Sunday 2 June 2013

A grand day out

York was a sunny place to be on Friday, and an extremely busy one too.

We called in to see our lovely Grandma J - she is my sister's partner's mum, who has happily adopted my three as her unofficial grandkids. We are delighted to return the favour, since we are decidedly lacking in the grandparent department - only one left out of four.

Then we walked into town via Clifford's Tower, and saw this;

Four adult geese with seven goslings between them, two of which needed careful parental guidance while crossing the road.

We watched from a polite distance, since the geese were getting quite upset and hissy with any foolish tourist who ventured too close.

We met up with my dear friend Patsy and her daughter; here we are on the city walls.

Note how Patsy's daughter is sitting nicely for the photo, just like her mum. Then look at my three...

I blame the parents.

York Minster.

We pottered about, checked out the charity shops (which had quite a bit of vintage, but at inflated prices - £20 for 1980s polyester frocks in Oxfam, £10 for tops and blouses, a little out of my league) and enjoyed the sun and the sights.

I've been to York many times but while it is all quite familiar, I can still appreciate why it is such a great place to visit - history at every turn, good shopping, including vintage and charity shops, beautiful architecture, the river Ouse, excellent museums, and more cafes, bars and pubs than you can shake a stick at! 

We had some time to kill before our train home so we strolled by the river, and around the Museum Gardens and the ruins of St. Mary's Abbey.

It would make a great location for a fashion shoot!

They were being very serious in the pic top right, I have no idea why.

Then off to the station - couldn't resist more photos of the amazing Victorian metalwork...

Would it be weird if I started hanging around old stations, not for the train spotting, but for the ironwork? 


more sunshine, a bit of charity shop browsing, food shopping, and a cafe visit with Littlest along for the ride.

1970s dress - gift from lovely Liz
Sunglasses, belt, faux pearls and bangles - charity shopped
Flower brooch - gift from Eldest
Art Company sandals - retail (sale)

The Other Half describes this frock, and several others in my collection, as church picnic dresses. 

He doesn't mean it in a good way.

I, on the other hand, really like the 1970s pillar-of-the-Women's-Institute vibe.

In this dress, I could make jam and embroider tray cloths and hold cheese and wine parties and hobnob with the vicar without farting or swearing.

I'll be over at NYC-loving Patti's for Visible Monday; I'll be the one serving coffee and digestives from the hostess trolley.



Fran said...

I really, really enjoyed your tour of York and St Mary's Abbey and the train station. I am so glad you shared it with us. My favorite frock is the blue one your spouse called a church picnic dress. Maybe it is a little '50's "proper", but it looks so cool and summery. Your kids are darling.

Becky said...

I like the blue 'church' dress!!! Love the first pic where kids are all silly--that is like every pic I try to take of my two-- they're nutty I tell you. Whenever we are out and they get to rambunctious I just look around with an appalled expression on my face and state loudly, "I don't know who these kids belong to, but they sure are awful! Their parents should do something about them!!" Then I sniff like a snob and walk away.
Becky :)

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Glad you had sunshine in York. It's so beautiful in the sunshine. Sorry to hear there were no bargains to be had.
The maxi dress is gorgeous! xxxx

Diane said...

I bet you would swear, and possibly fart! Love the church picnic frock and the maxi. Love York too - and so close for a day out. Glad the sun shone for you. xxx

Unknown said...

Love that Blue dress - i rember some of the York wievs ...

Caramella said...

What a great trip, it must have been so much fun. The dress suits you very much. You look very pretty.

I am now following you on also on Bloglovin

Fiona said...

Thanks for the virual tour of York, somewhere I've never been to. The Minster is so impressive, must get there before I shuffle off. Sounds like the chazza prices in York are the same as here down South, steep!
Love your photography as always, the geese are adorable, as are the LB's an I love a bit of antique ironwork and Victorian engineering.
ttfn. xxxxxxx

Fiona said...

Scuse typo's, just done a 12hr shift.

thorne garnet said...

Let's check out the lovely cholera burial ground. I don't know why I find that funny.

Good to see the kids have mastered bitch face, gold star to you!

Ivy Black said...

Doesn't the sunshine make a difference? Bloody love it.
York is stunning, I've always had a hankering to visit. I do like my ancient cities and York's got the lot 'cept may be the chazzas.
That blue frock is adorable. Join the WI just to wear it to sing Jerusalem.
have a great week.

Señora Allnut said...

love your weekend photos, the cathedral and picturesque streets are really fabulous!
and your maxi is a colorful and pretty piece!
Also love your 'church picnic dress', you rock it with pretty ironic attitude and look gorgeous!!

Unknown said...

I love your church picnic dress! Has bit of a 50's vibe, and such a pretty colour. York looks amazing, and you wouldn't have been able to drag me away from those ruins. It would be an excellent place for a fashion shoot. Or wedding photo's. Or picnic photo's. Now I really want to go there! XXX

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I love York. Have been many times. That blue dress is perfect for this summery weather.

Trees said...

Hello my lovely! It's been so long since I've commented on your blog. I have to say that York does look like a fun place to visit, I'd love to go there and I love your blue frock - beautiful!

Frocktasia said...

I've been fascinated by old train stations since I was a kid, I absolutely loved Copenhagen central station & I still do. They've always had this awesome model railway in a large glass display case there, you had to feed it with money to keep the trains moving, I never had any money left for when we got to the Tivoli Gardens (an amusement park)across the road. I don't think it's weird at all to appreciate the beauty of ironwork, these structures are mightily impressive. I also really dig station clocks, the one in Glasgow Central Station ROCKS! I love the Canada geese with the goslings and your own little brood are adorable too :)
Both your frocks are smashing, I've just watched a few episodes of 'Keeping Up Appearances' and suddenly have an urge to dress like Hyacinth Bucket and throw a candlelight supper, sometimes it's good to dress like a lady, even if it's just to confuse the hell out of people.

Unknown said...

oh look at you gorgeous ladies out with those beautiful kiddies and oh boy that dress!! could you look any more gorgeous! LOVE THAT PRINT! XXXX

Unknown said...

Men i tell you with their comments about our frocks!
It's better not to listen sometimes!
i love the UK, Europe and all the history, it blows me away i tell you! i love it when you show us your lovely country
I should go around and more pics, maybe i will take my camera at work and wonder around and take interesting stuff

Love your dresses Curtise and your kids are so so cute!

Ariane xxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh another fabulous tour through your pictures!! Thank you so much for sharing these!!

Your littles are so cheeky and adorable!!
I love your fab maxi dress!
and the aqua dress needs a little prim hat and some white gloves--you could channel Hyacinth Bucket!!

Unknown said...

What a fabulous trip!

bluehuewonderland said...

Both of these dresses are just outstanding! Great fit and color on each--good finds.

blue hue wonderland

silvergirl said...

You are making me want to visit England so much. I haven't been back in years and it is one of my very favorite places
THanks for sharing all of the pics.

Anonymous said...

I love York, except for the CROWDS!!! Did you go to Betty's? I love the little one on the side street, upstairs - just lovely!

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to think that the UK has the corner on sunshine! Please explain about "bile beans" and just how 'cholera is buried here'. Your kids are much like mine were.

Tell hubby, I quite like the color and the cut of your church picnic dress.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

HeHee church picnic dresses. LOVE it! Some of my frocks are named after ladies from my church when I was younger....many of whom were missionaries. But some vintage dresses really do remind me of "missionary" style! I love the blue one on you. SO pretty. York looks beautiful. I'm glad you've had a splendid weekend. Xx

Patti said...

Your kids have a lot of spirit and soul, like their mum. Cute as can be too. Love your maxi dress and the shapely blue number - thanks for sharing them with Visible Monday! xoxoxo

Ulla-Marie said...

There is a documentary that has been shown every Christmas in Sweden. The documentary is about a duck family in Tokyo who are moving from one place to another. I like it so much and I cry rivers every time. Let's hope that the ducks in York not live as dramatic as those in Tokyo.

two squirrels said...

I love the church picnic dress.......just so very perfect darling....butter shall melt in your mouth and a glowing halow will be above your head.
I love when you show pics of all the beautiful building in day I will see them.
Look at how much your poppets are
Love V

Vix said...

Isn't it wonderful weather?
Love the naughty kids (and Mum) photo and the church dress.
It's been years since I was last in York but I do remember the chazzas being ridiculously expensive even 25 years ago!
Love the cholera burial ground and hanging around Victorian railway stations. The carving at VT in Bombay was done by Rudyard Kipling's father, I'm such a spotter!
3 days and counting! xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I love all the photos, especially your kids, they are adorable!!! York Minster is stunning and so the historical town centre!I love that you show us such beautiful places, I always loved the British atmosphere and cities, the beauty of the tourist attractions is overwhelming!! I love both your dresses, the blue one has a 50's American perfect houswife vibe!!
Love xxxxxxxx

mispapelicos said...

I love York, and adore all of you fashionistas.

Melanie said...

Oh the goose family is adorable. York Minster is very impressive I must say, York looks like a wonderful place to visit, especially the ruins of St Mary's xxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

I rather liked the church picnic dress, so Pfffft! to men and their silly comments! I wore my Art Company sandals last week too ;)

I enjoyed your virtual tour of York, especially the little goslings and the Abbey ruins, which would be absolutely perfect for a fashion shoot. The photo of all of you on the roof is priceless; your kids are such little hams!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I spy rather sensible sandals! are you joining Em and I in our lesbo-tastic shoe taste? York looks fantastic, despite the over priced Oxfam the shops look very tempting and the Minster would be fantastic to visit. What a backdrop - a ruined abbey! You look fab in your maxi with serious children in tow - were they bored of your posing? Mike gets bored instantly. Love the colour of the church picnic dress - I like it's lovely, very summery. I'm sure you could take charge of the jam and preserves stall at the village fete and make sure there was no messing around. xxxxxxx

freckleface said...

York is always a good day out, it just has a nice atmosphere doesn't it? Maybe it's all the layers of history.

I love the pic of your three being serious, don't tell them but it makes them look so young and sweet.

I'm rather a fan of you in the church picnic dress. Apart from the fact that it is a great colour and you look so good in it, I like the contrast between the image of prim and proper and the reality of you, who has a nice mischievous streak running through you. ;) xxxxx

Unknown said...

You look all kinds of beautiful in your blue! So cute, but I especially love the long, 'flowerdy' one. Adorbs.
And your kiddles. Good that you take the blame for their complete cuteness. You should be proud, Mum.
Great travel photos ... just sent you link to the huz at work ... he loves your town pictures. He's been, but I haven't. Someday, really.
Your link is at the top of my blog today, as one of my inspiration sources for Blue and Green! Hope you don't mind ...
Have a grand week, our Curtise.

BellaBean Vintage said...

York looks beautiful, I love the patterned 70's dress - Stunning! Blue ladylike number is equally divine and I love the brick wall. I have a hankering for Victorian architecture and brick walls although I probably wouldn't stand that close!!

Connie said...

Oh My. I feel like I've been away forever! I love the picture of the geese and goslings.. then a picture of the human mommies and their young. Adorable. York looks like the most beautiful place. And could your kids get any more adorable?? You know, there is something very sexy about a church lady....I've been accused of dressing like one myself!!

Max said...

i love york, we always go there when we're back visiting, terry always in awe of all the old stuff, i just always want to go to bettys for tea x

Unknown said...

Oh it's so pretty there! I LOVE that first pic - I much prefer a naughty, cheeky, spirited child to a placid boring one... but I am also childless by choice, so OF COURSE I would say that!

Mister has rocks in his head - you look bloody gorgeous in that pretty blue dress... and those women only exist in 1970s and 80s BBC sitcoms, played by Felicity Kendall or that hideous Hyacinth creature, don't they? Oh please tell me they are real, then find one and befriend her and take loads of sneaky pics for us all!

Lovey dovey love! Sarah xxx

joyatri said...

Funny that your other half isn't keen on your church picnic dress. I found such a dress at a charity shop this weekend. My boyfriend hated it and didn't want me to buy it. Then had to admit it looked good on me once I put it on at home. It's good to have a stock of such dresses when you don't want to outrage anyone with your attire.
Thank you for the tour of York. I haven't been in decades and you've made me want to go back.
I have this book on Railway Architecture you might like: I see it's selling for 1p on Amazon UK.

Anonymous said...

Curtise, you are so funny! You must be one of the few that can rock a church lady dress, or just about anything you put on! And that maxi is divine!

Love York! Went there years ago. I remember especially enjoying a walk through it at night. If I recall, they do ghost walks after dark. And the ironwork is gorgeous. We have so much incredible, whimsical fabulousness to thank the Victorians for.

Your kids are a hoot and adorable to boot! Love the look on your son's face. It's like, "I'm so done with this picture taking business." Boyzzz!

Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures and bringing back oh-so-fond memories of York.


Unknown said...

I love ironwork too! These are wonderful pics, and I am totally loving the floral maxi dress! The blue "church" dress looks really pretty on you too!


Veshoevius said...

Church picnic dress?? Men honestly! You always have great dresses! I love the blue "church" dress and I love the floral maxi! I went to York years and years ago in Spring and absolutely loved it - I should make the effort to go again sometime.
Love the geese guiding gosling pics!

bonsaimum said...

Love those sandals!!

Vicky Hayes said...

No you wouldn't - you'd forget yourself and let rip over the tea and bisks! But it's a fab dress and you look gorgeous in it. Love the virtual visit to York. It is a great day out but, as you say, the financially challenged need not apply! Vicky x

The Style Crone said...

Gorgeous photos of you, your adorable children and the wonders of York. My favorite photo is of you in the floral maxi around the Museum Gardens and the ruins of St. Mary's Abbey! Extraordinary!

Helga said...

That heavenly blue frock is exactly what our Cousin Phil's Mum wears......and I LOVE it!!! G occasionally comments that I look a bit like picnic, yeah, whatever!
Crikey, what a splendid day, and what divoon ruins!!! Dammit, they should leave some of our earthquake ruins, especially the cathedral, as they are just for frolicking touristy purposes! I so want to visit York. You've presented it beautifully, darling!

Anonymous said...

Love the York pictures but most of all I love Friday's maxi dress - beautiful!

Rachel said...

Ah, now I am catching up I understand where the 'church picnic dress' comes from! This one is a beaut,and a gift too! Very nice.

I thought your children were serious in the one pic because you had threatened them ;-)