Thursday 10 September 2015

Scandinavian style and Derbyshire stories

It won't be long before the leaves change colour, but for now, both they and I are green.

I found this Katja of Sweden dress for just £10 at a vintage fair earlier in the year. It's made from a substantial cotton knit fabric, perfect for our current chilly temperatures. 
 Katja Geiger was a leading Swedish designer who began her career in the 1950s. Perhaps her most characteristic clothes are from the 1960-70s, when she produced designs like this dress - easy-to-wear knit dresses with bold prints and colours.

Simple sophistication, psychedelia meets folk art - these dresses are right up my street. They have a similar aesthetic to Marimekko, the influential Finnish fashion and textiles design company.

1970s Katya of Sweden dress - vintage fair
1950s tapestry bag - gift from Emma
1980s Finnish-made boots - Second to None
Denim jacket and bangles - charity shopped
I was out and about amid the green of the countryside at the weekend, celebrating a friend's birthday in the Derbyshire village of Hathersage.

How's that for a view over your garden wall?

Hathersage churchyard contains a grave which according to local tradition is that of Little John.
Charlotte Bronte stayed at the Vicarage* in 1845, while she was writing Jane Eyre
The Eyres were well-known local landowners, and inspired her choice of name for the titular heroine. Thornfield, the home of Mr Rochester, was based on North Lees Hall, a manor house just outside Hathersage. 

Apparently, tourists come to the churchyard in search of Jane's grave, and occasionally seem put out that it doesn't exist. I suppose if one of Robin Hood's merry men has a grave, then any legendary and/or fictional character could have one.

Oh look, is that the shadow of Jane and her pupil Adele?

(Or perhaps poor mad Mrs Rochester?)

I haven't re-read Jane Eyre for years, and I do love it, so I think that might be next on my reading list.
(*If you're looking for a new home and have over £1m at your disposal, the Old Vicarage at Hathersage is currently on the market.)

I'm working all through this weekend; there is a local farmer's market on Sunday so we're opening the shop, and then working late to change our stock over from summer to winter. I'm going to be very busy and very tired, I'm sure, so I'll apologise in advance if I don't get round to visiting you for a few days. 

I'll see you as soon as humanly possible!


Beth Waltz said...

What wonderful wearable long knits! However, there are also delights to be found in noticing your details/accessories, Curtise: the blue of the sweater and the print of the tapestry bag.

Goody said...

Ooooh, now I must look for one of those knit dresses-thanks for bringing the brand to my attention.

I don't know why, but I'm amused by people looking for the grave of a fictional character.

Unknown said...

Beautiful dress! If I had £1m, I would definitely buy that vicarage. Such a wonderful place! :)

Anonymous said...

Great score in nabbing the lovely green dress. I certainly wouldn't mind the view from my garden in that beautiful setting. Perhaps Time Team should come along and dig up the grounds once and for all for an answer.

bahnwärterin said...

a dress to live in!
you´r right - the katja of sweden dresses are just gorgeous. and you of cause have the perfect carpet bag for your version :-)
and then the stunning green english landscape! loaden with history. looks like a fun weekend on the countryside!!!
hubs says "thanx" for your b-day wishes! xxxxxx

Instant Milk said...

Love your dress!


Fiona said...

Bugger, I'm just a few quid short of that £1m. What a glorious place Hathersage is (lovely name) and so much history but I have to tell you 'Robin Hood, Robin Hood riding through the glen' is now on my internal jukebox! Love your Scandi outfit, what a find the frock was...and those folk art designs are right up my street. Don't work too hard now. xxx

Suzanne said...

So great to know the backstory on these places. Makes it so much more interesting.

I do love green on a redhead.

Sounds like you will be very busy. I'm glad you still found time to get out and enjoy the scenery.


Lisa said...

What a scrummy dress, the dark colour suits you.
Don't re-read the book watch the adaptation with Michael Fassbender in it, oh my!!!
Good luck for the weekend, you'll be glad of Sunday evening and chance to put your feet up.
Just going to check the back of the sofa to see if I can find the dosh to purchase the vicarage.
Lisa x

Mim said...

That's a great dress. I really love the turquoise one - halfway between snowflakes and flowers.

Do you suppose the Eyres minded Bronte nicking their name? Cricket commentator Henry Blofeld always seems chuffed that his family's name was borrowed by Ian Fleming, so perhaps they liked it.

Sheila said...

Ooh, I love that dress! It's just stunning on you, Curtise! I get the Marimekko connection - the bold patterns remind me of them.

Wow, I'm always so boggled by how gorgeous your countryside is!

Connie said...

You are so beautiful in your leafy green maxi in front of the foliage - perfect bob and red booties. This is my favorite Curtise photo of all time. Perfection. I do love Scandanavian design. Even Nina looks like a little Nordic doll. LOVE seeing North Lees Hall. Jane Eyre is one of my favorite books!! I do wish I had a few spare pennies to buy the Old Vicarage.

Vix said...

I'm off to Google Katja of Sweden pronto! That dress looks wonderful on you, the perfect print, colour and shape. What a tremendous purchase.
Do you know I've never read Jane Eyre? I'm such a pleb. The churchyard looks wonderful and the skin is brilliantly blue. Love Nina's print clashing, too!
You have got a busty weekend ahead. I feel quite guilty only having to work Sunday. I hope I don't wake you up drunkenly texting during the X Factor!
Love you! xxxxx

Lynn Holland said...

What a fabulous designer. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for that label. I love patterned fabrics.
That was a lovely blog post Curtise, I really enjoyed the read and pics
Lynn x

Señora Allnut said...

fabulous print, love this kind of scandinavian fabrics and designs, and your dress is gorgeous!
Lovely landscapes, and I would like to visit Little Johns's grave or Jane Eyre's!.

at my dressingtable said...

Great pictures Curtise , I love your dress and your bag awesome have a lovely weekend Curtise xxx

Mrs Bertimus said...

I love your dress, I'm getting boring now because I think I say this every time! X

Bobbi said...

Your dress looks so comfy and swishy.
I always love the pictures you post of the places you visit. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

Anonymous said...

I love all things Scandinavian. The patterns and the pottery and the jewelry, etc...
Your hair is looking so shiny and lovely Curtise!

mondoagogo said...

I haven't read Jane Eyre since I was a teenager, but I actually just re-watched the Orson Welles film a couple of days ago... (and then Rebecca, because they make the perfect double bill!)

Hope the weekend doesn't tire you out too much :)

Melanie said...

I hope the high you get from posting this (which I at least hope you get) will help carry you through your busy days ahead. This dress is WOW. I love that, and I love all the other dresses you showcase from this designer. Thanks for putting that together.
Again, the history! If I had a million I might just snap up that property. Hahaha! I'd invite you to tea. Dreaming is free. I read the classics over and over and over because they survived my cull.

Unknown said...

You do visit some beautiful places I haven't read Jane Eyre I know the story actually im rather shocked with myself that I haven't I bought a load of original old Jane Austin books a few years ago it was part of one womens collection there only small but include all the favourites like Wuthering heights, Mansied park, Emma etc I must make those my winter reading this time. Love your green dress especially with the denim jacket you look gorgeous. dee xx

BadPenny said...

What stylish dresses they were. I've read Jane Eyre several times.
We open the shop on Sundays when there is an event in the village & work extra too - so much to do always ! Good luck xx

Ulla-Marie said...

Hurray! I'm 50% Finnish and 50% Swedish. My cousin worked with fashion in Helsinki ... Need I even mention that I am very fond of this post.

SAM said...

Scandinavian design is huge in Minnesota with so many of us with our roots from those countries. I bet vintage with Scandinavian would be scooped up in minutes. I bet the shop is busy this weekend, but yes, can't imagine the work ahead of you. Good luck!

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Woah! Amazing and flattering dress. You look lovely, and it's nice to see the handbag put to good use.

I also had an amazing and flattering dress arrive yesterday! Thank you so much! I'll send you a facebook photo of me in it when I've de haired my legs. :) I love the tablecloth too. The lip balm is genius as the husband enjoys Gin and Tonic. So I'm hoping that does the trick this weekend!!! xxxx

kobieta niewidzialna said...

You are allways on the top ,good intuition, :)

thorne garnet said...

more beautiful countryside. That dress is cool

Sue said...

I have just checked all my bank accounts and alas my 1 million + seems to be missing, otherwise I would have been onto purchasing the viacarage pronto!! You could have visited and stayed anytime, so much fun would have been had. I so enjoyed your photos and accompanying stories, I thank you. NOW, the dress!!! Holy moly that is gorgeous, and suits you perfectly. Love it!!!

Jazzy Jack said...

Love the colour of your boots with this delectable dress!
Interesting history too.
Wishing you a worthwhile store opening and a hassle free change over!
Green suits you xo Jazzy Jack

The Vintage Knitter said...

I've never heard of that Katja label before, those dresses are gorgeous though and yours will be perfect for autumn - very apt too.

That is one lush tapestry bag - no mugger will ever mess with you when you're carrying that. It looks like it'll yield a weighty thump!

Hathersage looks beautiful but I'll have to pass on the Vicarage though ;-) xx

Mother of Reinvention said...

That is a lovely dress. The label is a new one of me. I love the designs though. They dresses look very comfortable and extremely wearable. What a great place to visit. I would love a view like that from my back door. Jane Eyre is one of my favourite books. I will have to check out the Hall. Poor Mrs Rochester gets a bit of a bum deal in the end doesn't she? Xx

Angels have Red Hair said...

You look stunning in green … and I do wish I had a million pounds … cause I would buy that vicarage, I really would :0)

freckleface said...

Look at you Miss Scandinavia, with your Swedish dress and Finnish boots. You look a vision. Are you hoping for world peace? I know I am. That and a few days of sunshine before we have to wear long sleeves every day. Lovely to have some stylish outfits for winter though. I didn't realise Hathersage had quite so much history. We were not far from there in July when we took the kids on a residential. It's beautiful countryside for sure. Look at Nina, she is so adorable. Have you ever read The Wide Sargasso Sea? I hope the weekend hasn't been too onerous. Never feel bad about not being able to comment on mine or taking your time, I perfectly understand. Sleep well tonight Miss Scandinavia. Xxxx

Unknown said...

Lovely dress ! Love that shade of green...
you always have such great pic´s of your "neighbourhood"love it !

Melancholy and Menace said...

I really love your dress and wow, so many gorgeous photographs ♥

Enjoy your week, busy lady xx

kobieta niewidzialna said...

Very stylish ,I love it.:)

Ivana Split said...

That maxi dress is absolutely fabulous...and you wear it so much.