Sunday 6 November 2011

We'd roll and fall in green

I feel a bit like Cathy romping on the moors with Heathcliff in this outfit.

Although maybe the 1980s triangular bag spoils the vibe just a tad...

What do you think? All I need is Lawrence Olivier to complete the look, right?

                              There you go. Dear dear Larry.

The lovely and very talented Lucy said she had found a skirt which she thought was me, but when the parcel arrived, she had not only sent this gorgeous green velvet maxi skirt, which fits me perfectly, but also a little jacket, bangle and brooch. Naughty Lucy! But thank you very much, I love all your gifts.

The jacket almost looks like snakeskin, but it's a knit fabric. Kinda Missoni-esque, what do you reckon?

                           "I pine a lot, I find a lot falls through without you."

I had a good old chazzathon with some friends on Friday, and found a few bargains - some to keep, some destined for Ebay. The best part of the day was the good company and the abundant laughter.

Black sequinned beret (Christmas present from Patsy), 1960s silk scarf (£1, flea market), Gudrun Sjoden black cord jacket (£4.99, charity shop), 1980s Laura Ashley black silk fitted blouse (£2.99, charity shop), 1970s (?) homemade green velvet maxi skirt (gift from Lucy), silver hinged cuff (£3, Brick Lane market), 1980s suede bag (free, won it), black wedge ankle boots (bought full retail price about 15 years ago, pre-kids, when I worked full-time and spent money on myself!)

I had a good Bonfire Night, hope you did too (well, those UK residents who do Bonfire Night, that is!)
I rather liked what I wore, which was a bit Ali McGraw in Love Story, or so I fondly imagined, but of course I didn't take photos to prove it.
I will have to recreate the look on another occasion. I am such a bad Blogger!


mispapelicos said...

That skirt is so rich and powerful, ahhhhhhhhhhh.
You look like a true queen.
The triangle bag is gorgeous. I had never seen one before. You lucky girl.

lucy joy said...

I'm not naughty! The skirt screamed your name when I saw it, had the jacket ages and wore it to death before it shrunk (OK, I grew). Bracelet and brooch a little battered, but adds to character?
Very dramatic looks, I'm impressed. What does that bag remind me of, I just can't think? It's bugging me, not sure if it's a retro game, logo, Sindy'll come to me.
You look great, as always - your character jumps from the screen.

Anonymous said...

Love that skirt what a gorgeous color!

Unknown said...

OMG velvet + maxi + more velvet + jacket + Wuthering heights references = My Favourite Things Ever!

You look FABULOUS, darling and I LOVE that fab 80s triangle bag too - any chance of a close up pic or two?

Love! Sarah xxx

Kitty said...

No, the triangle bag does NOT ruin it!! I think it makes it, I'll second Sarah and ask for a closer photo please!

Unknown said...

Oh! I like this so fabulous, i love the color of the maxi so gorgeous and the bag, so jealous, wonderful!

Ariane xxxx

Nelly said...

Oh green how I love it in look like a glamour queen and that bag your holding is amazing.

Vintage Coconut said...

Well hello there you u look so warm, cozy and beautiful.
(While I am sitting here lounging out in sweatpants and a transformers t shirt! *LOL* It doesn't get any sexier than that!)

I don't think the space girl bag ruins it at all. It is so darn unique its rather amazing.

You found stuff this weekend? *BAH* All I found today was a string of red Christmas lights. hehe

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

The triangle bag is amazing! I love it, personally. Great finds from Lucy for you too. Everyone in blogland is so clever, unfortunately buying clothes for people I've only seen in photos would not be my forte. You look great anyhow, the jacket is very Missoni, I agree.

We did fireworks in the back garden - there was great excitement!

Vix said...

I love it all! isn't Lucy brilliant? She has a real eye for what suits us.
That skirt and blazer are wonderful and the quirky triangular Eighties-tastic bag adds a different dimension entirely. I love being a vintage whore and wearing an array of decades all together.
No photos? Join the unprofessional blogger brigade, too busy having fun! x

Krista said...

Love you is this delicious velvet Maxi, way to go Lucy!!!!! The jacket too is a great pattern. BUT I am digging that triangle purse. You look fierce mama!!!!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oooooh you've scored there girly!!! The skirt is something I can see you swirling about in the snow - except I know it'll probably get all wet and soggy and totally kill the Wuthering Heights vibe you've nailed here!! I'm afraid the 1980s bag is a fecking winner in my book - I love subverting eras and completely messing with them - you look amazing and I love your scarf and beret!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep !!! xoxoxo

Glee said...

Loving all these long skirt outfits. It´s my number challenge, how to style a long skirt right. :)