Monday, 13 May 2013

Like the colour when the spring is born

I had a lovely relaxing weekend doing things I like, with only a smidge of the stuff I don't like thrown in.

Friday night's curry was delicious...

...and the pint of Cobra, through which Seldom Seen is peering, went down very nicely, thank you.
I missed two vintage fairs on Saturday through being too lazy to go into town - I wasn't feeling it, and they are pretty frequent occurrences anyway. 
Miss one, and another one comes along in a few weeks.

The wind and rain are trying their hardest to shake all the blossom from the cherry tree, but it's hanging on in there, at least for a little while longer.


Littlest and I went out for a quick spot of shopping and the obligatory cafe visit on Saturday. We found a mirror in a charity shop, just right for her bedroom.

(Don't look at the heinous state of our skirting and floorboards.)

This is me today.

The lollipop lady looked askance at my double tights action this morning, and said it was migraine-inducing...

Bloody cheek.

What do you think?

I used some fabulous tapestry fabric I bought ages ago from a charity shop to make another bag. I had to use the lining to extend the straps, but I rather like the effect.

If you are wondering why I am making so many tote bags - there's only so many I can use, after all - I am trying to perfect my technique so they are good enough to be gifts or maybe to sell at our school Christmas fair.

Trouble is, anything I make always has a touch of the wonk about it. Which I don't mind, but other people might...

Polished and professional... not so much.

But I do have a fine sense of the ridiculous and the ability to laugh at myself, and those are skills of which I am proud, even if the sewing isn't up to much.

1970s D L Barron maxi dress (neckline altered by me), 1960s stainless steel star ring and pendant - flea market
Beret, cardigan, shoes and bangles - charity shopped
Sunglasses - Ebay
Green beaded bracelet - swap gift from dear Sacramento

This dress continues the Art Deco theme from my previous post, the print has that look about it.

And though I am slightly camouflaged among all the greenery of the garden, I still intend to be visible over at Patti's this Monday!

Hope you had a good weekend, filled with the things you like. 


Unknown said...

Oh ... totally in love with your green maxi!! Gorgeous!!

Lynn Hasty said...

Curtise, where do I start?! Love the bag! And those tights are fabulous! No migraine here. I love the hat. Love the cherry blossoms. LOVE the picture of that sweet face in the glass. Your blog is so cool.

Lynn Dylan

Anonymous said...

I love the maxi with the matching ring and bracelet and the migraine inducing tights combination (I want to meet the famous lollipop lady)! The cherry blossoms photos are beautiful too,I wish you a wonderful and sunny week!!
Love xxxxxxxxx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Nowt wrong with double tights action in my book (I've got those black patterned ones myself). Mmmmm, the curry pics are making me very hungry and oh how I'd love a pint of Cobra right now (difficult day). You and your bags - you clever thing you. The tapestry one is a beauty and doesn't look wonky at all. Gorgeous frock today, Curtise, and I love your beret. xx

freckleface said...

Ah now, I've been looking forward to seeing that dress with the new and improved collar and it surpasses expectations. I love it. It's just a really great dress and you suit it fabulously. I agree there is a bit of a 1930s vibe to it with your little cheeky bob.

That curry looks so yummy. Yes to a pint of Cobra if you're asking.

I love blossom. It never sticks around long enough, there's always a day of wild winds and that's it, confetti everywhere.

I was just admiring your floorboards when you told me not to look. If I say they look nice, can I go back and have another peek? xxxxx

citizen rosebud said...

I admire those floorboards. Can't help it.

To get good one must do it over and over- so kudos for you perfecting your totes. They look pretty rad.

As do you in your spring green and lean dress. And those blossoms are a treat to see.

Miss Maple said...

I'm smitten with your completely green spring outfit. So inspiring!

Vix said...

Goodness me, that's one fabularse frock revamped to perfection and that lollipop lady talking nonsense, cheeky bugger! Can you believe it's double tights weather again?
That curry looks delicious and I could just down that pint of Cobra right now, shame Monday's a dry day in this house!
Your bag is gorgeous, the fabric choice is far too lovely for anyone to notice a bit of a wonk.
I'm rather glad not to have a vintage fair to sell at this weekend, they pop up far too often lately!
Visible? Always!
Love ya lots. xxxxxxx

Patti said...

You? Blend in with the scenery? Never! And I love the double tights, and your sense of humor. It's a must, isn't it? Gorgeous dress, lovely you, thanks for sharing!

Greenorchid said...

LOVING that green dress!! Cx

Anonymous said...

I am completely in LOVe with that dress!!! shades of green-be still my heart!!
your double tights didn't cause me a migraine--only joy!!

Yay to the tote making--so what if it's a bit wonky--it's part of it's handmade Curtise charm!!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Love your double tight action.
I wish I'd gone for that option today - I was freezing all day and filled my hot water bottle twice.
No-one else laughed at me today as the goosebumps gathered on their bare arms.

Kathleen said...

Well then she is invited to stop looking at your legs!

Gracey the Giant said...

That dress is amazing. And I love how well that ring goes with it. I also love your tights and didn't find them headache inducing at all!

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of your green maxi; it's perfect for you.
Good idea to make the tote bags for the Christmas sale/ presents. If the fabric is interesting no one will notice a bit of wonk.

Ivy Black said...

God, I love that frock. I could run off with it and start a passionate affair. You could come too if you fancy....
I know what y'mean. Vintage fairs are like buses lately so I don't mind giving one or two a miss either. Mind you, I sorted my vintage frocks out on Sunday and I have far too many. Won't stop me getting some more though!
A bit of wonk is no bad thing and I don' arf fancy a curry now.
See you soonish, gorgeous.

Rachel said...

I love that dress, the colour mix is magical.

Isn't your garden looking nice? Such a good backdrop for the green dress too.

Your floors look like my floors! (breathes sigh of relief)?

Lollipop lady, I see you the double tights and raise you the very bright high vis you are wearing!! Xx

Anonymous said...

Love the frock and the groovy pattern. The lollipop lady sounds like a bit of bitch, is this the person that always comments on your outfits?

You're doing a fab job with your sewing skills a little wonk is ok in my books.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

This one of my most favourite ever outfits of yours. I just love that dress, it seems to stretch on forever in that gorgeous pattern. Fabulous with the yellowy cardi. The mirror is a great fine - you could always paint it too. The bags are coming along very well indeed, I bet you'll sell loads and everyone will be getting one for Christmas too! The cherry blossom is looking especially gorgeous! Have a great week! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Max said...

handmade=wonk in my book. otherwise how would you know it's handmade? embrace the wonk i say! looking lovely in the sun there and now i could murder a curry and i've only just had my porridge x

Lucys Lounge said...

curtise. i love your dress. you have a fabulous collection. your bag is great .the more the better. love lucy

Unknown said...

Bloody cheek of the crossing lady indeed! Why do people feel the need to negatively comment on what we wear?
Oh... I am commenting on what you are wearing too. But I think you look FAB!!!

Krista said...

Now isn't that dress just delightful! The print is a bit memorizing as are you in it! I really am loving this outfit! The tapestry bag made by your ever increasingly talented hands is funky and a perfect size and length if you ask me. You should make them and sell them, no one will mind if they are a bit home spun since they are so darn cute!;p

Unknown said...

I love your floorboards! What a great picture of you in the mirror! I love those tights! All great looks on you my dear!


Kelly Jackson said...

Curtise, there are so many juicy things to comment on:

First, I love the artsy beer glass shot. :)

I think the tight-on-tight action is brilliant, and that the lollipop lady need a serious lesson in manners!

The blossom shots are gorg, and the mirror is a cute find and very girly; I bet Littlest was thrilled.

Beautiful tapestry bag, and no, I wasn't wondering why you have so many - I thought it was perfectly normal!

The sequin beret is just saucy chic, I'm loving all the green, not to mention the steel jewellery ....

AND last but not least, I'm green with envy that you can miss two vintage fairs as there will always be another one in a few weeks! Sigh. Wish someone would import a few of those over here. Xoxo

Unknown said...

love and love the outfit!
You are so stylish these days girl!
You are perfecting your styling skills that is for sure!

First day of work went well!
Got my own office! couldn't believe it! I have views of downtown, God I rock and roll i tell you!

Ariane xxx

Melanie said...

Jeepers, (love that word) I get a migraine just thinking about the lollipop lady, so I won't! Your tights are spectacular, as are all your springtime bits.

So happy you missed the fair - nothing like lazing about.

Your particular brand of wonk is what makes everything so special. Wonk has designer appeal.

I also think you are polished and professional in what you do. Seeing you and your style always makes me happy. AND, I DO LOVE your sense of the ridiculous.

Sheila said...

I love the layered tights - that's one of my favourite tricks. That woman was far too cheeky to say that.

Unknown said...

The print on that dress is really Deco-esque. You look like a lovely Ivy Queen in it. Watch out for voracious little lambs.

Regarding the migrane comment: she must have been blinded by the sheer force of your beauty. That sometimes brings on migrane in some ill-mannered women, or so I believe.

Mirror: What a good idea. Hope Littlest leans all about appropriate vanity and healthy self-esteem in it.

I know what you mean about mistakes in things made to sell. I could tell you terrible tales about that subject, and I know what you mean. But you're probably overly critical. Technical expertise is always a great idea.

Curry: I'm envious. No Asian of that ilk for miles.

Cherry blossoms: As lovely as you! Enjoy them and the rest of your week!

Fran said...

Love the combination of green. How fresh the cherry blossoms in your garden. Sounds like you had a great weekend.

CityScape Skybaby said...

That maxi is gorgeous on you Curtise, I love the print and the whole art deco theme, and you are taking exceptionally fine photos here! Love Seldom Seen through the beer glass, you curled up taking a photo and that beautiful blue sky and cherry blossom. I like the tapestry handles on your bag and there's nothing wrong with a bit of wonk, I prefer that to everything too groomed and polished. I consider myself to be rather wonky too! xx

mispapelicos said...

I see the sun is shining in England too.
So glorious, dear Curtise.

Camelia Crinoline said...

That green maxi is gorgeous. Your double tights migraine inducing? I don't think so. They look great. I love lacey tights layered over coloured tights.

Anonymous said...

That altered maxi dress is to die for and Ab Fab for spring... And I can't believe we are back to tights weather and double ones at that!

Your weekend sounds lovely and it's nice to fill it all with things you love x

And the lollipop lady is talking nonsense, I love the effect of those double but I think lace patterned / fishnets look awful on bare skin anyway xxx

bohemian vanity said...

Oh i am hungry now looking at that delicious curry! I really love curry! Guess i am making one for dinner tonight. And the tote you've made is really pretty, the pattern is divine!
The artdeco dress is killer, green suits you like a dream!!!
Have a fab day dear!
xxxx Tani

Unknown said...

Hello darling, Sarah and Helga here, both of whom also have a large touch of the wonk, admiring your magnificence and wit from afar.

Here's what we especially love: YOUR FROCK, the garden looks so pretty, the cherry blossoms, Seldom Seen in the glass and your beautiful face. And we are coming over to give lollipop lady a fucking fat lip.

Love your bits and bobs and wonk!

Sarah and Helga xxx

Kylie said...

Long live the 'art' of wonk! I say.
I love your green dress Curtise and I think you are so lucky to have your very own cherry tree x

Melanie said...

Love the dress, the print is wonderful and how pretty the cherry blossom is!

CoffeeInspired said...

That green maxi dress is fantastic. Love the tights!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Good gracious you look gorgeous in green!!!! That frock is a standout among frocks. I love the print, the colours & as always the style on you. And I love the double tight action. If only I had the need to wear double tights here in Queensland. That would bring on a hot flush! Xx

Frocktasia said...

I love your cherry blossom pics, very beautiful. It's been so windy over the past few days almost all the blossom has been blown off down here.
Layered tights, migraine-inducing?
Then somebody should be following me around selling Ibuprofen, they'd make a packet as I love the nets over plain coloured tights look.
Love both the outfits, great prints on both the frocks, you look smashing...xXx

Unknown said...

I think the two-tone bag is lovely! And if the lollipop lady thinks your tights produce migraines, she should keep her eyes on the kiddies and not your fabulous legs.

Stunning outfit, and I love the sunglasses! I'm stuck with prescription wear so I can't keep a wide selection, but I should look for some vintage frames for the next ones.

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Double tights sound very cosy in this wintry damp weather. Stuff the Loillipop lady. Your floorboards and skirtings are just lovely and authentic! That's the look many people try to fake! xxxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

My fave part of this whole post is your statement that "everything I make has a touch of the wonk in it". This kinda sums up why I think you're awesome ;)
Love the cherry blossom pics, and you look like a forest glen, all full of new leaves in that marvelous maxi!

silvergirl said...

what a great maxi
i just love the pattern and those colors are gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Stunning maxi! I would wear that one for sure. I love how you styled it.

And I really liked the outfit you wore shopping, especially the tights! You have magnificent hands, by the way.

Very nice bag you made. I have a pattern like that and need to get onto it sometime You've inspired me yet again, Curtise!

Rose&Bird said...

Gah, what does the lollipop lady know?! Love the green on you and Littlelest's new mirror is lovely x

Annastasia said...

I'm sighing with delight over that fabulous dress - you look wonderful. And I can empathise with the tote bags. Mine needs lots more practice as the lining never seems to fit.

Flora Cruft said...

More Art Deco amazingness! I absolutely LOVE that green print dress, it suits you to a T!

two squirrels said...

That is the most amazing maxi Curtise I just love it......its really fabulous on you.
Oh the blossom is so pretty, the wind always to turn it into petal snow on the lawn.
The lollipop lady sucks........stupid cow.......migraines are caused idiots like her.
love V

Ulla-Marie said...

Such a peacock party, and I think that the fabric of your skirt is VERY beautiful!

Becky said...

I love the patterned tights with the print skirt/dress!!! The curry looks delicious and I love the shot of Seldom Seen through the beer glass. Beer goggles are the best!
Becky :)

Fiona said...

Firstly, gorgeous cherry blossom shots Curtise. Secondly, what IS the lollipop lady going on about?? Doesn't she wear a fluorescent hi-viz for gawds sake? Double tights action in May would sometimes cause sweaty growler bother, but not this week when it's been ffffucking freezing! What's going on? ...snow in Devon! Love them and need them!
Littlest's mirror is a great find and well done on your fabtastic totes, nothing wrong with a bit of wonk I say, you can tell that it's hand-made and not mass produced.

Connie said...

Who is that evil lollipop lady? Clearly she does not recognize true beauty. Lollipoop is more like it! Green is my favorite color so of course I'm falling all over myself at your gorgeousness. Beer and blue skies. My lovely Curtise.
~auto-correct keeps changing your name to Curtsey :)~

The Style Crone said...

You're another flower in the garden with your green patterned dress with yellow card. Your spring looks to be unfolding beautifully. We went from blizzard to 86 degrees and the tulips didn't bloom. Sigh.

Personally, I love your double tights action and the phrase 'a fine sense of the ridiculous.' And your fabulous totes.

Señora Allnut said...

such a fabulous green print, and such a fabulous maxi, love that decó vibe!
and also love you doubled tights, they look great with that print and pretty shoes!

Tamera Beardsley said...

Always so lovely to get a look into your life my dear... always the richest of visuals and spirit!