Tuesday, 20 August 2013

To Hull and back

Look what Emma Kate sent me!

She found this patchwork skirt at a car boot but didn't want the bother of altering it to fit. So since the measurements seemed OK for me, she passed it along.

Thanks Emma Kate, I love it! Karma dictates that you will now find the plate rack/rug/table/crate/chandelier of your dreams. Yeah, that's really how these things work, honest.

(She sent me another fab frock which I have forgotten to photograph, so that will have to wait for another post.)

Aren't the colours wonderful?

Well might I look smug.

So the school holidays continue, although there's only a couple of weeks left now, how did that happen?

Littlest has been asking for ages if we could go to The Deep, the aquarium in Hull, so last week we did just that.

Voyage, a bronze statue overlooking the Humber estuary.

The original statue, a gift from the Icelandic city of Vik which has a sister statue, was stolen in 2011 apparently by scrap metal thieves. It was replaced last year.

Coral and fish.

Spot the odd one out?

This was the first time I have ever visited Hull, and I was very impressed with the architecture and history.
(The large number of photos might give that away somewhat. Whizz through, it's OK.)

A significant port with plenty of maritime history, the birthplace of abolitionist and MP William Wilberforce, and with a role in kicking off the English Civil War, the city has many civic and private buildings which reflect its prosperous past.

Hull has had its years of decline and deprivation, but in recent times has been experiencing regeneration and revival.

That's William Wilberforce (bottom left) and Philip Larkin (bottom right) who worked as a librarian at the University of Hull for many years.

The George Hotel
England's smallest window
The George Hotel is one of Hull's oldest surviving public houses and can be dated back to 1683. It is also home to England's smallest window which is rumoured to have been used in the days when The George was a coaching inn. A porter was seated at the window to watch for the coaches so as to give immediate attention on arrival.

Yes, that slit on the right is the window, apparently.
No idea why they didn't have a bigger one...

And beautiful Victorian shopping arcades too.

Had enough?
Want to see my skirt again?


Patchwork maxi skirt - gift from the very talented Emma Kate
1970s blouse - Ebay
Pendant - car boot
Bangles, belt and shoes - charity shopped
(Previous pics) Denim jacket - charity shopped
Tote bag - made it myself

 Charlie was in the tree and trying to attack me, little bugger.

Is everyone having a good week so far?


The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Lovely colour sin the skirt.
I remember studying Larkin at A level. I remember: "What remains of us is love" and "They F**K you up, your mum and dad."
What a prophet.

Vix said...

I loved that skirt when Emma showed it on her blog and I love it even more with you inside it.
Many years ago when Jon & I travelled to Morocco we ended up in a hotel with a newly divorced man from Hull who trailed after us wherever we went giving us fascinating facts about Hull whenever there was a lapse in conversation. He made it sound so dull we never wanted to visit but you've changed my mind. It looks nothing like the dull old place he described.
Come on, show us the frock she sent, if it's only a fraction as fabulous as that skirt I know I'll love it!
Love ya! xxxxxx

Patti said...

Fabulous skirt! It is so "you", it had to be yours. What a sweetie Emma is. The aquarium looks like big fun; you and the kids have the very *best* outings. xoxoxo

thorne garnet said...

That's it, I'm moving to The Land of Green Ginger street. Or that house with the blue doors. Thanks for the photos, I don't think Hull is in the top 10 places to visit in England. It sure is pretty

And so is the patchwork skirt

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

You look beautiful in that skirt! I have already recieved the karmic gift of the century, the very same day your skirt arrived! Something I have been after for a year and a half! So karma definitely works!
I've never really done Hull. I drove there every day for 6 weeks for my mum to have chemo but we saw nothing of the place. It looks nicer than I expected. xxxx

Fiona said...

Ha! I like your post title. I spend more time thinking of a title than composing the bloody post itself! I love that maxi that Emma Kate sent your way, it's so pretty and you're bound to have gazillions of accessories to pair with it. I work with a bloke from Hull, he wears a strange dangly thing with black and orange beads, Hull City methinks. Gorgeous photo's and stunning architecture, Hull certainly has a lot to offer.

Gracey the Giant said...

Wonderful photos. Thank you so much for sharing!

Angels have Red Hair said...

LOL ... are they sure that's meant to be a window ... and not just subsidence. The least they could have done is make 2 slits so the poor porter could watch binocular style instead of telescope style ;0)

Helga said...

Fark YES, that's a gorgeous skirt! Nice one, Emma Kate! Brillant colours, and you just can't go wrong with patchwork!!! Love it, and it goes a treat with that sexy peasanty blouse and purple belt!
I used to work with a lady from Hull many years ago. She was a dear old thing, Sylvia, her name was. I thought of it as a very small seaside town, but it seems I was wrong! It looks rather splendid! Great pix!
Yeah, show us the frock!!! If it's half as awesome as that skirt I shall be a very jealous bint indeed!

his_girl_friday said...

That skirt is SO gorgeous! I covet!

Connie said...

Testing. Tasting.

Connie said...

That is probably one of the prettiest patchwork skirts I've ever seen...and I've seen quite a few! Love the peasant blouse you've paired it with. That was quite the look when I was in school in the 1970's> You are chic in any era! Beautiful Hull. Love the statue of Philip Larkin bustling off somewhere.

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Brilliant skirt! So colourful. Fits you like a glove. So good.
Great Hull pix. x

Sheila said...

What an amazing skirt! I adore it - it's lovely and so very you.

Wonderful pictures of Hull! I love that statue.

silvergirl said...

I am always so jealous of your fabulous outings
That skirt is quite unique!!

Debberoo said...

Land of Green Ginger, how fabulous is that! I love all the photos, never enough!

Jean at www.drossintogold.com said...

The skirt IS perfect for you!! Love the blouse with it. Hull looks charming, much more so than where I am, that's for sure!! We do have a good aquarium, though. Glad you were able to have good weather for an outing with the children before school starts back up. Wish I could've joined you!! XXOO

Unknown said...

Great skirt! Lovely happy colours!
Hull looks great to and your Photos are always so amzing to watch .

Becky said...

Perfect skirt & top!! The kids are too adorable--as usual :)

Indigo Violet said...

The skirt looks like it was made for you!

Diane said...

Found myself humming "you wear it well" by Rod whilst reading this! I loved Hull when we visited earlier in the year - it has such gorgeous architecture and I felt as if I were on a film set in some area's. I didn't have time to visit "The Deep" though so a good excuse to go back. xxxxx

Peaches McGinty said...

smug! quite right too, the skirt is just fabulous, and the blouse is yum - never been to Hull, but I quite fancy it - Philip Larkin is beloved by Mr Foxy, being a fan of Pam Ayres I found him a little dark - the aquarium looked like a top day out, your gorgeous lot look happy.
Can't wait to see the frock,
and thank you for all the lovely things you said, honestly I was all misty and warm x hugs x

Unknown said...

Omg!! Beautiful skirt. Our Vix would run away with that one. Hull looks beautiful I've never been but certainly looks a great visit ;) xxx

Unknown said...

Hull looks lovely you took some amazing photo's your camera gives you a great quality picture, those of the fish are amazing love the first one so many lovely colours. And talking of colours that skirt would give Joseph a run for his money with his coat ;-) It looks gorgeous on you and I also love the bag you made to. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee xxx

Trees said...

Patchwork skirt has been on my must make list forever and I love yours!! SO great to see photos of your adventures, I'm not convinced that's a window!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

EGAD!!! I think my long love affair with patchwork will never let up as the sight of you in that incredible maxi skirt has me gasping! It looks so fabulous with the blouse, you really are so delish Curtise! Hull looks really lovely and rather quirky, which means it's probably a great place to get lost and found and discover hidden nooks:). The Phoenix hasn't described Hull in flattering terms so I'm sure he would be pleased to see it looking all shiny and clean:). That fish ... oh god, you seriously need to adopt it coz it's so fecking cute!!!!! I'd much rather read about your week than think about mine (vomiting etc from meds withdrawal - ugh!) xoxoxoxoox

Melanie said...

Such a pretty skirt! The colours are glorious.
Hull looks like a lovely place to visit, all that swoonful architecture.

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

What a gorgeous gifted skirt! Surely karma will smile generously upon Emma Kate. Something fishy about the collage of your kidlets, though - can't put my finger on it. Thanks for the outing highlights - amazing arcades - looks like a Hull of a time. xoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

This post makes me wish even more to visit England, Hull is wonderful and the architecture left me breathless!!
Aquariums are always magical places, probabily they recall in me the paceful silence of the marine depths with their extraordinary colours and creatures. An ideal place for the kids too! The skirt is an artwork made of amazing colours and prints that well match the beauty of the sea and you, as always, look beautiful in your garden!!
Love xxxxxx

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

Wowsa--that skirt was MADE for you!! i love it--the bright colors, the way you styled it. Yes you SHOULD look smug!!

I so enjoy my cyber holiday in Britain following your travels!! You make it so interesting!!

Krista said...

I'm in lurve with that patch work skirt Curtise, it's a feast on my eyes! Emma knows what looks good on you and Vix! That aquarium is mad I am loving the building and the town of Hull is beautiful! The composition of your photos is so impressive you really were a good blogger this day out :) I want that sculpture holding the theatre masks in my front yard!

Unknown said...

That skirt is crazy cool! Love love love it! Looks like you had a great time in Hull. What beautiful buildings. Love the smallest window!

BellaBean Vintage said...

That is one gorgeous skirt, so lovely! Perfect with the blouse, denim and bag. Is it wrong not to care about fish and coral and such? However I'm a sucker for some good architectural sculpture - Hull looks lovely. Ah yes and back to the skirt - you look scrumptious!

Ulla-Marie said...

Wow! Such a perfect gift! Are you close acquaintances or does this Emma have a perfect sense of what fits who?

CityScape Skybaby said...

I love the skirt Emma sent you, it's so pretty I think I'd have to have it hanging up somewhere just to look at all its colours, and it looks so perfect with your peasant blouse. Is that your new sandals I see peeking out on your Hull pictures? I've never been to Hull but your photos make it look a much more interesting place than I imagined, I love all the statues, especially Philip Larkin looking like he's just on his way to work at the library. Sad to think of the Voyage statue being sold for scrap metal of all things. And one of the things I like about having kids is using them as an excuse to go to aquariums and suchlike, it makes up for the times,like right now when Jake has pushed me off the chair and I'm typing standing up. I guess that's him telling me I've had enough computer time. xx

Annie said...

I've never been to Hull. It looks fab, you've taken some great photos to show it off.
I love aquariums, and never tire of the Sealife Centre here in Brum.
That patchwork skirt is truly gorgeous, I love how you've styled it with the peasant top. I'm really impressed that you made that tote bag yourself, and it's a fabulous print.

Annie xxx

Unknown said...

oh i love it! It is divine on you xxx

Lynn Hasty said...

First of all, lovely skirt. Second, the post title made me laugh. Only you... Thirdly, scrap metal?? Scumbags. Lastly, do all of the sculptures of people over there like to lean into the wind? Just wondering. :)


Veshoevius said...

Hand on heart, although I'm not a fan of patchwork I love this skirt! I think it's the pattern in each square of fabric that it is made from - so exquisite - and all those wonderful colours. Lifts this from ordinary patchwork to a work of art! I love the blouse you've worn with it too.

bonsaimum said...

What a fantastic skirt! Love the pictures of Hull.Back to the skirt--I love it!

Pennyblossoms said...

Fabulous coloured skirt AND Philip Larkin in one post!
I am beyond excited.
PL is probably my favourite poet; thanks to a wonderful teacher at Junior School.
Z xx

Unknown said...

Oh wow this is fantastic skirt!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love that skirt, I always regret giving my to the charity shop. It's so beautiful, so bright. Hull looks like great fun, it's a bit more eccentric and elegant that I imagined it would be. I do love an Aquarium, especially comparing fish to people I know. Charlie is a minion of Satan like my old cat was, gorgeous though xxxx

Sofie Marie said...

When I saw the title of the post I got excited, when I read it I wasn't dissapointed, and then reading the comments I felt even fuzzier. I'm 18, and have lived in Hull all my life, and to see so much love for a place that is so often put down made me very happy. I love Hull, not really in a pride sort of way and I don't support the football, but more so for the things you've described, as well as its more quirky and gritty bits.
Anyways, your skirt is lovely and I like what you wrote above about the colour pink!

Rachel said...

I read this post and enjoyed it V much, but forgot to comment, oh. Remembered today as - not withstanding your cute little'uns (Eldest less little of course), and the fishies, I thought Land of Green Ginger was the title of my favouite childhood book! Looking it up on wiki, it isn't a childrens book. Mine was about magic carpets, do you know which one it was? I want to re-read it!

Re: nosey cats, I am so pleased my neighbourhood cat may be yours, vix's OR Sheila's! Are we all sharing a cat?? Xx