Wednesday 5 June 2013

Church Picnic Dress #2 and a backlog of treasures

I thought I would show you another of my Church Picnic Dresses (CPD - who needs Continuing Professional Development? I need frocks instead.)

And as it happens, I did indeed wear this to a picnic - nothing to do with church though.
 Littlest's year group had a picnic in the local park yesterday, and I was one of the volunteers walking them from school and back, and enjoying sandwiches and chat in the sunshine.

The Women's Institute is only a matter of time...

Yeah, the look on my face says it all.

Although I shouldn't mock, a friend told me that the local branch of the WI has a massive waiting list, so I couldn't join even if I wanted to.

(And I only wanted to do the fundraising topless calender anyway. I might suggest it to the PTA, what do you reckon?)

Let's move away from the boobs, and on to the booty!

How pleased was I to find an almost-matching red 1960s vanity case to go with my blue one?

Very bloody pleased.
In the same charity shop, a week or so later, I bet they were donated by the same person. 

I buy all my tights from charity shops (yeah, I realise now the Cosmo ones are upside down...)

The groovy 1960s Martyn Fisher packaging was worth the 50p, even if the tights themselves are crap.

Oh and that's a pretty tablecloth. I have just the one table. But oh so many cloths.

But then I also have just the one body and oh so many dresses.

Sadly this beautiful 1950s dress doesn't actually fit on that body, so it's currently for sale on Ebay.

No issues of fit with books.

Gorgeous Janet and Anne Grahame Johnstone fairy tale illustrations (published 1967).

Cute pics from the 1971 Robin annual.

Hey, there's Sarah (bottom left) and Vix (bottom right)!

And here is Jackie's 1977 advice to "Fatties" - You need to be extra careful about what you wear... You'll find dark colours always look best.

Skinnies, Mediums or Fatties, it seems we can all get it WRONG!

I took the quiz. I haven't got what it takes, apparently. Which explains a lot.

Glorious 1960s Meakin plates...

...and groovy 1960s Midwinter too - all from Joseph's 3-items-for-£1 stall at the flea market.

The fabric behind is a 1960s curtain.

Last one (I had quite a backlog);
1960s Metamec clock - so stylish, loses time like a bugger;
1950s glass vase;
1970s St. Michael mini slip.
Thanks for your help, Charlie.

1980s-does-50s shirt dress, belt and bangles - charity shopped
Sandals - retail
Sunburn on my upper chest - despite the Factor 50, I always burn there! 

 I clearly have absolutely no need to buy anything at tomorrow's flea market.

However, I am going with 3 blogging friends who may have other ideas.

I'll let you know how Chesterfield copes when Vix, Tania, Annie and I hit town!



Gracey the Giant said...

LOVE the dress you are wearing and the one that doesn't fit. I'm so happy that you love prints as much as I do. Though your finds to make me a bit jealous, I mostly just love to see you rockin' them.

Unknown said...

Love your gorgeous frock - the colours are glorious! Speaking of glorious colour, your garden is magnificent - we are too dry and hot to get such lovely lush green lawn and I am quite envious.

LOVE: the 1950s sadly-too-small dress, the gorgeous plates (esp the blue one), FATTIES!, the 1971 annual, the amazing matching vanity cases and I'm pretty sure I have the exact same clock!

LOVE! Sarah xxx

Mrs. D said...

I love the dress, the pattern is very pretty.
Where to begin with all your finds? the vanity cases are great, I've only managed to find one so far, finding two matching ones is so lucky!
I love old children's books, I have a collection of those back in Lisbon and I keep having to stop myself from buying them!
Huggles xx

silvergirl said...

Love the train cases and those illustrations are just fabulous
They need to be framed
Maybe for some future grandbabies??

Kylie said...

What a booty!
(yours and all those lovely treasures you've found!)

Frocktasia said...

That's a fabulous summery frock, perfect for the awesome weather we're having, long may it last :)
" I also have just the one body and oh so many dresses" I share this rather pleasant problem with you, my solution is to frequently change get-up several times a day ;)
You've bagged a plethora of goodies and I love that stunning 50s dress, I shall look out for it on eBay.
Have a great time with Annie, Tania & Vix later, The good people of Chesterfield are in for a frocking treat...xXx

Unknown said...

Love the tights illustration,too!
I love to read your blog-so very interesting as are u!

Becky said...

All the stuff!! Love that 70s slip! Your dress is great-- and pockets!! Everything is better with pockets!

thorne garnet said...

What a haul, and a cat!

I've never heard of that Jackie magazine before, but is it just me, or do the skinnies, mediums and fatties all look the same?

The fairy tale illustrations are beautiful

Georgia Rose said...

Ohh where can I find a link to your eBay? I want that dress!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Oh I love love love this frock! The colours, the print & the pockets. It looks so good on you. Not church picnic ish at all! And I'm Ooohing & Ahhing over that Metamec clock. They are SO hard to come by here. And those vanity cases are gorgeous. I love the contrasting lining & the red & blue. I could probably do with some fashion tips for fatties. Although the fatties in the pictures don't look fat at all! Glorious finds....I hope you come across lots more on your day out with the girls. Xx

Sheila said...

What a great dress - the colours are fabulous. I get a kick out of those old magazines, especially the quizzes.

Connie said...

I really love your CPD. You look quite pious. I actually have an OCD(Old Church Dress...that I repeatedly mend in exactly the same spot) Such wonderful stuff you have found. I had to laugh ~ That cover of Jackie was exactly my look in 1977! We called that haircut a Surf Cut. Really Neat. I'll try to find a pic the next time I'm at my mom's!

Anonymous said...

I went into a trance there towards the end - so many treasures, just the one body. No, wait a minute. I just love the tablecloth! I have several also, and I have two tables, yet I never use the tablecloths except for picnics!

Anonymous said...

Pretty church lady dress! A nice one to have in your closet for those mom/school functions.

Love your haul, especially the 60s curtain! And, hey, I don't even need to take that quiz. I know I don't "have what it takes" and never have but I don't care. ;)

Have a blast thrifting tomorrow with the girls!

Unknown said...

What a glorious and cheerful dress! Great for a picnic (or anything really!). How great are your recent finds -some real treasures.

Anonymous said...

Vix is coming to visit YOU? Can't wait to read all about your adventures! Love the matched vanity cases and the clock!

Anonymous said...

Me loves those shooooes! You don't look like a church lady to me. Except for one who might be up to some hanky panky behind a pew.

You always find the cutest treasures and I was thinking that bottom right picture looked like Vix before you mentioned it. ;)

Camelia Crinoline said...

I love your dress. There's nothing church picnic-y about it. I bet you were the most stylish one at the non-church picnic, though. That 50s dress is fabulous, and so are the makeup cases.

Fiona said...

Lovely finds as always Curtise. What adorable illustrations in the childrens books. Jackie brings back memories of writing fictitious problems to 'Cathy & Clare' and then posting them to my cousin to answer. It was always something completly daft...and innocent. The dress is a stunner, what a shame it doesn't fit but no doubt you'll pick up something today. Do please blog about your day with the girls before I go away on Saturday.
PS Cannot picture you at a church picnic.

mispapelicos said...


Indigo Violet said...

I love everything, especially the Jackie annual and the Midwinter. You are the supreme huntress!

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Wow - what amazing finds! I love those vanity cases. I used to have a white one when I was a teen!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Sarah Jane said...

Slobbering with jealousy over your finds. The vanity cases and the vintage annuals have to be my favourite. I also love finding mismatched old plates. I love a good Meakin! I personally hate school outings. Anything to do with spending time with other parents makes me shudder! xxx

lucy joy said...

You've been busy, you'd have no tinge for the WI anyway. My mum joined the Ponty branch and always moans the ladies are too nice.
I do love a dress I just below the knee, this may be in my top five favourite dresses of yours. Gutted they 50's number doesn't fit. Hope you make a reasonable profit, it's a beauty.
Delightful selection of homeware and bits + pieces there. Particularly the clock and midwinter crockery. Jackie annual from my birth year! I've got a huge pile of annuals mounting up here. A friend and I guzzled a bottle if her allotment wine the other night while doing the quizzes on them. Turns out
a total misfit,.drat!

Have a fantastic day with the gorgeous ladies of blogger, and don't dare go home empty handed!

lucy joy said...

Typos due to new phone. My blog comment woes never end! X

bonsaimum said...

Fantastic dress and those sandals are to die for!!!

Melanie said...

Love the WI look! My great aunt is a long term member and quite appals the middle class members when she arranges darts nights!
That blue dress is a bit of a head turner, the colour is divine and I love the cat in the faery tale book, it reminds me of my mother's cat Louis.

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Twin cases - how splendid!!
I am LOVING all your finds.. esp the Robin annual (never seen one - but my Mum was Robin so very cool!) the clock.. the meakin plate.. the cotton...

Women's Institute NEED you. You should be the refined fashion advisor. For realz. xx

Patti said...

I took the Do You Have What It Takes quiz, but I got stuck on the party games. What the heck is "Sardines"?? Anyway I doubt I had what it took in 1971, and I was a Fattie too! : 0
Love your dress and omg sandals, and all your groovy finds. Have a wonderful blogger party, you four. xoxoxo

joyatri said...

I agree, tights should only be purchased at the charity shop. I ruin them too quickly to pay retail. Love that Martyn Fisher Tights package. I love all of your finds, especially the Jackie book and the suitcase.
Have a great time with Vix, Tania and Annie.

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Ooh have fun tommorrow. Or is that now today? Gosh, time flies. Your comment about the WI cracked me up. The fifties dress is adorable. I will hunt it down on ebay and see if it fits me. Oh, and your lawn edges are very impressive! xxxx

Krista said...

This is some haul Curtise! The picnic dress is so bright and cheery you know I love it! Those vanity cases, do you use them as a purse? I also think your plates are beautiful! Right now you gals are probably having a blast in the sunshine! Good! Can't wait to see and hear about the day out!

Rose&Bird said...

Loving your CPDs! How lucky to find the opposite vanity case and the other finds are great too. I think my in-laws have a nursery rhyme book with those pictures. (I had one like it asa a child as well). Jackie - so un-PC, wonder how it would be written now?! Lovely plates, my mother in law has the midwinter ones. Hope you're having a fab day out - don't catch that sunburn too much x

Forest City Fashionista said...

The CPD dress is very pretty - love the pattern! So many amazing finds - the vanity cases, books with cool illustrations, fancy dishes, funky clocks (too bad it doesn't keep time very well..)- I never see stuff like that here. I am sooooo jealous that you are getting together with Vix again!

Megan said...

Fabulous vanity cases. Love the primary colours!

I'm sure you'll find a nick or a nack at the sale tomorrow!

Unknown said...

Love the Vanity boxes and what a shame that thé dress didnt fit - gorgeous . Love your garden pics.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

There's always room for more more more!! The 50s dress really is a stunner, hope you get loads for it. Shame you're not nearer or we could set up our own WI, with home brewing, rude embroidery and talks on late night cookery from Luce. I love the other CPD, fantastic colours too! Love the illustrations but wondering how many complexes Jackie is to blame for! The vanity cases look stunning together, I want one! But really green with envy over that clock! love the pussy shot too, I miss the way they have to lie on anything of importance. Hope you had a great day today! xxxx

Anonymous said...

What a haul@!!! Those books are cool and the jackie mag pisses me off for some reason!!

You look very prim, proper and ladylike--just add little hat and some gloves and you could be the presisent of the junior league (us version of a snooty ladies club)

Unknown said...

Lovely dresses. They look fab on you.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic haul! Wish I'd found the vanity cases. I longed for one when I was a teenager - I did eventually get one but I accidentally put in with the hold luggage & that as they say, was that.
I'm looking forward to hearing about the blogger meet up.xx

two squirrels said...

Oh the Vanity cases.......they are brilliant!!!!
I am love with that dress with the roses Curtise......I wish it was my size, I would be on E-bay in a flash.
The floral dress is so pretty on you.
So excited to se the results of the bloggers get together.
Have a wonderful V

Unknown said...

Oh my what a loot! Love those vanity cases so lucky you got the 2! Nice primary colors very original
And those dresses so pretty
Have a super day with the girls!
And a great weekend
Ariane xxx

Unknown said...

Oh my what a loot! Love those vanity cases so lucky you got the 2! Nice primary colors very original
And those dresses so pretty
Have a super day with the girls!
And a great weekend
Ariane xxx

Ulla-Marie said...

I have not seen the image of you with the duster/(whip) in your header until now. Just love it! And of course I also love this retro-post ...

Vix said...

That's one fabulous frock, if you hadn't got such a cheeky smile in that last photo I'd almost call it demure!
The picnic sounds such fun. I say yes to a topless fund raising calender shoot and please can I be there when you suggest it at the next PTA meeting?!
Love your scores. I can't resist a vanity case or a clock that can't tell the time properly but looks the business. The illustrations in those books are ace, my hair's looking good.
Thanks for a fantastic day out yesterday, I loved every minute! xxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Wow!!This week could be lucky for me, everyone is posting about their fabulous finds and I hope to buy something interesting too!Your post is one of my favourites, the vanity case is lovely and the best part are all those beautiful illustrated books, I love those j&A Grahame's illustrations!!And the plates are wonderful too!!
YOu look amazing as always and the neon flowers of your dress are amazing!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Unknown said...

How pretty you look, standing in the sunshine with the garden goddess! Great dress ... would indeed be super for a picnic.
More please, about CPD ... I see other bloggers mentioning it ... is it national? Inquiring colonials want to know.
1977 ... really. Wow ... I never knew I was stuck in 1977. But when I think of it, it was the era of my first, serious adult independence.
What a treat for me to see these illustrations. All beautiful, and I'm learning something from each one.
Have a great week ... and you rock those picnics!

Flora Cruft said...

You wear colour so well, Curtise, such a pretty frock on you!

Rachel said...

So many lovely finds! Your non-church picnic dress is mighty fine, as is the vanity case. I thought they were just mini suitcases, are they only meant to be for cosmetics? Seeing as my washbag was GROANING with products on the recent trip, I probably need one of those :-)

I also like the stone lady in your garden, does she have a name?

Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog too xxx

freckleface said...

How did I miss this? Now see, I told you, I love these church picnic dresses, they suit you so brilliantly. I knew that. What I didn't know was what an amazing garden you have. For some reason I thought you had a back yard, with some nice decking and some raised beds. Instead of which you have the most gorgeous terraced garden with an immaculately edged lawn. Do you have your very own Mellors?

I had that red vanity case!! I took it to and from school every term with all my special bits in it. I think my mum must have chucked it at some point.

If you are only going to have one body, you chose the right one! ;) I am a total sucker for children's books too. Who is the illustrator of that picture of Vix please? xxxxx

Unknown said...

wowsers look at all that stash! you look fabulous! x

Melanie said...

Oh, how I love your posts. I laughed at your face re. joining the Women's Institute. Is that a school? I LOVE your church picnic frock as well. And your environs have such cool people donating real finds. The books really show how times have changed!