Friday 18 December 2015

We kissed on a corner, then danced through the night

Cards written and posted.
Presents (mostly) wrapped.
Shopping (mostly) done.
School terms ended.
Tree decorated.
Impromptu Christmas post-work piss-up enjoyed...

and the wearing of festive red is ensuring that I stay bright amid the fog and the drizzle. 

So I'll be joining up with Patti and co for pre-Christmas fun on Visible Monday. (Look at me, getting in early, that's a first.)

1970s Co-op maxi skirt, top, denim jacket, vintage scarf and bangles - charity shopped
1960s tapestry and vinyl bag - jumble sale
Boots - retail (sale)
I should also add that the first Baileys of the season has been drunk - this morning, at my friend Joanne's. 
Well, you've got to start somewhere.  

1970s Miss Mary of Sweden dress, and bangles - charity shopped
Boots - retail (sale)
Nina and I have also had out first Christmas sing-song, featuring a rousing rendition of Slade's Merry Christmas Everybody, followed by our favourite duet, Fairytale of New York.
 She loves this song; I heard her singing along to it in a very strange voice, and when I asked her why she was singing like that, she replied that she was trying to sound like the man on the record. 
(Tonight, Matthew, we're going to be Shane MacGowan and Kirsty MacColl.)
After all, nothing says Christmas like a 9 year old belting out you're a bum, you're a punk, you're an old slut on junk.   
Her singing is better than her spelling... 
Fart Her Christmas indeed. 
Look what I got from Jenifer - I will enjoy making these Fuck Yeah Culottes. I just need some time - can one of you send me some more of that please?
Unlike the kids, I have yet to break up for Christmas - I'm working until December 23rd. But it's OK, things are under control, I think.
I don't hate this time of year, but I don't believe the hype. I know happiness doesn't lie in a big gift box with a fancy bow, or the perfectly decorated house/cake/tree. I am neither a Christian nor a pagan, so celebrations of the birth of Jesus or the winter solstice mean little to me. I have family and friends who enjoy the ritual of card- and present-giving, so I'm willing to participate; I like the food and drink, the parties, and the atmosphere of goodwill and bonhomie. I'll even sing a carol or two - they're only songs, and they are embedded in my consciousness just like Merry Christmas Everybody or Fairytale of New York. I like time off work, and time spent with loved ones. As for the rest - the commercial hard sell, the greed, the message that the measure of your love and care is found in the cost of your gift - well, I can do without all that. 

I'm unlikely to squeeze in another post before next Friday, given my schedule of work and social events, so whatever your take on ancient Palestinian myths or pagan fertility rites, I'm sending all of you a big Christmas kiss under the mistleoe - you lucky sods!

I've got a feeling this year's for me and you
So happy Christmas - I love you, baby
I can see a better time, when all our dreams come true.



Fiona said...

Seems like you and I have the same sort of opinions about xmas. I still do cards as although the postage is scandalous, xmas without cards on the mantelpiece wouldn't be the same would it? Yours was bloody brilliant btw, what a fab find...I deffo won't be recycling that one. Nina's spelling gave me a titter and for a split second I stupidly thought the expletive in the next photo was her handiwork too until I read further. Haha, as if! You sound so tremendously organized, I think you should pour yourself another Baileys. Enjoy it.
Sending a big kiss back. xxxxxx

Fiona said...

First !!!!!!!!!!!!
Am I the only one not making mince pies tonight then?

Beth Waltz said...

Curtise, you would be welcome 'neath my wreath even wearing a Grinch hat. Nothing says Christmas like Nina warbling those lyrics unless it might be a professorial type who once handed me a drink beneath a mistletoe ball, glanced up, and remarked: "That stuff is poisonous, y'know." (As a pick-up line, it was original, but I fled in fear of more information about Druids.) Enjoy your holidays!

Goody said...

I LOVE the idea of a Farther Christmas! You have to save that and give it to the grandkids someday.

See you in the New Year.

Mother of Reinvention said...

You are looking fabulous in red. I love that Co-Op skirt. Definitely singing from the same hymn sheet as me about Christmas. We don't have a decoration in the house at the moment, although I will remedy that at the weekend. If it wasn't for Sprogzilla I wouldn't bother at all. I am loving "Fart Her Christmas". Sounds like an improvement to me or possibly a very interesting parlour game after all those sprouts. Laughed out loud at the culottes. Here's wishing you and all your lovely family the very best of sparkly, Bailey's-fuelled Christmas wishes. Kelly Xx

Sue said...

I love your nine year old's spelling I think she really did mean to say Fart Her, well I would have!!! I am like you, I don't fully subscribe to silly season. Give me a tree with my twinkling lights and I am happy to cruise through the seasonal goodwill to all man kind blah blah. We do low key now that the lads are all grown up and the magic has gone. I am just going to enjoy my 3 weeks of holiday and hopefully the sun will shine and the beaches will get to see me. Loving your fuck off culottes pattern and look forward to seeing you in some soon!! Merry Season to you and yours!!

SAM said...

I'm office boubd through tge 23 and then just taking a day maybe two between Christmas and New Years depending on the D's schedule. I like how calm the office is. I have a big push this weekend but I WILL NOT STRESS.

mondoagogo said...

I've just polished off the Bailey's I bought for xmas, oops! (Actually it was the Lidl version, which is a third the of price and tastes the same!)

Your hair is looking extra fabulous in these pics.

Whatever you do don't introduce Nina to Back Door Santa by Clarence Carter :D

Have a lovely one Curtise!

diaryofapennypincher said...

So with you on the hype. All I want for Christmas is food in my belly, washed down with a glass or two, a walk in crisp winter air, and a bit of peace and quiet! Love that gorgeous Co-op maxi though, wouldn't mind finding something like that under the tree!

Debberoo said...

"Fart Her Christmas" had me chuckling I'm very influenced by my children's sense of humor and right now Posy in particular is all about the fart jokes. She had a snowflake project for school where she had to write on it things we do as a family and I suggested "fart". It was a week ago and she's still laughing. I'm such a wit, or twit take your pick. Fart Her Christmas!

Bobbi said...

You look great in your holiday red! Bailey's sounds yummy right about now.
I know you'll rock those Fuck Yeah Culottes! I hope you can find a quiet day to sew them up.

Miss Magpie said...

Like Fiona for a moment there I thought your Nina was swearing on her Mum's sewing patterns too!

Have a fab Christmas, celebrate the way you want too that's what it should be about. x x

Suzanne said...

I will send you some time just as soon as I get this reversing the earth's spin figured out. It can't be that hard.

I want some fuck yeah culottes. LOL

We don't do Christmas presents. I make a family calendar for the year with photos from all the extended family members and give them out. The rest of my family still does some kind of Christmas, but that is the extent of my gifts. This year is a bit off as my Dad has been in hospital and I'm off on the other side of Canada helping out any way I can. Baking cookies for my Mom right now so she can feel a bit more in the holiday spirit.

Happy Christmas! Or whatever : )


Connie said...

Bailey's in the AM. That's my girl!! I love Nina stories. She really is the cutest thing. You look quite the adorable Svenksa maiden in your Swedis dress. Yeah. I feel the same about the holidays although I do love all the extra twinkle lights everywhere.

Sheila said...

I love Fairytale of New York, and giggled over Nina singing it like Shane McGowan! Too funny! I get through the holidays, hunker down, drink too much, eat too much chocolate, try to stay sane, even around family and coworkers. "Fuck yeah, culottes!" is my new mantra.

Looking lovely, Curtise! A very happy whatever to you and yours. Good vibes, karma and tunes.

bahnwärterin said...

*kiss you back*
thanx love!!! i wish you a wonderful comfort time with your family and friends!!!
and i happily send you some sewing time! this culottes will look fab on you! tweed??
as does the red ensembles - glowing in the december dark.
today we go with some friends up on a hill in the woods - a mountaineer choir gives a winter solstice concert - in the dark with a huge fire. and i will wear the maya skirt - together with a festive norwegian sweater! international pagan look ;-)
hug you! xxxxxx

BadPenny said...

I've been singing along with Kirsty all week. Jess says the festive period has begun when she hears that for the first time. love the spelling .

Unknown said...

Happy everything to you and all the family. I am ill prepared as usual, but I am going out now to buy a bottle of something inspiring! Baileys obvs. I do love that spelling mistake, reminds me of my nephew who is learning to write at the moment, he has taken great pains to write cards to all his little six year old friends even though he can't read very easily yet. So cute. xx

joyatri said...

I agree, pick the best of the rituals and social conventions surrounding the holiday. I like making gifts, food and decorations, so for me, it's an excuse to do more of that. Although I know you wear red year round, it does help beat the blues of overcast days (which there are all too many of here in the UK). Love the print on that maxi and the Miss Mary of Sweden dress. Very cheery indeed! xx

Ivy Black said...

Backatcha baby! Christmas should be just how e want it I feel.
A morning Baileys? Good girl.
Looking forward to seeing the fuck yeah culottes in the new year.
Have a terrific Christmas, gorgeous and hope to see you in 2016.
Loves ya.

Patti said...

Looking very good! And I wish you had time to make those culottes because I just want to say "my friend wears fuck yeah culottes." I feel similarly about Christmas - and we don't even do cards or gifts - but I do enjoy the singing and Bailey's and general good cheer. Best to you, and lots of love,


thorne garnet said...

Farts for Christmas. Kind of like when the Doctor and his brothers get together. I'm on day 4 of the cold that won't leave, so I only managed 1 tree and stockings. It's still festive.


Señora Allnut said...

lovely outfits!, red is always a good idea, and you look gorgeous wearing it! such a lovely polka dot dress, and even more lovely maxi! fabulous print!!
Fairytale on New York is one of the songs we're used to listen when trying to put some xmas decoration on our home. And Merry Christmas (I don't want to fight tonight)!. We're not into Xmas spirit, but enjoy as much as possible the music, lights and fun (and drinks)

Jazzy Jack said...

Pretty in red.
Just a blur of red.
A smudge across the parking lot.
A quick flyby Christmassy elf.
Much love, Jazzy Jack

Kezzie said...

Ha, I also thought Nina had done the speech bubbles!!!! Loving your red- looks really pretty on you, esp the Swedish one!!!x

Lisa said...

Red is so festive, mine tends to come from my rosy cheeks, especially if too much Bailey's has been enjoyed!
Not getting caught up in the hype is something we should all write high up on our to do lists.
Wishing you and yours the merriest of Christmases.
Lisa x

Angels have Red Hair said...

Tee hee ... Farther Christmas ... I like it.
And after all those milk and cookies I'm sure that's pretty apt.

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Well, you are doing much better than I am, having posted your cards AND blogged! Well done!
Happiness DOES lie in a perfectly decorated house for some of us! The spending of silly money on crap, I can certainly avoid.
You look lovely in the seventies maxi and the sewing pattern graffiti made me smile.
Wishing a very merry Christmas to you and yours! xxxx

Vix said...

Good to see that gorgeous Co-op skirt again and the Swedish polka dots. Isn't it great not to be bundled up in a big coat and gloves?
Farther Xmas? Brilliant!
Walked into town this morning, came back an hour and a half later with Xmas sorted. No problem. Had to laugh at the huge queue snaking down Park Street for Pandora. I can't serious believe anyone could wear such shite let alone 50 of the buggers.
Fairytale of New York was my favourite Xmas song until I heard Slaves covering Last Christmas on the Live Lounge last week - amazing!
Wish I could send you some of my time, I've got far too much of it,. I even cleared the house yesterday.
Can you squeeze 2 hours in at 9pm tonight?
Love you! xxxx

Shawna McComber said...

Oh sorry about my coffee breath for that kiss! I love you in red-okay love you always but in red you are ravishing. I really love red with denim too. I'm with you on Christmas. I have a small family and we spend time together year round, give each other gifts all the time and get together for delicious food often, but we still like to do it at Christmas. It's not a panic or a bother by any means. I don't send out cards anymore so when people ask "Are you all ready for Christmas?" I easily say yes and they are surprised. The standard answer is no. Enjoy your Christmas and have some more Bailey's for me! xoxo

Unknown said...

I don't celebrate Christmas for Xtian or Pagan reasons either, it's more of a sentimental thing for me. Plus I love the decorations and and lights. As for the gifts, I would rather someone give me money so I can go on a shopping spree and buy what I want (esp. when it comes to the MIL, she rarely gets me anything I would want). You looks marvelous in red, I was just thinking that I need a cute red dress. :)

Forest City Fashionista said...

Like you I am neither "Christian or Pagan" so I don't really celebrate Christmas. There is only my mother and I left of my family and we've never been big on Christmas. I do enjoy the time away from work to catch up with friends I don't see often and share a beverage, a meal, or a movie together.

Fairy Tale of New York is one of my favourite seasonal songs too! I had a chuckle thinking of Nina trying to sing like Shane MacGowan! Now I may have to listen to that song later today.

Have a lovely holiday!

Trees said...

Merry Christmas lovely! I'm not a big Christmas person but I do like the food and time off work - OBVIOUSLY! I really love that Polka Dot Dress on you and I think Fairy Tale of New York is really the only Christmas song I like, actually maybe add Last Christmas by Wham in there too. Also that culotte pattern is excellent, I can't wait to see the culottes (Also if you've got any of that time spare, send me some!)

Mim said...

Hehehe at the Fuck Yeah Culottes. I might actually consider wearing a pair of those with that name. Farther Christmas is also a good one.

I love Christmas, possibly because I get a week off work and so look forward to snuggling down with favourite films and my husband, eating nice things, and spoiling people (it's fun to share the love). We like cooking, so it's a good excuse to do something fancy. That said, I did find myself thinking at one point, "It's one day. ONE DAY. It'll be over before you know it, how much preparation do you really need to make?" I'm quite glad not to have to do the traditional hectic all-the-family-together thing.

freckleface said...

Ooh saucy, a Christmas kiss. How delicious. As is Baileys, of which I have also partaken. Snap!!! We also sang Fairytale of New York the other night when my sis came to stay for our family Xmas get together. It's a great song. I love Kirsty's voice, and a youth was very partial to the Pogues. We saw them on St Patrick's night in a club in Camden once. It was brilliant madness. You are rocking the red, love the Miss Mary of Schveeden dress. I actually think Nina has been put on earth to make us all smile. What a little sweetie she is. Yeah, let's see you in culottes, baby! Xxxxx p.s. Happy whatever to you and the clan

Ivana Split said...

both of these outfits are fabulous! I especially like that red dress...but that printed maxi is pretty awesome too. You look stunning in both of these stylings:)

Red is such a festive colour, isn't it?
Happy to hear you're managed to finish most of Christmas preparations. I did a lot of baking today.

I still haven't decorated my Christmas tree...maybe I will tomorrow and maybe I will wait until Christmas Eve:)

Mrs Bertimus said...

Can't wait to see your culottes!
Every post you write makes me laugh out loud, when are you publishing a book, now THAT would be on my Xmas list! X

Lynn Holland said...

I'm a bit bah humbug as I hate how the commercialism is thrust at us. I much prefer giving people things as I see them during the year. Its the hassle of it all that does my head in.
I had some gorgeous cream with Baileys in with a mincepie.
Thank goodness for the end of the menopause migraines and being able to eat and drink everything in sight again heehee. Bring on the chocolate xx

Jean at said...

Ahhhh!! I'm sooo ambivalent about all the hoopla, but this puts it in perspective nicely. I think it's the evergreen smell that I enjoy the most. I love all your outfits and it makes me happy to see you looking so great!! The card is a keeper for sure, a classic.

Please enjoy a beverage for me and I'll be thinking of you as I kiss under the mistletoe. Love you!!!!

Rachel said...

Happy holidays Curtise, to you and your family. And to Farther Christmas. What a sweetie Nina is.

I like the present-giving, but for stuff you need and want, not tat. That has taken a few holidays to organise, but the rest of the family are on board too. I like the peace and quiet - we got rid of a TV a while ago and so I think a lot of the nonsense just passes us by - adverts etc. and I do very much the time off and the nice food.

Natalia Lialina said...

You'll look beautiful in those culottes! The maxi skirt's print is wonderful, and the red dress is such a feminine thing (it reminds me of the one I'm trying to decide whether to keep or not, maybe I will blog about it..). Time with your precious kids, family and friends is the best, and little presents and good food never hurt. We are not big on gifts and celebrations either. But I'm happy to say happy holidays to friends - so HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you, Curtise! Much love.

kobieta niewidzialna said...

Merry Christmas Curtise :)

The Vintage Knitter said...

I'm not a Christmas person either. We never bothered with decorations until Monkeychild was old enough to know what Christmas was. I'm happy when it and the new year stuff is all over and done with. Anyway on that curmudgeonly note, hope you and yours are having a fun time. Chin, chin! xxx

Melanie said...

Looking lovely in red and I hope you had a great Christmas! Our Christmas was low key and thank goodness for free stamps, the perks of marrying a postie!

The Style Crone said...

Stunning! As always. Wishing you and your wonderful family all the best for the new year and looking forward to following you through 2016! xoxoxo

Unknown said...

Hope you had a wonderful christmas. Happy new year to you lovely lady hope to see you in it somewhere :-) dee xx

Denise said...

I don't think you need to be " pagan" to recognise the solstice, it's a major turning point of the year. Especially in such a cold country surely you're happy to have passed the shortest day and know they are getting longer?

Maria at inredningsvis said...

What a wonderful post dear :) I wish you a happy healthy 2016 with lots of fun!

Check out my new post - My amazing kitchen floor makeover :)

LOVE Maria Inredning - it's Swedish for decor