Sunday 4 August 2013

Earning my stripes

I realised that although I have worn this dress several times, I have never featured it on the blog before. 
How did that happen?

It was a gift a couple of years ago from my dear friend Patsy, and I love it.

1970s Kati at Laura Phillips maxi dress - The Shop, Cheshire St., London
Sandals - retail (sale)
Bangles - gifts and charity shopped
Necklace - charity shopped
Hair flower - gift from the much-missed Mrs Coco

I love the fiery monbretia, the rowan berries, and the St John's wort in my garden. 
The latter is supposed to be a treatment for depression.

 I don't know about that, but the stamens remind me of those wonderful fibre optic lamps of the 1970s.

And they certainly cheer me up.

Cats, flowers and fabulous vintage frocks seem to be pretty good for my mood.

Cat-studded garden.

We had a lovely meal at Zeugmas on Friday.
Turkish delight indeed!
 Littlest is Face-Pulling Champion of the World.

On Saturday, we had a trip into town to buy shoes and a shirt for the Man (is it me, or are men's shoes really dull?) so the kids needed a little compensation, by way of the dodgems.

They call me Baby Driver, and once upon a pair of wheels...

I like blogging.

I like the relationships, the conversations, the contact with people I would not otherwise know.

And I have come to view my blog friends as... well, friends. So when they go awol, I miss them.

I know Real Life comes first. Of course it does.

I know various blog friends are dealing with all manner of personal crises, health issues, life events, they are struggling for time, energy, balance, motivation. Or they're just not feeling the blogging love anymore.

And I completely understand.

But I miss them.

I wish them all well, and hope they can return soon to the blogging fold. 
And I appreciate the friends who are still around.

Linking to my friend Patti's Visible Monday, as always - what could be more visible than vintage floaty orange stripes?



Veshoevius said...

Love the stripes! The shot of orange really makes this dress zing!

Unknown said...

your posts are always so interesting, love your dress

thorne garnet said...

It's so nice to have met you via blogging. It's not like we would have run into each other otherwise. To me, my blog friends are the pen pals I never had. I love getting glimpses into other parts of the world. (I'd have said other peoples lives, but that sound a tad creepy.

The food looks so good. I'm just about ready to go make some falafil and guacamole. Yeah, I mix it up.

OP SHOP MAMA said...

That's nice - you're my friend too! :0)

That dress is triff - love the autumnal colours.. suits you perfectly.

Helga said...

Woof! Awesome colour combination, and just an all round fabularse frock! You look divoon, darling!
Hello Charlie!!!
I am enamoured of and impressed by youngests face pulling skills!!! Such a scrummy looking meal too......
O, blogging has changed my life and most certainly enriched it with friends far and wide! It is sad and a little empty when bloggers fade off, but of course they have their reasons, and we just have to cope. Humph!

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Oh, outstanding electric orange and black-eged ruffle action! Sweet hair-flower, bangles and rings to go with.

Like Emalina's your bright garden is respite from my world o' weeds, and always a treat to see your dear critters, both four-footed and two. What faces, what glee on the bumper cars!

I like blogging too, and miss it - our people -so when not able to. I'm so glad I've 'met' you, dear Curtise! Thanks for being such an awesome friend, xoxo

Patti said...

Oh the bumper cars are the best fun! And you look stripey-fabulous in that maxi. I miss many of our blogger friends who've retired from posting - and I still think about them a lot. I hope you're sticking around for a long time, as I'm rather fond of you, dear C!!

bluehuewonderland said...

That's one great dress! The colors are lovely and I have to chuckle at the cats. They just look so natural in this picture, perfectly composed. Fun to see kids looking happy and vibrant.

blue hue wonderland

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's an interesting thing about blogging. Sometimes I just think it's silly, and then I get some wonderful heartfelt comments and I think, Wow, this is amazing, to connect with people all over the world. I think it's the clothes part that sometimes feels silly, but it's a really good medium to start the conversations. Like your fabulous stripey dress - I love the way the stripes accentuate the bodice. And the colors are lovely on you!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I like blogging too. How on earth would I ever have met you otherwise! I love how completely different we all are, & yet we are connected at the same time. Divine striped maxi. I love the sleeves & the hem & the colours. Loving the rings & things too. Xx

Urban Rustic said...

beautiful dress!

Indigo Violet said...

I've been blogging for nearly a year, and it's enriched my mind more than I could have imagined. Beautiful clothes are great and everything, but when someone has a beautiful mind like yours it's so wonderful to virtually meet them.

Frocktasia said...

A couple of years ago at the height of my hoarding addiction 'Kati at Laura Phillips' was one of the labels that I would do a weekly scan for on eBay and as a result I've got a few lurking around in my vintage wardrobe...I've actually got the same one you are wearing. I wish it had been in a different colourway cause then there would be a frock twin winging its way to you later on this afternoon but I'm sure I can find something else for you instead :) I know that I had your address at one point but it seems to have got lost in my cluttered documents folder, so please would you e-mail it to me again. Thank you so much for the little nudge directing me to that lovely frock on eBay, I didn't buy it in the end cause Mark and I have decided that time has come for us to relocate to Glasgow, so selling and getting rid is the order of the day for the foreseeable future.
Lots of love, Jennie...xXx

Trees said...

How could you not share that frock with us before - its just beautiful! I love it on you. Looks like you guys had a great time at the Turkish restaurant and bumper cars - hurrah:) I miss my blogging friends when they go AWOL too, sometimes I end up actually quite worried about them and always feel happy when they return.

Louise Mc said...

Such a gorgeous dress. Those colours look amazing on you. I actually quite like men's shoes, but I am a strange owl. Lol. Have a good week. Xx

Vix said...

Now if you didn't blog I wouldn't know that my favourite plant in the garden is a monbretia so please don't ever stop or my horticultural knowledge will dry up altogether.
Can't believe we haven't seen that glorious dress before, it's fricking gorgeous!
Dinner looks wonderful and cats and sunshine are instant mood enhancers.
I love blogging, I've met some true friends (like you) through it and it's helped me through trying times by diverting my attention away from shitty stuff. Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Peaches McGinty said...

your cats are the same colouring as mine! they are the best, cats check in on you if they suspect you are iffy - your dress is gorgeous, you have an awesome collection - as a new blogger, I was nervous and figured I would be floating alone on the interweb for a long time, but being welcomed by you and others was just fecking amazing x ps excellent food and excellent face pulling, and yes, mens shoe shopping is an excercise in patience x

Señora Allnut said...

wouuuau, your orange striped dress is fabulous and you look gorgeous, so pretty garden background indeed!
You're right, dear lady, blogging is a neverending source of friendship and fun!!, and yes, men's shoes are dull!
besos & blogsphere

Fiona said...

I agree Curtise, blogging is marvellous but because I am so interested to see what you have all been up to, other stuff like housework takes a backseat. That's why my house has so many cobwebs! Very slatternly I know, must do a turn with the hoover nozzle forthwith. Love this latest dress, I had one of a similar style in 1972, I loved it but such a pity I had to wear it with school shoes!
The turkish meal looks extremely tasty and the LB's are now consummate professionals at posing.

freckleface said...

Helga's on the money here. Woof indeed! :)

I love this dress, can't imagine why you aren't wearing it on a daily basis! It says Mexican to me, which is a very good thing since I am a bit obsessed with Mexican dresses. This one looks like a Mexican wedding dress. Right, I think I've said Mexican enough times now.

Moving on...

Garden lovely, food yummy, kiddywinkles adorable, cats so sweet. You are wonderfully consistent in a flaky old world! xxxxx

Unknown said...

You look like a glorious stripey goddess! Love all the orange in the garden to match! Such funny pics of the kids. How are kids such great face pullers? XXX

Anonymous said...

Firstly, smashing dress I love if and you're rocking it. Love the orange and brown.

I too love blogging. I started out four years ago on another blog after I lost my twins. Over time and through encouragement and connections I decided to start my blog now, about my passion of vintage. In many ways blogging has been an essential part to my continued healing process over the years,

I have met and made some incredible friends locally and abroad and am so thankful to be surrounding by such a supportive community of people.

Bloggers rock.

Max said...

great dress, love that little flounce at the bottom bet it bounces around with every step. ah, turkish food and gurning kids, recipe for a great night out in my book too x

Anonymous said...

I adore the dress!!!It's now in my top ten of favourite outfits!!
I'm not blogging and I feel bad about it, but as you wrote private life comes first, I hope to find the right mojo soon, anyway I'm glad to follow your adventures!
You are so lucky to have children eating and trying different types of food, the meal at Zegumas restaurant seems delicious! My daughters are such fussy eaters that they won't eat neither a pizza at the Turkish restaurant!
Love xxxxx

Miss Magpie said...

A very zingy frock! I know what you mean about missing bloggers who have stopped blogging for whatever reason/ There are a couple I follow who have gone underground and I often wonder about them.

Unknown said...

A godess in stripes!
Love reading your posts ... and i do agree but wish that i myself was better to express myself in any Language!

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

SHAME on you for hiding such a fabulous frock from us!!! It is STUNNING!!
You have a gorgeous garden kitties and all!!

Krista said...

Candy corn this dress reminds me of candy corn! Oh how I do love it when you pull out the colors you are wearing in your garden. You are the prettiest flower in that garden and those kitties, it's all so dam pretty!

The turkish dinner looks absolutely scrumptious! If I haven't said it I adore children who have broad open minds when it comes to food, yours do and that's thanks to you! You are an animated bunch!!! Bumper cars too, best Mom!!!!!

I love blogging, most days:), and I have found that just like in real life you meet all kinds, some are better at staying in touch than others. I find it difficult to get and remain close to a bunch of people so I tend to prefer a much smaller manageable group. Quality over quantity for me:)

We are friends till the end baby! I friggin love your honesty!

joyatri said...

Ooh, 70s stripes, and ones that include orange, are high on my list of favorite patterns. That dress and the fiber optics flowers, kids pulling faces, cat-filled garden and blogging friends are all happiness inducing. Thank you for sharing all of them with us.
I'm frequently guilty of falling by the blogging wayside and can't seem to manage sustained contact with a very wide group of bloggers. But, I like having friends to share the little excitements of my life and to share theirs with me. Like scoring a dozen pairs of opaque tights at the charity shop. For most of my real-life friends and certainly my boyfriend, that event would be meaningless. But blogger friends get it.

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Ooh you look very wistful in that last shot.
Joyatri hits the nail on the head with her comments. I don't do much by way of awesome clothing myself but I live vicariously through you and Vix. I really appreciate the kindness of bloggers and am delighted to have you as my imaginary friend!
I'm sorry you're missing another blogging friend. xxxxx

Melanie said...

You are clearly an artist, Curtise. I really love the pic monkey(?) with you in the centre and the accents around you.
The striped dress is so perfect on you. I'm glad you've brought it to our attention.
What a feast and fun time. I always liked bumper cars but I often ended up in ones that were broken.
Yes, blogging is a push and pull thing for me. I do feel ties to people and, like you, miss them when they pull back. It's a strange world at the keyboard and monitor. But the spillover into my 3D life has been immense. Thanks for your blog. I love dropping in.

Forest City Fashionista said...

Orange and blue stripes, flowers, kitties, good food, good company - all things that make me smile too! Blogging has changed my life, and brought some wonderful friends into the mix that I would miss very much if they disappeared (you would be in that bunch).

silvergirl said...

You know the saying...
If it didn't appear on the blog, you never actually wore it!

Sheila said...

What a fun life you live! I adore that dress.

Unknown said...

You look great ... in the pretty, stripey dress, in the garden ( one flower among many!) and with the kitteh bomb. For such cynical-seeming animals, they do like their photo-ops, don't they?
Sounds like you're missing a bloggy buddy, so I hope for all concerned that you are back in contact soon.
This is the first summer of my bloggy life, and I feel strained by the on-going heat and my least favorite style-season.
If I feel grim, I can always pop over and look for your kids, pulling faces. They always tickle me!

Connie said...

Is that what St. John's Wort looks like? I don't think I've ever seen it before. No wonder it cures depression! Psychedelic! Speaking of curing depression, love your dress and your wonderfully goofy kids. Honestly, my dear, you have cheered me up on many occasions. It's a wacky friendship with blogging friends, isn't it? I don't know how I lived so long without it.

Anonymous said...

One of my favourite colour combinations, orange and grey so I am IN LOVEEEEEE with your dress... and thank you to your advice on cats, we are going to look at getting a couple once the boys are back at school x

Melanie said...

What a lovely dress, it suits you well :)
I like blogging too, but do find my momentum slipping and with it readers, hey ho .. I suppose at the end of the day I'm doing it for me and if people read my words then that's a bonus.
Your garden looks very lovely xxx

ZalinaW said...

I love the dress on you. What a great pattern!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

oooooh and orange stripe expression, why haven't you shown us this before? It's bloody gorgeous. I'm always behind on blogging and never getting round to posting... I wish my blog friends were all a bit closer. You're so greenfingered! Your garden always looks wonderful and so colour coordinated xxxxxxxxxxxx

CityScape Skybaby said...

Cat studded garden, I love that image, and you in it too Curtise, I'm surprised you've not shown us that gorgeous dress before, as Tania says, it's very Mexican feeling. The food in that restaurant looks delicious, it makes my mouth water. Have to agree about shopping for men's clothes though, it's a boring task, I feel sorry for men sometimes, unless they're willing to go out on a bit of a limb, the choices are so dull for them. It's funny how big a part blogging comes to play in your life, I don't blog much but I love to read and join in that way. I got back from holiday last night and the first thing I did this morning was go on Blogger to see what you've all been up to. xx

Rachel said...

I'm here! A bit more leaning to twice-weekly posts, but still.. And still admiring your eloquence, and a dress I have only just met.

I treasure the online friends I have made. Through the photos, I feel more seen and understood than others I got to know through IRL first.

I miss Lynne at the moment, and am rooting for her, KeeCee, and her family xxx

Vintage Coconut said...

I totally love that dress. I am speechless to why you have never shown it to us before. (Its SUPER FABULOUS)
That yellow flower is WOWZA AWESOME. I remember those fibre optic things. My Auntie had one and I was always enamoured by it and all its color changing ways.

Unknown said...

that dress is awesome!