Saturday 9 June 2012

Falling on my head like a memory

We Brits do like a chunter about the weather. Mostly because it is so awful. Here we are, almost the middle of June, and I've had to unearth on a woolly hat...

                                            At least the garden is benefiting from the rain. Another British cliche!

The kids and I spent the day in York on Thursday, visiting their adopted Grandma. J is my sister's partner's mum. Since she was longing for grandkids but had none, and our kids are badly off for grandparents, there only being my mum, we agreed on a mutually delightful arrangement by which J is their honorary second Grandma!

Later on, we met up with my friend Patsy and her daughter. Patsy was kind enough to whizz the kids off to Clifford's Tower...


         I could have a speedy trawl through the many charity shops which line Goodramgate.

                                                                             Our Lady's Row

There was a lot of vintage, but at a price. The York chazzas are definitely on the retro/vintage bandwagon, the Sue Ryder shop even had a whole room upstairs devoted to it. Everything was well-displayed and there was some good stock, but a little too expensive for me. I did pick something up as a gift for a blog buddy (so it's a secret!) and I found this lovely tin in Oxfam.

                                                       Is there a lovelier colour than kingfisher blue?

Yesterday, the LBs and I braved the conditions to take Seldom Seen for a haircut, pop into Tesco, and inevitably have the briefest of rummages in a charity shop, where Eldest spotted this cantilever sewing box.

I do already have one, an older version in dark wood but missing its legs. I couldn't leave this one behind though. It had some cottons, zips and lace inside. I think all sewing baskets/boxes should come with bits and pieces still inside, it's part of their charm. Minnie likes it too.

I bought this jersey maxi dress from Ebay last year, where it was listed, along with a blurry photo, as vintage. I was fairly sure it wasn't old, but it was cheap so I took a chance. It's from Matalan! That's fine, I like the frock, but I do hate it when people misrepresent items as vintage which clearly are not. However, at 99p, I wasn't going to make a fuss.

                                                                                     Great print.


So there we are. Not much to report. Yesterday, Littlest spilled a glass of orange juice all over my favourite suede patchwork bag. I shouted. She cried. I de-nitted SSK before his hair cut (I thought it only polite). The girls and I went to a jumble sale this morning which was advertised as "massive". It wasn't. I love that my girls weren't remotely phased by the various rough and ready women behind the stalls, the one whose every other word was swearing and who had major body odour issues, and another, about my age, but with fewer than average teeth. They chatted happily, rummaged, and came home with more bargains than me.

The baton has been passed.

                                              What's been happening in your world this weekend? xxxxxx


Sarah Jane said...

I went to my first car boot sale (as an adult) the other week and I was terrified! I'm sure its one of those things you get used to. I know moaning about the weather is very British but its only a cliche because its true. We have the most PANTS weather! York is a lovely city but I find it so painfully aware of itself that it puts me off a little. Also, its always jam packed with people, mostly students to the point where you can't move! You found some lovely finds though x

Ivy Black said...

I know! I must stop blithering on about the weather...but I can't help it! Lovely finds there. I love the tin and a sewing box is always worth nabbing if the price is right. The dress is fab and 99p. That's more like it...and you rock in it.
Have a great rest of weekend.

Fiona said...

Great vintage Matalan dress, for 99p got to be a winner. Glad to hear the LB's are chips off the old block when it comes to jumbling, start 'em early I say. Weather has been dreadful down here too as you know but it was surprisingly pleasant today when I was out with 'you know who'. Found a junk shop with vintage fabric/clothes but far too pricey for my pocket. Enjoy what's left of the weekend. xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I am so sad about the weather, can't wear my pretty frocks, wah. But I am a fan of your look, a pretty frock with a jean jacket, and that can keep the chilblains away, lol. The print on the dress is lovely, btw, but yes, with a contemporary mass market tag on it, it seems sneaky of the seller to classify said frock as vintage as opposed to 'vintage-inspired.' Did you get the juice out of your bag? I spilled olive oil on my suede booties, and even masses of baking soda doesn't seem to have helped much. :)

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Poo to the cold and rain, yay to you for looking ever so scrumptious in your misrepresented yet very lovely maxi frock! York looks lovely, I would love to have been your wee chazza shadow:)). Isn't kingfisher blue simply divine? I LOVE your new tin and box, it's so encouraging to see the wee ones getting into the swing of treasure-hunting isn't it? I love it when the kids get revved up about a 10-cent book or other treasure:))). I can't send you any sunshine today sweetie because it's bucketing down here too - swooning over your garden!!! xxxxxxxx

Trees said...

English weather sounds a lot like Wellington weather - maybe that's why so many Brits come to live here:) I love that sewing box and your girls just sound so cool at the jumble sale - you go girls! xoxo

Jean at said...

My outfit today bore a startling resemblance to yours!! Sort of similar print maxi, denim jacket (in my case sleeveless), hat, but mine was in defense of the hot sun, flip flops instead of boots, but the general vibe was so similar. Plus, I bitch about the weather constantly, since I hate the heat. Parallel universe.

I still go thrifting with my now-grown children when I see them. It's a great way to bond. Your garden is lovely and I love your outfit (obviously...see above!)

karensomethingorother said...

Well, you do have fabulous gardens in England, and I've heard the flowers come up in February. FEBRUARY! The Canadian month of DESPAIR! Still, I couldn't take that much rain, which is why I also would not move to Vancouver BC.

You had a full weekend! My sis and I went to the Salvation Army, and had fun looking at all the amazing second-hand prom dresses that were on display, and wishing our daughters were old enough to buy one, while at the same time trying not to wish them to grow up too quickly.

Kitty said...

Aww look at those quaint (to me) little shops, they look like they'd be hiding a huge pile of crusty treasures-damn!
Love the baton passing, and I know how good a feeling it is. The other week when in the van, VB and I passed a massive pile of junk on the side of the road. as soon as she saw it VB screamed 'THERE IT IS!!!!'. I literally laughed out loud...not bad for a 4 year old with autism and major delays!!

Kitty said...

P.S. I'm thinking of starting a weekly link-up post, featuring the best and worst of our charity shop/thrifty/frugal/boot sale finds for the week. Just canvassing here, but would you be interested/bothered enough to paticipate if I was to go ahead??

Melanie said...

You look positively herbal, like you've grown from a verdant garden, something about the print and the green scarf and hat. I looove that look, and your turquoise pendant is beautiful with that hint of pink camisole(?).

It's been 10 to 13C here (about 50F) so I feel I have the right to complain very LOUDLY!!! Tights and my winter coat are still on duty!

I'm glad you got some time out for checking the shops. I love the tin and sewing box.

Unknown said...

Ahhh its great when kids get into the whole chairty and jumble rummage thing to ;-)) There soon be bringing you goodies home to ;-)) You look gorgeous as always love the dress and i love a denim jacket to. This weather is really pants i think we have had a fair share of rain now. Love your little tin and sewing box there great. dee xx

Unknown said...

Sometimes I envy the dreary weather you have over me Wednesday Adams, but a good rainy dreary day can put me in a fabulous mood! The dress is fabulous! Sometimes it's really difficult to tell nowadays if something is vintage! So much is vintage inspired....though not vintage, it still looks gorgeous on you!! Have a great Sunday!!! Hugs! ~Serene

Rose&Bird said...

I know what you mean - I had to get my winter coat out on Friday! Sounds like the girls are following in your fabulous footsteps, you must be very proud! Went to York a fe years ago, but we were a bit late getting there and most of the shops had closed. The dress is pretty and for 99p you can't really go wrong, but I'm with you on the modern as vintage description. Drives me nuts seeing primark etc. described as vintage x

Krista said...

Kids can never have too many folks in their life who love em' so I am diggin the grandma story. I guess everyone is just trying to make a buck and these charity shops are getting wise:( I love your new sewing box! The dammed British weather is part of my you guys are so resilient. This dress is another reason why you rock the maxi, love the print and it looks so comfy too. Weather has been a bit crappy for us too but this week looks promising:). Lots of yard work, cooking and a bit of shopping for me this weekend. Oh and a trip to an historic mansion.
Big kisses-

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful maxi and looks like it feels yummy on. I love it!

Caroline said...

So jealous. I want a cantilever sewing box for my dining room.

Misleading eBay titles and descriptions really irk me too.

I did pick up a few bits in the chazza on Friday but I'll blog them later in the week. I went to a vintage fair today but couldn't find it so went for tea and cake instead.


The Style Crone said...

Even though your weather hasn't entered summer as yet, you are beautiful under the umbrella in your patterned maxi in your vibrant garden. The sewing box is such a find and I love that the baton has been passed. The joys of parenting!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

It's a lovely dress, but what a cheeky bollix describing Matalan as vintage! Unless they're one of those people who genuinely think anything that's not still available in the shops is vintage. Still, 99p is 99p.

Love the tin, it looks like it might be the same make as one I have with a fish pattern on it.

Did you get any scary pink hose darn in your sewing box?

Louise Mc said...

Fewer than average teeth? Lol, that made me chuckle. I get really annoyed by people not describing properly too, at 99p you probably would have bought the dress even if she hadn't said vintage. Gotta find me some jumble sales. Xx

Vintage Coconut said...

Well Curtise if you think of it as the rain is keeping you looking lush, young and beautiful, then there really isn't anything to complain about huh??? =P

The fabric of the dress looks great. It's too bad they lied in their listing though... but maybe they don't don't much about vintage and really thought it was. I have met ppl in thrifts that hold up any "Funky looking patterned item" and say (LOOK at this vintage shirt) Meanwhile you see a "George" (Walmart brand) Tag in the inside. And in my head I am saying "YESSS It's totally vintage from like 2 years ago....

King Fisher Blue is pretty darn lovely.

Anonymous said...

I shall duly report on my weekend in Monday's post--it proved to be far more than I anticipated! It's an attractive dress and yeah, for passing on the thrifting baton. It took me YEARS to convert my children to shopping that way.

Unknown said...

We had suberb weather here!
And we do as well talk constantly about the weather!
Hit a good garage sale , i guess it is the equialent of your car boot sales. Garage sales are all over in the summer.
You made me laugh when you said fhat soy milk is the drink of the devil! I drink Almond milk as well, wht do you think of that?

I love your maxi, hour signature look!

Ariane xxx

Annie said...

I'm fed up with the weather and I'm fed up with myself for moaning about it! Still, your garden looks heavenly so it's not ALL bad.

It's really interesting to hear about the charity shops in different parts of the country, though I can't say I'm surprised that they are of the 'Portas' variety in York.

I wouldn't be at all bothered about that dress being Matalan - it looks fabulous, and for 99p was an absolute snip. I do agree about misleading descriptions on ebay though. Very irritating.

The kingfisher tin is lovely too.

Vix said...

That dress is absolutely stunning, I'd never have known it wasn't 1970s. I'm sure that some people think "vintage" means second-hand.
My cantilevered sewing box is a cat attractant too, as son as I open mine one of ours climbs on top and knocks the blessed thing over.
I'm dead impressed with the youngsters ability to sniff out a bargain, you've taught them well!
De-lousing, spilt juice and tears, never a dull moment round yours is there?
This weather's doing me head in, I think I may turn to drink.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

No complaining about the weather here - it's been between 26 and 30 degrees the last few days (I guess that's in the 80's or 90's for you folk?). I laughed when you said "the baton has been passed"! Excellent, job well done ingraining the thrift-shopping habit in your offspring. I love the print on that dress; it's true what Vix said that some people think anything that's secondhand is "Vintage".

Unknown said...

Hi Curtise,

About Leo, some Ladies were concerned - It is common to have cats and dogs shave here - In Leo's case he had long hair and a bit of knots - He is fine and he loves it i think -

Ariane xxx

Dawn said...

I love reading about your adventures. Your words are funny and quirky but great writing stylefor. Dressier another winner. Shame on them for lying about being vintage. Dawn suitcase vignettes xo

Miss Simmonds Says said...

the weather's made me so depressed, I need the heat back. I love that dress, but yes it also pisses me off when things are advertised as vintage when they're blatently not. GRRR

doradadama said...

Wtf is up with people but not bad for 99 pents.
You styled up the frock so amazing.
Loving the sewing box and that your girls are into what their Mama knows.
Kingfisher tin is so beautiful, thought it was porcelain box.
I love the rain but when it messes with my boot sale and outfit then i start complaing.

Sara said...

Many congratulations on the successful passing of the baton. Exciting! :D

The frock looks lovely on you, and the print is awesome. I've always had such an immense love for bohemian prints. I hear ya about the misrepresentation of vintage items..that sort of tomfoolery just isn't fair..

Love the tin (kingfisher blue is tops), and the sewing box is really neat! What a fab addition to any room! The scene on the tin is really sweet. My mom often picks up a small tin or ceramic w/ a scene like this at least once a year for me. Things like this are special trinkets, ya know? :)

Glad to hear all is well, Friend. :) XOXO