Saturday 5 September 2015

The Bouquet of Girls Stories

September; that Back to School feeling.

The kids have returned with next-to-no fuss, and I got myself off to Chesterfield flea market for the first time in months.

The market never changes, there is always plenty of tat, chat, and something that makes me exclaim look at that!

The fruit and veg are plentiful and cheap too. We had cauliflower cheese for tea.

Here's Sue, surreptitiously squeezing the peaches (six for a quid).

I love the illustration on this 1970s sewing patterns, and these labels take me straight back to my teenage years. I shopped in Chelsea Girl, but Van Allen was a bit more grown-up and expensive, I think. (Both the 1970s maxi skirts with these labels were sadly too tiny for me.)

I'm regretting the fact I didn't buy the Orpheus sheet music to put in a frame; I was in a production of it at school (as a nymph and a goddess in the chorus. Typecast, obviously.)

Nostalgia overload - we had this album when I was a kid. I still love to belt out The Carnival Is Over, much to my kids' bemusement.  

These made me think of Em. Paul had no trousers but was still marked up at the oddly precise price of £23 (they spelled Sindy's name wrong, I was itching to correct it.)

The French Madonna and child are rather lovely, but that doll with the blue eye shadow looks as hard as nails. 

No wonder that kid looks glum; he has ended up discarded in a box of tat under a market stall. 

More fabulous vintage illustrations and some French maps. 

 My purchases:

1960s curtains, £3 (but will I ever have time to sew again?)
1960-70s OBD* thermometer plaque, £1
1950s brocade evening dress, £8 (I'm gutted it's too big for me, I'm scared to try and alter it, so I think I will have to sell it) 
1970s elephant pomander, 50p, to add to my collection

(*Obligatory Blogger Deer. But you already knew that.)

 1970s Tricosa wool/lurex maxi skirt - antiques and collectables centre
1960s St Michael top, 1960s copper brooch, jacket, shoes, hat and bangles - charity shopped
1950s carpet bag - flea market

It was starting to rain. Autumn is definitely in the air, hats and wool are back on the clothing agenda.

Linking (fashionably late) to Judith's Hat Attack.

See you all soon!




Goody said...

I refuse to click that link as I don't want the earworm haunting me all weekend.

Blue-eyeshadow doll looks like she took Paul's pants.

You will sew again, I'm sure you will. I haven't seen the rest of the dress but if it is too hard to alter yourself, perhaps you could take a class at some point? If you really love it, it might be worth keeping. It certainly is a great colour for you.

Goody said...


bahnwärterin said...

fabulous miss marple-ish autumnal outfit!!!!
thank you for taking us with you to that gorgeous market! so much strange stuff! i´m sure you will find some time to sew something with that cool roses fabric and you should try to alter the brocade dress if you´r in need for a new fancy dress - its totally your color. just do it slow and get some help for the pinning - maybe claudia?
here it rainy&chilly too now - byebye hotpants and unlined cotton skirts....
hugs! xxxx

at my dressingtable said...

Great post Curtise , love you in your hat ! some great finds there have a great weekend to you xxx

mondoagogo said...

Chesterfield always looks ace, one day I would like to visit.

The doll with blue eyeshadow looks like a Victorian streetwalker on the cover of a 1960s pulp paperback, maybe that's why Paul's lost his trousers! He does look a bit like an innocent who's just had his eyes opened to the ways of life... The blue roses are rather lovely in a kitsch sort of way.

It's been feeling like Autumn for most of August. I'm still holding out hope for an Indian summer though!

diaryofapennypincher said...

Every time you blog about Chesterfield, I say I have to go, and I still haven't, I will visit one day! Van Allen, that takes me back, I bought a rather fetching sweat shirt and matching sweat pants from the Scarborough branch in the 70's, it was deep lilac with black piping. Love the way your outfits have gone from sunny blue sky to autumnal in one week, to match the weather, Christmas soon!

Fiona said...

I'm so pleased to return to Chesterfield Market, it never disappoints does it? One of my school jumpers was from Chelsea Girl, I stroppily refused to wear any more that my nan had knitted and I thought I was very trendy. I bet I wouldn't even be able to get a leg in it now!
So glad I'm not the only one who wants to correct spelling mistakes.
I recently saw a sign for larger (lager) and felt compelled to point this error out to the teenage waitress who quite obviously didn't give a toss. I'm loving the Cauliflower Cheese(my favourite)& Madonna and Child and you're right, Madam Eye Shadow does not look like a naice gel. Hope you're all enjoying X Factor? xxx

Connie said...

Oh what a fabulous market! And Beate is so right. That is a rather Miss Marple-y outfit. But of course you are much younger and more beautiful though no less clever for sure. Autumn always calls out for a plaid maxi and nobody does it better than you. When we moved away from New York 20 years ago, my flake-azoid of a husband left several boxes of books and photographs in the cellar of our building and we never saw them again. I often wonder how many flea market bargain bins have a photo of my pathetic face with some hideous haircut just begging to become part of somebody's kitsch collection. Though more likely my visage was carted off to the dump.

freckleface said...

Thanks for that love, thoroughly enjoyed that little singalong :) We loved The Seekers as kids and I think they bear the test of time. Lovely harmonies! Your three are good. No fuss, lovely. Chesterfield market, even better. Bet it was great to have a day off, just for you? Your purchases are splendid, I just know there will be some creations soon. Cauliflower cheese! I LOVE cauliflower cheese. Old Miss Blue Shadow is sizing you up big time. She don't like the red haired goddess competition! You look just lovely as Miss Autumn, you always seem to have the perfect jacket and the hat is fabulous. Such a great outfit. Hope you're having a fab relaxing weekend. Xxxxx

Kezzie said...

I giggled over the glum child and your thoughts on him! Ha!
Shame about the 50's dress! Ahegh!
I hope you do gets some time to sew, I love to see your purchases! Love the OBD! Why don't I have an OBD!!>!>!x

Patti said...

The Seekers - I am feeling just a bit old now, but loving it. Your outfit is fab and so are your finds. I hope you do get to sew that lovely fabric. xox

Unknown said...

Oh, that fabric would make something fabulous! Lucky you:) I would love to have some rainy cool weather, please send some my way!

Olga Rani said...

Am always happy to have such photo visits with you to different curious places. And isn't this market a curious place? I just wish there were more photos! Looking elegant in this autumn outfit!

Melanie said...

That Paul doll has very Sindy legs.
Ah, I love the autumn montage of your accessories complete with little raindrops showing on the hat. You capture the feeling of the seasonal change perfectly. Your outfit is gorgeous, especially with your jaunty hat, and I'm glad you got some time out with Sue. I love that you were/are a nymph and goddess!
I don't know The Seekers but the leader singer reminds me of Suzanne.

Trees said...

That market looks like fun and its awesome you can buy fresh fruit and veg amongst all this WTF stuff!! You will get time to sew again, some of my very busy friend with jobs, young kids etc... tell me all you need to do is set aside 15 mins a day to make progress :) Love that hat too!!

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

It looks like a fun flea market. I should do a post on ours...
I remember Chelsea girl. Those were the days.
It always makes me sad seeing once treasured photos at the flea market.
What Trees says above about sewing is really good advice. I'll have a go at that.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Aahhh The Seekers … a great Aussie band … they still turn up on the telly over here every now and again. If I ever make it over to the UK those markets will be on my "To Do" list for sure.

Ivy Black said...

Blimey love! The Carnival is Over? Not 'arf. It's my party piece after a few shandies along with Grace Slick's Dreams and a bit of Goldust Woman.
You look wonderfully gorgeous and autumnal.
I'd have had all that lot including No Trousers Paul and the hard faced bitch with the Bet Lynch eye shadow. That discarded school photo is a tad sad. How mad would it be to come across yourself in a bargain box?
Loves ya.

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

I like that...tat, chat and look at that!

I always enjoy your little catch-ups Curtise, and today is no exception. I may have to go and google cauliflower cheese. Maybe it's steamed cauliflower with cheese sauce, but one can't be certain.

Mrs Bertimus said...

I remember going to Chelsea Girl with my Auntie.
The one in Scunthorpe was decorated in black and red and I thought it was the most glamorous place in the whole wide world.
The shop assistants had Farrah Fawcett flicks and it smelled of Charlie Girl and hairspray. X

Ivana Split said...

I absolutely love this outfit of yours....that red blazer is gorgeous and that maxi tartan skirt is phenomenal...together they are totally perfect.

I see a lot of cool vintage stuff here and I must say I feel like of sad for that gloomy kid. He is probably an adult now but isn't it kind of depressive to have someone's kid photo end up in charity shop? so, I think I get what you mean.

those vintage illustrations are wow<3

Unknown said...

Glad to hear your children have gone back with no problems September can bring mixed feelings for many students. Loving the curtains you bought hopefully you can have some time for sewing again real soon. Looks like a great market for a rummage Em will certainly love those dolls. Enjoy your week, dee xx

Miss Magpie said...

Green brocade, OBD and an elephant how can you go wrong? well other than the dress being too big, that's gutting.

Ulla-Marie said...

I've been spending my weekend in England and I'm so jealous of the vegetarian opportunities and all the markets. Vintage clothing is very good in STockholm though so that addiction I can satisfy in Sweden aswell (and pay a Little more). You look so (what we in Sweden believe represent) a true English style. Love it!

Natalia Lialina said...

I'm so glad you finally went to market! I always enjoy your market stories (a bouquet of girls stories indeed!) and imagining strolling there with you. Your outfit is lovely, and the finds are so you. I hope you'll have time and drive to sew again soon, Curtise!
I found a vintage blouse at Goodwill yesterday. It's a beauty! In my size! I'm ecstatic!

Lisa said...

A good wander around a good market does wonders for the soul.
The brunette on the front of that annual looks a bit nutty if you ask me!
Lisa x

Suzanne said...

So many fun and amusing finds (especially with your comments).

I would have loved to have seen that brocade dress in full.

I'm drooling over that carpet bag. Let me know if you ever decide you don't care for it anymore : )


Forest City Fashionista said...

Don't get rid of the brocade dress yet - you may find some time to alter it later in the fall, and you'll kick yourself for not trying. Autumn is definitely in the air here - it's getting darker early, and the light has changed, but it's been beastly hot for the last week, and I can't wait for cooler weather.

I love poking about markets like that. I always feel sad for the people whose photos end up in a bin. At least most of ours are online and won't be up for grabs for twenty-five cents at a flea market ;)

The Style Crone said...

Your sense of humor, combined with your wonderful flea market finds, make this post shine. It's hard to believe that we're already back to felt hats and wool maxi skirts.

Thank you so much for sharing with Hat Attack. I know how busy your life is right now, so I feel especially honored.

Vix said...

Chesterfield market, how I love it!
Fabulous shopping outfit, the blazer especially.
Van Allen was the coolest shop. Their accessory department was called Baggage and General and I used to spend my pocket money on stripy toe socks and - I've still got them - mittens that strung around the neck with "Handbag" printed on them.
The blue eye-shadow doll looks a right old slapper, no wonder Paul's trousers are AWOL. Look out Sindy.
Love you! xxxxx

Sue said...

Must be nice to have the kiddiewinkles all back at school. You will get your daily routine sorted before you know it, and your sewing mojo will be back. I see curtain couture very soon!! You are heading into Winter while we thankfully are trying to leave it behind. So over the RAIN!!!

thorne garnet said...

23 pounds? Yikkies!

Autumn would sure be nice. It's that time of the year when I look in my closet and see all the clothes I haven't worn for what like forever. Look! I own sweaters and socks!

Shawna McComber said...

I love going to the markets with you! Thanks for taking me along. I too love the Seekers and belt out some Seekers tunes at times. By the time I get to the end of your posts, I've tried to keep in my head all the bits and bobs I liked and wanted to comment on and I lose track. When I try to scroll back I usually mess up my comment somehow. What is sticking in my mind most is what I think was the curtain fabric-blue flowers. Gorgeous! Sanderson? xoxo

Mother of Reinvention said...

How fab to take us on a tour of Chesterfield market. I would like the Madonna and child to come home with me but think that even miniature blokes with no trousers on are a bit to racy for my time of life. Besides I would get clobbered by the doll with the blue eyeshadow for nicking her trade. The wheel of the year is turning and you are looking very autumnal in your fiery shades. I love the hat. I always think of the Nick Cave cover of that song but then I am still a bit of a sad goth at heart. Thanks for sharing your market booty and you will get time to sew again. It is hard to fit everything in but things will hopefully find a good routine again. Hope your kids are enjoying being back. Sprogzilla goes tomorrow. Xx

The Vintage Knitter said...

You're doing much better than me at finding great stuff. Its been a drought for me and I live in hope of being deluged in vintage goodness soon!

P.S. Blue eyeshadow doll would knock seven bells out of Sindy in a'Battle of the Dolls'

Ivana Split said...

thank you for your sweet comment.

Mim said...

I, for one, would not mess with blue eyeshadow doll.

The Seekers remind me of my mother-in-law - she liked the folkier side of the 60s.

The first bra I ever bought for myself was from Chelsea Girl - being a sentimental fool, I still have it somewhere. I used to get as much of my underwear as possible from there in the late 80s. That first bra was bright red lace!