Thursday, 16 May 2013

Visions of you, in shades of blue

Getting dressed is a tricky business at the moment.

Freezing cold one day, warm and sunny the next.

What's a girl to do?

Wear old favourites in shades of blue with splashes of green, obviously.

1970s dress - vintage shop
Cardigan, tights, shoes, necklace and bangles - charity shopped
This dress is one of my old faithfuls. 
It needed some fixing up when I bought it, it's been a little battered by life.
It's not flashy, it doesn't shout Look at meeee! 

But I love it. It's a survivor. 
Aren't we all?
My garden is full of bluebells and forget-me-nots amid lush greenery, such a beautiful combination.

The first butterfly of the year - an orange-tip.

This skirt is also firmly in the favourite camp.

It received a lot of attention today from Joseph the Bric-a-brac Man on Chesterfield market.

I might have used his enthusiatic admiration for bargaining purposes, but since I was buying from his 3-items-for-a-quid boxes, there was no need to haggle!

The 1960s Alfred Clough coffee and tea pots and the Meakin jug were my 3-for-£1 buys.
Other purchases;

1930s Homeleigh ware egg cup set (one sadly missing) - £1
1970s floral sheet (behind) - £1
1970s hat - £2
Late Summer - print by Clemens Freitag - £3
1980s skirt, shoes and sunglasses - Ebay
Top, cardigan, tights and bangles - charity shopped
Scarf - flea market
Brooch - gift from road tripper Sarah


So what's been inspiring your colour choices lately?



Diane said...

I love absolutely everything in this post - just how big is your wardrobe? I love the blue/green combination xxx

Mrs. D said...

I can't pick a favourite.... I love the dress and I also love the pattern on the skirt!!!!
Hope you are well xx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I think nature and the weather have been inspiring me lately, like you. All this blue and green together is heaven. Blue and green should always be seen. The skirt is one of my all time favourites of yours, the print is fantastic and rather amusing. Everything you picked up at the flea market is fantastic too, the little egg cups are lovely. The hat is so very much you and actual 70s - 2 quid is a bargain. I'm gutted I can't make it up there! Beautiful photos of the flowers and orange tips are one of my favourites xxxx

Anonymous said...

That skirt is something I can only dream to find, I'm always impressed by outstanding prints and bold colour palette.
If only I could have read your post this morning I would have feel inspired to wear a more beautiful outfit, instead I faced the rain with a Sad black outfit, I know I don't deserve to be a fashion blogger and either your friend! Your finds are awesome I adore the egg set and the wonderful hat!
Love xxxxxxxx

Louise Mc said...

I've not really been thinking about colour, more what can I actually wear in this godforsaken weather. I love your dress, it's great to have a useful frock like that. X

Krista said...

All these shades of blue and green have you looking quite fresh! I can see why that dress and skirt are fav's the print's crazy good on both! I love how you always seem to pull out what you match in the garden. I love you in that floppy hat!!! Every girl must have one!

My color choices have been all over the place, why right now I'm head to toe in blue which is strange for me:)

Fiona said...

Lovely to see your Steve Winwood skirt make another appearance, it's a favourite of mine. Can't believe you got those pots and the gravy boat for the astonishing price of a quid! I need a Joseph down South. Your garden is looking very verdant after all this rain, and I see your Aquilegia's are just on the verge of blooming, like mine. I'm just trying to dress more colourfully Curtise, (and failing miserably in this bloody cold weather)and it's you that are such an inspiration. xxxxxxx

Patti said...

I love a dress that's a survivor (like us, you are so right). Yours is a beauty and you look fantastic!

bohemian vanity said...

Oh this is such a nice outfit and you remind me of the lovely Smurfette! Here's the same! The weather is a mess. I'm wearing jumpers daily cause i'm freezing and i'm wishing for sunny days to come. So i have no inspiration on cold and rainy days.
Love your floppy hat and your latest finds are the best!
xxxx Tani

Lynn Hasty said...

Oh, I love that survivor dress. What a lovely cut. It looks maaaavelous on you!! The pictures of the flowers are a nice bonus!

Lynn Dylan

Melanie said...

Your dress, I see what you mean. It doesn't scream, but it doesn't have to. It is solidly beautiful and it looks incredible on you. And the print of the skirt makes it obvious why it's also a favourite. My colour choices lately spring from the chaos. I would much rather be in your garden.

Connie said...

You are as lovely as the flowers in your garden. You even have a little butterfly scarf around your neck ;-)
What colors am I going for these days? would have to be blue because that is the color of my big baggy overalls which I wear practically every day!

thorne garnet said...

I love that dress, the pattern is wonderful.

Sheila said...

I've been inspired by all the vintage jewelry I got over the weekend! I love your beautiful 70s dress - so pretty!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I can see why that frock is a favourite....I love everything about it. The colours, the print, the cut. If you ever get sick of it I will gladly take it off your hands! Lovely finds too....I love the coffee & tea pots & the Meakin jug. I have quite a few plates in that design. Xx

Unknown said...

At this precise moment, YOU, it seems. Have a green dress similar in color to your cardi that I need to accessorize, and the blue looks pretty fresh, Curtise!
Can't tell you which look I like best. I do particularly like that little scarf around your neck. Nice!
All pretty, all good!

Unknown said...

All the shades of blue looks amazing! Soon my garden will be in Bloom to - finally!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Isn't it funny how people used to say "blue and green should never be seen." Or was it red and green? Anyway, who cares. I love the blues on you. The pics of your garden are fabulous. And hang on a minute, did you say 3 for a pound? Oh no, I can't bear it....xx

freckleface said...

It's funny how the weather affects what you wear isn't it? The minute the sun comes out I put on something bright and just feel like making more of an effort. We were talking about colour at work the other day and I said confidently, 'I love colour', then looked down and realised I was all in black, white and grey. So yes, the greyness on the weather front is 'inspiring' me.

I love you in these outfits. Those steady faithful friends are great to have in the wardrobe. I think under your guardianship and teamed with those tights and that bob, that frock has come into her own. The other outfit is cheeky, I like that.

All your buys at the flea are so tasteful. One of these days I am hopeful to get a view into Casa Curtise. It must be lovely surely? xxxxxx

Melanie said...

What lovely shades of blue and green. I love bluebells and the print on your skirt is fabulous :)
You certainly made out like a bandit on the market xxx

OP SHOP MAMA said...

My choice of colours is inspired by what I can find that isn't dirty or hanging on the line!. Or what I can find, fullstop!! Or sadly at the moment, what fits me!!!

Actually, I do have colour inspirations from time to time... My mood is usually the main inspiration, and often the weather also!!.

Loving your old faithfuls. And your scores! I've never seen an egg cup set like that! Cool!

CityScape Skybaby said...

The print and colour of that skirt is beautiful Curtise, no wonder it's one of your favourites, and it's great to have a dress that makes you feel great but is easy to just put on and not have to think too much about, I wish all my clothes made me feel like that! I don't know what's inspiring me lately, I feel a bit all over the place, liking a bit of everything. I'm constantly wearing a coat that made me feel like Willy Wonka when I first put it on last year, so maybe Willy Wonka is my inspiration at this moment in time. No I know what my inspiration mainly is actually, it's you lot here in Blogland! xx

Flora Cruft said...

I hear you sister, such a challenge to dress for all weathers at the moment! You've done it beautifully, I love both these ensembles, the bluebell blue shines through and looks wonderful on you. There's something so delicately romantic about bluebells, such a lovely idea to use them as your inspiration.

Becky said...

Lots of good stuff! Love the old faithful dress-- have to have a couple of those. That one is really cute. The blue skirt is adorable!! I am on a weird hunt for a skirt in a similar blue color and I want it to be a sailboat print...
Becky :)

Ulla-Marie said...

Handsome! I love blue but I seldom buy it because I think that "I do not know what to wear with blue" but if I am to achieve the same perfection as you I had to start now!

Anonymous said...

I love all the trinkets and dishes you find. Right up my ally too.
The dress fits you perrrrfectly my dear!
I hate to say what's been influencing my color choices lately. Although, I am gaining a new appreciation for bright color. Since I've been working at the senior center thrift store I've had to make sure I had gooood shoes. The ones I ended up buying are so bright I've had to add some bright things to my closet to balance them out while I'm wearing them. It's funny what one pair of shoes will make us do.
Have a good weekend!

Fran said...

Beautiful photos! I love the dress and all the bargains that you found.

Jean at said...

Curtise, you are a vision of loveliness, just like your garden!! I love blue and green together!! I particularly love the first outfit. The dress is divine on you and you styled it so beautifully. The t-strap shoes make your amazing legs look even more so.

The bric-a-brac is charming. Looks like life is good in your part of the world; I'm glad. XXOO

Unknown said...

OMG i love and love your skirt!
Please sell it to me!

I know we had the same weather here, but the future seems bright and warm!

Have a great weekend

Ariane xxx

Vix said...

I love these outfits, so cheery and fabulous. The old favourite makes your waist look so teensy and that swimmer print is still one of my all time loves! These grey skies certainly need a colour injection, I've been wearing an orange Madras check maxi with a pink blazer and turquoise boots today.
Like Tamera you know how to rock a hat.
Love the nature pictures and all your market finds. Those egg cups will make great cacti planters.
Have a top weekend! xxxxx

Indigo Violet said...

I love everything here, but especially the dress and the coffee and tea pots with the geometric prints.

Señora Allnut said...

lovely color combo and lovely inspiration!, your dress is a classic, love its print and shape!, that little pleats!
and also love your skirt print, so decó!
you look fabulous wearing colorful tights!

silvergirl said...

Love that blue dress and how fun is that skirt???!!!
Hope your weather levels out soon

Miss Magpie said...

I squeed out loud at the magnificent egg cups

Candycane said...

Cute dress x

Anonymous said...

As blues and greens are my favorites--you are ROCKING them!1 I love the bathing beauties skirt--just a bit whimsical and fun!!

Wow did you get some awesome goodies at the fleamarket!! And yes you are looking mighty fine in that hat!!

I love all of the gorgeous flowers in your garden!

Unknown said...

These are fabulous pictures! I love the dress, and I think the pattern is definitely calling out "Look at Me!" The skirt is so cute! Great charity shopping finds! I love the hat on you! Your flowers are beautiful!


Rachel said...

Your garden is looking lovely, so no surprise that it is inspiring you! All those lush blues and greens. Your 'bathers' skirt is marvellous, such a clear blue shade. I relly loved a Scotland-themed shoot in Vogue, there were a myriad of colours (myriad? Goodness, it is early to be using words like that) and lots if bright colours in the tweeds - all zut c'est cher of course, but am trying to recreate it with brighter outfits.

There aren't as many markets near me, but I have one coming up next Sunday week, so there may be a blog picture then of some china! xx

Unknown said...

I adore blue and green together and at the moment am playing with some more daring colour choices - I used to dress head to toe in black so any bursts of colour for me are a big step forward. I love that 70's frock, the cut and style is fantastic!

bonsaimum said...

Beautiful blues indeed

Anonymous said...

Visions of You. Was that Roxy Music? Luv 'em.

Given your coloring, you looking great in blue. Not a color I can carry off. You always pull your outfits together so ingeniously! And your bluebells are beyond sweet!

Great finds! I want that hat! Can't seem to find those old, floppy felt ones anymore.

Anonymous said...

Blue and green is a delicious color combo. Especially liking the "survivor" dress. I've retired and hope to resume blogging soon.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

The grey weather has been making me choose bright colours to wear!
I love bluebells and your outfits are lovely.

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

My clothing is in chaos as I have all the summer stuff out and can't put away the winter stuff as it's flippin' freezing! I just grab what's on the floor... xxxx