Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Swirling polka dots, hidden tiger

I bought this skirt at a jumble sale ages ago, intending to sell it.

It didn't sell, so I'm wearing it. I think it will be a great lightweight summer skirt, I don't know why I haven't worn it before. 
Oh yes I do - it's been freezing, for months.

Inspired by Helga, Queen of the red, white and blue colour scheme!
(Although Helga' accessory du jour was a rather fetching Bloody Mary; I wish I'd thought of that.)

I'm not really eligible for Lynne's Goodwill Career Wear Challenge, being an unemployed layabout.
That said, I was at school today doing my weekly volunteering, and this outfit comes in at well under Lynne's $10/£10 limit, so I am participating in the spirit of her project!

The polka dots and the swirl potential are obvious; here's a better shot of the hidden tiger!

The colour and the 50p price tag overcame my usual reluctance to buy One Size tights - they rarely fit, and I hate that sinking feeling as you pull them up only to realise the crotch will never rise higher than mid-thigh...

These actually made it all the way up (just) so hurray! And the added bonus, which my poor old eyes hadn't spotted while the tights were in their packet, is the groovy tiger stripe effect.

More swirling!

As always, I was accompanied in the garden by curious cats and colourful flowers...

...and the odd neighbour wondering what on earth I was up to. 

A photo shoot on Monday for a prestigious online publication (third issue due for release later this month or June, I believe...) had an audience of bemused walkers, the occasional coach party, and these disinterested creatures.

I'd like to say more, but if I reveal any other details, Miz Bagg might have me killed. 

She guards her magazine's cutting edge exclusivity most fiercely. Think Anna Wintour, but far far scarier...
Submit your fashion shoot photos to Vogoff's editorial team by May 19th (details here.). Go on, you know you want to be a part of le Grand Fashion Art (F'Art) issue, it's bound to be explosive!

1980s Windsmoor skirt - jumble sale (35p)
1970s top - vintage fair (£1)
Cardigan, shoes and tights - charity shopped (£3.50, £4.99 and 50p)
1980s sunglasses - vintage shop (£5)
Bangles - gifts from Tania and charity shopped (50-75p)

Hope your week is going well.
Flea market for me tomorrow, who knows what I might find?



Miss Simmonds Says said...

I'm planning my F-ART photos for Mizz Bagg....
These are Helga colours aren't they? But obviously they look great on you too! It's a lovely skirt, a great jumble find, and you and FINALLY wear it! You might as well keep it now!
Looking forward to seeing your Vog OFF photos, if those lambs' expressions are anything to go by they're going to be something extremely special.
Love yer pussy shots too, beautiful! Hope you're enjoying the sun... are you having a tights crisis too?! xxxxxxxxx

Diane said...

I'm a big fan of the red white and blue theme - and you wear it so well. What are the charity shops like in Woodseats? We passed a load the other day but they were shut.By the way, there are a lot of activities etc for kids up at the Manor. Its a lovley place for a cheap day out. xxx

thorne garnet said...

You'll find treasure!

You lucked out on those tights, one size fits all? More like fits nobody.

Unknown said...

Ooh I do love red, white and blue... and here's both you and mi Helgita both wearing it magnificently. You inspire me to dig out the striped M&S skirt darling!

The tights are GORGEOUS - the swirling is EXQUISITE - the lambs are LAMBY - and I cannot WAIT to see what fabulous F'artyness you have in store for us!

Hope you've nabbed a bargain or fifty.

Love yer labia,

Sarah xxx

Krista said...

Helga has sold me on red white and blue too, why I could just kiss ya both for being so darn cute! I love these red shoes every time you wear them. The shoes is where I could not pull off the $10 look so technically I'd be barefoot:)

You know you are keeping with that stereotype about lovely English gardens, you always have such pretty flowers and your cats are as different looking as all of us.
Good luck shopping tomorrow!

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Explosive indeed. :) Love the swooshing and swirling and the subtle pattern mix with the vivid Helgalicious colours! So much vibrant life in the garden and in your post. xoxoxo

joyatri said...

Your outfit posts are so scenic, with all the flora and fauna in your garden. I'm so envious.
The tiger print is a great little bonus. I'm glad they fit after all.
Good luck at tomorrow's flea.

Kylie said...

If Helga's the Queem of red, white and blue, you must be her Lady-In Waiting Curtise. It alsways looks gorgeous on you - I especially love the first pic.

Patti said...

NO ONE scares me more than Anna Wintour, so now I am well and truly intimidated. And I love the idea of a Bloody Mary accessory shop. Do you think it's been done? Love the skirt and tights, go tiger!

Unknown said...

I loved Helga's Red, White and Blue and yours is fantastic as well! I love the mix of polka dots and the tiger striped tights. I can't wait to see the magazine.


Sheila said...

Gads, I would love to be part of F'Art, but I just haven't the time.

Love this colour combo - that skirt is fabulous.

Helga said...

Red, white and blue, I love YOOOOO!
Yowza, you're stealing my crown!!!
Such a glorious combo, and you're wearing it like a seasoned professional!!! O, gawd, "one size" tights?! WTF?! So glad you had a happy ending with yours, the tiger effect is splendid!
OOOOO, so excited about the next issue of Vogoff. Miz Bagg is a LEGENDARY diva! Can't WAIT to see what you come up with!

Connie said...

A photo shoot with sheep. I can't wait!

mispapelicos said...

Wonderful polka dots, and magic pics. They take me back to England in summer.

freckleface said...

Lady Curtise, you get more sophisticated by the day. This is a great combo on you, you and Helga could be red white and blue twins!

I love your description of one size fits no-one tights and am rather impressed by your hidden tiger feature.

I must say your garden is looking rather delightful all of a sudden with all those blooms. Talk about attention to detail, those tulips and grape hyacinths even match your outfit.

Oooooooh photoshoot en plein air, with sheep watching. Can't wait to see what you got up to. xxxxx

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Your matchy matchiness astounds me every time! Adoring this colour combo! I constantly have that problem with tights, bigger thighs and long legs mean I can hardly wear them and still move my legs haha. xxx

Señora Allnut said...

love your helgastic inspirating color combo, that swirling polka dot skirt is really awesome!, really gorgeous!!
and how lovely would you be with a matching bloody mary as an accessory!, delightful!
besos & cocktails

Anonymous said...

I'm so curious about your Vogoff photoshoot! I wish to be in this issue too! Your skirt is beautiful and I always admire Helga's signature colour scheme, I think you made it very personal and I like the striped shirt to contrast with the Tiny polka dots! Your outfits are always an inspiration!
Love xxxxxxx

Unknown said...

I have just been to Helga's and thought I was seeing double :-) You look gorgeous to in your red, white and blue theme. Love the photo's of your cats, poppys and the little lambs summer is really on its way now :-) Have fun at the flee market, dee xxx

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Lovely outfit! I also volunteer at school on Wednesdays! It's the one day a week I get to wear nice clothes and I scrub the paint off my hands! xxxx

Anonymous said...

I do like the red, white and blue, sometimes I think it is a bit too American but I try to keep it to my British roots.

Your neighbours are truly cute and fluffy and will make fine jumpers one day!

silvergirl said...

glad you are having some warmer weather
such a cute, feminine skirt

Mrs. D said...

I've already sent my submissions for the Grand F'art, I can't wait to see everyone else's!
The tights were a nice surprise, with all that tiger in disguise. I keep saying the same thing but I'll say it again, I love the colour combo!
How cute are the little lammies?

Megan said...

That may be the perfect spring skirt. Bright colour? Check! Swooshy? Check! Pretty pleats? CHECK!

I'd love to do the VOGOFF thing but I have no one to help me take photos. Maybe if she does another issue I'll be more settled and able to participate.

Forest City Fashionista said...

I thought of Helga when I first saw your colour scheme - looks terrific on you as well! I like the subtlety of the stripey tights - who would have thought I would use the word "subtle" in reference to any of my favourite blogger's outfits ;)

I'm still brainstorming my photo shoot. I love the location you chose.

Anonymous said...

Um--those lamb's expressions.....LOLOL
Good you kept the skirt-because it loks amazing on you!! You are glorious in Helga-Blue (I have officially named that shade of blue Helga-Blue)

I need to come up with something for F-ART.

Anonymous said...

Um--those lamb's expressions.....LOLOL
Good you kept the skirt-because it loks amazing on you!! You are glorious in Helga-Blue (I have officially named that shade of blue Helga-Blue)

I need to come up with something for F-ART.

Vix said...

Cats, lambs and you twirly your skirt like a pro! You look gorgeous in Helga-esque red, white and blue and thank gawd you held on to that skirt 'cos it's fabularse on you.
I can't wait to see your Vog-Off feature! If it's only half as hilarious as last time's we're in for a treat! xxxxxxx

Flora Cruft said...

You look totally gorgeous and definitely more than a bit fabularse in that Helga inspired colour scheme! Love those tiger tights raaaah. The lambs are such cuteness, I do hope your Vog-Off shoot includes them in all the marvelousness.

Ulla-Marie said...

Skirts in that length and with that kind of (don't know the Word but when you can spin around like a princess)is so feminin and Beautiful ... and so is the cats and the sheeps!

Lynn Hasty said...

Oh, Curtise, you hit the nail on the head, because as soon as I saw the red, white and blue, Helga came to mind!! You are rockin those colors!! I love the pictures of the animals and the flowers. (A girl can never have too many flowers!) I guess I should not envy your being an unemployed layabout since I need my job right now! LOL. Oh, and yes, before I forget, I LOVE your header!!!


Lucys Lounge said...

good luck hunting. i hope you find lots of things. i like your colour combination. i'm glad you didn't sell the skirt its lovely. lucy x

Fiona said...

I really love your tiger feet....oh all right then, legs. The stripey tights are rather splendid and isn't it a bugger when the crotch is around your knes? Looking forward to your Vogoff submission, I'd love to know what those lambs are saying to each other.
Still volunteering then?

Penny-Rose said...

Red white and blue and polka dots and cute shoes. I love this outfit. I have just been catching up on your posts and I love the new banner and especially the awesome trouser crotch shot top right ;-)
I hope you are enjoying the spring. PS I am really really excited about reading the next edition of VOGOFF.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I love the shades of red and blue.

Anonymous said...

What a fresh looking outfit! Isn't it nice to leave the coat behind? The grounds of your home are looking beautiful as well.

And you are hardly a layabout. Volunteering at your child's school is of huge value. This teacher says, "Thank you!"

R's Rue said...

Have fun!

two squirrels said...

Helga would be proud.....those colors always work so well together. I love miss floaty skirt and the hidden tiger legs.
Its spring in your world....look at all the beautiful happy flowers. Furry babies too.
I love that we get to see the changes through the blogging world. Autumn here....Spring for you....ahhh the seasons are always changing.
Hope you have the most flower filled springy weekend.
love V

The Style Crone said...

I do love a good swirl and you're one of the best. Happy to hear that you're past freezing and into spring in fabulous red, white and blue. I'm looking forward to your appearance in the next addition of Vogoff!

Melanie said...

You and Helga together, I'd need a double Bloody Mary, rather, a double Holy Christ (do they make those?). Smashing! I love your $10 do for Lynne's outstanding challenge.
I'd get Miz Bagg to read this post too but she had a tiff with her chauffeur and I believe he's just dropped her off at the local sewage treatment centre after asking to go for a swim...
I can't wait to see your photos!! I love your audience!!

Vicky Hayes said...

Will be watching this space to find out more about Vogoff's F'art issue! Love this outfit with the swirly skirt and tigerish tights. Love your post titles too - your talents are wasted you know! Vicky x