Sunday 24 June 2012

A festival and a girls' night out

I have had a lovely weekend, hope you did too.

Heeley Festival was fun, we always see lots of people we know, and the rain didn't dampen our enthusiam too much.

A cream tea requires deep concentration, whether spreading...

... or eating.

I bought these sweet little 1950s glasses from the mini car boot sale, 10p each.

OH likes his chutney.

Toffees, fudge and caramels made by our ex-next door neighbour Zander. That's him, looking like Gene Vincent in the top photo. He has just started his own sweet-making business called Sweet Delights. The apple and cinnamon caramels are my favourite. 

So that was the daytime entertainment, which was followed by Barbara arriving to have a rifle through my vintage collection. Sadly, although she did try on my blue frilly bloomers, and all my wigs, I was too hopeless to take photos. So I will show you how beautiful my dear friend is in a Goth-inspired photo from a while back!

She chose a lovely 1960s psychedelic shirt dress and some rose print leggings for our night out, looked amazing, and has packed them in her rucksack to take back to NZ with her.

Barbara, Claire, Karen, me, the Blog Hog twins, and Joanne, having a swift Pimms before hitting the pub. (The kids made do with squash, just in case you were thinking of ringing Social Services.)

I decided the jumpsuit needed an outing. The Sheaf View isn't quite Studio 54, but never mind.

Our night in the pub was great, I had such a good laugh with my lovely friends, and received some fabulous gifts.

Claire and Sally.

Diana and Sue.

Trace, looking a tad unhinged.

Joanne and me.

Unfortunately, I failed to get a photo of my other friend Sue, who gave me the most wonderful present. Have a sneaky peek - ooh la la!

Nights out with friends when you never stop chatting and laughing are just the best!

So I'm feeling a little flat today, Barbara left Sheffield this afternoon and after waving her off, I was a wee bit teary, and then couldn't really be arsed doing very much. Saving the air fares to New Zealand is going to be a long job!

 But Littlest is determined that we should go, since she is besotted with Barbara and is most concerned to renew her acquaintance with Barbara's youngest daughter. This photo of our girls was taken 4 years ago, the last time they were together.

We're going to get these girls Skyping soon! 


Louise Mc said...

It looks like you had a tremendous time, and I'm intrigued to see your lilac loveliness. It looks great whatever it is. Isn't it horrible when your friends live so far away? One of my besties lives in Bangladesh at the moment. I miss her.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

It's Monday morning here which means it's your birthday so happy, happy freaking birthday you Goddess of the Jumpsuit!!!!!!!
I like my friends to look and be rather unhinged, preferably on the high-scale of madness. Way more interesting don't you think? Oh the dear pic of the littlies taken four years ago, I love it ... yes, get those girls Skyping! Can you imagine our childhoods if we could talk live, face-to-face on the other side of the world? The Stylist and #3 Son still get a kick out of Skyping each other from the next room ... gotta love freaky kids eh? Oh the looks of concentration with the scones and jam ... your eldest is the spitting image of her beautiful mama!! I'm so glad you had jolly good knees up with your darling friends and now you have an excuse to visit the bottom of the world!! Have wonderful day lovely! xoxoxoxoxoxo

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Love that jumpsuit! Man I'd love to be able to look good in a jumpsuit..

Yes get saving! Come and have an NZ blog party!

I miss all my friends in the UK so know how that feels!

two squirrels said...

Oh Curtise a very very big Happy birthday to you, you are such a wonderful lady and I hope you have lots of presents coming your way.
Oh you must must come to NZ, we would love you too!!!!!!!
Now you look drop dead gorgeous in the jumpsuit, wow!!!!!
Sending the biggest furry squirrel hug to the birthday girl!!!!
Love v

Unknown said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you are having a WONDERFUL day!

Your day and evening both look FAB - I am SO FRICKIN HAPPY you took the jumpsuit out for an adventure - you look AMAAAZING in her and I love the red accessories.

Saving for NZ huh... Australia is just a hop across the ditch!!

Hope you are having the best birthday ever and eating your body weight in those delicious looking apple cinnamon caramels!

BIG LOVE! Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

Looks like a heck of a lot of fun! I've lost my group of buddies since we've all spread out over the years so I do miss times like this.
Do you really have twins or do you just call them that? I have boy/girl twins that are turning 26 in three weeks!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Happy Birthday to you lovely lady! I am so thrilled to have found you in blogland. You continue to be an inspiration! I would highly recommend a trip to New's my favourite place in the world. So beautiful. You look gorgeous on you ladies night. Hugs to you from Oz. Xx

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Lovely photos. It must be so hard to say goodbye to friends who live so far away.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've had a lovely weekend--cinnamon caramels and bunnies and tea with the freckled daughters and out with the girls??? I would feel flat too.

Trees said...

Aww...such sweet photos - those sweets look amazing! Also I love you in that black jumpsuit.

Also - when you DO make it nz lets catch up!! It would be super rad!

Trashsparkle said...

Happy Birthday to you Missus Fabulous Jingle-Jangle-Bangle-Lady!!!! Hope you've been spoiled rotten this morning...

Looks like an ace weekend - and does your ex-neighbour do mates-rates on the sweets???

Til I spotted your calendar I thought that Pimms pic was you lot at the pub. With your children???;)

Hope you're having a lovely day xx

Kitty said...

Looks and sounds like you had an awesome time! That jumpsuit is one of the best things I've seen you in, EVER!! With your fab legs you can pull anything off.xx.

Anonymous said...

LOVE that jumpsuit! And yes deffo save the money for NZ - it's supposed to be gawjus over there! xo

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Curtise!

I missed a post, it was so nice and warm this weekend did not spend much time on the Web
Look like you had a nice time with your friends
Happy for you!
Hope you get to NZ soon to see your friend!

Ariane xxxxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope you're having a fantastic day!
I had a very similar dress to littlest blog hog and a similarly naughty expression.
Homemade sweets are my biggest downfall. I also want the little rodenty guys all huddled up together!
You look stunning, the jumpsuit is very glam. Good find with the shot glasses! XXXX

Vix said...

Happy Happy BIRTHDAy to YOU!!!! What a fab birthday weekend you've had surounded by friends, going to a festival and the pub and being showered with gifts, no less than you deserve, of course!
I agree with Kitty that catsuit is just stunning on you, you've got the perfect bod for it's fabul-arseness!
Barbara is a gorgeous (as are all the pals) and the ensemble truly rocked.
Love little 'un's on trend rainbow nails and the way she's tucking into that cream tea.
That chutney looks delish!
Love you, gorgeous one. xxxxxxx

citizen rosebud said...

How's this for Studio 54: I'd do coke lines on your candy ass all night!

Ok I don't do coke, not even the soda, and fall asleep by 11. I tried.

Unknown said...

aahhhh the girls look sooo adorable in that last photo it has made me smile no end ;-)) Bless their hearts. I hope they are able to meet up again real soon and you are able to meet up with your friend. I know just how it feels my bestfriend and her little girl Maggie live in Tasmania i can't wait to see her in November i always say you couldn't have picked any further away if she tried ;-) You look stunning WOW you can rock a jumpsuit you look amazing. So glad you had a lovely weekend and i agree weekend's spent with the girlfriends are some of the best ;-)) Hugs, dee xxx

Krista said...

That last picture is the cutest THING EVER!!!!! Look at them and yes I wanna pinch cheeks now :) The festival looks like perfect mix of family food and being outside, yeah!!! I'm pretty sure I should try a cream tea.

Your gang of friends look to be a fun bunch, I wish I could have been there. Barbara's leggings are way cool. I love you that you wore your sexy jumper out...BIRTHDAY it me or are you just not saying? Happy Birthday love! You look happy and in the moment! May you have many more! Can't wait to see the purple dress :)
Tons of love~

Vintage Coconut said...

I love the concentration photo spreading the jam. *So cute*
Your outfits are all great and it looks like your having a fun time in all the pics. =D

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday Curtise!

Looks like you had a great weekend.


The Style Crone said...

Hung on every word of your witty weekend commentary. You are very chic in your black jumpsuit with your red shoes and bling. Sounds like your headed for New Zealand!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Oh balls, have I missed your birthday? Goddamn it, I'm nothing without a spreadsheet! Happy belated birthday you gorgeous thing!

Love your bargain 10p glasses and you certainly can't fault a sweet making neighbour!


Forest City Fashionista said...

Yowza - you look like a devilish disco diva in that jumpsuit! Looks like you had a lovely birthday celebration with your gal pals. The photo at the end of the two little cherubs is adorable.

Melanie said...

You look ridiculously fabulous in that jumpsuit! - and that peep of flirty red toe is marvellous. Thanks for sharing those festival photos too. You are very lucky to have so many friends you can get loopy with!

Anonymous said...

I'd trade your breasts for my legs in a heart beat! I wonder what the shipping costs would be?

Una said...

Your family is so cute, been bad and meaning to stop by catching up on some of the old posts. Who doesn't love Pimps. The black dress is so amazing. You had me giggling at the social services comment.