Sunday 15 November 2015

Girls just want to have fun

It's always a delight to meet up with my lovely friends Vix and Tania. Busy schedules have meant it has been far too long since we had a day out. 

Last Thursday, we managed to rectify that situation, and thoroughly enjoyed making the most of our time together. We chatted, laughed, charity shopped and Wetherspooned like demons.

I was useless, I took hardly any photos, but you can check out Vix's account of the day and the treasures she found here.

What she didn't show you was this;

a stunning 1960s Jean Varon marabou-trimmed wedding dress which fitted her like the proverbial glove. Tania and I so wanted her to buy it, if for no other reason than to alarm her partner Jon.

(I love the fact that there are customers in the background taking absolutely no notice of a beautiful woman posing in a vintage wedding dress in the middle of the shop.)

The vintage was plentiful and of amazing quality, we came away with some great bargains and left plenty behind too. 

I bought:

a 1970s Harold Ingram knitted tank top, and a 1970s-does-Deco Tina Warren maxi dress.
(photo of me borrowed from Vix). There was another maxi, but I haven't taken a pic of it yet; I'll show you next time.

Tania gave me this 1970s handmade wrap top and skirt set - just look at that fabulous print - and a lavender bag she had made, which is now in my knicker drawer. 

And I also bought this 1980s velvet batwing dress, although when I tried it on in the charity shop and showed Tan and Vix, I managed to put it on back to front...

thereby flashing rather a lot of bra, as you can imagine when you see the deep V at the back. 

1980s dress and 1970s pendant - charity shopped
1970-80s faux fur (again) - Kinky Melon
Ankle boots - Ebay
Belt- retail (sale)  

The go-faster gold stripe makes me smile. I remember wearing batwing sleeves a lot in the Eighties, but I refuse to subscribe to the view that if you wore a style first time around, you shouldn't revisit it.

 Why ever not?

I'll take my Eighties-tastic dress to Patti's Visible Monday gathering.

Life is set to get even busier from now till Christmas, as I'm going to be working an extra day a week, helping out at another shop. But I'll get round to commenting on your blogs soon, I promise!



SAM said...

The maxi dress screams New Year's Eve party. Love it!

freckleface said...

Hahaha! You wore it back to front and none of us even noticed! We all need hats with a big D on them. Bet the man behind the counter knew, but kept the information to himself! :D classic. Oh yeah, there were some good buys that day for sure. Q's jacket looks great on him, despite the short arms 😂😂 Really love you in that Tina Warren maxi, such an elegant dress. I still need to see your in your two piece, that's got party written all over it. I loved our day out; all the trying on of clothes and the lovely shop staff who joined in the fun; the way we outstayed practically everyone at Wetherspoons. Yep, we have staying power. Good luck with all the extra shifts. We'll have to look at our diairies again in 2016. Xxxx

Patti said...

The go-faster stripe! Love that. And I completely agree, why would having worn a style 20 - 30 years ago keep me from wearing it now (I adore hippie wrap-skirts). What a grand day you three had and you look fabulous. xox


Kezzie said...

I'm so glad you had an amazing time! Woa, that wedding dress is amazing on Vix! Did she buy it for her shop? Hmmm, I bought a top like your knitted tank in a chazzer, is mine vintage I wonder??
You look super in batwings!x

Unknown said...

I'd forgotten all about batwing dresses! It looks so great with the fur jacket! Sure am envious of your outing, looks like so much fun! :)

Shawna McComber said...

I've seen Vix's post and it looks like it was such a fun day. You found some great dresses and I agree that not revisiting a past trend is a stupid rule just made to be tossed out. I love the look of the faux fur with the black dress and the lacy tights. The pendant is gorgeous too and it really shows up well against the black. I would love you to have a career as a window stylist of a fabulously huge vintage shop. xoxoxo

Angels have Red Hair said...

You do glamour so well ... I'm sure you were meant to be movie screen siren ;0)

Suzanne said...

Looks like a wonderful day!

I'm so glad you shared the photo of Vix in the wedding dress. What a stunner! The feathers on it are so glamorous!

I'm drooling over your gifted skirt and top...cannot wait to see you in that. Also the other two dresses were big scores. Velvet is perfect for this time of the year.

I just picked up another velvet blazer thrifting.

I also really like that pendant you're wearing with the dress.


Sheila said...

I love your taste in vintage - I would love to raid your closet! That faux fur is divine, as is the silver/black maxi.

Connie said...

Wow. Look at the beautiful Curtise in both butterfly and batwing sleeves. You are ready to take off and fly. Heck yeah, if something is gorgeous it is gorgeous no matter what the era.

Sue said...

I do so love it when you three get together, and that you can all blog about it and share your day out. How I would love to join you all, but am happy to watch from the sideline via the blogs!! Cannot wait to see you in the top and skirt from Tania, that is so amazing.

Goody said...

Oh hell yeah, batwings! I remember some very extreme examples from the late 70's, but yours looks very wearable, and quite contemporary as those dresses are having a moment again. I'm glad you don't buy that nonsense about not wearing an era you remember (after a while, it gets limiting because if you live long enough you remember it all). The evening gown with the flutter sleeves is YOU all the way.

Love the oblivious shoppers, but I can understand-when I'm shopping my mind is squarely on the items-you could launch an alien invasion and I probably wouldn't notice if I was distracted by a nice polyester maxi.

Olga Rani said...

I've seen your first purchased maxi on Vix blog, it is fabulous. The second dress is also charming, love the V-back. How come you bought two dresses in black? :) Vix looks stunning in that wedding dress

Mother of Reinvention said...

Stunning ladies, the lot of you. What an amazing day by the looks of it. I second that Vix should have bought that dress. If I looked like that in anything I would be wearing it to Tesco's. I love all your new dresses. The 80's batwing one especially. I had one very like it at the time too. You look fabulous in it so why not wear it again? Who are these fashion police and how do we duct tape their mouths shut. :) Xx

Jazzy Jack said...

Adore adore adore that silver and black maxi on you! Made for you!
Hilarious wedding dress shot of Vix.
That wrap dress is sooo fantastic. Love the print.
You need that faux fur so you don't get cold back in that black number. The gold stripe is wonderful!
Sending you energy for the holiday season!!
Xo Jazzy Jack

Beth Waltz said...

The maxi was made for you, Curtise. Do hope there's a faux fur in your cache to do it justice! Looking forward to seeing you in the Dorothy Lamour two-piece. This jungle madness should be accessorized with a large beverage containing a mini-umbrella, a straw hat the size of a small umbrella, and an elegant lounge chair beneath a large umbrella. No shoes, simply a brilliant pedicure.

Vix in the wedding dress reminds me of one of Thorne Garnet's most exquisite fashion dolls...and my younger niece, who was married on a beach during a hurricane, wet hair down her back, barefoot and wearing a designer gown.

bahnwärterin said...

fabulous trio of beautiful women!!!
and you found gorgeous stuff! saw already the does-30s number and loved it - especially on you!! you are lucky that i was´t with you - i had grabbed the velvet batwing dress directly out of your hands ;-) but i must admit - you look smashing in it!!
wonderful pressies from tania - the tropical dress is a beauty!
would´t it be fun if vix and jon get married!? the coolest wedding on the planet!!

Miss Magpie said...

Eeee I bet that was a sight for sore eyes! It's lovely to see you had such a great day out. x x

Vix said...

I can't believe that all three of us were around in the 1980s and didn't realise your tits ahoy frock was on backwards! It looks even better the right way round.
Too right, the only time you shouldn't wear stuff you wore the first time around is exactly the same way you did thirty years ago - complete with spiral perm, Rimmel's Blue Sapphire eye liner and an acne ridden boyfriend with a Tears for Fears hairdo.
Didn't we do well and guess where we've been this morning? I still didn't get the dress. Am I mad?
Just the tonic we all needed, hope we get to do it again very soon!
Love you! xxx

Lynn Holland said...

I want to play !!!!
Can you hear me crying 😢😢 xx
I want that faux fur jacket !!!
I'm acting like a sulky petulant child now 😡

BadPenny said...

Love love the wedding dress & your evening dress x

Fiona said...

Where's your drinks? I was expecting to see three pints on the table or a jug of Porn Stars at least! Although I'm sure you didn't need the booze to make you cackle.
You look stunning in the black and lurex frock and ooze glamour, the perfect xmas party outfit I'd say. That's a rather fetching pendant too. Glad you had a great time....hoorah for Bloggers Days Out!
Don't work too hard.

Mrs Bertimus said...

Oo I loves a good bat wing I do! X

Ivana Split said...

That velvet dress is gorgeous!!! I love how it is open at the makes it very sexy in a subtle way...and this dress looks fantastic paired with that leo jacket.

That vintage wedding dress does fit Vix like a glove:)!!! I can totally envision her getting married in something like that:)

I love that knitted top you bought...and that maxi dress even more....I can't wait to see you wear it...and that other dress you have picked up.

Melanie said...

HAHAHA about the wedding dress scare idea. I ADORE that dress! Couldn't it be worn for everyday with minimal adjustments?

Yes, I want to have fun too - with you guys! I'm glad you fit in this get-together before really busy days kick in. This one should sustain you for a while, along with all those great new dresses. There were plunging necklines in the '80s too though, right?

You look fabulous in your velvet batwings and the faux fur.
I hope you enjoy your new work schedule - maybe you'll love it.

Mim said...

Good haul! That deco-styled maxi is just lovely, and the batwing dress is great too. You ladies have a knack for picking out vintage from eras I'd never touch and making me reconsider my bias! You make it all look so good...

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Love the new dress! Batwings make sense as they give you an hourglass figure. Well, you have one already but for those of us who are rather more straight up and down, every little helps. It's stunning on you.
Vix was mad to leave that dress behind! Aren't they sought after?
Glad you had fun. xxx

The Vintage Knitter said...

Love, love, love that maxi you're wearing. One of the best things about 70s fashions is the 30s revival element - you get the best of both worlds: deco styling and a decent dress size - oh, and easy care crimplene too!

Did Vix buy the Varon wedding dress? I'm sure a Kinky customer would love that for an alternative wedding. Beats 'Pronuptia' any day!

I was a teenage in the 80s and still wear 80s stuff; however my black 'Phaze' spandex trousers only come out now for fancy dress parties! xxx

Ulla-Marie said...

This proves that you influence each other in a good way. Great choices of purchases! Luxurious looks!

The Style Crone said...

So much joy in the photos with you, Vix and Tania. The three of you found spectacular pieces, but that always seems to happen when you meetup. I'm very taken with the handmade wrap top and skirt set. Very festive.

I agree. Why not revisit style! If you love it and it makes you happy, wear it. I love your 80's dress with the Kinky Melon faux fur.

Lisa said...

Sound slike a fab day out, will have to pop over and read the other accounts of your day.
That tank top has your name written all over it and I love the new maxi dress, love the silver.
In my defence I was sick yesterday and needed cheering up today- Christmas CD's were a necessity I tell ya!
Lisa x

Ivy Black said...

Too bloody right! It's got to be done.
Glad you had a fab time and found some lush vintage. Love the Tina Warren maxi so glam. The batwing number is lush too. Very sexy...even sexier on the wrong way! I love a batwing and still wear the jumpers my gran knitted for me whilst trying to keep the sleeves out of my gravy.
Loves ya.

Porcelina said...

Vix should have bought that dress!! I really like that batwing dress, I don't normally like batwings but I'm coming around to them. And I love the maxi you bought and the top and skirt from Vix. Lovely, lovely items of clothing. x

Trees said...

You ladies always have a wonderful time out! I love the maxi and 80s tastic frock you bought. Vix looks fab in that wedding dress too!