Wednesday 23 November 2011

Gifts from the Goddess

I went to collect a parcel from the Post Office depot yesterday, and was delighted to spot Rock Goddess Helga's name on the back of my package.

I couldn't wait to get home and have a look inside.
I was not disappointed!

Bags and sunnies and beads and brooch and bangle and scarves and sequins and orange 1960s baby doll nighties.

But wait. There's more.

                    Just look at the fabulous print on this cape-sleeve 1970s maxi dress. I can't wait to wear it!

                                                               Such a pretty floral canvas bag.


           I can't show you the bag of delightfully named Pineapple Lumps, cos we've scoffed them all.

The girls seem to be under the impression that some of the gifts are for them. Would it be inappropriate if I call them the Pineapple Lumps? Great name for a girl band.

Eldest LB informed me that the nightie she's wearing must be for her, as it's too short for me and would show my bottom.
Don't know what the problem is with that...

So that is my parcel of heavenly delights from the Goddess herself. Thank you, darling delicious soon-to-be-famous Helga, you are too too kind.

Of course I did a bit of charity shopping while I was out and about.

I like this smart wool C&A coat, it fits really well, and it was in the half price sale, so cost all of £2.50.

 More coat hangers, 50p each. Charley liked biting the holly fabric-covered one. Obviously not a fan of Christmas.

And since my crazy drag queen false eyelashes are for extra special occasions only, I invested a whole 50p in these rather more subtle falsies.

And though these photos aren't from yesterday (the hair colour gives the game away), this was pretty much what I wore.

Wool poncho, hat, scarf, ditsy 70s-style dress, sparkly footless tights, hoop earrings, bangles - all charity shopped. Boots - Ebay.

And for no other reason to amuse you (and myself), I thought I'd share a couple of out-takes from Sunday's sweater girl photo session. Does anyone else try ridiculous poses just for fun? It can't just be me, can it? 

                                                 Hurry up with the bloody photos, I'm dying for a pee.

                                                              Soooo sexy. And soooo foolish. 

Has anyone got any good 'uns they are prepared to share?
Go on, I dare you!


mispapelicos said...

You are soooooooo funny and gorgeous, and so are your girls. Can you blame them to want it al???Me too!!!

Helga said...

Ha,my "out takes" are general public fodder!I can't help but do silly poses!I like that last pic,where you appear to be fondling yourself!!! SEXARAMA!oooer!
The girls look splendid.They've clearly inherited your style and class! Yee! I agree about why your bum hanging out would be a problem! Bums hanging out is all good in my book.Anything hanging out is good,really!
Yay that parcel finally got there!Unscathed!

Vix said...

Helga's been busy! I got a parcel yesterday, too! What divine treats, those Pineapple Lumps are addictive, aren't they?
The girls look so cute, I bet you were just as cheeky when you were a little 'un. Tell 'em there's loads of us out here in Blogland that would love to see your bottom.
That coat's a right bargain and I'd be with Charley biting anything Xmas related, the whole shebang is already boring the pants off me.
Gorgeous poncho and sparkly tights combo. Even the silly pictures make you look hawt! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Vintage Coconut said...

Oooo laaa laaa!
What a lot of pretty gifts from the red headed foxy one.
I have got to say those orange baby doll nighties are so cute! I love the old lingerie. (I have yellows, green and blue) I have got to find me a orange one.
GOD I love that maxi dress I think it will look damn good on you too. (So hurry and show us) lol
Now I am totally JELOUS over that bag!! MY heavens it is FREAKING LOVELY and reminds me of my Grandmas past throw pillows when I was a wee girl.

Your daughters are so adorable. They seem to have quite a good sense of humour & look like they take after their scrummy Mom.

Now I had a good laugh at the I'm dying for a pee pose.

Your posts always make me smile Curtise. You surely were meant to be a bloggie Chic.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

What a legend - all that madness going on at home yet she still manages to send care packages. Loving the biggest pineapple chunks poses - she and Desiree's stylist are surely the up and coming next generation of style bloggers!

All my poses are dreadful, but unintentionally. I do wish cameras didn't hate me.

Alison Cross said...

Pineapple Lumps! Brilliant name for a girl band - excellent bag of goodies that were sent to you too! Enjoy!

Ali x

Unknown said...

aaahh what a lovely parcel. Love that little peach nightdress no wonder it got pinched ;-)) I love your photo's they make me smile ;-) dee x

Nelly said...

and sooo much fun xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh gawd, I love that your girls fell in love with the contents of The Goddess of Hotness's parcel - yes Pineapple Lumps usually don't last the car ride home - they're bloody scrumptious aren't they? The looks on your babies faces - priceless!! I wonder if it's safe to tell them the nightie is meant to be worn BY ITSELF!!!! Hehehehe!!! The maxi is bloody gorgeous and I see you've received one of Helga's glorious leopard-print goodies! You're a saucy minx Curtise and adore your woollen poncho and sweater girl frock!!!!! Lovin' the new hair colour - The Stylist loves it to:))))) xoxoxoxoxo

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Love the way your daughters have appropriated your goodies - my daughter does the same - bloody cheek! Mmmm, pineapple lumps sound delish. xx

Kitty said...

How did I miss the sweater girl post?? Sorry about that, it looks awesome on you, and your out-takes are bloody brilliant, mine are freakin' hideous!! No, I dare not post

Scarlett said...

What a fabulous parcel! Hoorah for the charity shopping too, a girl can never have too many false eyelashes :o) Scarlett x

Unknown said...

All you gotta do is have a look at my blog to see my ridiculous poses!

YAY for parcels! Hope we get to see you and your pineapple lumps in those nighties - HUBBA HUBBA!

That poncho looks delightfully cosy.

Love! Sarah xxx

Unknown said...

Lucky you getting such gifts from Goddess of Hotness! your girls are so cute, and it has been said by all the girls but i say it again!

Love the poncho, looks so cozy and warm i have one did get around to style it - have a good weekend!

Ariane xxxx

Krista said...

What a bag of deliciousness! Love all the color and sparkle, Helga rocks! The dress is gonna look killer on ya and the sleeves are so girlie! Your girls are adorable and I have put a lil something in your package just for them :)
What a cozy outfit you have on, you make me wanna snuggle! Love the sparkle tights and poncho on you!!!
Your outtakes are cute, mine are not as adorable.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Well isn't Helga a darling because those goodies are awesome. Can't wait to see you in that frock!