Tuesday 18 June 2013

The Tale of the Bees and the Greyhound

All that black and white had me craving some bright colour, so giving this dress its first outing was timely. 

Pink! Very pink. 

I won't go on again about how I don't really like pink - it's creeping its way into my wardrobe and my heart, there's no point denying it.

(For further proof, look here.)
I have had this dress for a while, and not worn it.

I think the shape put me off more than the colour, I thought I might look pregnant in it...

And if I keep it, I will have to open up a split in the back hem so I can take my usual size of stride - the bottom of the dress is narrow, and dainty little pitter-patter steps just aren't me!
The back has a little button-up tab to pull in the waist.
I was pottering about in the garden taking photos, and caught a bee making its way into one of the foxglove bells. In fact there were loads of bees around today, which is A Very Good Thing.

Did you know that all bees have names, and they all begin with B? 

Of course you did, everyone knows that.

And doubtless you also know that scooping up a cat and burying your face in its fur is one of life's great pleasures.

For the human, if not the cat.
1970s The Switch by Martin Emprex maxi dress and Clarks sandals - Ebay
Bangles and hair flower - charity shopped
Peacock pendant - local vintage market
Miracle cross pendant - car boot sale


Red and pink garden inspiration.
Another visitor to the garden this afternoon, apart from the bees, was a large handsome greyhound.

He appeared at the back door, much to the indignation of my cats, wearing a collar but no tag with a phone number. A discussion with my neighbour (also a greyhound owner who recognised the dog from walking in the park) led to him being returned to his family up the road, who were mystified as to how he had got out. 

I am completely and utterly a cat person, but Seve was beautiful and very gentle. I could be persuaded that greyhounds make rather adorable pets.

Jess did not agree.

It's been a quiet kind of day, can you tell?

Chatting, taking photos, Ebay listing, pottering, hanging out washing in the sunshine, bee watching, dog retrieving, cat cuddling - all Good Things. 
Oh and cooking, but that's not such a good thing.

How's your Tuesday been?



thorne garnet said...

Tuesday's been fine, got off work at 2pm instead of 6:30pm. Yeah!

Love that the dress label tells you to keep the dress away from fire. Hmm.......

Unknown said...

Oh I do love that colour on you ! And you do not look pregnant ! Beatiful and tall ... also love the colourful pics from your garden !some colours do have a tendensy to creep up on you - i use to only wear black and now i cant get enough colour.

Fiona said...

Visiting Dad, Scooping a fab find at furniture recyling centre, pub lunch with friend, visit to elderly friend and currently wading through a mountain of ironing. Busy like yours!
Your garden is a veritable verdant vista (how's that for alliteration?) Foxgloves are one of my favourites especially as they bring an abundance of bees into the garden. Greyhounds are gentle creatures I've heard, even if they do chase 'hares' and apparently very good with children. What a fantastic name though, surely named after Senor Ballesteros? We had a doggie visitor last night, Prudy was not amused. LOVE the pink dress and you deffo do not look up the duff in it...look at your teeny waist woman! xxx

mispapelicos said...

Beautiful pink dress. The green garden is such a perfect backdrop, Curtise.

Krista said...

You know I'm dying over the pinkness of this dress and it looks fab on you fit color and all! I love that pink is creeping into your closet I think so many women see it as too young or something. Whatever like me care :) Your photo collages are always so coordinated and artsy! Your garden is really quite lovely!

Don't tell Peetee but I would love a Greyhound they are such gentle creatures. They also come in miniature form :) My Tuesday is a bit slow at work but I'm ok with that, as the sun has been hiding most of the day.

Unknown said...

Sounds like such a great quiet day! (Quiet ones are the best in my opinion!)Now, on to that dress.... IT IS FABULOUS!!!!! I love it so much! It is a raspberry dream! Embrace the pink!XXX

Helga said...

O, gawd I LOVE that frock!!
Funny how you think you don't like a colour, but end up with a wardrobe full of it! I haven't worn much pink of late, myself.The print and shape of this frock are DIVOON. I also am a strider, so the narrow bottom would annoy the shit out of me!
Occasionally we have a random dog run into the property-it gets chased off pretty quick! It's usually a nosey one that was going by. I am completely a cat lady, but don't mind dogs, and could see myself with one in the future. It's the smell of them I don't like, more than anything. I love the smell of a cat, and frequently bury my face in my pookies fur, much to their disgust! Ours are very fluffy right now.
Of course bees all have names, and naturally they begin with B!!! Sweet things.

Vix said...

You look astoundingly lovely in pink and not preggers in the slightest, you daft mare!
Those tight skirts are so annoying, tittering around like a geisha is no good when there's a bus waiting, slash the sides and keep it, it would be a crime to left it go.
How odd about the greyhound. I bet the cats were most put out.
There's been about a million bees in our garden today, too. Some had enormously fluffy trousers on, a good sign?
Today was spent pimping a waistcoat, making some curtain couture, basking in the sun and watching Rick Stein and shouting "We've met him", "Been there", "Eaten That" at the telly.
A good day spent in a glorious frock, what could be better?
Love you! xxxxxxxxxx

Rachel said...

Oh that sounds like a nice day! I would love a greyhound to appear in my garden :-) You look mighty fine in pink. It likes you very much, even if you don't like it.

Today I have been buzzbuzzbuzzing around, preparing for a big meeting 2 years in the making, at work! Eeek. The outfit I will wear tomorrow will be special, to match it :-) xxx

Señora Allnut said...

you look fabulous in hot pink (and I'm not a huge fan of pink color myself!), and love that maxi dress splash of color after b&w pretty outfits!, you rock both of them!
besos & pink

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Yeh i agree cooking is pants! I occasionally get inspired but usually is just a chore.

Dress is FAB. Def make it wearable so you can stride down the street in this... NO you don't look pregnant at all. LOVE it.

Rose&Bird said...

Fab dress, great colour and you definitely don't look pregnant (I have similar fears with empire dresses, is it a hangover from maternity wear?!). I can't imagine the cats were impressed by a doggy visitor. One of my cousins has a greyhound who sounds like a complete character. I always feel a bit sorry for them being so skinny, they just look cold when I see them! We often have bees around the foxgloves too - there can never be too many bees as far as I'm concerned.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

My Tuesday was lovely and sunny.
Nice dog walk after work.
Love the pink dress and my favourite brand - Clarks to boot!

Mrs. D said...

ho ho ho, tee hee hee, Eric the Half a Bee! The Monty Python song popped in my mind, I couldn't help it.
the dress looks really good on you - 70's maxi dresses really are your thing!
I miss having a ball of fur around. Maybe one day :)
Much love!

Melanie said...

Your recent penchant for pink is perfectly understandable - just look at you - gorgeous! As for the dainty stepping, let'er rip up the backside. Sometimes I'll suffer a tight hem but only cause I'm too lazy to even rip. What a glorious day you're having. I'm just digging into my Tuesday here, so far so good.

Sheila said...

Eh, it's Tuesday - my double-job day. Work all day, then go do a Weight Watchers meeting.

I wish I'd been cuddling my cat all day.

Connie said...

You actually look very pretty in pink. Very very sweet. Very summery and flowery. Tra la tra la. The bees and cats and friendly greyhounds. Such a nice day. I had a much needed massage this afternoon and I am floating on a cloud.....

Gracey the Giant said...

You look lovely in pink. I'm not the biggest fan of pink either unless it's hot pink like this.

freckleface said...

I didn't know that about bees. I feel so daft. But I did know that about cats. :)

The dress is fabulous, I especially love that detail at the back of the waist, but tiny pitter patter footsteps are no good, you are right. Get it slashed! Let's see those legs!

Your greyhound visitor sounds adorable, but like you I'm strictly a cat person.

My Tuesday was spent trying to cleanse a corrupted database while somebody kept inputting into it, making even more of a mess. I had to be quite forceful with him in the end. Ooh la la! But then we ate tea out in the garden and all was well. xxxxx

Camelia Crinoline said...

I don't really like pink either, but I still seem to buy pink things. You look fabulous in your pink dress. You are the queen of maxis. It must be made of something highly flammable if they warn you to keep away from fire on the label.

Melanie said...

Very pretty dress, it looks lovely on you.
We ended up with a German Shepherd dog in our house once. Andy had seen it bolting out of one of those illegal gypsy camps and by the time he had got back to our village, the dog was there so he caught her and brought her in to the house. I called the number on her collar and it turns out she lived in a house which had been burgled the previous day, there was blood on the floor and their dog was missing. The woman was overwhelmed to know her dog was safe and sent her daughter round to collect her; it was lovely to see the excitement on the dogs face when she recognised her family :)

Unknown said...

Oh no, that dress is gorgeous! The print and the colour really suit you, as well as the shape!

joyatri said...

I know what you mean about pink. I felt the same way but now I have that pink/purple DL Barron maxi that I love. I guess is insidious that way. Your maxi is very flattering but what a nuisance about the too-tight skirt.
How nice to have a doggy visitor. Why your day was just filled with flora and fauna, wasn't it.
Tuesday was good--I put a parcel in the post to you and I went dancing in the evening.

Unknown said...

Such pretty pictures. You are pretty in pink.

Ulla-Marie said...

Very pink. Very beautiful. Very you I would say without really "know you".

Miss Magpie said...

Nope sorry too pink for me, I will never convert!!!!!
My friend Liz has only ever had greyhounds and whippets as pets (rescue ones usually)and they are indeed very gentle and soppy but a little needy.

silvergirl said...

Just wanted to let you know that you totally popped into my head the other day
I have been looking for a fun, colorful maxi dress and just haven't come across anything that wows me.
I thought, wow where are all the fun dresses like Past Caring always finds!

Sarah Jane said...

My Tuesday has involved a trip to the dentist and a haircut! Pink is just darling. I love it so much. The dress is a beauty and does not make you look pregnant! I do hate the garish pinkification of toys for girls but that's another rant altogether! xxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Aunt Flo is visiting and she's making a right nuisance of herself, so my Tuesday was even less productive than yours, lying down was mostly involved. Shame I can't pop round for tea and cat cuddles. Your garden is looking stunning! All that red and pink and green, goes so well with that stunning dress. You're no longer in denial about pink, it looks great on you! Love the fake patchwork print. Beautiful! and Jess too, she's a stunner xxxxxxx

Becky said...

You don't look preggers at all! But I hear you on the dainty step part... I've been known to rip a vent from my large stride :)

Vintage Bird Girl said...

You know I agree with you regarding pink....and yet I did buy an old pink cardigan this week. Go figure! The frock looks beautiful on you. I love the print, & your booboids look fantastic! I'm really not a dog person. We had cats growing up & if we had our own home I might want my own pussy to cuddle! And unfortunately cooking is a complete chore to me. I'm not very good at it, & there are so many other things I'd rather spend the energy on! Xx

Anonymous said...

What a pretty dress - I love pink! I try not to overdo it, but I did just come back from Texas with a pink baseball cap. I didn't even pick it out, my cousin gave it to me.

My Tuesday was spent driving, flying and waiting in airports. Not much fun, but all went smoothly, and it's good to be home!

BellaBean Vintage said...

Lovely pink dress and you look gorgeous! Greyhounds are just the most lovely creatures so gentle - I'd be tempted by one to add to the menagerie..

two squirrels said...

Yay for VERY Pink......its so fabulous on you......lovely to see....so summer. Its snowing here and very very cold.
Oh Oh and seeing bee's too.....summer summer!!!!
Greyhounds....not so much.....but I am sure he was cute, poor pussy-cats they would have been a tad scared.
I am with you....a good old face rub on a furry friend (thats a cat, not Warren) is so comforting.....not at the moment though....runny nose and fur, not the best. Stupid Cold!!!!
OK....love to you Curtise.....thank you for cheering me up.

Unknown said...

oh! another beautiful maxi!
The color is so good on you
The pattern is so cute
Love it!
Love your garden every time i see it!



Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Tuesday was dreadful. But it's Friday tomorrow so it's all going to get happier. I'm glad you are enjoying the simple things. I know just what you mean about greyhounds, they are so soft and gentle. Until they spot something small and furry!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you on needing some COLOR after the black & white!!
And I'm also in the hate pink so how is it I have so much in my wardrobe these day's club!! Funny thing!

The dress is fabulous--love the print, the cut--you look fantastic in it!!


Vintage Coconut said...

You look immensely beautiful in that dress. I love the BRIGHTNESS of it. AND NOOOOO you do not look pregnant AT ALL. You look fantastic to be precise.

Unknown said...

Oh you are splendid in this beautiful maxi - I LOVE the print and the colours and you definitely do not preggers in it. But I'm with you - I need a big, dramatic stride (especially if there's a chance of a tantrum, and obviously I wouldn't want to miss an opportunity).

Your garden is delightful. The bees are lovely. Greyhounds are such sweet dogs. You are gorgeous. Adopt me.

Love and sunshine!

Sarah xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Yup, no baby belly there hon, I'm afraid you can't wriggle out of this one, you look FABULOUS in pink!!! I love that frock and totally get ya on the back split alteration. I have a long stride too and need maxis to be plenty wide enough at the hem to accommodate my goose-steps. This has to be one of my fave ever dress on you Curtise! xoxox

Forest City Fashionista said...

I adore that dress, and I'm not a big fan of pink either, but it's a really good pink, and does not make you look "with child". Hobnobbing with bees, cats and greyhounds sounds like a perfectly marvelous day to me, much better than being stuck at a desk in an office!

Ivy Black said...

How did I miss this post? Where the feck have I been? Oh, I know...
Love that pink frock on you. It's glorious and doesn't make you look preggers at all.xxxx

Unknown said...

pregnant! are you crazy, you don't look pregnant in it! like a willowy divine foxy glove! A FOXY GLOVE!!!! xxx

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday again Curtise
You have such good looking children, Seen will brake hearts for sure!
You are never too overdressed I say, it's the others who don't make the effort - You look spectacular!
I have joined Jane's link party as well, isn't fun!