Monday 14 November 2011

Is it just me?

I often mull over what I'm going to wear, putting outfits together in my head.

Not in an obsessive, anal kind of way, you understand. No no. I like to think of it as my hobby.

But sometimes the reality isn't quite up to the standard of my imagined version.
Reality can be so disappointing.

I bought this nautical skirt in The Shop on Brick Lane during my  jaunt to London last month, then picked up a little 1960s Orlon knit top in a charity shop for £1.99. I thought the two were made for each other, but now I'm not so sure.
It's a feeling I've had before...

See, I was thinking cute retro 50s nautical gorgeousness. But I think I just look frumpy dumpy lumpy. What can I do? Help me, oh Stylish Lady Readers!

On a more positive note, there was another Craft and Vintage Fair on Saturday so I took the female LBs along with me this time.

 As usual, there were lovely things and lovely friendly people, not to mention lovely food.

Two stall holders remembered me from last time, because they liked my frock - wearing vintage definitely gets you noticed, I'm getting to like it!

I bought a few Christmas presents, and a couple of things for myself... For me? Oh you shouldn't have. But go on then. Here's a sneaky peek.

So we had a good time, the girls "helped" Elodie on her stall while I browsed (thanks Elodie!), and they each chose something for their hair. Helga will be impressed that Eldest LB picked an F-O bow to match her shirt (Fuck Off Bows and Matchy Match - she's learning!) and Smallest LB selected a button flower clip (Krista and Loo, who know all about the Button Love, will approve.)

Posing on the grave stones - how very Goth of us, hahahaha!

Did I mention I bought a few things?
I wore a 1970s (I think) maxi with a fabulous almost-paisley print. And my ubiquitous denim jacket, and the necklace from Jennie's giveaway.

The fair was held at St. Mary's church. The vintage finery lurked under the organ pipes, beneath the watchful eye of Mary.

Is it my imagination, or is she flicking the Vs?
Perhaps it's a comment on those heathens who only set foot in church if there's shopping to be done there.
Which of course includes me.


Patti said...

Oh, laughing till it hurts at Mary flicking you a V. Looks like a cool event and I love your maxi. As for today's look, I do like it and I get the 50's retro vibe - perhaps just tuck in the end of your belt, and you are perfection : >

Alison Cross said...

Flicking you a V lol! Mind you it really DOES look like that!

You and family look super - I'm getting into the charity shop vibe but have got quite a way to go before I look anywhere near as good as you and Vintage Vixen!

Ali x

lucy joy said...

Naughty Mary!
The worst thing about the 'planned outfit' is when you're going for a night on the town and have the outfit in mind all week. Come 6pm on Saturday, you try it on, only to find you look as though you've escaped from residential care.
I simply LOVE the dress, best pattern I've seen in a very long time - stunning.
Nautical works a treat, but do you know what's missing? Only a jacket I have in my cupboard I've never worn (a £2.99 brick red Windsmoor number)!

I'll email you a picture later...

Lucy x

Vix said...

She's a disgrace that Mary, wait till Sarah finds out.
I love that outfit, I was going to suggest red opaques and a red beret worn at a jaunty angle but Lucy's jacket sounds rather lovely.
Loving the bow ensemble and you look divine surrounded by shopping bags (who doesn't?). xxx

Krista said...

Honey you look adorable in this outfit! I'd love it more with a funky hat, that belt is super duper cute!!!! Your lil munchkins are so sweet and I love the picture of the three of you showing off your hair bling. Smallest LB has the best skirt ever on, I would love it in my size :) You look friggin fabulous in that maxi just chilling on that bench with all your treasury!

A vintage fair held in a church sounds awesome and all with St. Mary's blessing!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I am definitely approving of LB's button flower clip, you are right. Liking the first outfit a lot but I'm thinking a bit more red would make it perfect - so Lucy's red jacket or Vix's suggestion of a red beret or even a big red F-O bow would be the way forward methinks. xx

Helga said...

I'm a heathen!!! Yay,heathens UNITE! She's is SO flicking the V's.What a tramp.Churches are fab for posing at/in too! Obviously!
O,darl,I love that nautical inspired outfit! But I know what you mean,I often mull over outfits,and also often find that I'm not thrilled with the result when I try it.I thing for me spontaneous is mostly more successful.But I do like this.I think it's lovely....but you know what Vix says!
LOVE that peek at your new frock,and I am SO pround of eldest LB for picking up a FO bow,and a matchy matchy one at that!!! She's clearly a fast learner!
That maxi you wore is HEAVENLY! Fab with the denim jacket,love a good old traditional DJ!
Big LOVE darl-lets set up a Skype date SOON!

Vintage Coconut said...

I think your outfit is quite great. Maybe some sort of red bling brooch on your top or a red bow for added pizzaz.
You and the girls all look fab with your hair blingey.

Unknown said...

Reality is completely overrated and almost always disappointing!

Are you frickin kidding me... I LOOOOVE that outfit! I think the dark tights are letting the team down but I love the super cute knit top and skirt!

Also love the paisley maxi and all of the delightful hair decorations and that dreadful Mary! At first I thought she was dancing but I see you're right... bloody mary. Sarcastic, judgmental bitch.

Why have we not skyped in forever?!

Love! Sarah xxx

Miss Claire said...

You look totally pin-up shoot worthy!!! Gorgeous! love the maxi skirt as well. I'm the same with thinking about outfits, it's one of my favourite passtimes! Especially if I'm bored at work. I can usually be found thinking about op-shopping, food or sleep. Xxx

Kylie said...

Firstly that copper modernist sculpture/statue of Mary is awesome. I've never seen one like it before and I love my Mary's/religionalia. So cool that the decision was made to hang her in such an old church.

Secondly, there is nothing about that gorgeous, cheery outfit that makes you look dumpy, frumpy or lumpy. At all. I think you look lovely in it.

Kitty said...

I think the outfit is fine, if the skirt were shorter you might feel less frumpy? But I say the 50s can defo inspire frump if you're not careful!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I plan outfits in my head a lot too. Sometimes they turn out great others not so much. I really love the nautical skirt. Can't wait to see what gorgeousness you bought. I'm a heathen too I only enter if there is a sale on!

Unknown said...

I know just what you mean about outfits and i plan mine in my head to. Im loving your maxi dress with the denim jacket a gorgeous look. I think your first outfit is lovely but maybe if you shortened the skirt a little so it was just past your knee you might feel less frumpy. But you look gorgous i say. dee xx

mispapelicos said...

You look like a real queen with your two princesses.
Thank you my friend for your kind words.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I like the skirt - but maybe Helga-esque Mary Janes and tights combo would lift it a bit? Or maybe a bit more leg?

Love a denim jacket myself, too bloody cold for my teeny weeny one though (that's if I can still squeeze it over my fat arms). Your little accessorizing apples obviously haven't fallen to far from the stylish mama tree!