Monday 28 November 2011

Leopard Love

I was really busy with preparations for our school Christmas Fair last week, so I have been neglectful of blogging duties.

Plus I have had a cold, but being Woman Flu, it just got ignored and I carried on as normal.

I tried not to let the fact that I was scurrying around decorating Santa's Grotto, setting up and working on stalls, and then doing the big clear up afterwards, get in the way of style!

           I thought the day called for a bit of leopard print. Nothing says Christmas like animal print, right?

                              Here comes Minnie, she can't resist the lure of Leopard Love any more than I can.

Leopard print dress (£4.50, charity shop), scarf and black/gold bangle (Heavenly Hottie Helga), gold bangle (Lovely Lucy), sparkly tights (Vivacious Vix), Clarks ankle boots (£2, community fair)

                         That's Other Half as Santa, with another poor Dad happy volunteer as an Elf.
                         Please, no more Elf and Safety jokes.

Can you tell that Eldest LB had had enough by then? She had been really helpful all day, but was having a moment here, I know not why.

And can you believe that the kids insisted on paying the £2 to go and meet Santa in his Grotto? They paid (or rather I did) to see their own father. How mad is that? Oh well, all in a good cause...

The fair went well, I meant to take lots of photos because there were some lovely stalls, but needless to say, I was too busy and forgot.

I did manage to sneak in a little charity shop trip with friends last week. Apart from the leopard dress, I found this amazing 1960s Swedish cotton jersey trouser suit.

It's a bit mad but I couldn't leave it behind! It may be destined for Ebay, or the school run, I haven't decided yet. My friends can't believe I'll actually wear it, so that's reason enough to do so, isn't it?

This little selection of vintage stockings made me smile - we have a couple of 1970s dolly birds and then we have...

...this lady. Wolsey were obviously aiming at a different demographic. The transvestite market, perhaps?

And finally...

        ...Bargain of the Week, £2 from a stall on Chesterfield flea market, this fabulous 1960s maxi dress.

Off to catch up with you all now! xxxxxxx


Vintage Sweetheart said...

Paying to see their own Dad too funny! At least they would know that might have a hope of getting the presents they asked for he he. That maxi dress was a freaking score, I love the colours!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

What a coincidence! I'm wearing a leopard skin dress today! It's a similar style to your little beauty but cost considerably more (boo hoo). Never mind....

Love the last dress you found. I NEVER find vintage gear in charity shops anymore, unless they're on some so-called vintage rail and priced ridiculously. I did, however, find a 70s nylon pink and orange pussy bow blouse (my size too & reasonably priced) on Saturday in Norwich. My daughter (cheeky mare) grabbed it out of my hand, declared it "grotesque" and literally dragged me out of the shop kicking and screaming (I was, not my daughter). I'm still in trauma. xx

mispapelicos said...

Gorgeous that animal print dress on you. It really enhances your figure.
Loving the boots too bits.
So funny the children paying to see their own dad, hahhahaha.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

You look ultra glam, I'm not sure I'll be posting whatever I end up wearing to hump tables around for our fair on Saturday. It's always the season for leopard print - and the sparkly tights are a definite nod towards festive season.

Those Cheltenham stockings really made me laugh! x

Krista said...

WEET WOO, you look killer in this lil leopard mini dress and I agree love the festive sparkly tights! Christmas really is more fun when there are kids involved. Your better half seems happy to be part of the fun. Love it! Your girls make me smile! Hope you feel better soon love!
The pant suit and maxi I both think are gonna look amazing on you!

Vix said...

That pants suit and maxi are absolutely fabulous! Don't you get putting those trousers on eBay until we've seen you in them first.
Looking luscious in leopard skin and good to see Mr Curtise getting all festive. The kids look so proud of him.
Vintage hoisery has the grooviest packaging and the most uninspiring contants. Cheltenham woman looks scary.
Hope you're well on the mend now. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Debberoo said...

OMG the stockings are hilarious, clearly the Cheltenhams were intended to appeal to the "stuff and nonsense" set - of which I believe I am a paid up member!

Love the leopard on you, Rachel Zoe would be proud!

Can't believe how good Mr So Past Caring is to dress up as Santa, way above and beyond the cool of duty. My poor hubby would have been immediately picked as the elf (due to physical resemblance) and would not have been a happy elf.

Can't believe you've had the school Christmas Fair, over here everyone is only just recovering from Thanksgiving. I much prefer the nice long run up to Christmas in the UK with no interruption by panicked turkey buying and preparing at the end of November.

Can't wait to see you in the trouser suit I think it will be fab! Although of course my giving in the seal of approval might be reason enough to stick it on ebay.

Love seeing the LBs by the way :)

Debberoo said...

I meant "call" of duty not "cool" of duty but Mr So Past Caring is very coo!

Vintage Coconut said...

*oOoOo* Sexy Leopard dress!
LOL @ the kids wanting to see Santa (Their own Father) *heheh*
Ahhhh that 60s maxi is Fabulous.

Kitty said...

Love that pantsuit!!! it got 'the noise' from me...which is the kind of "occchhh" noise like kids make when they need the loo (I think you'll know it!) Actually everything is spectacular, I'd wear it all in a flash!!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

You ARE trying to kill me aren't you Curtise? No really, it's just not fair - the strain on my heart is so great this minute I need to breathe through a paper bag. Holy feckin' slappin' Santa!!!!!!!! You are DOING it baby!!!!! Leopard-print in any form is hot and you are bangin' in that awesome frock!!!!! I cannot believe your friends don't think you'll wear that AMAZE-BALLS suit - please wear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the frock - GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEN floral print with black trim - just slap me now will you? Thank god you put some pics of your gorgeous brood with Daddy Santa in there to keep me focussed. It distracted me from your tranny-stockings theory. xoxoxoxoooxoxoxxoox

Kylie said...

Wear it! The pant suit. I like it and I think you could carry it off. Wear it just to spite them (and show them how amazing something like that can look when put together with a bit of style!)

I love the maxi dress v much, gorgeous fabric and you look pretty snazzy in that leopard print number too.

I also think that it is very sweet of your hubster to dress up as Father C and that your cute little kiddos wanted to pay to see him. Love it! x

Unknown said...

aahhh bless the kids i think that is really sweet that they wanted to go and see him ;-)) You look fab in your dress and that 60's green maxi is gorgeous. have a good week. dee xx

Unknown said...

Your kids are just too cute and too clever paying to see Santa who is their Dad! they want to make sure they get what they want, very clever! Love the leopard, looks good on you and about the suit, i agree with Vix, where it first so we can see and that maxi! what a find!

Ariane xxxx

Helga said...

Hahaha,your friends can't believe you'll actually wear it....that is most definetly a challenge,and indeed,reason enough to do so! I for one am gagging for you to wear it!
OMG,I adore that last frock,but you are giving me the HORN in that leopard frock!No wonder Minnie came sidling along,I would too,tail in the air,if I possibly could!You look saucy as in it,and your boobage begs to be squeezed!
Yay for your man being Santa!I got to be Santa one year at was memorable.I wonder if there are any pix,I must ask! I,too,would have been well over it by the end of the day.I probably would have been huddled in a corner having palpitations having discovered it was my dad.Or did he get away with it?
I am rather fond of old tights packets!Those tranny ones are fab,there's Wanda on Flickr who might like to rock those!
Schwing a ding ding,darling!You rock!
Love and gropes!

Unknown said...

HOLY BEJAYZUS I'M IN LOOOVE WITH THE LEOPARD LOVELY! EVERY season is the right season for animal print and you are rocking the crap out of that fabulous frock! I can't wait to see you in that DIVINE maxi and the pant suit and I love the hilarious 'reciprocated heel' (!?) stockings!

Love! Sarah xxx