Sunday 13 December 2015

Winter Blues

No no, I'm not at all miserable; just wearing blue and trying to keep warm and dry!
Life is very, very busy at the moment and any illusions I ever had about being in control and organised have all but disappeared. 

At least I've found the Christmas cards; I distinctly remembered buying a load dirt cheap in January and putting them away in a safe place. It's taken hours of ransacking cupboards, drawers and turning the bedroom upside down to find them. (They were on the attic landing. Obviously.) 

Better write in the buggers now, I suppose.

I found this 1960s Prova wool pinafore dress in a charity shop recently and have been wearing to death. Prova was British Home Stores in-house brand in the 1960s and 70s. 

The sheepskin jerkin isn't vintage, but I love its 1970s vibe, and it is proving a useful extra layer on chilly days. 
Apart from hunting for Christmas cards and going to work, I've been out for a Christmas meal with our shop's volunteers, enjoyed a much-needed chazzing-and-coffee jaunt to Doncaster with my mate Joanne, and celebrated my friend Sue's birthday.

And yesterday, we braved the rain and went to an event in the cathedral commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Sheffield Blitz
We had a version of that Tell Me quiz game in the 1970s, and it is still being produced now.
The parachute silk wedding dresses were lovely, and look at Sue's daughter rocking her Victory rolls.
There were even free mince pies from God. 
From the cathedral, we headed on to the Nichols Building for a browse.
We puzzled over that errant apostrophe in the Glamorene Carpet Shampoo'er, until Sue suggested it replaced a missing p
Of course.

While I have several friends who might appreciate a male torso complete with whip, it would be a challenge to wrap.
1960s Prova pinafore dress, 1970s shirt, sheepskin jerkin, top and velvet leggings- charity shopped
Boots - retail (sale)
Despite the fact that my blogging presence is barely visible at the moment, I'm linking to Patti's Visible Monday.  
And I'm hoping to come and visit everyone soon! 


SAM said...

I had to smile-I gave up the search for the January purchased cards and bought new ones. I'll start writing this week. Love the pinafore.

Goody said...

So nice of God to provide the mince pies.

You are the only person I know that can wear velvet leggings stylishly. As my nana used to say, "You be OK." I was never sure if it was a statement of the obvious, or encouragement that life will settle down eventually, but I think it fits here in both senses.

kobieta niewidzialna said...

You look very nice in blue :)

Vix said...

Great Prova tunic and you know I love a good gherkin.
What a miserable few days for photo taking, you've done a sterling job with these especially when you're so busy.
The cathedral event looked great - free mince pies, too! Tell Me was my favourite, I'm sure my version was green and yellow metal and then it became plastic in the 1980s. Krista would kill for that baby in a gas mask! The rabbit in a mini dress is the stuff of nightmares.
Have you caught up with last night's X Fest? Ready for the finale?
Love you! xxxx

Miss Magpie said...

I love you tunic dress, very you.

I also love the little china dog rolling it's eyes I would have been sure to buy that if I were there!

Kezzie said...

Absolutely Love that sheepskin jerkin. So stylish. You are so stylish, visible monday isnt the same without you!!x

Melanie said...

Excellent gherkin and pinafore dress, no wonder you get so much wear from them. I often put things in a SAFE place and they stay there, safe. I'm glad you are still fitting in time with your friends. And I clearly need a Glamorene for my shag coats. Heh. Good to see you, Curtise.

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Oh gosh - Prova are BHS! How could I have forgotten?

I'm only sending 3 Christmas cards this year to aunties and uncles in Ireland and 3 to my neighbours. Last year I didn't send any at all - completely forgot.

The outfits look brilliant on you and such lovely shades of blue. The sheepskin jerkin looks so cosy and warm, I'm surprised you don't sleep in it!

Have a lovely week.


at my dressingtable said...

OMG !..... I am so disorganised Christmas well I always seem to get it right in the end Lol ! try and be organised every year never seems to happen.Gorgeous outfits as ever .... Merry Christmas Curtise and many thanks for your lovely comments always lovely to hear from you xxxx

Mother of Reinvention said...

I think your pinafore is lovely. Pinstripes are timeless and it manages to look very smart and very hip. I love the jerkin. Mince pies from God are divine! Thanks for all the great photos from your day out. There was some interesting stuff there. I found cards from a couple of years ago when I was packing but not the ones I thought I had. They will be vintage by the time i use them. Xx

Diane said...

Free mince pies from God!!! I knew I should have gone (but it was my own once a year blitz on the housework front!) . Happy Christmas Curtise xxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

Blue is the hue for you :0)
I'm sure we'd all find many uses for the male torso/whip combo ... but I totally agree ... much too difficult to wrap ;0)

Jazzy Jack said...

Loving the sheepskin! Mmmmm!
You are embracing your legs lately. Loving it!
Good to see you are having fun in amongst the frantic. Xo Jazzy Jack

Ivana Split said...

Wrapping a male torso with a wip would indeed be a charming present but the packaging would probably be too difficult:)...Joking aside, I do really what you prepared for us today.

Now, about being organized this year I failed ...I'm officially giving up on trying to be in control. I hurt my foot, just got over a fever.... and I refuse to stress about anything. Perhaps I won't even bake cookies for Christmas...we'll see how I feel until then.

I know about putting things in a safe place...I always do that and forget what the safe place could be.

I do like both of your outfits...Blue is a lovely colour and I personally do not associate it with feeling blue. It reminds me of the sea, mermaids and things that make me happy. You look lovely!

Sheila said...

Christmas cards? Lordy, I haven't done 'em in years - I'm far too lazy!

Love the faux fur and the pinafore! You look awesome in blue.

Wishing you a very fun season!

Fiona said...

I'd rather receive that mannequin's lower half, with the whip it could be quite a stress reliever...does that make me sound kinky? ..oh well, whatevs.
Lovely items on sale at the cathedral and heavenly mince pies, I'd be tempted by both! X

Unknown said...

I love both outfits, they are both perfect for this time of year. Bye the way, I would love to try that shampooper on my carpet spots! :)

Connie said...

I love your shift dress and furry vest. You are so Jane-Asher-Meets-Paul-McCartney!!! Smashingly beautiful. And I can't believe that god is handing out mince pies. She KNOWS I prefer apple. Sheesh! So so happy to see you.

Trees said...

First up your hair looks so great in this post!! Pretty good of God to go about handing out mince pies, I'd have thought he'd have other more pressing issues - but you never know ;) I really like that pinafore dress on you and it looks like that fair was a lot of fun :)

Beth Waltz said...

Once again, Curtise, I envy you those Thoroughbred legs! Not only can you flaunt jewel-blue velvet leggins, but also wear a floofy sheepskin jerkin and still have room for more legs!

I now send Christmas or Hanukkah cards only to those I'll not see during the holidays. Instead, I hunt out seasonal greetings cards, blank inside, which I use for my bread-and-butter thank-you notes after the outings are enjoyed and the presents unwrapped. I keep eyeing those make-your-own-cards-postcard sets in the art supply houses but...

Olga Rani said...

Love your both blueish looks Curtise! Especially the the stripy dress/shirt combination. And how cool are those velvet leggings?

Melanie said...

Love the pinafore, you look fab :)
Those wedding dresses are gorgeous! I have some parachute silk that I. Keep meaning to do something with, one day maybe xxx

Melancholy and Menace said...

Looking lovely, Curtise! Those velvet leggings are gorgeous.

So many wonderful things to look at, I'd love to have had a rummage there.
That mince pie from God must have been super-delicious.

Have a wonderful Christmas xx

Patti said...

Loving the male torso, Curtise. I fear if I left it around here, a certain middle aged husband might feel sad though. The wedding dresses are my favorites - so splendid. And you are looking fabulous in that blue dress, and cozy vest. xox


Bobbi said...

You look so cool in the fur jerkin and velvet leggings! Are you sure you haven't been hanging with the Rolling Stones circa 1969 or so?
I didn't know that God was a baker. ;)

Lynn Holland said...

I've been in hiding thus weekend and didn't even get to Stockport vintage village. I'm like Billy no mates.
Need to rectify that and get out there.
I should have a scout round for some of those lovely velvet leggings you've got on. They look fantastic with your pinafore.
I've got three Welsh wool tapestry pinafores, great for the cold weather.
Lynn xxx

Suzanne said...

The baby wearing the gas mask and the shampooper are wonderful ; P

I've have snatched up that Embassy Cocktail Bar.

I had to run and check you didn't steal my male torso with whip from my bedroom. Nope...Damien is still there. ; )

I LOVE those crushed velvet leggings. I'm sure that does not surprise you.


The Vintage Knitter said...

Great pinafore - its a classic style and fits you a treat. Velvet leggings too, deffo like yours. I still have a pair of my 1980s Miss Selfridge ones somewhere...

Ivy Black said...

Nope...I can't find the Christmas cards I got in the Paperchase sale last year!
Love the pinafore, it's a beaut and that jerking looks lush.
Free pies from God? Excellent. I bet God pies are a cut above. All butter pastry.
Loves ya.

thorne garnet said...

I also put those bought last Jan. cards "in a safe place". Really, I put them there?

I spy a Spanish dancer doll.

bahnwärterin said...

love the pinafore dress and how you combined stripes with stripes!!
and the sheepskin vest looks sooo cozy!!
it looks like you had a lot of fun with friends and daughters. fabulous! the thing with the almost lost cards could be me - but i would found them while spring cleaning....

Lisa said...

I'm partial to a pinafore myself, harks back to my little days when my favourite outfit was one in orange.
Who needs a make torso wrapped!!!
Hope your feeling the festive spirit amongst the busyness of life.
Lisa x

BadPenny said...

You have been busy ! I loved playing Tell me & think I still have ours. I like your blue theme & looking at the treasures on display x We had our charity shop supper out with 19 attending.

Mim said...

That is a smashing pinafore - stylish *and* practical.

The event at the cathedral looks really nicely done.

I think everyone feels a little out of control and disorganised at this time of year. Let the little things slide, no-one will notice. (Dusting? What dusting?)

Forest City Fashionista said...

After addressing a few miscellaneous Xmas cards I found lying around and sending them off, I finally found the box of cards I got on sale last year. Sigh.

Very snazzy pinafore and suede jerkin! I did not know that God was providing mince pies - how thoughtful. I would like the male torso (sans whip) and those flamenco dolls please ;)

Good to see that you are still getting out with friends and the kids even though life is busy,busy,busy. Must always leave time for fun!

The Style Crone said...

Beautiful in blue! I love the look of your velvet leggings with boots and the sheepskin jerkin.

Great photos of your adventures, as always. Parachute silk wedding dresses are new to me!

Mrs Bertimus said...

Ooo love a pinafore! X

Natalia Lialina said...

To me, you look like you stepped out of a fashion magazine in both of these fantastic outfits! Love the pinafore, and the jerkin is definitely 1970s inspired - great find! I think we often, as a society, tend to forget that holidays are for having fun and celebrating. Have a great fun, dear Curtise!

freckleface said...

Oh I know what you mean. I barely have time to scratch my backside. What a year. I'd like to see the menu for 2016, please. I wish to change my order. Still look at you managing to get dressed, in clothes, every single day. You're a bloody inspiration. I'm rather attracted to those crushed velvet leggings, they look cosy and warm, with a hint of snow queen thrown in. Glad you found those pesky xmas cards. Hiding in plain view. I hate it when inanimate objects toy with your mind. I've been looking for my jodphurs for a week. You haven't seen them have you? Xxxx

Porcelina said...

Oo you do look so cosy in that jerkin and those velvet leggings! Perfect for this damp and chilly weather (the weather people keep saying it's mild, which yes it is relatively speaking, but it's still cold when it's blowing a gale and the rain is torrential!).

I can't find some pants I bought as a gift. I've turned the house upside down, where are they?!

Jean at said...

My favorite book right now is It's Here...Somewhere. If your home ever explodes, like mine did recently with water in the basement, it's invaluable for suggesting an approach for streamlining, with humor and common sense, both of which I need these days.

Isn't amazing when God knows what you need?! I need to tell all the fundamentalists here that God does indeed love the Brits. It'll be a hard sell, but I'll show them the pie. XXXOOO