Thursday 3 November 2011

The juice of the carrot, the smile of the parrot, a little drop of claret...

Sometimes, you have to find joy in the small things, and though I feel a little beset by worries at the moment - Other Half's job being under threat (public sector, uh oh), Youngest Child's ongoing health problems, money worries, blah blah bloody blah - I am determined not to be a misery.

There are many reasons to be cheerful.

I found this 1960s Salton hot plate, still in its original packaging and in working order, at a recent jumble sale for 50p.

Might be a bit late to send back the guarantee card though...

Then, in a small but satisfying instance of serendipity, I saw this advert in a 1964 Woman's Journal magazine I picked up at Chesterfield flea market. Wonder if I could finish the crossword? Don't need to win the prize though - I've already got one, thanks!

At the same jumble sale, I bought this groovy 1970s chopping board for 20p. It's scrubbed up a treat.

Of course I love finding vintage clothing for myself, but I am also happy to find beautiful bargains which may not fit me but which I can sell on Ebay or give to a smaller friend!

Look at this amazing bright green and gold silk 1960s Acquer cocktail maxi dress. It was £6 in a charity shop.

I confess I do wish it fitted (it's probably a size 10, I most certainly am not) but it makes me smile just looking at it. It's in superb condition.

While we are looking at stripes, what do you reckon to this 80s-tastic suede bag?

You might remember that my girlfriends and I do our local pub quiz from time to time, and since we never win, we amuse ourselves by taking along our own prizes for whichever team member gets the most correct answers.
I won the pot last week, and this beauty was part of the prize! Can you believe they all laughed when I said I loved it? I donated the cleavage enhancers (if you've seen my Hallowe'en costume, you'll know I don't need 'em!) and was happy to give them to an A-cupped pal!

(We actually came second and won some drinks tokens for next time - a good showing for us!)

This 1960s sparkly crimplene number does fit. Doesn't it remind you of the fabulous Helga? A measley £2 spend for pussy bow heaven!

Some while ago now, I commented on the gorgeous Sarah Misfit's blog that I loved this dress, which she was unsure about.

What happened?
The sweetheart sent it to me! Blog buddies are a HUGE reason to be cheerful!

She sent numerous other goodies in her parcel of delight.

Gorgeous 1970s things to make!

And lovely earrings too!
Thank you, Sarah.

Blogging has brought me the joys of wonderful and generous new friendships, as well as involving old buddies from way back. Debberoo is a very dear old friend of mine from school days, who was blogging way back before I even knew what blogging was! And the fact that she pops in and comments on my musings after all these years does my cynical old heart good!
Thanks Debs!

 And back to that 1964 Woman's Journal, which has amused me greatly for the princely spend of 50p.

School run, 1964 style.

And this fabulous advert has given me an idea.

How about we UK girls book on a Lloyd Triestino luxury liner, stop off at Vix's favourite holiday destination, India, then head on to Australia to meet up with all the gorgeous Antipodean bloggers?
It's air conditioned, we can book direct, and it would really make us cheerful!


Vix said...

Eeek! What fabulous things for us to feast our eyes on! That cocktail frock, the bag, the chopping board, the hot plate, the crimplene pussy bow, you in that frock....bloody marvellous, I love it all!
Sarah will be so excited to see you rocking that frock so beautifully, you hot little minx.
I'm glad the cleavage enhancers went down well.
I've got an old suitcase with a Lloyd Triestino sticker on's a sign. We have cocktail frocks, we should cruise and pick up our blogging buddies as we go, what a dream! xxxxxx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Hi Curtise, sorry to hear you've got worries. I can sympathise, my OH was out of work for ages (public sector) but is now working - so there is a light at the end of the ghastly tunnel. Stay positive and carry on blogging is what I say.

Love all your cheery finds. The chopping board is rather fabulous and the frock on you is divine.

Hoorah, it's nearly the weekend. Have a good one! xx

mispapelicos said...

Wonderful dress and goodies. ahhhhhhhhhhh so jealous!!!

Jan said...

Oh I had a heat tray like that way back when ....wonder what happened to it,bet we left it up a loft somewhere !Am loving your blog Jan xx

Helga said...

Sometimes things can get on top of us.....I hate it when I start waking up at night sweating over stuff....but as you say,there ARE many things to be joyous about, like the amaaaazing post title!
O,and all these fabulous goodies!That chopping board rocks my socks,it's SO gorgeous!!! And the Salton hotplate!How bloody fab and useful! You absolutely OWN that divine frock that Sarah sent!Sexy,SEXY woman!
Feck,that frock is very me....can't wait to see you rock it!
OMG yes!Cruise time!!! Just imagine all us crazy bints on a cruise!Takeover!It'd be karaoke,dancing,cocktails and divine frocks 24/7! WE MUST DO IT!!!!
Love and squeezes all over!

Vintage Coconut said...

When life gives you troubles.. put your Salton hot tray to use! *wink*
That chopping board is very sweet it will make your kitchen duties more pleasurable.
Okay the Silver and green striped dress would be PERFECT for a christmas party. OMG it is so FLIPPING SWEET!
That 80's bag reminds me .. of something a space girl would carry. What is a space girl? I dunno someone from the year 3000. *laugh*
The sparkly crimplene *EAAAAK* I hope we get to see it on you. I ADORE it and think you will look RATHER fabulous in it.
You look rather marvelous in the dress from Sarah and it looks to fit you mighty finely.

lucy joy said...

So many people seem to be a bit down in the dumps at the moment. We should not apologise for it, yes, there are always reasons to be cheerful - but it's also fine to feel a bit sensitive and vulnerable. If you need support and reassurance, a brave face is not the way to go about it.
Anyway, enough of that, just LOOK at all this fabulousness! Why not stage your own version of Abigail's party? You have all the gear, I'd love to come and dance to Demis Roussos with you.

Chin up - you look wonderful, I'm envious.

Lucy x

Scarlett said...

Defo on reasons to be cheerful, you goodies are brill! Oh the amount of times ive bought vintage clothes just to look at that are never going to fit me, and hey its always a bonus when they sell for lots on la bay ;o)
I love the prize for the team in the quiz, thats an awesome idea. Scarlett x

Young at Heart said...

now that's what I call a chopping board!! What utterly brilliant treasures you found!!!

Mimi and Tilly said...

You look ruddy lovely in that black and silver dress, I love it! As for the 80's bag, it made me smile, it's fantastic. I had a mohair jumper in the 80's knitted in the same coloured stripes as that bag! The striped cocktail dress is just beautiful. Blogging is an amazing thing isn't it. A cruise across the ocean whilst sipping cocktails, to meet up with blogging friends would be hysterical! Do you reckon we'd stop to chat or would we all be desperate to log on and blog about our adventures! Em x

Krista said...

Rise above my dear and when you are feeling down just try and look fabulous. Hoping all your worries melt away.

You found some really cool stuff!! The striped dress is sublime and I do love the cocktail dress, can't wait to see you rock that! The dress Sarah sent you OMG is made for you! You look gorgeous and I love your bitch face best!!!

Unknown said...


Firstly - that chopping board is FABULOUS.

You in that maxi - SPECTACULAR! I love the little folded collar neckline you have made - it realoy makes a big different and you look SO GOOD in this frock - aren't the sleeves marvellous?

I do love an old mag - the ads are hilarious and the editorial is always SO un-pc! Glad you picked up a few gorgeous vintage bargains and hope everything is ok with all of your loves.

Love! Sarah xxx