Tuesday 7 March 2017

We move like the sea

There's nothing like a blast of sea air to blow away the cobwebs.

And a visit to Tynemouth means great company too.

My sister Sabena and her partner Gary; two of my very favourite people.

Jumping for joy on the beautiful Longsands beach. 
Some more successfully than others...

There is a market every weekend at Tynemouth metro station too, which Sabena and I browsed around...

while Gary took the kids to the match at St James' Park.

I am woefully out of practice at blogging, and feeling sadly adrift from my lovely community of bloggers whose support and company I value. Real Life has its distractions at present, but I'll have a good go at catching up with you all - I miss you. 

1970s hand made maxi dress - Mooch vintage shop
Boots - community fair

And it's hard to find a good spot in my new garden to take a decent photo!



Vix said...

Yay! It's fabulous to see you, darling!!
That beach looks gorgeous, loving the huge skies and that happy dog .
How many times did you try and take that leaping family photo? It came out a treat!!
Tynemouth Metro Station looks like Stockport's Victorian market hall. That old trunk looks ace.
Haven't the kids shot up? I bet Claude's taller than me now!
Looking stunning in the moody all-black number and that slinky Mooch maxi.
We all miss you - blog when you can and don't ever feel bad for your absence. We understand.
Love you! xxxx

Vix said...


Miss Magpie said...

I tried to get Himself to that market last March but it was not to be, he's allergic to vintage and markets and charity shops *sigh*. It's lovely to see you back and looking so fabulous in that amazing dress. x x

Sheila said...

Good to see you, Curtise! That looks like a lovely holiday - all those waves and sand. *sigh*

SAM said...

So wonderful to be reading your list. I love your groups energy. We've winds that are in so wild they're in warning status but not good head clearers. Green looks fab on you!

Unknown said...

Hi Curtise! Glad to hear from you. Your visit to the beach looks so fun. I always find that visiting a beach is good for the soul. Don't worry about your absence, I'm like that too, but I try not to feel guilty and to just blog when I can. Xxx

Unknown said...

Always glad to hear from you again! And such a pretty dress! :)

Jazzy Jack said...

I do love the beach in Winter. So cold and moody. Looking forward to visiting soon when our Winter comes, with lots of scarves and hats and hoods etc.
Your beaches are full of amazing buildings!
We make do with rocks and the occasional eagle.
My garden doesn't lend itself to photos either. Too many trees casting shade! Not that I'm complaining.
Lovely to see you again for a moment.
I too have had a change in blogging rhythm this last year. It has taken me all year to realign, so I understand.
Hugs, Jazzy Jack

Radostin said...

Gorgeous beach pictures! A trip to the sea is indeed good for the soul. I love your green maxi and you look superb all in black too.

Lisa said...

A trip to the beach any time of the year is fab, but in the cooler months it can be a great refresher. And what a stunning beach it is.
The market looks wonderful for a good old rummage.
You are looking good in that maxi dress, they suit you so well.
Lisa x

Kezzie said...

It looks very pleasant there. I do like a good beach. So pretty. The maxi looks beautiful and the market sounds fab!
So nice to hear from you this morning, I have missed you.Xx

Sue said...

Nothing like a good sea breeze, one of my favourite things!! Lovely to see you and your kids all smiling, tis a good sign. xx Sue

Se├▒ora Allnut said...

glad to see you!, I missed your fabulousness!
Lovely beach, lovely landscapes and lovely people jumping!
That vintage market looks really cute, I like particularly those old stations, such a great background for trading old stuff!
Your floral maxi dress is gorgeous and I like your little corner to take pics, you look fab in the sun!

Porcelina said...

Nice to 'see' you!! Lovely maxi, you look at one with the garden. Trips to the seaside are always such fun xx

Ivy Black said...

Hurrah! Have missed you big time. Lovely to see yer face again.
I can just smell that sea air,what a tonic. I love that pic of you on the beach-looks like a film still.
I do like that little corner and I reckon it just needs a bit on sun on it-like the rest of us.
Fab maxi and it's so lovely to see you there in it.
Loves ya.

Olga Rani said...

It's nice to see you having fun Curtise! And it's nice just to see you again :) Beautiful sea, beautiful photos!

Polyester Princess said...

How lovely to hear from you, Curtise! There's nothing like time spent at the seaside out of season. Having a vintage market to go to is definitely a bonus. Great photos, and I'd love to get my hands on that maxi! xxx

Suzanne said...

How wonderful to see you Curtise!

You are still looking fabulous. I adore your maxi. I think you and I should never go shopping together, our tastes are too similar.


Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

It's lovely to hear from you, Curtise.

That sounded like a fab deal - you and your sister go rummaging and brother in law takes kids off - brilliant!

I'm sure your garden will burst into blooming wonderful life for future photos. I loved your maxi dress and that was a wonderful bag you were carrying on the beach.


BadPenny said...

Great to have a nice break and lovely to hear from you xx

Goody said...

Glad to hear from you. Winter is my favourite time for a beach visit.

The garden spot looks good from here-as do you.

Fiona said...

Lovely to see you back on my screen Curtise. Stunning beach pics and haven't the kids shot up? Sounds like an ace afternoon, vintage shopping with sis... sans kids. Your spot amongst the cotoneaster looks good to me! xxxxxx

Melancholy and Menace said...

Hello, lovely ­čÖé
Such beautiful scenery and a fantastic day out with loved ones.
You look as fabulous as ever. I adore your vintage dress.
That spot in your garden seems the perfect place for photographs.

Yvonne xx

Kylie said...

Helllllooooo lovely beautiful Curtise!!!
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx plus more!
That's all I've got time for at the moment, but I mean every single one of those kisses. I think about you a lot and I hope you're ok. Sorry i didn't respond to last post (I didn't know what to say? The more I thought about it the harder it got/lamer it sounded)
Don't forget me. I haven't forgotten about YOU. Love to Claud.
Running late.

Debberoo said...

Hooray! Great photos and I can't believe how much the kids have grown!

Mim said...

Hooray, you're back! Thank you for sharing the trip to the beach, it looks like such a nice place to go and get winter's cobwebs blown away.

thorne garnet said...

love the beach in cold weather. The air is bracing. You look great in the green maxi. Real life does have a way of mucking up the fun.

Mother of Reinvention said...

Hello, Lovely! Beautiful photos of you and the kids and of the very lovely Tynemouth. Makes me feel a bit homesick to see it again. The market veers brilliantly between good junk and utter trash but you can unearth some real gems there. Ddi you find anything exciting? Getting away to the seaside is good to recharge the soul, especially with great company. Nice to have you back, you have been missed. Xx

Natalia Lialina said...

And we miss you tooooo - soooo, soooo much! Look how many comments you got almost immediately!!

I am in admiration of this black outfit with a stunning purse, and of course beach is my favorite place to be (after my living room, hehe). That first shot is gorgeous! Love seeing you in a company of loving people! Kids are growing too fast! (Anya is getting ready for high school, how that happened!?)

You look GORGEOUS!

Sending you lots of love, dear Curtise!

diaryofapennypincher said...

Ooh, how lovely to see a post from you, Curtise! Nothing like the North sea to blow away the cobwebs eh?! I'm sure you will find that perfect photo spot in your new garden soon, take care xxx

bahnw├Ąrterin said...

gorgeous pics of you and your family at the beach! only saw tynemouth in the telly - it comes on my "visit england" list!
very chic black ensemble! and you in the maxi in your garden is a beautiful picture! i wish i had such a spot in mine - here is a lot of work to do after last years digging for a new dirt water plant........
i was very happy to see your comment @moi! but my life looks only that pretty on the blog - actually the blog is the last fortress of beauty at the moment.
huge hugs my dear! xxxxxx

Mrs Bertimus said...

You look fab, as always!
So lovely to read your fab blog chuck!
Sending big hugs xxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

I enjoy going to the beach in the winter more than I do in the summer. You are so right, there is nothing like a good blast of sea air to clear the head. It's always nice to see you - your presence in my little blogging community is missed.

I can't believe how much your kids have grown up! You'll find your perfect place in the garden, I'm certain of it. XO

Lynn Holland said...

Yay I'm caught up and loving your maxi dress and the new garden spot.
So nice to see you in blog land again Curtise and great to see you with Vicky and Tania again
Lynn xxx

Melanie said...

Bracing, a bracing trip to the seaside. So great to catch up with you, Curtise, even though I am so woefully behind. I love the happy beach shots, even the dog is laughing. You may feel rankled in the garden but you still dazzle in that green floral maxi. And even though I am still blogging (but with less frequency) it sometimes feels like I'm also out of practice. So you are not alone in that.

Bonnie said...

I enjoy your blog and see that you and I have travelled a similar experiential road this past year. Hope you're getting stronger by the day. I have to say that you have a second calling as a photojournalist/columnist/novelist should you choose. Your writing is exceptionally clever and entertaining. I like how you bounce from Shakespeare to 80s pop band lyrics to illustrate a point. Thank you for the enjoyable blog!!

Julie said...

Hello there!! How wonderful to read your lovely blog ... you are SO right - there IS nothing like visiting the seaside to blow away those cobwebs. Your vintage dress is absolutely stunning - I shall look forward to more visits to your blog. Thanks for your visit over to mine & your lovely comment. Julie xx

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Missed you too. You look fantastic Curtise. Must be that sea air. xxxx

Jane said...

We miss you too Curtise! Lovely to see you when we can!
Will look forward to seeing you soon I hope. :)