Friday 2 August 2013

Think I'll flip a coin, I'm a winner either way...

... I feel lucky today!

In the past week, I have been fortunate enough to receive four - FOUR! - parcels containing fabulous gifts from delightfully generous blog friends.

Sweetheart Leisa sent me the gorgeous 1970s frock I am wearing, a 1980 souvenir tea towel, a beautiful scarf, a tray cloth/doily embroidered with daisies and a bluebird, and lovely assorted jewellery.

And the cutest card!

Darling Tania sent wonderful fabric, jewellery and black pansy seeds, plus a Freckleface card, of course.

Heavenly Hottie Helga was insanely generous, and sent four amazing vintage frocks, a crochet bag, and a naughty book, to be passed on to Mme Le Derriere;

And then the lovely Cristi sent me a pair of her unique Kiss Me Kitty leggings, in the most amazing 1960s-inspired print.

See what I mean?

Lucky lucky lucky.

Thank you, ladies, I am always touched by your presents, dears.

The dress is a sheer delight - I might have to put a slip underneath it for public consumption, but for knocking around at home, a see-through frock is just fine!

I had my big old granny pants on anyway, so move along, there's nothing to see here.

Buddleia against a blue sky...

... and lavender for the bees.

1970s dress and necklace - gifts from lovely Leisa
Belt, hair flower and bangles - charity shopped
Sandals - Ebay  

Willow update:

You can still see the cloudy area of damage on her left eye; I didn't take any photos of her eye at its worst, but trust me, even the less squeamish amongst you would have winced. This is sooooo much better, and she doesn't seem bothered by it in the least.

We have one last appointment with the vet next week, when we should be getting some steroid eye drops, then we have done all we can.

Lucky Wills, to escape with her eye still in place.

(Not-so-lucky me, look at all that ironing overflowing from the washing basket...)

Good weather, good friends, plenty of lie-ins, and a Turkish restaurant lined up for dinner out tonight.

Ironing apart, I do feel lucky.

My measley hair flower is a poor contribution, but I so wanted to join Judith for her very first Hat Attack link up, so I'm sneaking in at the back, hoping none of the spectacularly be-hatted ladies will laugh at me.

Littlest gave me a card she had made this week...


...with this note inside;

Not quite what I would have listed as my skill set, but hey, I'll take it!

Lucky Littlest, to be the proud owner of the Best Mum Ever!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, whatever you're doing.



OP SHOP MAMA said...

Bloody brilliant! That card is pure gold.
Great gifts. YOu certainly have scored in the luck department!
I never iron. I give things a great shake as I hang them on the line.. and if that doesn't do the trick than I might just wear it crinkled. :0)

Peaches McGinty said...

yay Willow! tough animals cats, and so pretty - great gift spectacular!you must be chuffed! all so fab, I have a thing for tea towels so I nodded a lot at that, and the book! Haha, LOVED the title, poor tired Clementine (can't wait for Mme Le Derriere to read it arched eyebrows and all)I loved the sweetest letter x

Patti said...

Ah, the card, it's the best thing in the world. you are indeed lucky, and a fabulous mom! love your sheer dress (can't see the bloomers beneath, darn) and all the festive goods from your friends. I say your head-flower counts as a hat, as I was only able to scrap up a scarf for my entry : > have a wonderful day xoxo

Melanie said...

What a lucky duck to receive all those lovely gifts! I really like the bunny card, that's cute :)
I'm so glad that Willow's eye is getting better; I think we tend to worry even when it doesn't appear to be bothering them so much! I still worry that Bob's affected by the teeny scar on his eye when he's just getting on with it and it happened a few years back.
And how cute is Nina's note to you xxx

Miss Magpie said...

Spoilt that's what you are!
I particularly like the comment 'nice work' on your card.

I'm so pleased Willow's eye has survived.

The Style Crone said...

Lovely gifts! The dress fits you perfectly and love how it ties just below the nape of your neck; the flowers at the border confirm that your the most gorgeous bloom in your garden. And so happy that Willow's eye is improving.

As usual, you wear your lovely hair flower with perfection, and I thank you for linking up with Hat Attack, which would not have been complete without you.

thorne garnet said...

Glad to hear kitty is going to be ok.

I sure hope I don't kill the buddleia I just planted. I have in the past.

Cool haul on the packages of joy. I didn't know Australia had windmills.

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Aw, what a sweet card! Lovely presents too!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Vix said...

Hooray for Willow's recovery! She's a fighter that one.
All your goodies are fantastic, just goes to show how much we all love you!
I love Leisa's dress on you and wouldn't it look amazing with those fabularse Kiss me Kitty leggings underneath? Tania's pretty jewellery and gorgeous fabric, all those frocks and that naughty book from Queen Helga, too. What great friends we have.
That card is just awesome. I wish you'd adopt me I'm rubbish at ironing!
Love you! xxxxxx

Señora Allnut said...

hurrah for parcels of joy, so much stuff to play and enjoy, fabric, and bijouterie, and fabulous dresses and spicy literature!
And you're gorgeous, that dress you're sporting is so fresh and cute!
Wish you luck with all that ironing, there's a great pile for me too, but I'm going to wait for tomorrow cooler temperatures (38º today!)
besos & funny cards

Miss Piggy Bank said...

The picture with the little girl holding an ice cream looks just like my daughter when she was about two. The dress is lovely.

Tamera Beardsley said...

My dear you do have such a knack for doing posts... you have it all.. fashion, humor, family, region, and generosity of spirit. It is so easy to see why you are adored and loved by so many... and I am right there with them!

You look absolutely beautiful in your new dress and the flower sets it off perfectly! I am intrigued by the Turkish restaurant ... as I have never been... but it sounds wonderfully exotic!

Wishing you and your a wonderful weekend my dear!

freckleface said...

Four? FOUR? Wow. Christmas is going to seem disappointing compared to this week! How wonderful. You got some fantastic gifts! The dress you are currently modelling is fantastic and I reckon there are some beauties in there. That book from Helga is perfect!!
Love the card from Littlest, she is so adorable and such good news on Willow. Hurrah for Granny pants, random gusts of wind need never scare you. I'm talking weather, you understand. :) xxxxx

Unknown said...

Happy that your cat Willow is doing better! Your dress is so pretty and love the back of it !
Your daughter Nina is the funniest kid ever- I love her notes, it's priceless -

It's good to be spoiled!

Have a nice weekend

Ariane xxx

CityScape Skybaby said...

Tania's comment there made me laugh, though I know you're far too much of a lady to ever break wind Curtise. You have been proper spoiled by your fellow bloggers and Nina's note is so sweet, she obviously knows she's got a great mum, the best mum! in the world! Glad to see Willow's eye is improving, eye injuries are always scary but she looks well on the mend thanks to all your care. I gave up ironing after Jake was born and my washing pile has reached mountainous proportions at times, it's all burnt toast and dirty clothes round here. Thank you for your lovely comment as usual, you always make me feel encouraged to keep blogging. I also meant to say I hope you got my email in reply to yours before I went on holiday, I'd hate you to think I didn't reply to such a nice message, these things do worry me! xx

Krista said...

I love that you say granny panties in a shot where you are looking so beautiful from behind in that sheer delight! Don't ruin it ;) Well let's just say that you are spoiled and so deserving of such affection. So many beautiful frocks including this one, bright beautiful jewelry, cute cards and KMK leggings, we love you my dear.

I'm happy to see Willow getting better, ah that poor girl and her eye. Cats are tough too maybe that's why you like em' so much. Anytime I put up a crazy Ash picture (as if there is another kind) I know you will love it most:) I will trade you Ash for Willow...j/k they are both pretty aren't they.

Yours is no Mommy blog but I love when you put up bits about the kids. Littlest has a cute eye why just look at her love of animals. I see a lion, let's call the next an old man with big ears and a mole, a mouse, a cat eating a fish, a dog and an owl.

You are good at all that and so much more.

Fiona said...

So glad I'm not the only the only one out there wearing granny pants, much comfier than boy shorts... (wedgies) or thongs. (like having a cheesewire up your arse) This latest dress is so pretty and who cares if it's transparent, look at your fab figure and slim upper arms.
Littlest's card is delightful, so heart-warming to be hearing about a caring mother after just reading about poor little Daniel who suffered so terribly at the hands of his. Pleased to hear that Willow's eye is improved. Have a splendid weekend. x

Connie said...

Granny panties and no VPL? You must have a very well toned bum. Cat Nurse, Superior House Cleaner and Awesome Mom. You deserve lots of gifts.

his_girl_friday said...

Four parcels? Lucky lady!

Unknown said...

That card is just adorable! Gotta love a homemade card with all the love and care that goes in to it! Great dress, and great hair flower! XXX

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Well how beautiful do you look in that frock!!! I love it on you. I can't believe you've been inundated with packages of joy all week! Just goes to show how much we all love you. Helgas frocks look gorgeous, can't wait to see them on you. I love your hair flower & the belt. You are divine! Much love darling! Xx

two squirrels said...

Oh Leisa is a gem......that is the most fabulous dress on you.....yay for all the wonderful parcels of's because you are so amazing that all this vintage love has come your way.
Willow pussy.......I have been thinking of her.....poor wee eye.
Your plans for the weekend sound wonderful.
Love V

Trees said... many warm fuzzies in this post! Mail love is always good for the soul. Glad to see your Willow is recovering well and that card from your littlest is adorable, love the owl! :)

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Those dear wee cards and notes are keepers aren't they? I'm saving mine for the occasions when I'm told I'm crap so I can bring forth written evidence that it's simply not the case ;). Bless you for rocking pleated floral frocks and creating mayhem for the postie!! Darling puss is looking just as she should for having her very own ICU nurse and your garden is blushing for joy! xoxoxoxoxoox

Unknown said...

Love the flower pattern on that dress! What a joy to get such Lovely gifts!
So happy for Willow! Yeah!

Max said...

mmm turkish, wish i could come. glad to hear the moggy is on the mend and nina, what a little charmer. chip off the old block i think! happy weekend x

joyatri said...

Your Littlest is quite the animal artist. I'm very impressed by her row of critters.
Yay for generous blogger friends. Those frocks from Helga and Leisa, jewelry from Tania and leggings from Cristi are fabulous. The one from Leisa is so pretty and flattering on you, especially that plunging back.
Glad to hear that Willow is better and is not bothered by her cloudy eye.

Melanie said...

That is the most awesome card ever. How many kids even NOTICE that their mums do all that work. Hurrah to you and Littlest for noticing.
You are more than worthy of gifts from the cosmos, more specifically, from all these wonderful friends. Your hair flower is perfect for Hat Attack.
And your dress is gorgeous. I agree - no slips around the house.
Thanks for the Willow update. I'm glad she's much better and you've been surviving your nursing duties. She needs to send you a card too with a paw print on it.

Veshoevius said...

What a gorgeous dress! I love the keyhole back. I love that you wear gorgeous dresses to knock around at home - trying to take a page out of your book of late. Looks like you have a stash of fab new frocks to try out! Enjoying our budlier and lavender being in bloom too - we've so many butterflies and bees flocking to them.

Flora Cruft said...

Wowee 4 presents, and all so lovely, you're one lucky lady indeed! Not to mention that gorgeous sheer dress, which suits you beautifully, I love the hawaiian pattern. So glad Willow's on the mend.

Rachel said...

Ahhh, your parcels look lovely. And it is a sweet note from Littlest - hopefully when she is older you will be praised for other things too! I am sure I told my Mum something like ..'she was nice in the house' when I was about that age! I can assure you, she is very nice both inside AND outside of her house....

Love the pleats on the dress , I say wear it sheer and give a discreet flash! Xxx

Annie said...

That card and note are completely brilliant! Destined for the fridge door I reckon.

What an amazing set of presents! So well chosen. The dress you are wearing is gorgeous, and I'm looking forward to seeing you wearing Helga's dresses too.

So glad your cat is better. It's such a worry.

Annie xxx

silvergirl said...

You lucky girl to get all of those fun packages
Getting stuff delivered to your door is the best

Vintage Coconut said...

Oh my what lovely gifts!
Willow looks good to me I am glad to hear she is doing much better.
Littlest's note is EVER so sweet. I like her drawings too. Your looking marvelous in that dress Curtise. I have a wrap skirt that looks something like that print. =D

Helga said...

Bahaha, that card is brillant!!! They may not be your greatest skills, but they are appreciated never the less!
You're lucky, I'm lucky, we're ALL lucky!!!! Frigging love that frock! Lisa has a great eye! I'm really fancying those sandals, too!
O, darling Willow, such a pretty girl!!! Poor wee eye.

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

AAAAAAWWW--that card is just too sweet!!

Glad willow is on the mend, poor kitty!! WOW--what a load of goodies you received!! The sheer dress, granny pants and all, is quite stunning on you!!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Your children give you the best cards! And, your blog friends give you the best gifts - how gorgeous is that dress you're wearing? Love the back detail and the mini-pleats! Can't wait to see you model the dresses from Helga and your new leggings.

Am very glad to hear that Willow seems to be recuperating nicely from the eye injury. She's such a sweetie.

bonsaimum said...

Gosh, it seems like Christmas with all the pressies. You are a lucky sod. Glad Willow is recovering- so cute.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

You lucky thing! So many presents. I really love the little embroidered dove and daisies. The dress is very pretty, rather tropical, you need a ridiculous cocktail! I think the flower is a lovely touch, but by the sounds of it, you need to go hat shopping.
The card Nina gave you is so sweet, but why is the giant owl lying down? Helga was so generous! The book is totally hilarious, you must tell me what's inside. So pleased Willow is looking better, she may be almost back to normal soon, but good luck with the eye drops! xxxxx

Pennyblossoms said...

Stuff everything else...I can't believe I missed the tale of your poorly Willow.
Have clicked 'cat' and caught up with what happened/how she's doing. Glad she is on the mend.
Z xx