Sunday 20 November 2011

Sweater girl

I don't possess any sweaters. I wear cardigans, ponchos and shawls, so I do knitwear, just not sweaters.

But then I found this sweater dress languishing in my mistaken Ebay purchase pile.

The seller had described it as brand new; one look at the worn label and somewhat straggly appearance of the knit made it clear that it wasn't. She didn't respond to my complaint, I got my £1.99 refunded by Ebay, and the dress has been in the attic ever since.

What do you think?
I know it's a sober grey, a colour I rarely choose, but having pepped it up a little with purple tights and my favourite shoe boots, I quite like it. Though anything woolly next to my skin doesn't half irritate me!

Ok, so without a bullet bra, the boobs aren't quite as pointy as Diana's...

 ... and I can't claim to look as sexy as Brigitte...

... but with the knee-high boots, I am reminded of Nancy Sinatra singing "These boots were made for walkin'".

Don't worry, I am not going to ask you if my bum looks big in this. I don't care! 
(And The Boy, who is peering over my shoulder, has just said "Your butt is fine, mum." Praise indeed from an 8 year old boy.

Feel free to sing along.


Scarlett said...

I hate it when ebay buys turn out to be completely different then listed - bit cheeky them putting it as new! I'm a cardi girl and dont own many sweaters either. Your boots look fabulous, loving all the boots in blogland right now :o) Scarlett x

mispapelicos said...

You have the perfect figure for that dress.
I have never heard before about the bullet bra, hehehheheh

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I must confess that jumper dresses are my go-to lazy option for winter school run time, some thick tights/leggings and boots and I'm done (this is very helpful when I give myself the extra 10 minutes in bed cos it's bloody freezing!)

I love grey and purple together, its actually one of my favourite colour combinations.

Vix said...

I fear woollies, too. Ponchos and knitted tights are my limit.
I do love that dress, it fits you like a dream. I feel the need to run up and pinch your gorgeous bum (maybe the frisky window cleaner will oblige?)
I nearly called my post the same as yours, great minds and all that. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Vintage Coconut said...

Well pardon me for saying... Your BUTT IS FINE!! =p
I think the dress looks rather nice on your too. I am all about feeling snuggly in the cold months!

lucy joy said...

Unlike you and Vix, woolens completely dominate my wardrobe. Dresses, skirts, jackets, jumpers, cardigans...anyone would think I have a family of shepherds keeping me in the stuff.
This dress is fantastic because; we get to see your luscious legs, booty-liscious butt, elegant neck and its in my FAVOURITE colour.
This was not an ebay mistake Curtise! Love it with the shoe boots best.

Helga said...

Your arse is most gropeable,darling!!!
I never wear sweaters either!This is a lovely sweater frock,and I would consider wearing one if I looked half as good in it as you do!It looks super snuggly!Just waht a gal needs in the winter....
Love and warminess!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Krista said...

You look smoking hot in this sweater dress! BOW CHICA BOW WOW! I am also loving this outfit with purple tights and your signature flower is always the cherry on top!

Unknown said...

Your derriere is fine your son is right! so do not worry and you told us you did not care - I have a couple of sweater dress and believe it or not if feel fat in them, they are not my favorite items, but on you it looks fabulous !


Alison Cross said...

You look fab! I am not good with woolly frocks like this because when I walk, they seem to ride up my legs until the skirt is around my waist!

Great look and GREAT purchase for £1.99!

Ali x

Debberoo said...

Suits you sir! Very cute butt, if I may be so bold!

Love it with the knee highs and enjoyed Nancy!

Unknown said...

We ALL hate wool next to skin - it's YUUKK!!! So wear a lovely silk/cotton top underneath and wear it OFTEN because you look FABULOUS in it! I love the red flower and purple tights - would love to see other colour combos on high rotation! You look beautiful!

Love! Sarah xxx