Friday 11 November 2011

Cake stands of distinction

I am not a crafty person. I have some basic sewing skills, but I am not in the least artistic, and craft activities usually fill me with trepidation.

However, shopping is a skill I possess, so I have been happily picking up old plates from charity shops and markets for my friend Tracey's latest project. She's been making 3 tier cake stands, and she invited me and our friend Joanne to join her this morning for a Cake Stand Workshop.

What's a girl to do? Naturally I had a go.

                                            Drilling. Helped by Trace.

Joanne took ages to decide on her plates. She's a very thoughtful and considered person, not slapdash like me.

                                             Armed and dangerous.

                                     We managed not to crack any plates.

And just look at what we made!

Tracey's is on the left with cake on it; Joanne's in the middle; mine on the right.

                                             Chuffed? Why, I believe we are!

Trace is planning to sell a few at our school Christmas fair. What do you reckon she should charge?

You may have noticed I have changed my hair colour. I decided not to have the highlights put in, but I'm thinking it might be a bit too dark (although it's closer to my natural colour than the blonde was. Actually my natural colour is now grey, but we'll move swiftly on...) I'm thinking of it as my winter pelt.

I was aiming for a chic 1970s vibe with this outfit, not sure I achieved that but I like the midi length on me.
According to Vogue, which I was reading at the hairdresser's, it's the on-trend length.
Yeah, well, not so arsed about that, I just like it.

 Black top (ancient), monochrome chevron midi skirt (£3, Chesterfield flea market), black waistcoat (Ebay), boots (Ebay), jewellery (old, gifts or charity shopped)

Just need to do some baking now and my cake stand will look the business.

Have a fabulous weekend, my dears! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Love those cake stands. Well done you! I would have thought you could easily charge a tenner for them if not more. Ones in Laura Ashley are over £20.

Love the outfit too. I really like the midi length. xx

Helga said...

You look fecking gorgeous in that outfit!I admired for several minutes your teeny tiny waist whilst you were drilling!(Drilling!)O,you clever possums!So pretty,and what a great way to use old,lovely plates!I would expect to see something like that going for about 45,50 bucks here.
Mmmm,love LOVE that skirt!It's a bit like Sarah's,only hers is a maxi.That midi length is fab.On trend?!Trend,schmend!!!
I thought the hair was darker!It;s pretty,sweetheart!I'm pretty grey now,under this pelt(!)of red......bleurgh.Will let it come out in about 10 years,then it's time for the Mrs Slocombe colours!But I
'm not ready yet.....

Unknown said...

Wow i adore those cakestands there gorgeous well done to you all and what a fun morning ;-)) You look lovely and love your hair that colour it suits you and your skin tone. Have a great weekend, dee xx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

How come Tracey gets all the cakes the greedy minx? I want to learn how to do this!!!! I guess it would be a bit cheeky to ask you to do a video or pic tutorial since I'm guessing it's a paid-for course? Do it, do it, do it! Oh I would pay, what, about 100 quid for yours? It's gorgeous!! I think they'll get snapped up at school and in reality I'd say Helga's prices are about right. Oh my natural hair is so frickin' boring (mousy and GREY!) that I used to just want to shave it all off - but since going platinum I can't understand why I'd never gone super-blond before - it makes me soooooooo happy!!! I used to worry about what other people would think but now I've seen the light I don't give a frig. I love the colour you've chosen, you spunky chick!!! You are one frockilicious babe, the skirt is amaze-balls and suits you beautifully without a doubt!!!!!! Gorgeous bangle and I like the Poppy Day touch:)) oxxoxoxoxooxo

Unknown said...

Ooh I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE your skirt! Love it to pieces! Did I mention I adore your SKIRT!? You look so gorgeous and I love your new hair colour. You gals are so clever - I have absolutely no idea what to charge for them, but they are delightful and if I knew how to make them, EVERBODY would be getting one for xmas! Also, your skirt is GORGEOUS!

Sarah xxx

Vintage Coconut said...

Ahhhh the stand you made are so lovley. I wanted to make a few smaller ones from saucers for jewelery. =D
Now gimme some cake!!!

Love the skirt! And I think your hair looks quite nice... tis a very lovely pelt if I do say so myself. hehe

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Where to start? Amazing job on the cake-stands ladies, too good for most of the tasteless masses who are likely to turn up at our school's Christmas Fair, but they are lovely. It's hard to know what you should price them at, as a school fair isn't a posh craft fair, but at the latter a tenner would be a bargain. I've been meaning to give these a try myself but I'm a bit scared of the drilling part of things!

On to the outfit! Love the skirt, gorgeous and really suits you and your mile long legs and teeny waist. Like the poppy hair decoration - might try that next year - and a big thumbs up to your hair colour, definitely not too dark. 10/10!

Vix said...

You gorgeous minx! I love those photos of you hard at it with the drill, it shows a different side to the Curtise we know and love.
Those cake stands are a marvel and fabulous for storing jewellery for non-cake lovers like me.
I reckon £10's a good price, too.
Loving the new hair colour and the skirt's pretty fab too! x

lucy joy said...

Late getting around to commenting, only on weekends I get a computer (phone through week).
Firstly - LOVE the hair colour, really warms your skin. Skirt - so much to like about it, and you're damn right - a great length on you.
And how middle-class an afternoon can one get? Cake-stand making - wow. We're making parcels of reindeer, snowman and santa poo to sell!
£10 - £15 is reasonable, a paper de-mountable one from Heal's will set you back a tenner.
Hope you had a lovely weekend,

Lucy x

Unknown said...

Cake stand workshop, how cool is that and the results are stunning! i might make myself a nice cake stand! Love your skirt and yes the haircolor is very nice.

Lots of love! Ariane xxxx

Unknown said...

Cake stand workshop, how cool is that and the results are stunning! i might make myself a nice cake stand! Love your skirt and yes the haircolor is very nice.

Lots of love! Ariane xxxx

lovesjetlag said...

Hi Curtise!
Can I ask you a question? What did you use as a stand? I cannot tell it from the pictures..We were planning do a cake stand with my husband as we have many "remnants" of broken dish sets..

Curtise said...

Hi Barbara, if you let me have your email, I can get in touch and tell you what we used!
All your comments have been duly noted, ladies. Trace is busily working her drill bits to a nub! Loving Vintage C and Vix's ideas about doing smaller versions for jewellery stands.
love C xxxxx

Krista said...

What fun OMG I love crafty days with my biatches!!! They turned out lovely! I'd charge $30 :) I dig the new color and it's perfect for fall!

You look like a sweet señorita in this saucy number. Let's tango babe!