Monday 28 September 2015

Foxy Lady

After a very busy and profitable day in the shop on Saturday, I was ready for a relaxed Sunday. With some local vintage shopping thrown in? Oh, go on then. 

One of my favourite buildings in Sheffield, which has featured on the blog many times - Abbeydale Picture House. 

I haven't been to the vintage market there for a while, so it seemed appropriate to take advantage of a sunny Sunday and have a browse. 
There was an Eighties fashion show featuring Material and Uptown Girls...

and some very stylishly dressed folk who agreed to have their photos taken.
The couple on the left were lovely, friendly and funny and extremely well-dressed; the ladies on the right stood out in their colour and print.
The vintage market has grown over the years, and I am delighted to see the Picture House being used for events like this. I bumped into lots of people I knew, had a good rummage, chatted to stall holders, and a couple of hours passed very happily.

Colourful ceramics...

and both musical and alcoholic accompaniments.
Oh, don't try and tell me you aren't sniggering, I won't believe you.

This one's for Fi - that's you, that is!

So what did I buy?

This; it's creased because I put it on as soon as I got home, straight out of the bag. A fiver? How could I leave it behind? 

1970s handmade evening dress - vintage market
Sandals - retail (sale)
1970s necklace - belonged to a friend's mum
Bangles - charity shopped 

You're never less than visible in vintage black satin with metallic thread detail, so I'd better get myself over to Patti's for Visible Monday.
I bought another dress and a skirt from the same seller's £5 rail, which I'll show you in future posts. 

This poor creature looked decidedly sad, unlike the perky painted foxes which have started appearing in my local area of late.

They make me smile.

So onward with another week - hope you're all doing OK, I'll be visiting soon, I promise!



Porcelina said...

A fiver?! Bargain! I am still on the hunt for nice '70s maxi dresses, but the stuff down here in Wales is either too small, too short, too polyester or too damned expensive!! I love seeing all your photos of your vintage shopping trips, I am constructing a mental map of places to visit some day.

Thank for the message of congrats xx

Mother of Reinvention said...

Definitely a bargain for that frock, it is gorgeous. I love the metallic fabric. Looks like a good vintage fair. That green dress in the top photo is wonderful. Okay, I'll admit it, I did have a bit of a chuckle with the "little pussy" picture. It would have been coming home with me, Glad you had a nice relaxing day. Vintage and wine, superb mix! Xx

Patti said...

Beautiful find, that dress for a five! It suits you perfectly. I admit, I did snigger at the poem - but who doesn't love Little Pussy? xox

Goody said...

But what's so funny about treating a pussycat kindly?!?

Ahem. I do love that evening dress, and it does look like it was made for you. Great material too, and so rare to find it in good condition.

I hope you snagged that scalloped patterned shopper too.

Suzanne said...

Eeeeh. That poor fox is quite disturbing.

Looks like a great day and another wonderful maxi dress. How many do you own now? ; )


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! Love the attitude of the models...oh, and I love my little pussy too!

Kezzie said...

I sniggered...
Bargain fabulous dress, so Preeeeetty and glamtastic!! The market looks super! I.loved the fish bowl brooch!! Hmmm, inspired me to make something!!!x

Bobbi said...

Great new dress - it looks like it was made for you.
The market looks like a fun time - so many goodies in one place and alcohol to boot.

Connie said...

That is a very pretty building. I like the long sleeved green dress? is it? or tunic. whatever. I like it. You look like a goddess in your evening gown. Chain detail is quite on trend for evening wear. I never actually go out myself but I do read the magazines in between cleaning the toilets and doing the laundry. I lead such an exciting life. My grandmother had a fox like that. I felt so sorry for it.. I used to let it sleep in my bed when I stayed at my Grandma's. It had a little hinged mouth so it could bite its tail for all eternity. Ahhhh fashion.

SAM said...

Love, love,love the polka dot tea cups and plates! Tell me they came home with you or someone you know.

Jean at said...

The perfect weekend!! I can't wait to get back in the swing of it. I'm loving that dress on you too. The cut is perfect and i always love a print with a black background. Sending much love to you and yours!!!!!

Trees said...

That dress is AMAZING!! SO very glam! I love it. In fact that whole market looks amazing, what a beautiful building. Oh and I did giggle at that poem...because I am an adult :P

bahnwärterin said...

a fabulous new dress for the next ball!!!
the fabric looks 80s to me but the cut is early 70s - interesting! maybe the homemade heritage can explain this.... although i had a lovely sunday hunting mushrooms and eating cake with hot chocolate and chatting with a friend - that vintage fair in the old picture house looks like something i had enjoyed very much!!! love the fashion show and the models - women like you and me :-) poor fox!
hugs! xxxxxxx

Vix said...

Your bargain maxi is fabulous, loving the braiding around the boobs. Dying to see what else you got. You really can find some cracking bargains in those £5 rails.
Abbeydale Picture House is the perfect location for a vintage fair, or a Wetherspoons, and the fact it sells booze makes it very attractive.
The modettes' dresses are fab and the couple look very dapper.
That Fi doll is ace and pussy is hilarious.
Glad the sale was a storming success, another reason why you should get the job.
Love you! xxxxxxxx

Lisa said...

That dress had your name on it for sure! The necklace is such a good colour match, love it when you have just the right accessory.
Looks like a great way to spend a weekend morning.
The foxes are fab, as is the magpie, much quieter than the real things!
Lisa x

Fiona said...

Oh that poor hostie looks a bit dishevelled...I wonder if she's been groped by the First Officer in the under-floor galley? The uniform is spot on, but where's her Tam O' Shanter, lost it in that clinch no doubt.
Of course I snorted at the pussy joke, you'd be disappointed if I hadn't. I've saw something funny in a child's book recently and if I ever get my arse into gear I'll blog it. The Picture House is a beautiful location, vintage sales, music and a glass of Prosecco...what more could one want? Not that bloody awful fox for sure!
Any news on the job, love?
Nearly forgot...FAB frock, showcases the thrups to perfection.

Mim said...

Excellent evening dress - it suits you so well.

I wonder what's behind the foxes? Perhaps just someone who likes foxes. I regularly see graffiti 'Kill ivy save trees' on my way into work, scrawled on pavements and walls, or bits of cardboard pasted on signs... I suspect the person behind it all might not be entirely well. The foxes look rather less worrying!

Unknown said...

I really would rather see the painted foxes too, or a live one! What a beautiful dress , lucky! I actually sang a song very similar to that poem when I was in grade school, only the last two lines were different ;) lt was for a school music contest.

The Style Crone said...

I would love to dive into the vintage fair in Sheffield! Not only does the inventory look fabulous, but the setting is glamorous and perfect as a background for the pieces displayed and the people.

Of course the handmade evening dress looks smashing on you. You never fail to find perfection in your vintage seeking travels!

thorne garnet said...

laugh at a pussy joke? (I'll get back to you after I stop laughing)

Lynn Holland said...

I'm chuckling my head off here about your pussy, not that I've got a smutty mind.
The venue looks as grand as Leeds town hall where we were on Sunday.
I came unstuck with one of my "bargains", a white retro leather 3/4 coat, it's costing me £25 to get it clean. I didn't mind the grungy look but the smell was horrendous.
Your five pound frock was a real find xxx

Mrs Bertimus said...

What a dress!
You rock! X
PS And a big thank you for your lovely comment you posted, I was feeling a bit down in the dumps and you cheered me right up! X

Beth Waltz said...

The slithery satin is a perfect fit. Do hope some elegant event appears on your calendar to give it and your black sequin evening bag an outing.

Foxes? To my Midwestern eyes those critters are coyotes. (prounounced "ky-yotes" hereabouts). They eat chickens and kittens and mice. Methinks the artist is having a little joke...perhaps a Yank homesick for Halloween?

Jazzy Jack said...

Sounds like a busman's holiday, your rummage day! Just goes to show you are living in your passion.
Gorgeous posing and architecture!
Foxes are seen as feral menaces here, so that graffiti art would be seen as menacing. Love the eyes! Xo Jazzy Jack

Sue said...

Love your new dress, perfect fit, almost as if it was made for you. Maybe it was?? I would have purchased the spotted cups and saucers, I have a problem with all things spotted it would seem. Don't you just love street art that just appears, the foxes are fabulous.

Olga Rani said...

The painted foxes are so cute which I can't say about that another poor thing. The dress is fabulous and looks like it was made for you. Seems like you a great day at the market!

Melancholy and Menace said...

Wow, I love a good rummage!

Your black dress and embroidered pendant are completely gorgeous.

I adore the fox art ♥ xx

Caramella said...

Soo many goodies! You look stunning in that dress!!

Ivy Black said...

You know I'm sniggering!
Love that dress and what a deal. I love stuff for a always sounds so brilliantly baraginacious!
Rather taken with the painted foxes and the magpie which would make a great tattoo actually. Not so taken with that other poor creature that looks like road kill. I do like my foxes live and running about most though.
Can't wait to see what else you bought.
Loves ya.

Ivana Split said...

I wish we had vintage markers where I lived! there are open markets that sell vintage stuff, but so far I haven't seen clothes sold there...In our capital (Zagreb) supposedly there are quite a few fabulous vintage stores and there was this big vintage fair this Summer but I can't afford to travel there right now. Anyhow, I really enjoyed seeing all of these pics, especially those street style photos you took. I loved those two ladies dressed in bold prints!!!

you look divine in that evening dress! I love dresses from the seventies, they are always so glam.

p.s. that fox does look sad:(. I'm not against recycled (vintage) fur but it sure does look sad. I could never got used to foxes being worn like that....those painted ones sure look more positive.

The Vintage Knitter said...

You've got a bargain with the lovely maxi there. I haven't been to a vintage fair for a while and that one looks great - just the sort of fair that I love to rummage around xx

Forest City Fashionista said...

What a wonderful location for a vintage fair! It's great to see old buildings being put to new use. I love old movie houses, but they've torn down all the ones we had here.

The top of that maxi is very flattering to the girls with the "V" neck and all that gold chain detail. Excellent buy for $5.

I used to be able to recite that "Pussy Poem" off by heart when I was young, and I was such a naive child I had no idea why people found it funny.

Melanie said...

The dress was made for you! Good score.
I love the venue of the market and am always relieved when older buildings still have an active part in the community. It's when they go quiet you have to worry. The fashion show looks like lots of fun too.

Poor little fox.

Miss Magpie said...

See it's cracking frocks like that that make me think "Oooh maxi dresses!" but I need to be strong because I know they aren't really me.
I love the air hostess doll and yes I sniggered too.

We had ducks appearing all over Oxford but your foxes are much nicer, well not the dead one.

Angels have Red Hair said...

You couldn't leave that gorgeous dress behind … you simply couldn't :0)

freckleface said...

I'm sniggering in the back row on two accounts; your little pussy :) and Fiona's description of what happens behind the scenes on a flight. Funny! Abbeydale looks the biz, lovely that these old buildings get used. I haven't done any shopping since you came to Notts. I didn't know I had it in me. Those people are very dapper and I'm impressed that you had the nous to capture them. I have to say that dress is gorgeous, such a pretty shape, you look all lovely and young and carefree in it. That would look perfect with a feather bolero over it, during party season! :D xxxxx