Friday, 27 November 2015

Shorts story

I've had a day off today and have been extremely thankful for it. I'm tired, a bit run down, and slightly jaded. Tomorrow morning's lie-in will be a real treat.

Ooh, how's that for a moany opening statement? You can tell I need an early night.

This is the jacket I bought for 2 Euros at a flea market in Amsterdam.

Sorry to disappoint you, but I didn't buy the Breaks The Wind coat;

I just couldn't resist taking a photo of the label.

It's not exactly chill-proof, but I do like my smart little 1980s checked jacket, and at £1.45, it was a bargain. 

It's a funny thing, but while I wouldn't wear shorts or a mini dress with bare legs, I am quite happy to do so with opaque tights. What a difference that layer of lycra makes.

Google 1970s hot pants and you find some fantastic images.  

Such groovy girls!

I bought this 1970s knitted tank top on my day out with Vix and Tania, intending it as a Christmas gift for a friend.

His and hers Harold Ingram tops, 1972.

1970-80s blouse - gift from Tania 
1970s Harold Ingram tank top, shorts and ankle boots - charity shopped
1950-60s tapestry bag - gift from Emma

I haven't got the energy to chat, so I'll just leave you to ogle Sally Carr's fabulous legs in her hot pants in 1971.    


If you're old enough to remember it, do sing along!



kobieta niewidzialna said...

Wow! you look great. I like your shorts. Best :)

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Curtise! You look WOW! This is such a great look. Like totally cool! I wonder if I could pull this off? I want HotPants!

Take care and enjoy that lazy morning!

Unknown said...

I haven't ever tried wearing shorts with tights, but seeing your outfit I might try it someday. You look fabulous! :)

Suzanne said...

Your legs look smashing! I've wanted to try something similar for ages, with either suede shorts or tweed shorts.

I think the whole look works well because you've kept the lower half all black. One long sleek visual line.

I'm taking notes : )


Connie said...

Oooo la la les legs! You really do have pretty legs. I love shorts with tights. It's a very cool beatnik kind of look but then that would be you. Very cool. Oh I remember hot pants. They caused quite the scandal at my high school. They seem so tame now. Yep I'm old enough.

Lisa said...

Hope your lay in today works in the rejuvenation stakes.
Love the shorts and tank top combo, I'd have wanted to keep it too rather than pass it on.
Happy weekending.
Lisa x

Mother of Reinvention said...

Wow, you have an amazing set of gams! You look fabulous in your jacket/shorts combo. It looks very smart and cool. That jacket was a great bargain. I am still laughing at "breaks the wind". I keep saying it in my head with a Dutch accent. :) Hope that your day off will be restful and relaxing and that you get a decent long lie. Not good being frazzled. Xx

Sue said...

Mate, with legs as good as yours you totally looked fabulous in your tights and shorts!! Bet your daughters think you looked pretty good too!! Enjoy your day off.

Jazzy Jack said...

Groovy baby!
Those credits had some mad fonts.
Love love love your long legs. From maxis to hot pants in one fell swoop!
Also love Sally's over knee boots. Nothing new in this world :-)
Go and rest my dear, and sleeeeep! Xo Jazzy Jack

SAM said...

I had a suit once with Bermuda style wool shorts-loved it. I think the style wouldn't do me favors now but so cute on you and others with long legs. You've given me ideas again though for combining a few pieces I already have.

bahnwärterin said...

curtise - you look absolutely fab in your hotpants suit!!!
the amsterdam jacket is trés chic and i love that the westover has such broad shoulders - a genius feature for us "statuesque" girls ;-)
i´m a bare leg in hotpants girl - so only in summer. maybe because i do not like tights - and the woolen longjohns i use to wear under my midi skirts do not look as elegant with the shorts....
i did sing and dance!!!

Beth Waltz said...

What a chic, neat tongue-in-cheek look for a woman who has legs! The dark tights with the dark shorts keep it prim -- the length of the shorts, and the legs!, give it vim! That spark of red at the neck is exactly right, as well.

Bobbi said...

Look at those great legs! I'd be showing those off at every chance. I love the tights with shorts look.
Enjoy your day off!

Ivy Black said...

Ooh need a nice hot bath, a big hot choccie and something fuzzy on the telly.
Leggy Legsinton; I'd have them out at every opportunity. Fab outfits and what's not to lurve about a tank top?
Know the words! I can still remembe rthe dance routine we used to do to it as kids. I'll do it for you now in a minute.
Loves ya.

Valeriya said...

Love the collection of amazing looks!

Patti said...

Oh I hope you had a nice bubble bath, a trashy novel and a good sleep. The shorts are FABulous on you, what great stems you have. xox


Goody said...

Hot pants-there's a term that still strikes terror in me. On you though, they work. I know what you mean about the layer of lycra-a security blanket to be sure, but I can't imagine getting dressed without it.

Enjoy some relaxing time off. Sometimes just thinking about throttling your co-workers/members of the public/random assholes is enough, but a good night's sleep helps too ;)

Señora Allnut said...

wouu, you rock your shorts with attitude and elegance!, and your jacket is a really nice piece, such a lovely checked jacket, and such lovely black lapels and cute shape! and it was 2€!! bargain!
I like how shorts look with tights and boots, but I haven't found my way to wear them!, but I'm trying it!

Fiona said...

Joan Collins says, allegedly, that the legs are the last things to 'go', well mine went years ago so what does that say about the rest of me? However yours my dear, are bloody marvellous, you look the dog's whatsits in your hotpants and I'm loving the black and red combo.
I bet Claud will be borrowing them anytime soon.
Hope you had a lovely rest today. xx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Well Curtise, if I had fabulous legs like yours I'd wear shorts and mini skirts all the time - but I don't unfortunately!

I am wondering how bri-nylon maxi dresses passed me by in the 70s - I do not ever recall seeing one. I remember the sheets; nice in the winter and the nighties too, but dresses - no. Your bri- nylon maxi dress dress is lovely and goes so well with the blue jacket.

I hope you are feeling better after a day off and a lie-in.

Best wishes

thorne garnet said...

legs for days. Thank you that label photo

Forest City Fashionista said...

Hot Damn, you have gorgeous gams! (I really didn't intend for that to rhyme, but hey...) I really like wearing shorts with leggings or thick tights in winter, but don't wear them in the summer either. They look great with the little fitted jacket. I would like to find a great fitting pair of black leather ones that I can layer.

Enjoy your lie-in!

Melanie said...

Legs, legs, legs!! Wow, you look smashing in those shorts. Your photo montage is wild - digging the outfit with the long robe over it. I hope you had a chance to catch up! I know that song and was singing it all day.

BadPenny said...

You are a Groovy Chick ! It's a great look on you x

Mim said...

As ZZ Top would say, you know how to use them! Though hot pants need to be pretty darn warm in this cold snap, no?

Ivana Džidić Split said...

That jacket is absolutely perfect and it is a great pairing with those shorts....and you've got killer legs! Fantastic outfit altogether...I love wearing shorts with tights and leggings...I only go bare legged in the Summer, my resistance to cold is not impressive.

Anyway, you look totally gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!I loved seeing those pics from the sixties...btw have you ever seen the uniform of British Airways flight attendants from the sixties? They wore shorts and boots....I guess today that would be called sexism but they sure looked phenomenal.

Porcelina said...

I love tights with shorts in the cooler seasons, it's so chic! You look great in them. And yes, I feel much more comfortable than with bare legs too. I hope you've had a nice lie-in, it sounds like you needed it. I have to confess that in a very, very rare treat today we have stayed in bed until gone noon! Watching TV, eating first breakfast, and me catching up on blogs. Absolute bliss on such a horrid day, it's chucking it down here. It will probably be another few months before we have such a lazy morning, there's usually too much to do! x

Sheila said...

Wow, I love these shorts on you! You look amazing - legs that go all the way up! Laughed at the kitty photo-bomb.

freckleface said...

Er *wolf whistle*! Lovely pins on the Monk. What are you thinking keeping them hidden away so much of the time? Don't blame you about the tank top, that's far too nice to give away, no matter how good the friend. Look at all those pictures, aren't they great? I love the lady with the huge bun and the dress over the top and the girl in red and yellow with a waistcoat. What a bargain on the jacket. 2 euros? That's rien, nada, niente, nichts, nothing! They played chirp a chirp a cheep cheep at the disco. The room exploded. Everyone sang along. We all knew the words! Xxxx

Lynn Holland said...

Look at your gorgeous legs and bod missus. If I wasn't straight I'd fancy yer haha. You've got more bottle than me wearing that lovely outfit. Good on yer.
Hope you are rested up now Curtise and ready to bash it out another week
Lynn xxx

Mrs Bertimus said...

Hope you're feeling a bit more chipper now.
You rock that look! X

Charis said...

Eep! Shorts! Very definitely not my thing but you do look fabulous Curtise! Also, loving your handbag x

Unknown said...

You look gorgeous :-) I wore shorts and tights once It was when I was married to the boys dad many moons again anyway I went to the forest to watch cars racing around and I stood on what I thought was a little hill to get a better view, turned out it was a sodding forest ants nest and the ants decided they wanted to get a better view of my legs and climbed all the way up they where bloody huge hence to say after lots of screaming and jumping around I never wore shorts and tights again :-) But the boys I was were thought it was hilarious. Hope you feel less tired soon, dee xxx

Olga Rani said...

I have never worn such short shorts but I am willing to give them a try, with tights underneath. And so, your look today is very inspiring. Haha, happens to me as well, when I buy something for someone but at the end leave it for myself.

Vix said...

Hot legs! You sexy minx.
It's a strategy I employ, the more knackered I am, the shorter my clothes, that way no one notices how tired I look.
The Amsterdam jacket is stunning on you, what a bargain! I'm glad you kept that tank top, it looks absolutely fabulous with the hot pants.
Love the round-up of hot pants wearing chicks and Charlie's cheeky photo bomb.
Hope you're rested and raring to go again soon!
Love you! xxxxx

Ulla-Marie said...

Great legs!

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...