Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A flash of Feminella

I'm not quite sure why, but I feel as though I am chasing my tail at the moment, and I don't like it.

I especially disapprove of having insufficient time for blogging!

Our school Christmas fair appears to have sucked the life out of me, but it's done now. Successfully, I think, but without a single photo taken... Oh well, you weren't bothered about seeing the tombola and a shedload of craft stalls, were you?

My fabulous 1970s Feminella coat, on the other hand, is a Must See.

 If it looks pink, it's a trick of your screen; the coat is a tiny red and white houndstooth, and I always feel happy when I wear it. It tends to garner compliments, so it's good for the ego.

Peacock pendant - vintage street market
Most bangles - charity shopped
Narrow gold bangle and beret - gifts from Tania


Austin Reed silk dress and cardigan - charity shopped
Ankle boots - Ebay

A quick scout round the local charity shops today resulted in a few purchases. 

This Indian-made silk beaded top is exquisite - and very heavy. Just £4.

I'm slightly concerned about the peachiness of the 1970s St Michael pussy bow blouse, but I have to say the colour suits me far better than white or cream.

The 1960-70s Danish stainless steel party dish is still in its original polythene bag.

And look! My favourite find, a Tufty board game.

Only Brits of a certain age will remember Tufty the road safety squirrel. He was first introduced in 1953 as a vehicle to teach young children about safety issues.

I'm sure I remember being given a handkerchief featuring Tufty and his friends when I was attending a pre-school playgroup in 1967-8.

(Can you imagine giving a child a hankie now? They wouldn't know what it was.)

Who's that sniggering?


This game was produced in 1973, as were the animated public education films in which Tufty and the gang featured, voiced by Bernard Cribbins.

             Harry Hare and Willy Weasel are clearly the bad boys from the council estate.

I'm late, but I am sheepishly popping my head round the door over at Patti's for Visible Monday, and Judith's for Hat Attack, and apologising profusely for my poor time-keeping.

Must Do Better.

Nothing says sorry I'm late like a quick flash and a cheesy grin.

I'm on a mission to catch up with you all now - what's the gossip?



Señora Allnut said...

Love your coat particularly!!, that little red & white houndstooth looks adorable, it's a Happy coat!!
And glad you found that Tufty game, that kind of ol'style educational stuff always makes me smile!!

Jayne H said...

That's a lovely coat, no wonder it makes you happy to wear it. I love the tufty club badge, I have a pinky and perky badge which I keep in my childhood jewellery box xx

Suzanne said...

The brilliant pieces you've managed to find! Should I ever get out that way you'd be smart never to let me near your closet. I'd walk away with all of your clothes. This coat especially. So jealous!

That Indian top too! Wow!!! You must let me know if you decide to keep that one or list it...cause you won't need to...I'll just buy it off you directly. It is calling my name. I'm sure you'll be keeping that one though. I can't wait to see you wearing it.


Patti said...

Oooh, that beaded top is a Wow. And the squirrel game/life lessons looks like a hoot. We had a blasted jingle that went, "Don't cross the street in the middle . . ." but the squirrels are much cuter. Love your checked dress and cheeky beret. xox

Unknown said...

I love that coat, it's so unique! And that squirrel board game is so cute! But I have to admit I was giggling about Willy the Weasel, naughty jokes came to mind. :)

Helga said...

Ooo, I do love a quick flash and a cheeky grin, especially as I can pore over said flash for as long as I like, thanks to technology!
I snigger at "Feminella" every time, and ALWAYS at tufty little squirrels! O, how Vanessa would love this game!
Your Feminella coat is fecking gloriarse, just the most perfect shape. Indeed, the colour and houndstooth pattern are difficult to discern on the earlier praised technogical marvel. You do coats so beautifully, and have such lovely ones!
Gah, this time of year is killer, because no matter how you try not to get sucked up in the madness, it grabs you by the ankles and tackles you! My solution is to get drunk, frequently, and a little belligerent.

Kezzie said...

That coat is a marvel!!!! Wow indeed!!!! I live the whole outfit!!! We have our school fair on Friday. I have a stall thus year. X

Unknown said...

I won't be at the dreg ends of your comments today ... I've been blue and pissy all day, but everything is all better now! I've accomplished something, but only because you're later than usual than posting ...
Oh, well.
You look SPLENDID!!!! Gorgeous in tiny red/white print or optical pink ... no matter, just terrrrriffffic. Very yummy, and you deserve to be taken somewhere wonderful for dinner because of your sheer brilliance. And I should get to go with you!
Having just a stupid week here... nothing major, just massively annoying, but will get better any minute now.
Your photos help quite a lot, actually.
Remember than when you wonder if your blog effects the lives of others!
Here's looking at you, kid!

Beth Waltz said...

Yes, I did "see pink", and thought that you and Vix had decided that pink was The Color for this social season. The houndstooth is much more 'you', a traditional print with a twist in scale and color.

The Indian beaded top would become a wall decoration in my den of dreams! One imagines Helen R. wearing it in a Bollywood musical...

I do like Tufty. Seems a smart lad with street creds. What would he tell kids about texting, cell phones and internet safety?

Goody said...

I make the kid use handkerchiefs because he's absent minded and I'm tired of picking tissues out of the washed laundry. He's OK about hanging onto them.

You look positively festive in your red coat. The peachy colour blouse will look great with your hair and skin-tone. Peach and red used to be a thing, right? What I like about the old safety stuff for children is how it taught them to navigate the world, rather than be terrified of it. Today, it is all fear, all the time. A million, "What ifs", but very little information about how to go ahead and live life anyway.

If you have to chase a tail, it shouldn't be your own. I hope things calm down for you.

Virginia at A Sewing Life said...

You may feel that you're chasing things, but in your photos you look utterly in control and fabulous. Gorgeous peach blouse--swooning to think of how lovely it will look on you.

It's late and I have nothing nearly so brilliant to observe as your other commenters, but it's wonderful to see your treasures and you in them!

Angels have Red Hair said...

That coat is gorgeous ... and suits you perfectly.

50 and counting said...

Nothing wrong with peach. Does wonders for the complexion!

Tufty was deeply hidden in memory, but you pulled him out.

I remember handkerchiefs, especially one that came in a girls comic.

Still collect them now, no idea of what to do with them though

Shawna McComber said...

I love your flasher pose! It's amazing to see the difference in colour with the close up picture where the red and white detail shows. I can see why you get compliments in that coat and the dress is a stunner too!

Getting caught up? What's that? I am not familiar with it.

As far as I can recall we Canadian children were not taught traffic safety but that could be because I grew up in a village with hardly any traffic. Perhaps the more civilised parts of Canada had children's traffic safety creatures. The rural parts would just have road kill creatures. Tufty would be Flatty. That's what happens in the colonies.

Sheila said...

That coat is a stunner - I was fooled, thought it was pink! Also loving your pink dress, and I think Suzanne and I will have to arm-wrestle for the beaded top (mine!). Caught up...never, gawd.

hippyatheart said...

Oh my god, I love the peacock necklace!!!! And the indian top and of cause the pussy bow blouse!!

Sue said...

Thanks for the FLASH!!!

Diane said...

I'm the same - very short on time!! Fabulous finds Curtise - I used to have a set of Tufty hankies. You do find some great things. xxxxx

Melanie said...

I love your Tufty Game - Stop Children with a Spears Game.
You look magnificent in your Feminella coat - the name alone wins. The last photo is priceless. At least you made it over to Patti's - I've missed it altogether. And I do miss seeing the tombola because it reminds me of Midsummer Murders and fetes to raise money for church roofs. I never hear that word here. I'm glad your fundraiser went well.

Melanie said...

There's that fabulous coat again! I'm aware of Tufty but don't have any recollection of the adverts on the telly. The moving counters for the game though look really familiar.
I was talking to Andy about children's hankies just the other day and saying the exact same thing, it would just bewilder them!

kobieta niewidzialna said...

Beautiful pink is for you! nice look -but I prefer different shoes ,may be dark blue ? Best :)

mondoagogo said...

I was too young for Tufty -- we had the green cross code man instead. I think I'd have preferred the squirrel.

This may sound strange, but I want that weasel's outfit. There was a girl on Hel-Looks a while back who was wearing something similar and I've been after the same thing ever since!

Bobbi said...

I've not heard of Tufty but Bernard Cribbins played one of my favorite characters on Doctor Who so I adore Tufty by association.
I love your coat, both as pink and as red and white. The style and shape look great on you.
Wow - that Indian top is amazing! It could be framed as artwork.

bahnwärterin said...

with this awesome outfit i forgive you everything!!!!
the coat and dress are real beauties - and you look beautiful wearing it! and yes, the warm peachy color of the blouse is made for you. does the india top fit you? its sooo fab!!!
take your time to recover. blogland is still here in a few days :-)

Mim said...

Don't forget Gene Hunt dressing up as Tufty in Life on Mars. :-D

Forest City Fashionista said...

I didn't grow up with "Tufty" (we had "Elmer the Safety Elephant" over here) but I love the concept, and that game is such a fun find! The beaded top is definitely art and should be displayed somewhere. I have a made in India heavy beaded jacket that I'm afraid to wear because you can never clean it - I would assume it would be the same for that top. It would look beautiful on a wall though.

I can't find time for blogging lately either, and now Krista has quit - what's happening to us?

The Style Crone said...

I can see why you get compliments on this coat, as it looks stunning on you. And the silk beaded top is a show stopper!

Thank you so much for sharing your beret with Hat Attack! I always love seeing your beautiful face pop up on my screen.

Vix said...

Oh I do like the Feminella coat (even though it does have a name like a sanitary towel!) It looks gorgeous with that midi dress and I'm swooning over the peacock pendant, too!
Tufty!! Imagine the fun you'll have that playing it pissed whilst nibbling on Twiglets from the party platter.
The Indian top is gorgeous and I reckon the Mrs Slocombe number will look wonderful with some leopard print to make it less ladylike. Get me, Gwok!
Love you! xxxxxxx

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

It totally sounds like a sanitary towel! Looks a lot better than it sounds. You do the beret thing so well. I can't wear hats at all. Unless it's minus 10 out.
I remember Tufty well and my Connie has a few hankies. Vintage of course! xxxx

Lizzie Cole said...

I love the pink/red checks.

Lizzie's Daily Blog

Mother of Reinvention said...

Tufty was great. An icon of my childhood. It must have worked as I still "stop, look and listen" even now. Your coat is perfection. I love it so much. Your charity shop haul looks great too. I have a thing for pussybow blouses (i am wearing one as I type this) as I can get away with them for work. Hope you feel more energized soon. Xxxx

Unknown said...

I don't know Tufty, but you know i'm Canadian!
That coat is wonderful, i would jump on something that beautiful
Such a nice color on you too!
Don't apologize please! we all have a life!God knows i missed some posts lately!



Natalia Lialina said...

The coat is a beauty!! You look stunning in red, Curtise - beautiful, beautiful lady. Red has magic powers. In Old Russian, the word "red" (красный) also meant "beautiful"...
I adore such finds as this board game from your childhood (I was born that year btw). And your beaded top is superb!
I can imagine how tired you are after your school event. Relax, have a proper cup of tea, we'll wait. :)
Much love and hugs from across the ocean xxxxx

two squirrels said...

Did you here the squealing over there....? Oh my gosh I know a guys here in NZ who has one of the Tufty Squirrel Club badges..........I am always asking him for it. Thank you a thank you for the little flick I have been watching it over and over........Love!!!!!!!
Ahhhhh Curtise you have on that wonderful jacket.......you always look so stunning in it........yay.
Sending much happiness from a Tufty club fan. Love v

Porcelina said...

Such a gorgeous coat, and yes I thought it was pink at first! Trick of the eyes. You do look good in the pinky, purply colours, they're great against your hair. I love peach, so I wouldn't be scared of it! I know it's had a bad rep but it's actually quite flattering on a lot of skin tones.

Can't wait to see what you team with it x

ArgentGal said...

The coat is spectacular! No wonder you get compliments. I think the beaded top may just be the best beaded garment (outside a museum) that I've ever seen. Nice find! I'm also a total sucker for mid-century stainless, especially with teak or walnut accents.

silvergirl said...

Hope your world calms down soon
Love this pink coat with the red trim
Just up my alley

Jazzy Jack said...

That ladylike coat, and then you open it and wham! Flasher! Love the purple cardy with the red. Mmm-mmm! Nice to know I'm not the only one chasing my tail at this pointy end of the year. Hope you can galvanise yourself for one last push! Hmm shades of childbirth there, no wonder we are exhausted :-) xo JJ

Fiona said...

Nice to see the Feminella getting another airing, am not at all surprised that it receives so many compliments either, you look so elegant in it. Both you and Vix are evoking school day memories, you with Tufty and she with school-type chairs. I remember colouring-in Tufty in class, oh that I could remember other stuff I did in school so readily! Love the peachy pussybow and can't wait to see you in it.

Miss Magpie said...

Wow I had that Tufty game! I believe I got it for Christmas and yes they definitely gave out the cotton hankies at school.

I was about to diss the pink coat but luckily it's red and white! ;-P

Mrs Bertimus said...

Oh! That coat!
And I still mourn the loss of my Tufty Club badge! X

freckleface said...

I reckon you could get away with just about anything with a flash of Feminella and a grin. That red lining is spectacular, darling! Your first two sentences sum up my 40s. That and 'have you seen my whatsit?' December's a nightmare month. They all want a piece of you! But anyway, must focus. No, i wasn't bothered about the tombola, I'd much rather see you. In particular, I'd like to see how you style that peach pussy bow. I'm intrigued. I have to confess, I'm not familiar with tufty, but my eagle eyes have spotted that peacock pendant, to which I find myself, rather partial. Not sure where that last sentence came from. 1864 probably. Xxxxxxx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Love you in that coat...it is super spesh as they say. I've never heard of Tufty but I do like the look of that game. Xx

Trees said...

Tufty is ADORABLE! I love that game - it looks like its pretty much in perfect condition. What a great find. I can see why you get compliments when you wear that coat as its just beautiful. Also I love that beaded Indian top. Hope you are well, I'm ever so slowly catching up with blog comments - so expect to see more from me over the next few days xoxo