple tights and T-strap shoes are lovely accessories for the dress.

Kylie said...

Love and adore that dress Curtise, you look stunning, beautiful, gorgeous etc in it, but without it's matching top (in real life I wouldn't be the girl giving tips on how to dress, I'd probably tick box b) unless you were my bestest friend and I'd known you for a-g-e-s) Wear the top with skinnies.
I have a June book from 1963 - it's where I get my hilarious horoscopes from.
I haven't given up on your parcel arriving...quite yet x

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I love your gifts, I love your frock, I love bloggers ... I love YOU!!! That gorgeous number was definitely made you - oh yeah baby, for YOU!! I love how it's so divinely versatile and shows of your perfect rack and wee waist:)). Oh god, I remember those bitchy girly tips from 60s and 70s mags - priceless!! Oooh and the paper dolls and sari skirt - Terri's wearing one today for her birthday - I can't wait to see your's on lovely:)) xxooo

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Loving the Vix frock on you...what a perfect fit! The matching top looks great with skinnies. Super stylie! I love those chubby little dress up dolls....check out their stumpy legs! I do hope the Kylie parcel shows up. Damn the post when things go missing! Xx

Unknown said...

The frock is SPLENDIFEROUS! The colours and fit are perfect on you - and the top with the skinnies is superfabularsehole! The vintage books are fab - how funny is that bitchiness about the dress??? Hope that parcel turns up.

Love you more than paper dolls! Sarah xxx

Fiona said...

Fabulous fitastic dress from Vix, and lovely annual and cut-out dollies. Do you remember Bunty? Hope to see your efforts with the Singer in due course, I'm sure it'll be a breeze for someone like you and if not Vix'll give you some tips.
Can't believe you didn't like Pete's arse!

Trees said...

That dress is perfect on you and also love those paper dolls - they are adorable.

I love the 1972 bitchiness too - gah!!

I do hope we'll see you make that pattern up very soon, time to get your craft geek on!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Two beautiful outfits from one set how cool!! Vix's is a clever one isn't she! I adore the colours and your t bar shoes. xxx

two squirrels said...

Oh miss Curtise that dress is just gorgeous on you!!!! The fit and the colours, yummy. Miss Vix is just too lovely.
The matching top is great with jeans.
Oh I love paper dolls. I have a few gorgeous vintage ones.
Love v

Unknown said...

Fabulous gifts Curtise!
Vix has the eye for nice stuff !
I love the outfit on its own and with the jeans which may i say look good on you maybe??

Crappy weather, we have been having an early summer here, sorry to say!

Take care lovely


Vintage Coconut said...

The package could still arrive... sometimes it takes 2 weeks longer than the time frame they give.

The package from Vix is lovely, that skirt is so pretty.

I love the top with the skinny jeans look! Your look fierce!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Vix's presents, she has such an unique and great taste!!
I love the patchwork skirt very much, can't wait to see you modeling it for us, the clashing mix of fabrics is brilliant!! The dress print is awesome and it looks amazing on you!!
I love the shirt both on the dress and on skinny jeans!
I love all June's illustrations and advices, I need more, please!!!

Anonymous said...

The dress is a marvelous fit and beautiful colors. What if you wear the top LOOSE (without the belt) and jeans! I like the fascinator.

VAL said...

You do suit that dress, good match with the tights too haha. I loved those cut out dolls when I was little, even if the clothes did always fall off lol.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

The dress is completely perfect! Well done Vix, she's truely amazing! Oh and I love the paper dolls, I really want some. That top does look rather good with jeans doesn't it? Just the way to make jeans more interesting!
finger's crossed your other parcel turns up soon too :(
Also, I've read similar things in those sort of 70s annuals, wasn't everyone bitchy?!

Natali Crystal said...

love these outfits x

Natali xox

Thrift Bee said...

Your post make me larf. I'm your newest follower. Looking forward to more larfs in the future. Tx

doradadama said...

Gorgeous you look as gorgeous as ever!
Love how this frock shows of your chi chis, waist and everything. Love it with skinny jeans too an that fascinator is fascinating.
Vixcita, outdone her magic fashion ways.
Patchwork skirt is so stunning, cant wait to see how you style it up.

Forest City Fashionista said...

Vix has the best eye for what suits her blogger buddies - that dress is just soooooo flattering on you! The top looks very cool with the jeans, but the two pieces together is just overwhelming. Definite WOW on the dress! Paper dolls were my favourite thing to play with when I was around 7 or 8 - I would make my own clothes for them.

The Style Crone said...

Vix is brilliant. This outfit is divine and you really know how to wear it! The fascinator is a special touch, and I think you look great in the jeans as well. The sari skirt is another treasure in waiting!

Angie said...

Great post.I loved cut dolls ,too.The dress and top rock. You're so lucky when you thrift.

Sara said...

This gorgeous dress was indeed made for you! Ah, stunner!!! And look at all the fantastic ways to wear this wonder!

You can totally make a fab dress from that delish pattern..I have complete faith. I can't wait to see it. :D

What neat things! Hope your parcel turns up; I know the icky feeling! XOXO

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Snooty? I would say the word is Patrician. The top actually looks great with jeans, I think you exaggerate your problems with them to make us 'dowdier' mortals feel better ;-)

Great parcel from Vix, but how infuriating to be missing one from Kylie, she's so great at them. I hope it turns up soon.

I have every faith that you will be wowing us with a Butterick frock any day now.

citizen rosebud said...

That dress looks made for you- fit colors and print! Oh, yeah, if Queen Vix say pull out a pair of skinny jeans and wear with top- it will be right. And it is. All hail.