Tuesday 9 December 2014

Oops, I did it again

My name's Curtise... 

and I have a faux fur addiction.

When I spotted this 1970s St Michael fake fur jacket in a charity shop, my first thought was ooh, I don't have one that colour, quickly followed by a glance at the price tag, a try on, and a brisk walk to the till.
(In my defense, I've just sold one I rarely wore, which clearly created a vacuum. And I intend to sell the mid-length black coat, once I've repaired the lining. Do I protest too much?)
This is the 1970s shirtwaister from my charity shop haul last week.

I'm hoping I remind dear Beate of her chic Granny.

And this dress caught my eye at Sunday's local vintage market. 
Of course it did.

It's good to see the Abbeydale Picture House being used; the event was bigger and busier than last year. 

Look what Nina persuaded me to buy. An aged one-eared donkey. 
She felt sorry for him, and to tell the truth, so did I. Honestly, this will ruin my hard-faced reputation; don't tell anyone. 
1970s Jersey Masters dress - charity shopped
1980s boots - Second to None, Walsall 
That print and the lovely buttons are clearly Art Deco-inspired, which is so typical of much early/mid 1970s fashion.

1970s English Lady dress - vintage market
Boots - retail

1950s carpet bag and 1960s copper leaf brooch - flea market
Bangles and 1970s stainless steel pendant - charity shopped (although I think Vix might have given me the black and gold bangle... Oh no, I can't remember!)
Leather gloves - retail (sale)
I love all the textures and warm colours; the dress is a fuzzy brushed nylon, it's like wearing a 1970s highly flammable blanket.

Do you think I should shorten it? I'm thinking I will. If I get round to it...
What's next? 
Charity shop day tomorrow (thank you for all your thoughtful comments on my last post), celebrating my mate Sue's birthday with a curry and a quiz, a PTA meeting, my usual stint in school, finishing off the Christmas shopping and knuckling down to writing the cards. 

Steady on, I almost sound organised! 


at my dressingtable said...

OMG ! I think I am first ! love all your fur coats Curtise , I must admit I have a fetish for fur coats myself. love your clothes you got , myself I like your dress the length it is already ! Best wishes Curtise xxx

mondoagogo said...

It's funny, I do love faux fur coats/jackets but I've never had one! Obviously I should... That pretty shirtwaist looks blue in most of your pics, but the close-up shows it's white -- and I think I actually prefer the blue :D

Weirdly I actually dreamed about a donkey last night but I'd forgotten all about it until your post.

freckleface said...

It's an easy addiction to understand, especially when they look as good as that one. I love it, you look so lovely and glam in it and it fits you like a dream. A brisk walk to the till was the only logical reaction. Shirt waisters are good on you! My word, you look amazing and your hair is fab. I'm not sure about shortening the brushed nylon beauty, I like it just the way it is. You sound the kind of organised I can only dream about, there's just too much to do!! I don't know who's cuter, Nina or the little donkey! Xxxxxxxxx

Virginia at A Sewing Life said...

Wonderful collection of furry things! I never had one until I spotted one at the Goodwill toward the end of the winter last year--and then another one at a yard sale three days later--and now a fantabulous vintage full length mink from another yard sale earlier this fall. I am quite warm.

Love that shirt dress on you, too, plus the copper brooch is smashing.

Extremely flammable blanket made me laugh.

Mrs Bertimus said...

Your wardrobe is amazing!
Oh, and the donkey.....so beautiful x

Suzanne said...

You must be invading my brain because I was obsessed with a fake fur I saw the other day and couldn't figure out why. Now I know who is to blame.

Nothing like wearing a highly flammable piece of clothing! LOL When I was a flight attendant they always told us should the plane catch fire the people with the most flammable fabrics would just combust. Also lots of hairspray was bad.

I love the bold red gloves and every time I see that carpet bag I'm drooling.

I do think the dress could be shorter. The length of the blue one makes you look taller.


Goody said...

If you're going to shorten the dress, *really* go for it. Make it so micro-mini short that everyone can, "See what you had for breakfast. But perhaps you should wait until the cold snap is over?

Oh, the one-eared donkey needed a home. Obvious someone already loved an ear off the poor thing, I'm glad to see it will have Nina to care for it. She has a kind heart.

I love my fake furs, but they take up so much room. I've had to restrain my purchases, but I have to say, I'd have bought that one-perfect length too.

Kezzie said...

WOW! That is indeed a collection!!!! Impressive!
You loook rather smart, I must say and I DO so like that dress- it suits you muchly!
Thanks for the comment re the Christmas jumper if it helps, then yay! But yes, with several children, it's really going to add up for a family!x

Mother of Reinvention said...

Loving the furs. It is certainly the weather for them. Like your English Ldy dress best. The colours are superb. You have all the luck shopping. Keep up the good work! Xxxx

Patti said...

Sweet Nina, caring for the most needy beastie. I love a good faux fur myself, even here in the sub-tropics. They look festive, and your new one's fabulous. xox

Beth Waltz said...

A woman who looks as good as you do in fur can never, ever own too many faux furs! And if one did somehow acquire a duplicate, one might then have the more worn item recrafted as a muff! When I was a girl, I wore a white rabbit fur chubbie with a matching muff. It had a SECRET POCKET inside...

I'm a softhearted animal lover; however, Ipm puzzled that taxidermy is OK but skins in a coat are not OK. ?! (It might be a cultural thing -- I don't understand cricket, either.)

Sheila said...

I have two faux furs and 2 real furs now - all second-hand. I am addicted too! I love this new one, Curtise, and I adore that red/yellow print dress. May I be so bold: your boobular region looks spectacular in it!

Unknown said...

I could definitely use a faux fur coat here right now, although it is supposed to warm up to the balmy 40s by the weekend! And I love that bright colored "flammable" dress, I would probably shorten it if it was mine. Glad your daughter save the donkey, poor little guy! :)

Unknown said...

Now is a great time to wear them, and a fabulous time to do a post on them. No guilt, please. They are functional and need a good home. But mostly, you look grand in them.
If you count coats and vests, I have four or five at least... but some I inherited from Mom, who had a similar faux fur fixation. The ones that are the most fun to wear overwhelm my shortness, but I have the best time wearing them. I feel like a character from Downton Abbey. I look like Downton Abbey, the building.
You wear them with aplomb and for all the world as if entitled to them!

Melanie said...

Wow, your new English Lady dress is making me googly eyed, I love it so, especially with your new faux fur. One doth never protesteth too much for fauxeth furth.
I wouldn't shorten, I would add fringes to the bottom. I love it as is, but it would great shorter too. Totally swinging.
Love the little rescue donkey.

And re. your last post, don't forget, the other ladies who work in the shop get the same thrill you get with vintage from department store and trend fashions. They are living in paradise every day they go to work. You deserve your little piece as well.

Jazzy Jack said...

Loving the pretend fur! Faux always sounds too posh for me! Buy as much as you have room for, you wear it so well.
Your accessories are making me drool on the keyboard. If i get electrocuted I'm blaming you...just so you know :-)
Your dresses are so great. These two are a slight departure, with the pleated(?) waist on the blue one, and the shorter length on the orangey red one. I love it with boots!
Oh the little one eared donkey! He is lucky. He was much loved, and probably carried about by the ear...ouch! Tell Nina she has good taste, just like her Mum. xo JJ

Vix said...

What a fabulous collection. A fake fur is an essential in our climate so its only right to have at least one for every day of the week.
Love the new M&S addition, the perfect length and colour.
The new dress is a beauty but yes, shorter would be even better! Loving the buttons on the Jersey Masters cuffs.
Nina looks so much like you! That knackered donkey looks like a Merrythought.
You are organised. I can't seem to think further than one day ahead at the moment.
Love you! xxxxxx
PS Word Verification, it's haunting you now!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Poor little donkey definitely needed to be adopted. Love the shirtwaister ... gorgeous colours. Oh and don't despair ... there are worse things you could be addicted to ;0)

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

....ah, it's been good to be catching up on your recent posts Curtise! All is right with the world again, LOL. Well, except the fact that you have revealed yourself has a softie for one ear stuffies, :).

Doth protest too much? I think not. Faux fur is the best thing about the winter season, and one can never really have too much of it. The only rather unfortunate aspect of faux fur is that it is a bit of a closet hogger.

Happy also, to read that you are volunteering at a local charity shop, and enjoying yourself!

Melanie said...

I love fake fur too, it used to be my staple and I used to live the winter months in a hip length white jacket. I even overheard someone comment "It's Polar!" as I passed, which suggested I wasn't the only one with nicknames for locals!
I love your new one and my collection used to be like yours, but I sent most back to the charity shop as I was simply buying because they were there at one point as they were so plentiful. I still have a few lurking about and my white one needs new lining which isn't as easy to do as I thought it would be.
Cute donkey too xxx

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Amazing dress! Of course it is - English Lady are the BEST! I say no to shortening. The length is different from your usual.
Nina and the one eared donkey look adorable! xxxx

Jayne H said...
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Jayne H said...

I love a bit of faux-fur, nothing like it to make a outfit feel more glamorous, and you have a great collection of different lengths and colourways.
My son has put a faux fur throw on his Christmas wish list so we have all been teasing him about that and saying faux-fur-throw in a Miranda voice just to annoy him - apparently one of the guys in his uni halls has one so it must be cool. . . xx

bahnwärterin said...

oh curtise! of cause you are very chic - like gran used to be. but - she was only 1,50m, well rounded and had perfectly white hair since as long as i remember. think m. rutherford as miss marple :-)
your fake fur addiction makes for stunning ensembles together with your pretty colorful dresses! love the look!
i must admit that i´m addicted to real fur.....

Bobbi said...

Love the furs! I have a few, myself, but nothing as wonderful as the ones in your collection.
Your new dresses look fabulous on you.
It's sweet that you've given the poor donkey a home.

Miss Magpie said...

Every woman of discerning taste has fake fur!

I think I would go for the shorter length on that dress too.

Every good home needs a one eared donkey.

Fiona said...

Oh well, I'm obviously not of discerning taste then as I don't have any faux fur! haha. I've always thought it made me look large, not that you have this problem having 3" on me. Well, it would have been silly to look a gift horse in the mouth wouldn't it, so it had to come home, just like Nina's one eared donkey.
What a coincidence I saw a frock this morning, not unsimilar to your brushed nylon beauty. It stayed on the rail though as it wasn't a flattering shape like yours and I was worried about being a tipsy fire hazard at xmas. xxxx

Diane said...

Let me know the next time the Picture House is open for anything - I'd love to have a look in. My fave dress is the turquoise and brown one today xxxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

I would vote for shortening the dress, but I always prefer them above the knee. No need to apologized for being drawn to the cozy furry things. I used to have a few faux fur coats but am now down to one jacket and a short capelet. It's so hard to resist adding another fuzzy item to the collection when we have so many months of cold weather.

Like Nina, I would have had to rescue the little one-eared donkey. He needs a family!

Peaches McGinty said...

But faux fur loves you and is fabulous on you! it's a gorgeous jacket and look how it goes with everything, it's practical! Both dresses are dreamy, I do like the length but hey! it's what you like and want (flammable frocks are a scary thing, I wore my flammable beauty when I decided on the pyrotechnic sparklers for Charlotte's birthday cake, all pics show utter fear on my face when I carried the cake aflame haha!) and I adore Nina's one eared donkey, It had to have a home, bravo! x x x

Señora Allnut said...

a girl can't have too many fake furs, as I'm concerned, so I'm admiring (and coveting) your collection!!, your last purchase looks fabulous, such a cute shape!
Loving your dresses, so pretty colors and prints, and love how you've worn with usual sassiness and cool accessories!, so pretty bijouterie and gloves!
Gorgeous & Inspiring!!

Becky said...

You deserve that faux coat! I like the Jersey dress with the deco buttons! That one eared donkey tho lolzzz

Sue said...

There are worse things to be addicted to so go for it and fill up that wardrobe with faux fur!! You NEED them, it snows over your way and you need to keep warm. So glad you got Nina the old one eared animal, it looks well loved.

Unknown said...

Not everyone can get away with wearing fake fur during the day but you can and you do it with style you look fabulous and no I don't think you can ever have to many :-)I own a few to I also own an 1960's mink coat I have tried to sell it but cant seem to. My 40's friend Ann says I should wear it while walking the dogs but I don't think I can, I can appreciate its beauty but it wouldn't feel right to me. Defiantly shorter on the dress :-) dee xx

Natalia Lialina said...

This is such a gorgeous addition to your WOW collections, Curtise! I wouldn't shortened it, I think it's perfect on you. Stunning!!

I easily see you feeling sorry for the adorable aging one-eared donkey. Nina is such a kind soul - just like her Mum.

Did you add that "please prove that you're no robot" recently to your comment box? I noticed it on a few blogs recently where I did not used to see them before (including your and Sacramento's). Not a problem for me, just surprising to see them all out of sudden.

Sending love xxxxx

Olga Rani said...

Nice addition to your impressive collection of faux furs. The dresses are quite impressive too, the print of the Lady dress is a real stunner. Actually I felt sorry for that donkey too when I saw him on the photo. Good you got him.

Melancholy and Menace said...

You look great in faux fur Curtise! I have a penchant for it myself. I love all your wonderful finds. Your daughter's one-eared donkey is adorable! I'd have felt sorry for it and brought it home too.

Have a wonderful weekend xx

The Vintage Knitter said...

Now that is one amazing faux fur collection - its very enviable indeed. You've got a different coat for everyday of the week plus spares; now that is truly fabulous. I'm glad to see that your lovely Nina loves her vintage too; there's nothing like bringing up the youngsters to appreciate old stuff.

Unknown said...

Curtis I love the picture of Nina with the one eared donkey, it just reminded me of the story about Dogger which I will have definitely read to Nina at nursery. Happy Christmas to you all, Anne xx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I vote to shorten the dress. It would look amazing a bit shorter. I love both frocks but especially the blue one. Divine. I don't own a piece of faux fur, or animal print. Can't say I'm a fan of either, & there is simply never a need for fur of any kind in Brisbane. But I can see the necessity for many in the UK. Xx

Unknown said...
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Trees said...

There are worst addictions than fake fur and I can see why you couldn't leave this one behind :D I love that shirt waist dress on you as well xoxo