Friday 7 June 2013

That's the beauty of blogging

So here I am today, feeling very smug, and pondering my good fortune.
I'm lucky to have this gorgeous 1960s frock, which I love dearly (read the tale of its provenance here - funnily enough, I'm wearing it with exactly the same top, pendant and hair flower, must be a good combination!)

And we've been very fortunate to have beautiful sunny weather.

But I am mostly contemplating the amazing fact that through blogging, I have been lucky enough to meet these wonderful women;

they must be bloggers - all that camera action, but far too stylish to be mere tourists!

Chesterfield was rocked by the glamour and gorgeousness of Vix, Tania and Annie, who came to Derbyshire to spend the day with me yesterday - and what a fabulous day it was too!

Do read Tania's very funny account of the Vix Effect in her blog post about our day. She describes it so perfectly, there's nothing I can add.

Vix also tells all about how she found love in Chesterfield.

The flea market was as eclectic and busy and friendly and interesting as ever.
Look at the chap in the background, he's mesmerised.

The Portland Hotel - a posh Wetherspoons!

Even the loos were posh - we couldn't quite believe it!

The clientele were reassuringly Wetherspoonian though.
Vix pulled. Of course she did.
 I'm surprised Dave needed telling to just press it hard.

 A boozy Wetherspoons lunch is a UK blogger tradition.
We laughed and talked all day.

I wonder what Vix had just said? I bet it was something saucy.

We waved Tania off, then I said goodbye to Vix and Annie, and walked back up through the churchyard to catch my bus home.

What a blissful day. 

I know it's a blogger cliche, but seriously - these women are brilliant. 
Funny, cheeky, chatty, friendly, knowledgeable, easy-going, beautiful.
Everything you'd wish for in a friend.

And I would never have met them if it wasn't for blogging.

Forget self-promotion, sponsorship, freebies, profile - that's the real joy of blogging right there.


Oh, and they don't half give you good presents!
Vix had promised me that the next 1960s vinyl and tapestry bag she found would be mine (to replace the one I had which got stolen) and she was as good as her word!

She also gave me a pretty vintage maxi slip, and a wonderful 1930s children's book which her mum had rescued from a skip at a school. It has the most adorable illustrations.

Lovely gardening bookmarks from Annie.

OBD (Obligatory Blogger Deer), funky pendant, bangle and rings, DVD, and pretty floral vase from Tania.

And I made a few purchases too - well, it would have been rude not to...

1970s yellow CPD;
lidded dish/tureen (the pattern looks 1950s but there is no mark)
1960-70s David Scott-Walker stainless steel ring (Vix spotted it on the 50p table, just as I was explaining that I was hoping to find more Sheffield steel jewellery!)
1960s Sherman of London dress - Ebay
Kimono top, bangles and hair flower - charity shopped
Pendant - car boot
Sandals - retail

So I am a very happy woman today, for many reasons.

But mostly because of the joy that comes from wonderful company, laughter, and friendship.

Have a glorious weekend!



silvergirl said...

Oh what a fun and fabulous day
Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend

Connie said...

That is such a sweet story about your 60's dress. It found a very good home because you look pretty amazing in it. Oh my, I'll bet you all really turned heads on your day out. A fabulously beautiful, slightly tipsy bunch. I had to laugh at the camera shot. Classic.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Vix is a star.
And so are you.
Thanks for sharing a lovely day.

Patti said...

The perfect day! You had me at "boozy lunch". Srsly, you are so right about the best part of blogging = friendships. xoxoxo

Fran said...

Wow, what a fabulous day.

Sheila said...

That looks like such a fun day!

Becky said...

Another great steel find!!!! Loving that jewelry. You all look amazing-- so jealous of this most perfect day!! Those bathrooms are incredible!!!
Becky :)

Penny-Rose said...

Yay for wonderful women bloggers - looks like you all had a wonderful day. Love the steel ring and the OBD made me snigger, being a bit of a bambi hoarder myself. You are a blogging beauty yourself.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Sponsorship and freebies? Yep, I really couldn't be bothered either. Why when there are so many amazing, like-minded wenches out there to put a spring in your step? Chesterfield looks beautiful in the sunshine and I can see you girls in your incredible, colourful maxis turning heads, causing traffic accidents and creating man-walks-into-pole incidents all day long! I love your 60s frock so much and how kind of Vix to give you a lovely replacement bag for the stolen one (boo-hiss!!) and hooray for finding another piece of beautiful Sheffield steel jewellery! Big hugs to you lovely :) xoxox

Vintage Bird Girl said...

How delightful to read about such a special day. I heartily agree that the surprise of blogging is the friendships that have come as a result. In planning our next trip to NZ the most exciting thing is thinking about meeting up with my fave bloggy pals. How I wish we weren't on opposite sides of the globe, I would LOVE to join you at that flea market. We just don't have those here. I LOVE your new ring, & of course the deer, & that frock you are wearing. Just glorious! Xx

Max said...

that sounds like a top day out to me, blogging ladies are are great breed. you look like a bunch of wild flowers in all that lovely colour, and the market looks fab. totes forgot about the twisted spire, it's been a while.
happy weekend x

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, and so many lovely pictures! Now I have to go back and read everything you linked to, because I'm sure they're all fabulous stories, too!

Unknown said...

Great finds on a glourious day with friends - can tings get better?

CityScape Skybaby said...

That does look a really fun day Curtise, and no wonder that man at the market is mesmerized, you all look so bright and stunning. Like Connie I love the shot you got of Vix, Annie and Tania all using their cameras, typical bloggers! xx

Unknown said...

Looks like such a fun day! Bloggers rock!

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Sounds like a fun time was had by all. You all look very groovy, I'm not surprised you got lots of attention! Have a lovely weekend! xxxx

Fiona said...

Yay, I got to read all about it before I head off today. So glad you had a wonderful day, although it couldn't have been otherwise with such excellent company? I'm sure such a gaggle of brightly dressed beauties must have stopped the traffic, or at least heads. Couldn't agree more about freebies & sponsorship, I would never get the same enjoyment that I get from reading about all my interesting, intelligent and amazing fellow bloggers. Fabbo photo's as always Curtise and what delightful gifts.
Missing you already xxxxxx

Trees said...

Aww...this is so sweet! I wish I could come to a UK bloggers meet up (perhaps one day) you all look so happy and so many colourful frocks (that really makes me happy). ALso so many new treasures!

Indigo Violet said...

I love your tureen and obligatory deer. Talking of fellow bloggers, I met the Two Squirrels at a vintage market today!

Vix said...

You need to send the original owner of that delicious Sherman maxi a link to your blog so she can see for herself what an utterly brilliant life you've given her dress. It should be a favourite, it looks sensational on you!
What a day, I loved every minute. You're right, blogging is all about the connections we make with like-minded wonderful women the world over. Our refusal to advertise may never make us wealthy but our lives are richer from the true friends we've made along the way.
Fancy me not taking a photo of the twisted spire or Knifegate, concentrating on shopping and how gorgeous the three of you looked instead. I'll never make a career blogger!
That postman did a fine job of capturing us outside the 'Spoons. He learnt to "press it hard" too!
Thanks for a fantastic day, I love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

freckleface said...

You look a treat in that dress, so tall and elegant and colourful. I love the story of how it came to be yours. One dress, two careful lady owners.

It seems it is our mission to educate the men about how to press it. We are here to serve.

It was such a fun day out, and as you say, all that chatting and laughing is the best possible therapy. Up the regions and Carry on blogging!! xxxxxxx

Melanie said...

What a fun day! It'd be nice to meet up with some lovely bloggy ladies one day xxx

Louise Mc said...

What a fabulous looking day out, you all look tremendous. You are so right about blogging, it's such a great way to build friendships. Have a great weekend. Xx

thorne garnet said...

holy cow, it that a peacock bangle? I do believe I have one just like it. HAHA!Your day looks like a blast.Too bad I'm here and looking forward to another 10 hour day! Ah, showbiz

Miss Magpie said...

I absolutely love the picture of everyone examining their cameras! You all look too glamorous for words. x

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

How much fun!! Looks like an amazing day...I went to Chicago and had a blogger meet up...the beauty of blogging is right!!

The Style Crone said...

I'm mesmerized too! What an absolutely fabulous blogger meet up. So much fun and beauty in one post. I agree. Blogging is beautiful in all the ways that you so eloquently describe.

Anonymous said...

another post to make me seethe in jealousy!!!!

Seriously--it's wonderful y'all can get together and have so much fun!! Everyone looked fabulous and i'm sure y'all caused quite the sensation wherever you went!!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I do love that dress, it looks gorjus! I'm obviously really jealous of you all meeting up, you bitches! It looks like such an amazing day out, chesterfield is just too far too go for a day out, sob sob. I love all your presents. The illustrated book is rather beautiful and the vase is great too. Let's see you in the yellow dress! xxxx

Sarah Jane said...

Ooh the yellow dress. I've just bought one but I bet yours looks so much better. Can't wait to see it on you. I've read Vix's account of your day and now yours and I am green wwith envy. Such a fabulous day had by all. I'm totally won over to Wetherspoons now. We have one in walking distance from us and I resolve to go there more. The loos aren't nearly as posh as those though! Yay for blogging and kindred spirits xxx

Anonymous said...

I don't begrudge a blogger and their giveaways and sponsored posts etc, but it's about balance. I'm so grateful, clearly as you are for the connections you have made with blogging friends. There just is nothing like it and I love. I've been lucky to recently had a catch up with a group of my fellow blogger friends. They were all just precious with me at a difficult time and they made a hard day a glorious one that I keep smiling about. I have more blogging catches packed in before baby comes and I'm utterly excited for each gathering.

Your day together looked wonderful and it's of no surprise that there is a Vix affect lol.

joyatri said...

Blogger meetups are the best!
Love the story of that dress. The print on it is so joyful, you can't help but smile looking at it.
Lovely presents and finds of the day, particularly like that Sheffield ring and the children's illustration.
I've never seen anything like that church spire. Crazy.
Yay for CPDs!

Unknown said...

oooo so wanna come shopping with you! xxx

BellaBean Vintage said...

Looks like a fabulous day with fabulous women - where would we be without our women friends!

Camelia Crinoline said...

It looks like you all had such a fun day. I would probably be mesmerised like the man in the photo if I stumbled upon such fabulously dressed people like you four. Those toilets are super poncy. I love the handbasin thingy.

Ivy Black said...

Fab! What a wondrous bevvy of beauties out and about in such a lovely place. Absolutely with you on what yo say about blogging. My life would be poorer if I hand't started and got to meet lovely ladies such as yerself.
That's a gorgeous frock, love... you are indeed smothered in good fortune.
I cannot wait to meet up again.
Enjoy the sunshine.

Rachel said...

Oh, what a lovely day! I completely understand the lasting feelings of glee when you have had a really fun time with likeminded souls :-) and you all looked bloody lovely. I a, not surprised the chaps in Wetherspoons couldn't peel their eyes away!

I have some deer and squirrel china just like the one you posted! I do like me some sentimental china xxx

Jean at said...

I can hear the laughter from here!! What a joy. I agree that blogging is ultimately about the friendships. I know that's why I started; I was so affirmed by the wonderful creative people I encountered, like you!!!!

Sounds like you'll have to meet up more often. :-) XXOO

Forest City Fashionista said...

You're preaching to the choir sister! Blogging has connected me to a whole posse of the most amazing women, and I feel damn lucky to have found all of you. I do so hope I get to meet you and Vix in the flesh some day. I love the shot of the gals with their cameras!

Annie said...

It was an absolute joy to meet you, Curtise. You are as beautiful, funny, open-hearted and smart as I knew you would be.
What a wonderful day it was, and your post sums it up brilliantly.

The dress you wearing here is stunning, and your garden is looking as fabulous as ever. I love these photos.

I'm really looking forward to meeting up again soon

Love, Annie xxx

Krista said...

These pictures make me happy, you all look so beautiful and elated to be hanging out in the flesh! I can only imagine (because I was there once) the looks from all those around, as you four walk through town. They must be famous!!!!! I think the best part of blogging is when it pulls us offline and into the real world or some real meet ups.
Thanks for sharing, lots of love XXXXXX

mispapelicos said...

How much would I have wish eo meet and laugh with you, while shoppping or drnking or whatever, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Anonymous said...

Looks like great fun and you all look fabulous.

Melanie said...

You guys! That looks like so much fun, Curtise. It's like a fabulous girl band walking down the street. I think Dave would have had a better response if he had caressed it. You are a naughty bunch. And then you throw in a photo of a church. What does that mean?
I love all your finds and presents. That's the best compliment ever, that you are laughing all the time.

doradadama said...

You gorgeous prosti bunch! Yes, I believe that is what blogging is all about true friendship.I made lots of great friends in bloglandia.
Aren't you looking like a garden Goddess!